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human resources personal statement masters

SOP - MSc Human Resource Management

  • Sample personal statement

human resources personal statement masters

09 July, 2022

Sop - msc human resource management share.

  • 12 May, 2013

I am writing this statement to express my enthusiasm regarding the application of MSc Management (HR) at university of Brighton in the SEP 2022 intake. I have found this course as best suited according to my future career ambitions. This statement will cover my background, interest towards the study in the UK and how the course and university can assist me in my future professional roles.

My last academic attainment is Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English which I completed from Sylhet International University, Bangladesh in June 2022. During my bachelor qualification I have studied some significant courses including Cultural Studies, Communicative English Language, Concept of ELT, Techniques in ELT, some other courses in literature, linguistics and ELT which can contribute to my chosen course at your University.

To gain some professional experience, I have worked at Mother's Construction, Sylhet, Bangladesh as an HR & Admin Assistant . I worked there from Jan 2021 to March 2022. Doing research about my career plan, I have realized that I need an internationally recognized qualification which will allow me to manage a better and secure professional career position. In Bangladesh the job market is very competitive as our country is highly over populated. So, to secure a better career position or develop a career, an individual needs some unique qualifications, skills and experience. So, in this regard, I believe that I need further qualification with internationally recognised qualification which can provide me with the required skills and distinct features for my career promotion. Although I have achieved basic office and administrative skills from my current profession along with organizational skills, management skills, communication skills, time management skills and so on during my current professional position. These will help to understand some topics of this masters course. Therefore, pursuing this MSc qualification from your institution would be appropriate to become an industry professional in HR

In this contemporary world, business organisations demand multi-skilled individuals with all- round qualifications in business, finance, banking, management, marketing to keep pace with the competition and they require the graduates with premier knowledge in all these key areas. I have designed and planned my future career to establish in export oriented companies such as the garments and textile industry. It is notable that during the pandemic time I have attended some virtual career fairs and consultation sessions regarding the future career and employability prospects whereas one of them was organized by Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. After doing an honest assessment and research regarding my-self, I have found theoretical gaps in strategic strategic marketing and management, global business environment, logistics and operations management, leadership and I want to develop my shortage skills and knowledge including creativity and innovation skills, data analytics, Research methods, advance management skills, project consultancy, communication skills and so on. In my research I have found the course offered by the Brighton Business School will be as best match to secure a better professional position with distinct skills and knowledge in terms of my future short term and long- term career ambitions.

I want to study this course because of its practical learning approach, professional recognition, industry links, international exposure and unique and appropriate modules as per my career.

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human resources personal statement masters

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human resources personal statement masters

Postgraduate Personal Statement Example: Human Resources

human resources personal statement masters

Examining examples of personal statements can be exceptionally valuable when applying to a university or college course. Looking through a range of personal statement examples can teach you how to write and structure your application, and you can often learn how to write a personal statement by examining others.

But with so many university personal statement examples available, how do you know which ones are worthwhile and which aren’t?

Postgraduate personal statements should highlight relevant academic and practical experience, research skills and ambitions and their suitability for the course. This postgraduate personal statement example for Human Resources illustrates several of these three critical elements.

Studying master’s degree personal statement examples can be especially valuable. They’re sometimes referred to as personal mission statements or statements of purpose , so if you’re tasked with writing a personal mission statement, the following example will work for you.

I’ve broken down this personal statement example section by section, with a commentary on each element. 

That way, you’ll see its strengths and weaknesses and get some inspiration for your own personal statement .

Once you’ve read the personal statement example and analysis, you’ll be able to download a pdf of the whole document, to use as inspiration for your own!

human resources personal statement masters

Personal Statement Example: Introduction

“I believe companies need to be employee-centred, as keeping them satisfied, motivated and personally engaged can create immense value for any organisation. Effective human resource management strategies are therefore crucial to business success. However, my intern experience at the Slater-Marshall accounting firm illustrated that HRM often fails to achieve these challenging goals. The reasons are two-fold. Foremost, many small and medium-sized companies have a misperception of recruitment, regarding it simply as a KPI tool instead of finding talents that match their development needs. As a result, time and resources are wasted on candidates who are not a good match for the company. Worse still, many HRBPs are not shrewd or experienced enough to identify the breadth of talent needed by their companies. HRM also loses its effectiveness when it fails to use proven physical and psychological means to provide a fair and encouraging working environment and subsequently incentivise employees.

First-hand experience of these kinds of issues triggered my curiosity regarding contemporary strategies used when empowering companies to employ a sound human resource management system. How can HRM lead to organisation change? How can I develop professional HRM techniques, release their full potential and create harmonious industrial relationships? The desire to equip myself with the relevant understanding and skills is the driving factor behind my application to this MSc Human Resources and Organisations (HRM Stream) programme at the University of Buckley.

This particular course resonates strongly with my career goal of helping traditional enterprises establish enhanced human resource management systems. Your programme offers a variety of opportunities that will aid me in developing a complete grasp of human resource management theory from the perspectives of corporate strategy, business analysis and organisational management. For instance, the Management of People in Global Companies course will afford me a transformative perspective on leadership. This knowledge will assist me significantly when transforming outdated models of human resource management in enterprises lacking advanced human resource awareness. 

Furthermore, the Business Strategy, Management and Analytics course will be of exceptional professional value thanks to its cross-disciplinary approach, which will offer me a solid grounding in the comprehensive understanding of management theory, theory of the firm, business strategy, accounting and finance. Professor Sara Blake’s research on organisational behaviour and leadership is incredibly inspiring and aligns perfectly with my goal of strengthening leadership in traditional businesses. I look forward to learning from her and contributing to future projects.”

Commentary and Analysis 

This is a long introduction!

This opening section has a strong sense of purpose, connection and opinion, which immediately gives the reader a firm idea of the writer’s experiences and opinions.  The writer also uses an excellent range of specialist vocabulary in this example and connects their significant experiences with the course. In addition, the applicant is already making explicit links between the course and their ambitions.

The writer then identifies specific modules and outlines how they will aid their academic and professional advancement. Not only does this connect the writer’s goals with the course content, but it also shows that the applicant understands the course and has researched the details well. The reference to a specific professor from within the faculty and the connection between the writer’s research ambitions and the opportunities presented by the university are compelling. The writer creates a clear link between their suitability for the course and the content on offer.

If you’re struggling with your personal statement introduction, check out my article on how to write perfect opening paragraphs here .

human resources personal statement masters

Personal Statement Example: Academic Background

“Majoring in Accounting and Finance as an undergraduate, my dedication to my studies earned me several awards and ranked me top among my peers. Excelling in courses such as Theory of Firm , Introduction to Managerial Accounting and Business Law , I acquired a spectrum of theoretical understandings which underpin HRM. I have independently investigated the organisational role of HRM by exploring Dave Ulrich’s HR model and the six segments of HR management, examining their adoption by companies of different scales. I have learnt that the role of HRM is to identify the kinds of human resources needed by the companies and allocate those resources wisely to maximise productivity and profitability. Consequently, I regard HRM as a people-oriented sector. This makes understanding human behaviours and psychology in the workplace particularly important for industry practitioners.

Studying on the Introduction to Managerial Accounting course, I was informed that how money is distributed within an organisation is crucial since it determines whether employees’ incentives can be fully realised. Thus, establishing a sound salary and welfare system is of great importance. Different people and contrasting organisations have various demands, but a successful compensation and welfare system balances these two demands and activates the organisation’s motivation. My most significant gain from this course is that many aspects of HRM, including setting different KPIs, performance monitoring and well-being management, are based on developing an accurate understanding of employee behaviour patterns. This can lead to a win-win situation in which companies can fully tap into employee value, and workers receive appropriate remuneration and opportunities for progression. Additionally, knowledge of labour laws and regulations has familiarised me with the rights and duties of employers and employees, which will be of great value to me as a graduate student.” 

Commentary and Analysis

The first paragraph of this section is written confidently. It outlines some academic achievements without writing them as a list. The writer achieves this by explaining what they gained from their experiences. They then link these elements to the course and show how they will be of value.

The most impressive aspect of the second paragraph is that it illustrates connections between the subject of undergraduate study and the intended postgraduate course. The writer is showing transferable skills that will be of value in the future and making explicit connections between the two different subjects, helping to show how a diverse educational background adds to their suitability. 

Again, a sense of value is central to this section. The writer ensures that each example is given a value regarding the application’s demands.

If you’d like to learn more about how to structure your personal statement or statement of purpose , check out my awesome Personal Statement Template eBook here . It’s full of detailed examples of what to include!

human resources personal statement masters

Personal Statement Example: Practical Experience 1

“Beyond the classroom, I have operationalised my theoretical knowledge in real-life practice. Interning at the Scorpio Real Estate Development Co, I assisted with the entry procedures for new staff and witnessed the career development of numerous employees from varying departments. Observing the recruitment patterns and preferences of different types of organisations, I observed that state-owned companies tend to recruit talent and offer higher salaries and better entitlements to maintain a low turnover rate and stable employee structure. By contrast, foreign and internet companies attach less importance to stability and focus more on talent creativity. My knowledge of HRM models and labour economy inspired me to think that these differences in recruitment strategy may arise from the varying nature, management structure and strategic positioning of each enterprise. I aim to develop my understanding of these differences during my master’s research.”

By using the example of an internship experience in a seemingly unrelated field, the writer has been able to offer an opinion on their workplace HRM experience. This shows a degree of industry experience but, more importantly, allows the writer to use their expertise to connect with the course’s content. 

By offering an opinion of what they observed and showing an understanding of gaps in their knowledge, they are turning a lack of knowledge into a compelling motivation for their application.

Check out lots more examples of personal statements here , and see how they can inspire your application!

human resources personal statement masters

Personal Statement Example: Practical Experience 2

“Moreover, this internship taught me that approaches to HRM are constantly being adjusted and adapted based on practical experience. For instance, the Scorpio Real Estate Development Co is an established business. An established company’s policies and incentives allow its employees to be more aware of the steps needed for advancement and long-term growth. After many decades, the organisational structures of big firms stabilise, and roles become formalised and repetitive. This implies that employees should simply repeat previous tasks and rely on the company’s existing operational system, but this approach can cause workers’ inventive talents to diminish with time.”

Commentary and Analysis: 

This section deepens the value of the writer’s internship and adds evidence to their understanding of the sector they wish to enter. This is ideal for an admissions reader, as they will note the use of language and complexity of informed knowledge in this passage. This, in turn, adds to the candidate’s academic and professional suitability.

The passage also reflects the writer’s ethos, alluded to earlier, and effectively leads to the conclusion by setting up their professional ambitions.

The one thing that all successful personal statements have in common is that they are concise, engaging and accurate in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Consequently, I always recommend Grammarly to my students and clients. 

It’s an outstanding tool for ensuring your personal statement is rich with detail whilst hitting those all-important word limits. Check out the free version of Grammarly here , or hit the banner for more information.

human resources personal statement masters

Personal Statement Example: Conclusion

“More positively, many well-known multinational corporations are now devoting more resources to employee training in order to address these issues. It is my intention to place myself at the forefront of this burgeoning field after graduating and apply the skills and knowledge gained from this course to play a critical role in revolutionising the value and application of human resources management in a global setting. I have complete confidence in both your esteemed academic programme and in my capacity to perform outstandingly as a purposeful and positive member of your faculty community.”

The conclusion benefits from brevity and doesn’t recap previous content, both of which are positives. It clearly states the writer’s professional ambitions, which relate directly to the previous content. The passage then links those ambitions with the course, emphasising its importance in helping the writer achieve their goals.

A powerful personal statement, it includes several critical elements: relevant academic and practical experience, ambitions and suitability for the course. It also offers good connections to the course but needs detailed examples of research experience and ambition. However, it  doesn’t provide evidence of the academic skills necessary for postgraduate study, although the evidence of prior learning is convincing.

With a little more focus on academic reading, research and skills, this would be a perfect postgraduate personal statement!

For more great advice, check out my article on writing an excellent final personal statement paragraph here .

human resources personal statement masters

Click here or on the banner below to get your free download of this complete personal statement example . 

human resources personal statement masters

Whether you’re looking for personal mission statement examples or an example of personal purpose statement, I hope this personal statement example has been helpful. Above all, I wish you every success in your academic career. 

If you’d like to work with me to develop your personal statement 1:1 and write a powerful mission statement, I’d be delighted to hear from you. 

Find out about my personal statement support services by clicking here or on the image below.

human resources personal statement masters

Research and content verified by Personal Statement Planet .

David Hallen

I've worked in the Further Education and University Admissions sector for nearly 20 years as a teacher, department head, Head of Sixth Form, UCAS Admissions Advisor, UK Centre Lead and freelance personal statement advisor, editor and writer. And now I'm here for you...

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Effective HR Manager Personal Statements to Consider

Table of Contents

A successful human resources manager manages both the work and its workers. This involves having a deep understanding of how to use the tools and resources available to create an environment conducive to creativity and productivity.

This article has tips and examples to help human resources managers craft good statements. In the end, you should be able to find an effective  HR manager personal statement  that fits your needs.

Tips for Writing an Effective HR Manager Personal Statement

A successful human resources manager must be able to successfully manage both the work and its workers.

Crafting a statement that effectively articulates this is essential for standing out from other applicants. It helps demonstrate why you are best suited for the position. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing an effective human resources management personal statement .

Understand Your Audience

The first thing you have to do is to understand your audience. Are you writing the personal statement to apply to a school or for a human resources manager role in a company? An understanding of the audience will help you tailor your statement accordingly.

Showcase Relevant Experience

Your experience is one of the most important factors in your application. Irrespective of who your audience is, they want to know how you handled previous human resources management positions.

So, you shouldn’t forget to highlight it! Demonstrate how you have applied your skills in real-world situations by detailing past positions or projects you’ve worked on and their results.

Keep It Concise

Yes, it’s like an essay, but you shouldn’t make it too lengthy. An effective statement does not need to be lengthy. A few short paragraphs should suffice. Utilize succinct yet descriptive language to make sure your message is clear. Avoid repeating yourself; instead, focus on painting a vivid picture of your capabilities.

four people watching on white MacBook on top of glass-top table

Offer Specific Examples

It can be difficult to quantify the impact of certain achievements, especially if they happen while working with a team. To really emphasize your accomplishments, provide concrete evidence using facts and figures wherever possible.

Well-Written HR Manager Personal Statement Templates

We have some well-written samples of human resources manager personal statements for you. These samples paint a clearer picture of what your statement should look like.

I am an experienced human resources manager who is highly motivated to pursue a postgraduate degree to further my development. With five years of experience as a human resources manager, I have extensive knowledge of recruitment strategies, conflict resolution, and employee benefits. 

My practical knowledge, combined with a university education’s theoretical framework, will allow me to expand my expertise. My ultimate goal is to use what I learn to build a more positive workplace environment for employees. I hope to build an environment where everyone can access the resources they need to succeed. 

In addition to providing guidance and advice on human resources matters, I also strive to build trust and relationships among coworkers and leaders. I do this through effective communication and support. With strong organizational abilities, excellent problem-solving skills, and proficiency in multiple languages, I’m confident in my ability to rise to any academic challenge. I’m excited about continuing my journey of professional growth by pursuing a postgraduate degree.

I have had a distinguished career in the business world. And now, I am ready to take my professional development to the next level with postgraduate studies. As an experienced HR manager, I possess an extensive understanding of employee relations, organizational design and leadership training. These are all key components for any successful business. To ensure that I remain at the cutting edge of this ever-evolving field, I’m eager to pursue a university degree. This will allow me to refine my skills and expand upon my existing expertise. 

With over ten years of experience managing complex groups, I believe I can bring valuable insight to the classroom. My impressive track record has seen me lead major projects while also inspiring others through mentorship and coaching. In addition, I am able to combine advanced technical knowledge with superior interpersonal communication — essential attributes for any leader. 

Above all else, I view education as a lifelong pursuit, and it’s my goal to become the best version of myself. For this reason, I’m confident that furthering my studies will enable me to create tangible value for businesses seeking innovative leaders.

As a highly experienced human resources manager with over 15 years of experience, I have developed and implemented many new HR policies. These policies include training, recruitment, employee relations, payroll, and compliance. My passion for this field stems from my innate desire to nurture the growth of employees within an organization. I want to build a harmonious work environment through equitable plans and effective communication. 

I possess the ability to recognize potential conflicts among staff and also identify ways to resolve them swiftly. Additionally, I am adept at liaising between executive-level management and teams to ensure all parties are being heard and respected. This has enabled me to build strong relationships with staff as well as foster successful partnerships between departments throughout numerous organizations. 

My goal is to utilize my expertise to help the business while ensuring the best interests of the company and its workers. I look forward to working with you and offering a fresh perspective on how to optimize human resources management practices.

As a seasoned HR manager, I am passionate about developing and implementing new policies to improve the organization’s growth and success. My expertise in human resources management includes hiring top talent, monitoring staff performance, and creating employee benefits packages. With my background in human resources operations, I look forward to bringing fresh ideas to the role and helping the business reach higher heights. 

I thrive on being part of a team where collaboration is encouraged, creativity abounds, and innovation is rewarded. I have an eagerness to learn and apply new strategies to make sure companies stay competitive in this ever-evolving market. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and analytical tools, I develop effective solutions to meet organizational objectives. Additionally, my interpersonal skills empower me to foster positive relationships with personnel at all levels. 

As a dedicated professional with considerable experience in human resources management, I am confident that I could make a tangible contribution to your organization. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

The human resources manager is an important member of any organization. They see to the management of individuals in the organization. The HR manager personal statement templates above were generated with the Hey INK tool . You can also generate something like this or even better with the tool.

Effective HR Manager Personal Statements to Consider

Abir Ghenaiet

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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Human Resources Postgraduate Personal Statement

Example Human Resources Postgraduate Personal Statement

The human resources department is now an essential part of every major corporation in every industry. The importance of HR management has increased dramatically over the last few decades as the emphasis on the welfare of employees has increased. From taking numerous courses organised by HR departments in my career, I was greatly impressed by the work of HR managers and decided that, given my interests and skills, I would like a senior role within HR management. The MSc in Human Resources Development and Consultancy will give me the necessary academic knowledge to fulfil my ambition.

My work experience has already helped me develop many of the requisite skills for my career and the degree. From the age of eighteen I was supporting myself with a variety of customer-facing roles, from customer service in a restaurant to reception and secretary work at a busy fitness club and one of the most popular radio stations in my native Poland. Thanks to my hard work, I gained more senior roles with more management responsibilities, first as a store supervisor for a major retailer in Ireland and then as a bar supervisor in a busy London pub. In the roles, I was given responsibility for recruiting and training new employees. The experience convinced me that I have the requisite interpersonal and management skills to excel as an HR manager, which made me even more determined to achieve my career goal. Recently, I had a golden opportunity to exercise my management skills when I worked in a supervisory role in one of the largest outsourcing companies in Poland.

I am particularly good at motivating people to perform better in their jobs and I greatly enjoyed taking courses organised by HR to improve my management and interpersonal skills. I would like to develop these skills further by learning more of the theory behind organisational psychology in the HR Strategies module of the degree so that I may draw on the wealth of research to better understand and motivate employees under my supervision.

Apart from the wealth of work experience I have amassed, I also have a strong academic background that ensures I am academically prepared for the course. I successfully completed a BA in International Relations and European Integration, in which I performed particularly well in a number of HR-related subjects, including Employment Policy, European Social Law and the European System of Human Rights. The courses taught me about the rights of employees and the duties of employers, which I always keep in mind to ensure the rights of my employees are respected.

On the degree, I also took courses in Philosophy, Mathematics and English that equipped me with essential critical thinking and writing skills that should stand me in good stead for writing essays and a dissertation as part of the Masters.

Outside of the work place and the classroom, I have been preparing myself for the degree by reading books on HR and organisational psychology. I particularly enjoyed Dave Ulrich’s Human Resources Champions, which emphasises the importance of theory and research for effective HR management, and popular sociology books, including Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, which describes the requisite conditions for outstandingly successful work. I should like to organise a book club with fellow students so that we may read relevant texts outside of the classroom and create a mutually supportive study environment.

When not reading or working, I love to spend most of my time with my two year-old daughter. Caring for a child is a full-time job in itself, which means I have to be organised and manage my time effectively to juggle caring with my career, a skill that should be of great use in the degree.

The degree appeals to me greatly, not only because it will equip me with the requisite knowledge to become a specialist in training and development, but also because the curriculum will satisfy my wide-ranging intellectual curiosity and intense interest in psychology and human relations.

We hope this example Human Resources postgraduate personal statement will provide you with some inspiration when writing your own unique personal statement.

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human resources personal statement masters

human resources personal statement masters

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Personal Statement Blogs

January 16th, 2023

Human Resource Management Personal Statement Examples with Writing Guide 2023

human resources personal statement masters

Are you dreaming of an excellent career in the domain of human resource management?

The most basic step towards fulfilling that dream is choosing an appropriate higher study program in Human resource management and securing your admission in it.

A well-drafted Human resource management personal statement will be at the forefront of this endeavour.

If you are not familiar with human resource management masters personal statement, this blog will help you. It comes with:

What is an HRM Personal Statement? Why Do You Need it?

An HRM personal statement is an essay containing the personal reflections of an applicant who is applying for admission to a Human Resource Management Program.

The document explains why the applicant is choosing HRM and what he wants to achieve in his career with the help of this training program.

A personal statement is required at the time of college or university admission. Institutes demand it from the applicants:

  • To know about their motivation behind preferring human resource management over other subjects
  • To learn what their future plans are
  • To understand whether the students have understood the mission, vision and motto of the institute
  • To shortlist the most eligible and deserving candidates from hundreds of applicants
  • To prepare questions for the face-to-face interview with the candidates


When to Write a Human Resource Management Masters Personal Statement?

Mostly, universities and colleges abroad will have multiple intakes.

While most countries have summer or fall intakes, there are also countries that go with winter and spring intakes. Therefore, the best time to start working on your personal statement is at least two months before the intake.

The Best Month to Start a Personal Statement

If you are applying for the winter intake, which is mostly done around December, start working on your personal statement by October.

How Long Should Your Personal Statement for Masters in Human Resources Management Be?

It is important to keep your Human Resource management personal statement both short and precise. However, it shouldn’t be too short either.

Keep the right balance with important points sufficiently explained.

Consider the following figures in mind as you plan your document.

Number of pages:

Number of characters:, font style:, example 1 – human resource management masters personal statement.

Given that my father is a Human Resource Manager at XYZ Institute, I have had the liberty to closely watch him and understand his job responsibilities. I was curious to know about his job responsibilities and was thrilled to see how beautifully he manages and runs a company. Seeing his leadership qualities and management abilities, I too tried to inculcate several of his qualities. So when I think of my future career, I without a second thought decided to follow the footsteps of my father and decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management.

As a school student, I always believed in taking up responsibilities. It was a quality that was inculcated in me by my father. He has advised me to never be hesitant in taking up leadership. Following this advice, I had never been hesitant to participate or lead any program or function. This has given me hands-on experience of leading several functions and managing several programs. Once I got a chance to lead the School Literary Fest. Being the President of the Literary Fest, I got the chance to arrange several programs, organize various games, etc. This was a memorable experience and leading this program made me confident to choose a career in Human Resource Management.

In order to confirm my decision of choosing an undergraduate degree in Human Resource Management, I decided to assist my father in his company to get a gist of the whole responsibilities. It was an informal internship I did to better prepare myself for a future in Human Resource Management. Here I got the snippet of practical experiences of being a Human Resource Trainee and got to meet different departmental representatives. With the experience gained from the training, I am now confident to take a course and later build a career in Human Resource.

As a course which is of high human significance and relevance, I am sure I will have a bright future in this career. I am confident that my leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, communication skills etc. will come in handy during this course and career. As a person who is very passionate about this course, I am sure that I can perform well in your University. As a course with high societal significance, I am happy that this course will enable me to recruit and train the younger generation and this will surely give me a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Being a course that will take me one step closer to my dream career, I am very excited to join this course.

As a university which provides hands-on experience in training several Human Resource aspirants, I am confident that I am right in my choice of your XXX University. With its highly qualified faculties and great training facilities, I am sure I can hone my existing skill set. I really look forward to being part of your University to shape my career in Human Resource Management. With my diligence and enthusiasm, I am confident that I too can become a successful Human Resource employee like my father.

Example 2 – Human Resource Management Personal Statement Undergraduate

It was during the time of my Bachelor’s degree internship that I came to closely understand and appreciate the work done by the Human Resource Department. As a Marketing Intern, I worked at XYZ Institute, ______ (place). Though my primary responsibility was to assist the Marketing Manager, I had a chance to collaborate with the Human Resource team as well. While working closely with the HR team, I comprehended different facets of running an organization and managing the workforces. I was influenced by our HR Manager who was a charismatic individual driven by passion and enthusiasm. Though it took time for me to understand and grasp the whole work culture of Human Resource Management, I must say I got interested in the work responsibilities of HR Executives and HR Managers.

As a person who wishes to plan and execute things in order, I am sure this is the profession that rightly matches my interest and aspirations. I am very much interested in the job responsibilities handled by the Human Resource team, from recruiting the employees to managing and training the newly recruited ones. During my training period I got the opportunity to closely work with one of the HR Executive of our company named Caroline. She familiarized me with different shades of Human Resource Management and the work responsibilities handled by the team. Thrilled and moved by the job description and responsibilities, I was sure this was the right career choice for me. Thus I decided to have a career change and preferred to pursue my masters in Human Resource Management so that I can live my dream career of recruiting the employees, training the freshers, reviewing their performances, etc.

My Bachelors in Business Management has provided me with strong communication, interpersonal, organizational and management skills. As a job role that requires leadership and organizational skills, I am sure I will have a great future here in this job. Having managed various functions and events in College, I hope I can manage a company’s human resources as well.

So in order to finalize my decision to choose a career in Human Resource Management, I decided to do a 2 month internship in the same to get exposed to different methodologies involved in HR. As a Human Resource Executive Intern at ABC Technologies, ______ (place), I was exposed to Human Resource administration and documentation, recruitment support, maintenance of employee records etc. This experience made me adamant with my decision to choose Human Resource for my masters in Human Resource Management. My one on one meeting with different HR team mates exposed me to their professional responsibilities as well.

As a country which is considered to be the pioneers in human resource and technological advancements, I am sure I am right in my choice of _________ (country). I choose this University as it has a proclaimed status as a great Business School. With the wide variety of modules on different methodologies involved in Human Resource Management, I am sure I can grasp the essence and the meaning of Human Resource Management. With the training received from your well trained faculties, I am sure I can hone myself to be a successful Human Resource employee.


How to Use Personal Statements for Human Resource Management Samples?

Going through the personal statement examples we have shared in this blog is a great way to teach yourself how to write it from scratch. Not sure how to use those samples? Here are some useful tips.

  • Read the introduction of the sample personal statement for masters in human resources management and figure out how to start with a personal narrative.
  • Look at the body paragraphs and understand how each paragraph differs from the rest and focus on independent points. 
  • Analyse the conclusion to figure out how the entire document is boiled down to a couple of sentences without contradicting the rest of the body.
  • Learn from the sample how the paragraphs are designed with the opening statement, main point and paragraph conclusion.
  • Read the human resource management personal statement example to get an overview of the points. This will be of immense advantage when you brainstorm for points.

How to Structure Your HRM Personal Statement?


The introduction of your personal statement is important because a reader decides how to evaluate your document based on how you have presented the introduction.

The introduction should:

  • Tell how you became interested in human resource management.
  • Create curiosity in the reader to read the next paragraphs.
  • Explain what you are going to tell in the rest of the essay
  • Not exceed more than 100 words

To achieve all of the above, the best approach to writing an introduction will be to narrate one of your personal experiences which made you realize your aptitude or passion for human resource management.

This should follow with your realistic convictions about the course and how you think the course will benefit your academic formation.

In the main body of your HRM personal statement, you will answer some of the crucial questions that your admission panel may have to verify about you in order to shortlist you for the next round of screening.

It is important to provide solid evidence while answering the questions to make your claims look stronger.

Here are those basic questions you should consider answering.

What relevant skills and exposure do you have that will justify your choice of human resource management for higher education?

To answer this, you need to have an overview of different career paths in the domain of human resource management and what skills and strengths each of them demand.

Once you have the knowledge of it, you can decide which of your skills or qualities is more closely linked to the requirements of an HRM career.

Explain how you developed those skills, what you are doing to improve them and how studying the HRM course will benefit you personally and professionally.

What do you want to achieve in life as a human resource management professional?

Talk about your future plans as a human resource management professional.

The best approach here is to break down your plans into short-term goals and long-term goals and describe them.

How would you contribute to the institute and the student community?

Talk about your experience of extracurricular involvements, handling leadership roles, organizing events etc and how you will continue to repeat making such contributions.

Keep the following important points in mind while drafting the conclusion of your MSC human resource management personal statement.

  • Write your conclusion as the summary of your whole document in one or two sentences.
  • Show your hope and excitement about getting admission and joining the institute.

Write Your Impressive Personal Statement for HR Masters in 6 Simple Steps

Here are six simple steps to equip you to write a killer HRM personal statement. Follow each step carefully and move to the next step only if you are certain that you did the previous step correctly.

Read about human resource management:

Try to understand all the latest trends and innovations in today’s human resource management industry.

It is important to show how much you know about the field as you write your personal statement.

Learn about the institute and its requirements:

Refer to your institute website or talk to its previous students and learn about the course structure, mission, vision and motto.

Present yourself as someone who is attuned to the institute’s vision.

Read samples:

Try to get familiar with the writing tone, structure, grammar, and points for your personal statement by reviewing a couple of human resource management personal statement examples.

Brainstorm your points:

Brainstorm for relevant points and a strong narrative for composing your human resource management personal statement.

It is important to develop an original story that truly defines you.

Write the first draft:

You are ready now to write your personal statement.

Write the first draft distributing all the points you have gathered in a logical order. Complete the introduction, main body and then the conclusion.

Finalize your essay:

After finishing the first draft of your human resource management personal statement, go through it carefully from the first sentence to the last one.

Rectify all grammatical and spelling errors.

Ensure that the sentences and paragraphs flow naturally and logically.

Common Challenges You May Face While Writing Your Personal Statement

For most students, talking about course change or failure or gaps can be challenging.

If you find yourself in that place, know that you are not alone.

Here are some of the challenging scenarios in writing a personal statement for masters in human resource management and the secrets of addressing them.

Course change:

If you are switching to human resource management from an entirely different background, say, engineering or literature, don’t sound apologetic about your new choice. Instead, share how you realized the importance of human resources in those fields and made up your mind to switch the field.

If you have had noticeable academic failures, share what exactly caused that failure, maybe a health issue or any other reasons. Also, show how that failure helped you have more conviction about your current chosen path.

If there are gaps between your profession or academics, highlight your participation in any sort of internship or research or intensive reading or self-learning you had during those periods. 

How to Format Your Personal Statement for Human Resource Management Masters?

Use the following guidelines to format your personal statement.


Word count:, paragraphs:, common mistakes and how to avoid them.

A human resource management personal statement with the following mistakes will have a negative impact on your profile and the application. After completing the writing, go through the essay carefully to spot these mistakes and remove them.


Check carefully whether the same points are repeated in multiple places. Also, avoid sharing information that is obvious from other documents like GPA.

Unimpressive introduction:

Make sure that the introduction intrigues the reader to read further. If it is boring, come up with a different narrative which could be more interesting.


Ensure that the introduction, body and conclusion do not contradict each other. You should have clarity about the body and introduction when writing the conclusion.

Lack of readability:

Readability is influenced by a lot of things such as the simplicity of the sentence, logical flow, cohesion and coherence. Ensure that your essay adheres to all of these.

Inaccuracy and errors:

Verify that all information you have provided is accurate and there are no grammatical or spelling errors in it.

Final Checklist

Before submitting your human resource management personal statement, here is a checklist to validate your document and ensure it is correct.

  • I have proofread and ensured that there are no mistakes.
  • My personal statement adheres to the university requirements
  • I have formatted my personal statement as per the institute’s guidelines
  • I have adhered to the recommended word count
  • I have made my personal statement relevant and winning by including all relevant points.

Best Universities in the World Offering Human Resource Management Programs

Are you eying admission at the best universities for doing your higher studies in human resource management? Here is a list of top universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in human resource management. Remember to write a personalized human resource management personal statement to make your application to these universities strong.

Best Universities for Masters Programs in HRM

  • University Toronto
  • The University of Alberta
  • Western University
  • University of London
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Melbourne
  • UNSW Sydney
  • The University of Western Australia
  • University of Galway

Best Universities for Undergraduate Programs in HRM

  • The University of British Columbia
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Oxford
  • Imperial College London
  • Durham University
  • Monash University
  • The Australian National University
  • University of New Castle
  • Dublin City University

As We Wind Up…

Before we wind up, we would like to make sure that you have benefited from reading this blog.

So, we have a few questions for you.

Are you confident to write your own human resource management masters personal statement now?

Have the samples we shared with you been helpful?

If there is anything that you wish to suggest to us or want to share your feedback with us, feel free to let us know the same in the comments below.

Is it worth studying for a master’s degree in Human Resource Management?

Yes. In a master’s program, candidates get introduced to advanced concepts in human resource management. Industries give priority to such candidates while hiring their potential HR personnel.

Which undergraduate degree is best for HR?

There are several undergraduate programs where human resource management is a specialization. Nevertheless, a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Human Resources is the best program if you are focusing on a career as an HR professional.

What are the objectives of HRM?

Human Resource Management is a comprehensive concept which touches upon several aspects of an organization. Some of the key objectives of HRM are hiring suitable employees and onboarding them, improving the work culture, achieving organizational goals, training and motivating employees, ensuring proper coordination among teammates and empowering the employees.

Which country is best for doing master’s in human resource management?

As per a recent survey, more than 75% of students opted for the USA, Canada, Australia or the UK for doing a master’s program in Human Resource Management. Considering the cost of education, internship opportunities, living expenses or similar other factors, Canada tends to be preferred by a growing number of students these days.

human resources personal statement masters

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Writing Your Personal Statements

Your personal statement must demonstrate to the admissions committee that you have considered graduate school and their specific program seriously. It’s your opportunity to summarize your academic and research experiences. You must also communicate how your experiences are relevant to preparing you for the graduate degree that you will be pursuing and explain why a given program is the right one for you.

The personal statement is where you highlight your strengths. Make your strengths absolutely clear to the reviewers, because they will often be reading many other statements. Your self-assessments and honest conversations with peers and advisors should have also revealed your strengths. But you must also address (not blame others for) weaknesses or unusual aspects of your application or academic background.

Your personal statement should focus on two main aspects: your competence and commitment.

1. Identify your strengths in terms of competence that indicate that you will succeed in the grad program and provide examples to support your claims. Start your statement by describing your strengths immediately. Because faculty will be reading many statements, it’s important to start off with your strengths and not “bury your lede.” Consider traits of successful graduate students from your informational interviews, and identify which of these traits you have. These traits could involve research skills and experiences, expertise in working with techniques or instruments, familiarity with professional networks and resources in your field, etc.

  • Check your responses from the exercises in the self-assessment section. You may wish to consult notes from your informational interviews and your Seven Stories . Write concise summaries and stories that demonstrate your strengths, e.g. how your strengths helped you to achieve certain goals or overcome obstacles.
  • Summarize your research experience(s). What were the main project goals and the “big picture” questions? What was your role in this project? What did you accomplish? What did you learn, and how did you grow as a result of the experience(s)?

Vannessa Velez's portrait

My research examines the interplay between U.S. domestic politics and foreign policy during the Cold War. As a native New Yorker, I saw firsthand how dramatically my city changed after 9/11, which prompted my early interest in U.S. policy at home and abroad. As an undergraduate at the City College of New York, I planned to study international relations with a focus on U.S. foreign affairs. I also quickly became involved in student activist groups that focused on raising awareness about a wide range of human rights issues, from the Syrian refugee crisis to asylum seekers from Central America.

The more I learned about the crises in the present, the more I realized that I needed a deeper understanding of the past to fully grasp them. I decided to pursue a PhD in history in order to gain a clearer understanding of human rights issues in the present and to empower young student-activists like myself.

— Vannessa Velez, PhD candidate in History

Addressing weaknesses or unusual aspects

  • Identify weaknesses or unusual aspects in your application—e.g., a significant drop in your GPA during a term; weak GRE scores; changes in your academic trajectory, etc. Don’t ignore them, because ignoring them might be interpreted as blind spots for you. If you’re unsure if a particular issue is significant enough to address, seek advice from faculty mentors.
  • Explain how you’ll improve and strengthen those areas or work around your weakness. Determine how you will address them in a positive light, e.g., by discussing how you overcame obstacles through persistence, what you learned from challenges, and how you grew from failures. Focusing on a growth mindset  or grit  and this blog on weaknesses might also help.
  • Deal with any significant unusual aspects later in the statement to allow a positive impression to develop first.
  • Explain, rather than provide excuses—i.e., address the issue directly and don’t blame others (even if you believe someone else is responsible). Draft it and get feedback from others to see if the explanation is working as you want it to.
  • Provide supporting empirical evidence if possible. For example, “Adjusting to college was a major step for me, coming from a small high school and as a first-generation college student. My freshman GPA was not up to par with my typical achievements, as demonstrated by my improved  GPA of 3.8 during my second and third years in college."
  • Be concise (don’t dwell on the issues), but also be complete (don’t lead to other potentially unanswered questions). For example, if a drop in grades during a term was due to a health issue, explain whether the health issue is recurring, managed now with medication, resolved, etc.

2. Explain your commitment to research and their graduate program, including your motivation for why you are applying to this graduate program at this university. Be as specific as possible. Identify several faculty members with whom you are interested in working, and explain why their research interests you.

  • Descriptions of your commitment should explain why you’re passionate about this particular academic field and provide demonstrations of your commitment with stories (e.g., working long hours to solve a problem, overcoming challenges in research, resilience in pursuing problems). Don’t merely assert your commitment.
  • Explain why you are applying to graduate school, as opposed to seeking a professional degree or a job. Discuss your interest and motivation for grad school, along with your future career aspirations.

Jaime Fine's portrait

I am definitely not your traditional graduate student. As a biracial (Native American and white), first-generation PhD student from a military family, I had very limited guidance on how best to pursue my education, especially when I decided that graduate school was a good idea. I ended up coming to this PhD in a very circuitous manner, stopping first to get a JD and, later, an MFA in Young Adult Literature. With each degree, I took time to work and apply what I’d learned, as a lawyer and as an educator. Each time, I realized that I was circling around questions that I couldn’t let go of—not just because I found them to be fascinating, but because I did (and still do!) feel that my research could help to bridge a gap that desperately needs bridging. Because my work is quite interdisciplinary, I strongly feel that I wouldn’t have been able to pursue this line of research without the degrees and life experience I gained before coming to this program.

— Jamie Fine, PhD candidate in Modern Thought and Literature

Statement of Purpose: subtle aspects

  • Think in terms of engaging faculty in a conversation rather than pleading with them that you should be admitted. Ask reviewers to read drafts with this concern in mind.
  • With later drafts, try developing an overall narrative theme. See if one emerges as you work.
  • Write at least 10 drafts and expect your thinking and the essay to change quite a bit over time.
  • Read drafts out loud to help you catch errors.
  • Expect the "you' that emerges in your essay to be incomplete. . . that’s OK.
  • You’re sharing a professional/scholarly slice of "you."
  • Avoid humor (do you really know what senior academics find funny?) and flashy openings and closings. Think of pitching the essay to an educated person in the field, but not necessarily in your specialty. Avoid emotionally laden words (such as "love" or "passion"). Remember, your audience is a group of professors! Overly emotional appeals might make them uncomfortable. They are looking for scholarly colleagues.

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PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Business and Human Resource Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Megan

Uni Logo for University of Roehampton

Gain real world experience needed for success in Business

Prepare for your future with a Business Degree at Roehampton which includes practical learning, paid placements and employability events.

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Top 10% for Business graduate earnings (Longitudinal Education Outcomes 2022)

Gain real-world business skills and experience at University of Brighton in an AACSB-accredited business school​​​​. Explore Business degrees at Brighton.

Business and Human Resource Management Personal Statement

The most important character trait of a business owner is the ability to take a risk. To many, the thought of a career based on risks can be unnerving, but I personally have always been fascinated by ‘what if’; a trait I share with my father.

After being made redundant at the age of 37, with three young children, my father was able to turn uncertainty and a fear of the unknown into a dynamic, thriving business, which after 17 years is continuously growing; all thanks to taking a risk. This is what inspired me to take a risk and branch out of the relative safety of my hometown and apply to study business at university, with the hope that maybe one day I too can turn a ‘what if’ into my reality. Aside from the wish of following in my father’s footsteps, one of my main motivational factors to study business is the opportunity to work in an ever-changing and dynamic industry, which provides opportunities and career paths into an endless variety of fields and sectors. My intrigue in this subject has always been particularly sparked by the heart of a business: it’s people. I believe that the success of a business ultimately lies with the people within it which is why I wish to study Business and Human Resource Management.

Since childhood I have always been a talkative and friendly person and have had a strong desire to help others, something that has helped me throughout my job working as a bar tender at a local restaurant, The Dyffryn Arms. This job has provided me with a lot of opportunities to further my personal skills, including my communication skills and problem solving skills. My job has presented me with a wide variety of responsibilities which I have undertaken to the best of my ability, such as having had the opportunity to help with the training of new members of staff, something that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It has also led me to be able to efficiently work within a team and effectively communicating with my team members to ensure the smooth running of the business. Prior to my current job, I also worked for my father’s business Pressure Washer Services. This experience also allowed me a closer look into a realistic day-to-day view of human resource management and how various techniques can affect the effectiveness and efficiency with which employees undertake their tasks which I have since been able to apply to my studies to further understand this concept.

In my spare time I try to surround myself with my friends and family and strive to make time to socialise with them as I have strong family values and think that their support and encouragement is vital in my future success.

I also have a keen interest in current events and politics and like to keep up with both which I also find broadens my knowledge and allows me to have a more varied insight to the world and the people within it.

Throughout my education, I have always been very determined and driven to push myself to achieving the best results possible and feel that the challenge of a university degree can allow me to further my skills.

I am currently studying A-level Business, BTEC Extended Certificate in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and Welsh Baccalaureate in Neath Port Talbot College. I am thoroughly enjoying all 3 of these subject areas as each give different views into the world of business as well as an insight into the wider world, something I particularly been intrigued by whilst studying for the Welsh Baccalaureate. As well as having a particular interest in business, I have also studied Sociology and AS Law, areas I chose to study due to my interest in society and how people interact with each other. Whilst neither of these subject were my main career goal, I do feel that the combination of studying Law, Sociology and Business has allowed me to develop a well-rounded knowledge of Human Resource Management which I would love to study further at university. I am excited and optimistic about the future and ready to see what opportunities it may hold.

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Submitted by anonymous

Business and Management Personal Statement

I am applying to study a

Business and Management (Marketing) Personal Statement

Living in London, which is ranked as the number one city for bus...

International Business Personal Statement

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Business Management Personal Statement

There are many events in a person’s life, but only a few of them are important and define a new start in t...

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How To Write A Personal Statement For Masters (17 PDF Sample Examples)

Published: 14 Mar 2022 Study Abroad 102,702 views

How To Write A Personal Statement For Masters (17 PDF Sample Examples)

A personal statement for masters program is one of the most important parts of your college application and writing a good one is what’s the exception between receiving an offer and being rejected.

If you’ve been tasked with presenting a personal statement, you should keep in mind that whatever you submit must put you forward as the right candidate for the course. Additionally, it should convince the admissions officers that you deserve a place on your program of study.

Achieving the above, is a skill most postgraduate students are yet to acquire but thankfully this article on How To Write A Personal Statement For Masters covers everything you need to know on doing this.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • What is a personal statement?
  • Tips for making your personal statement for masters stand out
  • How to write a personal statement for masters
  • Personal statement for masters sample
  • Examples of personal statement for masters
  • Conclusion – things to avoid when writing a personal statement for masters

Read:  Admission Interview Tips .

What Is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement AKA admissions or application essay or statement of purpose is a type of essay or written statement a candidate presents to a college, university, or graduate school they are applying to, explaining why they want to attend that school, study a particular course, and why they would be a perfect fit for these things.

A personal statement for masters is an essay you submit specifically for your postgraduate application. Writing one presents the opportunity for you to promote yourself to a school and show the admissions teachers that you are the perfect candidate for a course.

Tips For Making Your Personal Statement For Masters Stand Out

Before we get into how you should write a statement of purpose for masters, we would first like to share with you certain tips to include in your essay to make it stand out from that of other applicants and be convincing enough to any admissions officer that reads it. The tips we have mentioned here, cover general things like starting and ending your personal statement, timing, length, and what to include and what not to include in the essay, etc.

1. Starting And Ending A Personal Statement

When starting a personal statement, you would want to right off the bat grab the reader’s attention. To do this, start the statement by writing about your degree of choice, next why you want to study it and then how you got interested in it.

The next 2 sentences after that should cover a summary of your background in the chosen field, and you conclude by saying what you plan to do once you acquire your graduate degree.

Also start with that the evaluators reading want to hear first, then every other information should come second. You will notice we’ve used in the sop examples for masters we will share with you later in this article.

2. Plan Ahead

A personal statement is not something you rush while writing, which means if you want to get something good before you application then you must start to decide things like the length and how long it should take to complete.

Let us throw more light on this…

For length, a personal statement should be brief ranging somewhere between 500 -700 words, although schools often detect how long it should be. So, this is dependent on the institution you are applying to.

In terms of what to say in a statement, you could include personal experiences like why you were driven to apply for the program, an experience you had with a scholar in your chosen discipline, a course you took that inspired you to pursue masters, or a key moment during your studies which further motivated you.

No matter what you decide to write, just keep in mind that you need to take your time to craft something good even if it means creating several drafts before the real thing and do not forget to proofread the statement for errors.

3. Research Your Program Of Study

Researching your program of study is one way to establish that you truly understand the discipline you’re getting into and prove to the admissions officer that you thoroughly thought about it before applying.

And because you want to put yourself forward as a serious candidate, one way to make you research easier is for you to visit the website of the department you are applying to. This page will contain information about faculty members, their specialisation, and publications.

From the intel, you gathered there you can now identify which professors match your interests and which ones you will benefit the most from learning under. After you’ve found this out, relate the same in a sentence or two in your statement of purpose for masters.

Example: “I would be honoured to study under the tutelage of Professor Nadia whose work I found resonated strongly with my beliefs and intended projects in this course”.

4. Avoid Clichés, Junks, And Many Details

When writing a statement of purpose for master degree try to avoid clichés, junks, and unnecessary details so that you don’t lose or bore your readers in between. Be as concise as possible, even if it’s your chance to express yourself.

A personal statement is an opportunity for the admissions committee to get information that tells the that you are suitable for the course. So, when you overpower your statement with too many words, stories, and useless details, you come off as someone who is just trying to meet the word count.

5. Include Your Personal History Only If It Adds To The Statement

Do not include your personal history in your statement of intent for masters if it is not relevant to your purpose of study. This means no need for you to tell that story about that time you helped someone treat a cut and immediately realised that you wanted to be a doctor or nurse or how you developed a taste for reading at a very young age.

We can guarantee you that the hundreds of other applications competing for the same spot you are felt the same way, so saying those things really doesn’t make you unique.

On the other hand, if you are going to add personal history to your statement, you can put in things like an internship you did and the experience you got from the job, a major research project you ran by yourself, publications you’ve read or published, conferences you’ve attended or presentations you’ve done. These experiences are more concrete and are directly related to your program of study. They also set you apart from other applicants.

6. Don't Use The Same Personal Statement For All Your Applications

One common mistake applicant make that you shouldn’t is using the same statement of purpose for master degree for all your applications. Using the same information repeatedly even if you are going to change the university names is risky and could land you in a big mistake on a day you forget to be thorough.

All programmes have their own unique set of questions they want to see answered and information they need in your personal statement.

And even if some of them like extracurricular activities, proposal for project, why you are applying to the school, your unique qualities, and research works you’re doing might appear the same, do not use one statement to respond to all of them.

Write a new unique personal statement every time you want to apply.

Check out:  How to Write a Good CV for Students - Resume Examples for Students (PDF).

How To Write A Personal Statement for Masters

When writing a personal statement for masters there are several steps and ground rules you need to follow to ensure that it comes out good enough to impress the admissions team of a school, and ultimately convince them to give you a spot on your program of study.

If writing one is something you are currently struggling with and can’t seem to get down the process of it right no matter what, this section on how to write a personal statement for masters, discusses in detail everything you need to get help with yours.

There are 4 parts to consider when writing your personal statement and we have listed them below:

1. Planning A Personal Statement

A personal statement is a piece of writing showing your academic interests and is only for application purposes which means there is no room for any autobiographical information in it about your personal life. Be as to-the-point as possible when writing it and stick to telling the school why you are the right person for the course, plus any other extra information detailing your achievements.

Before You Start:

Allot plenty of time to write your msc personal statement so that you don’t rush it. Remember, this simple piece of writing is your one shot at convincing a school that you are the best applicant they’ve seen and as such can either make or break your application.

Read the information expected of you from the university, rules and guidelines given, selection criteria and understand what they mean. Also research the institution.

Do a thorough research on the course you are applying for; this will help you explain better why you want to study it. The tutors interviewing you can tell when you are lying and presenting yourself as uninformed can cost you the admission.

Ensure that you don’t use the same personal statement for all your applications.

When Writing:

When writing the statement there are some questions to ask yourself that can help you plan it better. Those questions are:

  • Why you want to study a master’s and how does it benefit you in future?
  • How does the course you have chosen fit into your pre-existing skill set?
  • How do you stand out from the crowd as an applicant - e.g., work experiences you’ve had in the same field you are applying for?
  • What do you aspire to do or be as a future career and how will the course help you achieve that?
  • How can your work or skillsets contribute positively to the department/ university you are applying to, or society at large?

On the other hand, if you are applying for the masters to change from the field you studied in your undergraduate to another field, you should tell the school why you decided to take a different path in your studies.

Questions to ask yourself for this include:

  • Your reason for deciding to change your discipline.
  • How your undergraduate degree will be material for bringing fresh insights into your masters course.
  • How changing your study path will help you attain your future career.

2. Structuring A Personal Statement

Having good structure for your personal statement for master degree is important because it ensures that everything from the beginning, middle, and ending of the statement is written and equally falls in place perfectly.

We’ve left some tips for you below to help you:

Start your personal statement with an attention-grabbing introduction that is not dramatic or cliché. That means you should not begin with any of these over-used phrases we’ve listed out below:

For as long as I remember…

Since my childhood…

I want to apply to this course because I’ve always felt a strong connection to it…

All my life, I have always loved…

My interest in (course) always ran deeper than…

I’ve always been zealous about…

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in…

My past educational experiences have always…

You would want to be as snappy as possible with your opening because the admission officer has over a hundred applications to read and can’t waste all their time on yours. This means you should avoid overpowering it with unnecessary facts, quotes, and stories from your life.

The middle part of your ma personal statement is where the main content of the write-up should be. This is where you show your dedication to the course you’ve chosen, what motivated you to choose it, and why you are the right candidate for it.

When writing the middle part of a graduate personal statement, you should:  

  • Give concrete reasons why you want to study a course at the University. The reason could be because of how the course is aligned to your future career or the University’s reputation in teaching that program.
  • Mention relevant things like projects, dissertations, or essays you’ve done, and any work experience you have.
  • Show proof of your core skills like and how they can contribute to the department.
  • Prove what makes you a unique candidate.
  • Discuss who your main influences for wanting to study the course are and why.
  • Add experiences like memberships to clubs that are related to your field, papers you’ve written before, awards, scholarships, or prizes.
  • Draw focus to how the course links to your past and future.
  • Mention your academic and non-academic skills and how they fit the course.

For Formatting:

  • Keep the statement length between 250 -500 words or as directed by the school.
  • Sentences should be no more than 25-30 words.
  • Use headings to break up the content – Why this university? Why this subject? Etc.
  • Make claims and provide evidence to back each of them up. This can be done by discussing your work experience and academic interests.

Language and tone to use:     

  • The tone for your masters application personal statement should be positive and enthusiastic, to show you eagerness to learn and so that you convince the evaluators that you have what it takes to succeed.
  • Use exciting and refreshing language, and an engaging opening line.
  • Ensure you grammar, punctuations, and spellings are accurate.
  • Avoid exaggerated claims you cannot backup.
  • Don’t use cliché generic terms and keep your focus on the course.

Keep the ending of your essay for master degree application concise and memorable, leaving no doubt in the admission officers mind that you deserve a spot on the program.

To create the best ending summarise all your key points without dragging it our or repeating yourself. The ending should be simple, end on a positive note and make it clear that the school will be lucky to have you on their program.

Personal Statement for Masters Sample

In this section, we have left a masters personal statement example for you, which you can use as material to write yours for any course of study you are applying to a school for.

Personal Statement PDF

You can also download this statement of purpose sample for masters degree pdf here and take your time to read it later – Personal Statement For Masters Sample .

See Also:  Student CV Template .

Examples of Personal Statement for Masters

We have taken the time to source for some of the best postgraduate personal statement examples, which you can use in addition to the personal statement for masters program example as a template to write yours.

While you scroll through our list, you will find the perfect masters essay example for any field you wish to apply for, from business administration, to Psychology, to information technology, and lots more.

1. msw personal statement

We have found one of the best msw personal statement examples out there for you.

social work masters personal statement .  

2. personal statement for masters in public health

mph personal statement examples

3. personal statement for masters in management

Personal statement for master degree sample for masters in management .  , 4. personal statement for masters in education example.

personal statement for masters in education example

5. psychology masters personal statement

psychology masters personal statement example

6. sample personal statement for masters in data science data science masters personal statement

7. speech and language therapy personal statement statement of purpose for masters sample: speech and language therapy

8. business administration personal statement personal statement for masters in business administration

9. personal statement for masters in cyber security pdf masters degree personal statement examples for cyber security

10. personal statement for masters in finance msc finance personal statement examples

11. statement of purpose for masters in information technology pdf msc personal statement examples for information technology

12. international development personal statement statement of purpose for masters example

13. msc international business management personal statement international business management personal statement examples

14. computer science masters personal statement

statement of purpose for masters in computer science pdf

15. personal statement for masters in economics statement of purpose sample for masters degree in economics

16. mha personal statement statement of purpose format for masters in health administration    

Conclusion – Things to Avoid When Writing A Personal Statement For Masters When writing a personal statement for university masters, there are some things you should avoid, so that you don’t ruin your essay. We have listed out those things below: •    Avoid negativity. •    Following an online template blindly. •    Do not include unnecessary course modules, personal facts, or extra-curricular activities in your personal statement. •    Do not lie or exaggerate an achievement or event. •    Do not include inspirational quotes to your statement. •    Avoid using clichés, gimmicks, humour, over-used word such as 'passion' or ‘driven’. •    Do not make pleading statements. •    Avoid mentioning key authors or professors in your field without any explanation. •    Avoid using sentences that are too long. •    Avoid flattering the organisation or using patronising terms. •    Do not repeat information in your statement that you have already listed in your application. •    Avoid waffling i.e., writing at length. •    Don’t start writing your personal statement at the last minute.  

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School of Human Resources and Labor Relations College of Social Science

Writing your personal & academic statements.


Please note: The GRE and GMAT requirement is currently optional. If you choose not to take the GRE or GMAT, you will need submit an Academic Statement instead. Learn more

Contact Melanie Zaremba at [email protected] with questions or to schedule an advising appointment.

The personal statement should describe your career goals and objectives and explain why you believe our Master of Human Resources and Labor Relations degree will help you achieve those goals and objectives. This statement should be no longer than two typed, double-spaced pages.

For those applying under the work experience procedure, the personal statement should discuss how your decision to pursue our master's degree was influenced by your previous work experience, describe your career goals and objectives, and explain why you believe our Master of Human Resources and Labor Relations degree will help you to leverage your experience and achieve your goals.

Academic statements have historically been submitted by students who wish to explain some area of concern with their academic record. This is still an option for students. For example,  if you want to explain the reasons for a lower GPA, this should be in an academic statement and not included as part of your personal statement.

If you are not submitting a GRE or GMAT score as part of your application materials, please submit a specific academic statement that includes a discussion of both your past experiences (work or academic) involving data analysis and the strength of your quantitative analytical skills. This statement should be roughly one page double spaced.

You may upload your personal statement as a PDF in the Application Portal under "Upload Materials." Choose "Personal Statement" from the drop-down menu, then browse and upload your statement. You will receive an email from MSU Admissions with the link and login information to the Application Portal after you submit the application and pay the graduate application fee.

You may follow the same process if you are providing an academic statement in lieu of taking the GRE/GMAT or writing an academic statement to explain an academic performance concern. This supporting documentation can also be uploaded in the Application Portal.

Application Toolkit for Domestic Students


Human Resources Personal Statement Examples

  • 1 Personal Statement Example Links
  • 2 Career Opportunities
  • 3 UK Admission Requirements
  • 4 UK Earnings Potential For Human Resources
  • 5 Similar Courses in UK
  • 6 UK Curriculum
  • 7 Alumni Network

Personal Statement Example Links

  • Personal Statement Example 1
  • Personal Statement Example 2
  • Personal Statement Example 3
  • Personal Statement Example 4
  • Personal Statement Example 5
  • Personal Statement Example 6

Ever been intrigued by the pivotal role of people in an organisation’s success? Interested in strategising to attract, develop, and retain talent in a business environment?

If so, a degree in Human Resources could be your perfect pathway. This dynamic field equips you with the skills to manage and develop an organisation’s most valuable asset: its people.

A degree in Human Resources can provide the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the industry. This article will provide an overview of the Human Resources degree, as well as some personal statement examples to help you craft your own.

The Human Resources degree is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful HR professionals. Students will learn about the fundamentals of HR, including employee recruitment and selection, employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training and development. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of the legal and ethical considerations of HR, as well as the role of technology in the field.

In addition to the core curriculum, students may choose to specialize in a particular area of Human Resources. Specializations may include talent management, labor relations, organizational development, or global HR. Students may also choose to pursue a minor in a related field, such as business, psychology, or sociology.

👍 When writing a personal statement : Highlight your passion for the course, demonstrating your understanding of it. Use relevant personal experiences, coursework, or work history to showcase how these have fostered your interest and readiness for the course.

Career Opportunities

A degree in Human Resources can open up a wide range of career opportunities. Professionals with a degree in Human Resources can pursue careers in a variety of industries and sectors. These include:

  • Human Resources Management: Human Resources Managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Human Resources department, including recruitment, training, compensation, and employee relations.
  • Recruiting and Staffing: Recruiters and staffing specialists are responsible for finding, interviewing, and hiring the best talent for an organization.
  • Training and Development: Training and development professionals are responsible for designing and delivering training programs to help employees develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Compensation and benefits professionals are responsible for designing and managing compensation and benefits programs for employees.
  • Employee Relations: Employee relations specialists are responsible for resolving conflicts between employees and management and ensuring a positive work environment.
  • Labour Relations: Labor relations specialists are responsible for negotiating and enforcing labor contracts and resolving disputes between labour unions and management
  • Human Resources Information Systems: Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) professionals are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining Human Resources software systems.
  • Human Resources Consulting: Human Resources consultants provide advice and guidance to organizations on a variety of Human Resources topics, such as recruitment, training, compensation, and employee relations.
  • Employment Law: Employment law specialists are responsible for advising organisations on employment legislation, representing clients in employment-related disputes, handling cases related to issues such as discrimination, unfair dismissal, and workplace harassment, and helping to create and implement policies that comply with current laws and regulations.

UK Admission Requirements

In order to be accepted into the Human Resources course at the University of Kent, applicants must have achieved a minimum of a 2:1 in their undergraduate degree. This is the same entry requirement for most other Human Resources courses in the UK.

In addition to the minimum 2:1 grade requirement, applicants must also have a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade C or above, including English and Maths. This is a standard requirement for most university courses in the UK.

Applicants must also demonstrate a good understanding of the subject matter by providing evidence of previous study in the field, such as a related degree or a professional qualification. This is similar to other Human Resources courses in the UK, which often require applicants to have some prior knowledge of the subject.

Finally, applicants must also provide a personal statement outlining their motivation for studying Human Resources and their career aspirations. This is a standard requirement for most university courses in the UK.

UK Earnings Potential For Human Resources

The average earnings for someone with a degree in Human Resources will vary depending on the individual’s level of experience, the region they are working in, and the type of job they are doing. Generally, the median salary for Human Resources professionals in the UK is £37,000 per year. This figure is expected to increase in the coming years due to a growing demand for HR professionals in the UK.

Trends in the job market indicate that the demand for HR professionals is increasing, particularly in the public sector. This is due to the need for organisations to ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations. Additionally, the shift towards remote working has created a need for HR professionals to manage the transition and ensure that employees are supported in their new working environment. As a result, HR professionals with the necessary skills and experience are likely to be in high demand in the near future.

Similar Courses in UK

Other university courses related to Human Resources are Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, and Human Resource Management.

Business Administration is a broader field that covers many topics, including Human Resources. It covers topics such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and operations management. It also covers the core topics of Human Resources such as recruitment, selection, compensation, and performance management.

Organisational Leadership is a course that focuses on the development of leadership skills and the ability to manage and motivate teams. It covers topics such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution. It also covers topics such as team dynamics, organizational culture, and change management.

Human Resource Management is a course that focuses specifically on the management of people within an organization. It covers topics such as recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation, and performance management. It also covers topics such as labor relations, employee benefits, and legal compliance.

The key differences between these courses are the topics covered and the focus of each course. Business Administration covers a wide range of topics related to business, while Organizational Leadership focuses on the development of leadership skills and the ability to manage and motivate teams. Human Resource Management focuses specifically on the management of people within an organization.

UK Curriculum

The key topics and modules covered in a Human Resources (HR) course may include:

1. Introduction to HR: This module covers the basics of HR, such as recruitment, selection, training, development, and performance management. It also introduces the legal and ethical considerations of HR.

2. Employee Relations: This module focuses on the relationship between employers and employees, including topics such as labor laws, employee rights, collective bargaining, and dispute resolution.

3. Compensation and Benefits: This module covers topics such as job evaluation, wage and salary administration, employee benefits, and payroll management.

4. Organisational Development: This module focuses on the development of organizational culture, including topics such as strategic planning, organizational change, and team building.

5. Talent Management: This module covers topics such as talent acquisition, talent retention, and talent development.

6. Human Resources Information Systems: This module focuses on the use of technology in HR, including topics such as HRIS, HR analytics, and HR technology trends.

Hands-on experience or practical work in a Human Resources course may include:

1. Developing and implementing recruitment and selection processes.

2. Designing and implementing employee training and development programs.

3. Developing and implementing performance management systems.

4. Developing and implementing compensation and benefits plans.

Alumni Network

One notable alumni from the Human Resources course is Tammy L. Brown. Tammy is a Human Resources professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. She is currently the Vice President of Human Resources at a major healthcare organization. Tammy has been recognized for her contributions to the field, including being named one of the Top 25 Most Influential HR Professionals in 2019. Tammy is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, and is a mentor to many aspiring HR professionals.

The Human Resources course offers alumni events and networking opportunities throughout the year. These events include alumni gatherings, professional development workshops, and career fairs. These events provide alumni with the opportunity to connect with each other and to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the field. Additionally, the course offers an alumni network, which allows alumni to stay connected and to share resources and job opportunities.

Reach out to us for career and sponsorship opportunities

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Sample statement of purpose for the phd in human resource education and development.

human resources personal statement masters

I ask for the profound privilege of attending your program primarily based on my extensive professional experience and I ask for special consideration given that my GPA is only 3.14 rather than the required 3.5. My excessive work schedule primarily affected my academic progress. My pursuit to build the careers of others and move up to the next level in my own career, obligated me to commit to long hours and a vast amount of time away from home. I was dedicated to both work and attaining my Master’s degree. I persevered and in time finished my degree, but not at the level of performance that I would have liked. My prior grades are in no way a reflection of the time and work I will dedicate to this program. I will take on this program full-time and only take on an assistantship if granted the opportunity to do so.  I also ask for a waiver of the GMAT/GRE on the basis of the fact that I already earned a Master’s Degree and my graduate program of study did not require testing, so I do not have scores to present.

I look forward, in particular, to studying under Drs. XXXX and XXXX. Both of these noteworthy women stand out as role models that I seek to emulate as a result of my studies in leadership in the HR and Development field in your program.

I seek an intensive and thoroughgoing immersion in Development Studies at the University of XXXX, with a central focus on creating change in organizations, ROI, and employee competency based models. I especially look forward to studying change in the workplace with in-depth examinations of the methods that have been most successful in bringing about progressive change not only within the organization in question but also the broader community. It would be a special honor to learn directly from Dr. XXXX since I very much respect and admire her as a member of the top five finalists for the U.S. Department of Labor's 2005 Recognition of Excellence Award.

Like Dr. Gaudet, I seek to excel in the future in the areas of leadership in private as well as public sector organizations. I look forward to a long professional lifetime giving my all to facilitate the most effective strategic approaches possible to human capital development. I look forward to learning new strategies that will help me to increasingly come to a better understanding of development as it relates to all aspects of an organization

Your PHD Program is my first choice because it fits so well with my central long-term goals and plans for my professional future. Your program is ideal for the fullest immersion into research, change in the workplace, and workforce development. My focus has long been on people, organizational behavior, training and development, and helping those that are in one way or another disadvantaged. The Detroit area communities in which I have worked have invariably been low-income with high unemployment rates. I tried to provide many community members with training and job opportunities that they would not otherwise have. I have always been active in the community as a volunteer, spending a lot of time in particular with a job training program operated by Goodwill Industries focused on urban, low-income communities.

As a result of earning my PHD in your distinguished executive program, I will be able to make my maximum contribution to human development in underserved communities, dedicating the balance of my professional life to fomenting, encouraging, and supporting the development of opportunities in education and career opportunities. I look forward to filling a leadership position as a consultant for firms and organizations, helping to lead their companies to success through effective management of their people. My dream is to travel the world and implement training programs that focus on building organizational growth by investing in the people who are on board and capable of achieving organizational goals for the future.

My goals included traveling as well as teaching. I would like to either be leading an organization in diversity issues and training in organizational leadership/HR or teaching in this area at the university or community college level. My dream is to teach others how to dream successfully, pragmatically, but in innovative and creative ways that are brave, effective, and contribute to progressive social and institutional change resulting in better life for at the community if not also a global level.

My ideal position would be to serve as a Chief Human Resources Officer or Professor in Human Resources or Organizational Behavior. I absolutely love to see people flourish in and outside of the workplace. I have dedicated my life to service, growth, and education, investing a decade in learning and managing for success, helping our employees to achieve personal as well as professional goals, many of whom at first thought these goals to be out of their reach.

I have also spent a lot of time volunteering to help contribute to the growth of our future leaders. I believe that I will help uncover strategic and innovative research that will help organizations focus on the people that will make them successful. I feel strongly that people should have the opportunity to love and grow as a result of what they do. Organizations need to be provide an environment that presents this open door of growth and opportunity to every employee.

I hope to do creative research in the future with respect to our search for solutions to lack of employee opportunity within organizations. I would like to create a program to assist leaders with employee engagement, helping to facilitate growth. My own Master’s Thesis dealt with Pharmacy Employee Engagement with the goal to uncover workplace morale and engagement in the workplace. My study found that most employees do not consider themselves engaged, and management generally places insufficient priority and resources in the areas of training and development.

One of my proudest achievements so far has been my work with CVS Caremark All Kids Can™, a program of the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust and supported by CVS Caremark, a five-year, $25 million commitment to making life easier for children with disabilities. Through this signature program, CVS Caremark and the Trust supports nonprofit organizations that provide innovative programs and services in local communities, focused on helping children with disabilities to learn, play and succeed in life.

The goals of All Kids Can are to raise awareness in schools and in local communities about the importance of inclusion; build barrier-free playgrounds so children of all abilities can play side-by-side; and provide medical rehabilitation and related services to children with disabilities.  I have taken full advantage of every opportunity to contribute to this program as a store manager for the past 10 years, responsible for onboarding, training, development of new and current talent. As a result of employee engagement results, sales, promotion rates, and overall performance, I was promoted to District Manager Emerging Leader. My work and commitment during my time in this program allowed me to manage across boundaries and build relationships with all levels of management. As a result of my efforts, I earned the Paragon award, the most prestigious award attainable in the organization. Thus, I am now experienced at the management of other salaried store managers, leading district meetings and providing feedback to help teams succeed.

I earned my Bachelors of Science in Public Administration in 2005 and my Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Administration in 2012, followed by my Master of Science in Administration (MSA) in Human Resources Administration in 2016.  Raising professional standards, innovation in the workplace, organizational behavior and its impact on engagement, work environments conducive to individual and organizational growth and development – I keenly look forward to it all.

As part of Career Day, I was a guest speaker for middle school students as part of the Dove Self-Esteem Project, founded in 2004, to help the next generation of women grow up feeling happy and confident about the way they look. The project delivers self-esteem education to young people (primarily girls) aged 8-17 years through lessons in schools, workshops for youth groups, and online resources for parents. This experience taught me early on the joys of public service and empowering others, in the workplace and beyond.

I’m excited and look forward to research opportunities as a doctoral student in your program. I am ready to take on this challenge and hope that I will have the opportunity to learn and grow from the faculty and my fellow students also pursuing their PHD. I look forward to producing work that will contribute to the advancement of research at the University of XXXX and the scholarly community.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

human resources personal statement masters

Anonymous Samples of My Work in Human Resources

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human resources personal statement masters

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human resources personal statement masters

The Humanitarian Side of Human Resources

A human resources degree could lead you down the path to a humanitarian career working for the UN, an NGO somewhere far away or working abroad could just be a nice detour while you decide what you’d like to specialize in later.

According to FundsForNGOs.Org, human resource management is just as important for NGOs as it is for other organizations. HR managers are critical for organizations to achieve their goals. Without personnel, where would any concern be, whether humanitarian or not?

Take a peek at, and you’ll find plenty of interesting posts to choose from.

Fancy a bit of excitement and good work abroad? INTERSOS is an independent nonprofit organization committed to assisting the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. At the time of writing, they are seeking a Head of Mission in Nigeria to coordinate operations and human resources in Nigeria.

You must have an advanced university degree, or a first level degree with a relevant combination of academic qualifications and experience like at least 5 years of professional work experience in a management/coordination position in a humanitarian or development context. The contract is for 1 year.

If Africa is your thing, there is also a vacancy for a Staff Welfare Officer in Nairobi, at UNHCR, which has operations in 126 countries and a large workforce. An advanced university degree in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, counselling or another mental health care profession is required for the job, plus 6 years or more of work experience that’s relevant to the job. Tasks include the provision of technical expertise related to the programs of psychological well-being of staff and their family members, provision of clinical work with colleagues and their family, providing expert advice and guidance to the operation representatives, etc.

UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East is currently seeking an individual for the Experts Roster – Human Resource Management with substantial experience in job classification and compensation, employment and contract law, recruitment, adult training and development, human resources planning, human resources policy development, etc. This mission is aimed at helping Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and the organization has more than 30,000 staff members.

Femmes Africa Solidarite is an international women’s organization with UN ECOSOS Consultative Status that works to empower African women to assume leadership roles in peace building and conflict resolution. Its Human Resource and Administration Officer job profile may give you a sense of the type of role someone like you could play in an organization like this one.

The key responsibilities involved include developing and maintaining functional and efficient human resources management and administration systems, processes and procedures; tracking staff movement and enhance record-keeping, internal controls, and compliance with legal, labor and immigration requirements; contribute to budget preparations and audit activities; manage performance, compensation and benefits.

The job requirements include a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management or Administration, a minimum of 3 years’ experience in human resources management and administration in an NGO or development agency, and to speak both French and English.

Let’s face it, without a master’s degree, it’s hard to get a good job and do what you really want to do effectively – help people, feel like you have the best skills you can develop for the good of the world.

When is comes to master’s degrees, you have a number of options.

The M.Sc. in Human Resource Administration Concentration program at Central Michigan University, USA, for example, is going to help you master everything human resources. It will help you keep your knowledge broad, so you can choose to work within a humanitarian organization, or stick with a regular for-profit company.

The Michigan University program costs USD 13,788 per year, and covers course topics like the foundations of research methods in administration, organizational dynamics and human behavior and strategic planning for the administrator.

Alternatively, you could go for something more nonprofit friendly. The Postgraduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management at the American Public University, USA, is a 12-month, online program that will provide you with a solid foundation in leadership, finance, governmental relations, communications, marketing and fundraising. It costs USD 350 per module due to its distance learning nature, and could make the perfect flexible choice if you’re busy working and want to earn while you learn.

Perhaps you don’t want to veer too far off your HR course, and teaching ruffles your feathers. The M.Ed. in Adult Learning (Concentration in Human Resource Development) at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA is a 33-credit hour program that prepares you for a broad range of positions. There’s no reason why you couldn’t take your hard-earned knowledge to the developing world with the help of a humanitarian organization once you completed your studies.

So, ready to get started on the search for a great master’s degree that will make you super employable all over the planet? Or perhaps you’ve already started on this mission, but you’re a bit worried about the personal statement writing. You know what? We have you covered. We provide professional services to intelligent, motivated individuals like you. We want you to succeed. Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

We Need to Bring White Males into Diversity/Inclusion Programs

I consider myself to be not only a diversity specialist, but also a diversity advocate, despite the fact that I am a white male. When HR professionals discuss diversity and inclusion programs, the key demographic of white men is often excluded or neglected. Some people tend to think of white male business leaders as the antithesis of diversity, when in fact they could be the most important group to ensuring that an organization becomes truly inclusive.

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human resources personal statement masters

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human resources personal statement masters

Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Human Resource Management

human resources personal statement masters

You are wonderful! I'm so glad I've found you. I will recommend this website to all my friends.  The Statement is so impressive! Thank you so much!  I love you, Statements of Purpose Team! You are my Heroes! Thank you so much and lots of love from Istanbul.

B.Z. (Application for Master’s in HR Management May 2011)


HR, HRM, Human Resources Management Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Admission, Master's MA, Doctorate PHD.

Graduates work as professional HR managers in the public and private sectors; in professional practices such as law firms; trade unions; employer associations; state and federal government departments; HR management consultancies; industrial relations; negotiation and advocacy; and occupational health and safety. A major in human resources is advantageous for all employees who work as line managers in all industries.

I would be honored to help you gain admission to graduate school in Human Resource Management by drafting a most eloquent statement on your behalf. In addition to filling out my  Online Interview Form , send your resume/CV and/or rough draft to my email: 

  • Accountancy
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Asian Studies
  • Communications
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Food Science
  • Gender Studies
  • Graphic Design
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems
  • International Relations
  • Latin American Studies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Library & Information Science
  • Linguistics
  • Mathematics
  • Media Studies
  • Medical School
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physician Assistant Studies
  • Political Science
  • Real Estate
  • Religious Studies
  • Security Studies
  • Translation
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Women's Studies

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University of Louisville, College of Education and Human Development

M.S. in Human Resources and Organization Development

Grow Your Skillset. Advance your Career.

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human resources personal statement masters

If you value the performance, development, learning of people and organizations, we hope you will consider joining our program!

Program Options

Our innovative master's programs have a common emphasis on leading performance, development, and learning through discovery and critical inquiry .

HROD Class Schedule Planner

Our Department

  • Organizational Leadership & Learning Programs Overview (B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.)
  • Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development

Other Resources

  • Interested in visiting campus? Find out how!
  • UofL Schedule of Classes

Distance Learning

US News Grad Education badge

Our Master of Science in Human Resources and Organization Development is fully online therefore, there is no requirement to visit Louisville at any time during the program. All courses in this program require a time each week when students participate in live synchronous online class sessions. Courses are offered through an online course management system called Blackboard, provided as part of UofL tuition. Our online courses allow students to do the following...

  • Read the course materials
  • Submit papers and assignments
  • View grades
  • Participate in live, online class sessions using a headset and/or webcam
  • Discuss case studies or course content with classmates on a discussion board
  • Watch and listen to short lectures from your instructor
  • Participate in case study simulations

The biggest benefit of online learning is that you can earn your degree from home while raising your family, working full time, or while experiencing other life circumstances that make commuting to class difficult or impossible. At UofL, we offer online courses with the same instructors and same requirements as face-to-face courses.

UofL Online Learning website .

UofL Online Learning Request Form .

How you be a successful online learner...

Online learning is not for everyone. Successful online students...

  • Have a desire to learn online
  • Are highly self-motivated
  • Have strong time management and organizational skills
  • Can work independently
  • Are not afraid to speak up when problems arise

For more information, visit the UofL Online Learning website .

For more details about program curriculum, visit the Graduate Catalog .

  • HROD Program Sheet

Admission Requirements

New students can begin courses in the fall, spring, or summer terms. The HROD Admissions Committee has five review cycles each year:

Please note: We admit students on a rolling basis. The priority deadlines help you complete the application process on time, be notified of acceptance and enroll before the term begins. We review applications as they become complete, and admit students for a specific term up to the day classes start. We recommend you work on and submit your complete application well in advance of the preferred deadline, as obtaining transcripts and other materials may take more time.

Download Step-by-Step Application Instructions [PDF]

Admission is competitive. Meeting the GRE and GPA minimums does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The HROD Admissions Committee requires the following materials to make a decision about admission:

  • Graduate School Application: Complete the online application to the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies or submit a paper application.

Applicants who have attended a college or university outside of the United States are also required to submit an evaluation of their transcript through either WES (World Education Services) or ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators) . Please note that transcript evaluations can sometimes take several weeks.

Please have transcripts sent to: School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies University of Louisville Louisville, KY 40292 If transcripts are sent electronically, please have them sent to the following e-mail: gradadm @

  • GRE scores are not required but could be recommended for applicants with cumulative grade point averages (GPAs) less than the published minimum. Minimum cum GPA is 2.5 for all undergraduate and graduate coursework. If your cum GPA is below 2.5, please contact Dr. Ron Sheffield to discuss your interest in the program, your academic background and motivations for pursuing a graduate degree.
  • Two letters of recommendation [PDF]. If you have studied at a college or university in the last five years, the admissions committee prefers to see at least one letter from a faculty member. Other references can include work supervisors. Personal references (e.g. family, friends) are not accepted.
  • Goal Statement - The Admissions Committee requires candidates to prepare a formal 1-2 page single spaced statement that describes your interest in the MS HROD program. Candidates should expand upon their personal and professional goals and professional experiences and, their commitment to education and learning are in alignment with this program.
  • Current Resume
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination – minimum score: 6.5
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination – minimum scores: 550 on the paper-based TOEFL, 213 on the computer-based TOEFL or 80 or higher on the internet-based TOEFL
  • Duolingo English Test with Subscores – minimum score of 105 and exam must have been taken after January 1, 2020

This program is open to all eligible students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.

If you have questions about applying to the program , please contact an Admissions Counselor at 502-852-0953.

Dr. Brad Shuck Professor, Human Resources and Organizational Development Educational Leadership, Evaluation, and Organizational Development College of Education and Human Development University of Louisville Louisville | Kentucky | 40292 Office: 502.852.7396 (p) [email protected] (e)

For more information about the Master's of Science in Human Resource and Organization Development program, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 502-852-6475

LEAD Faculty Listing

Resources and Certification Information for Human Resource Management Professionals

The Master of Science in Human Resources and Organizational Development (MSHROD) is officially aligned with, and recognized by, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the premiere professional home for professionals in the Human Resource field, as being a partner program. Being SHRM aligned ensures prospective students that the MSHROD prepares graduates within SHRM’s recommended guidelines for excellent Human Resource education at the graduate level. Prospective students can be sure that the MSHROD program offers a broad and comprehensive curriculum in Human Resources that reflects industry agreement regarding the standards that constitute a broad and deep education in the field of Human Resources.

The MSHROD at the University of Louisville is the only school based in Kentucky recognized by SHRM as an aligned school. Guidelines for SHRM alignment are revalidated every three to five years.

UofL SHRM Student Chapter

UofL SHRM (chapter 5082) is a student chapter that is affiliated with the Society for Human Resources Management, a national association for emerging and seasoned Human Resources professionals.

Learn More     Join Today!

SHRM-CP Exam and Certification

Starting Fall 2017, students who are in their last semester of the MSHROD will be eligible to sit for the SHRM-CP exam. To qualify for this incredible benefit offered only through SHRM aligned programs, students must be in their final semester of course work from a SHRM aligned program such as the MSHROD, be in good standing for graduation, and have a minimum of 500-direct hours of hands on, real world experience in the areas of human resources (hours can include in-course projects as well as course-related field work and experiences such as those in the MSHROD). The SHRM-CP is the standard in certification for Human Resource professionals across the globe, and according to SHRM is "among the first HR certifications that is focused on teaching and testing the practical, real-life information HR professionals need to excel in their careers today."

More information about the SHRM-CP exam can be found here:

Resources and Certification Information for Learning and Development Professionals

For students in the Leadership, Training and Organization Development (LTOD) track in the undergraduate degree (B.S. Organizational Leadership) and students in the M.S. HR and Organization Development (MS HROD) degree program, the Association for Talent Development (ATD), is the premier national organization for learning and development professionals. ATD is heavily vested in higher education, especially in the areas of talent development, training, and organizational development. ATD offers professional certifications, scholarships, and dissertation awards in addition to many other content-related services.

Curriculum in the LTOD track (BS OLL) and in the MS HROD program at the University of Louisville are aligned with the newest ATD standards and competencies. Each class throughout our undergraduate and graduate program is grounded in real-world practice and designed for the scholar-practitioner. Students who complete their degree at the University of Louisville will be well prepared to sit for either the Certified Professional in Learning Performance Certificate (CPLP) or the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) certifications. More information about each of those certifications can be found here .

Below is a comprehensive list of resources that ATD provides for students enrolled in aligned curriculum:

  • Student and New Professional Idea Book
  • ATD Dissertation Award
  • L&D Degree Directory
  • ATD Young Professional Resources
  • ATD Online Library
  • Higher Education Blog
  • Starting a career in training document
  • ATD Young Professionals LinkedIn Group

Local ATD Chapters

There is likely a local chapter of ATD in your area that you could join at a reduced cost. These chapters promote student activity through service work, presentation opportunities and above all networking opportunities. The local chapter in the Kentuckiana area is located right here in Louisville ( ) with an ATD Geographic Interest Group (GIG) in Lexington, which is part of local Louisville-based chapter. Both of these organizations meet monthly on different dates.

For more information on chapters nation-wide, check out the National Chapter Locator .

  • Graduate Assistantships (full-time Louisville-based students)
  • Scholarships (full-time students)
  • Student Loans (available if taking more than 4.5 credit hours per semester, 3 hours in summer). Please visit the Student Financial Aid website for additional information.
  • Payment Plans

For current tuition information, please see the FAQ tab.


Tanisha Hackett

My decision to pursue a master’s degree in the HROD program was questionable due to the 13-year gap in receiving my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Although I had set goals for this pursuit, I was not confident of my outcome. The program's curriculum, real life work experience, networking, resources, expectations, encouragement, guidance, compassion, and dedication from the professors, advisors, and CEHD staff were instrumental in the plethora of knowledge and confidence I gained. My outcome: graduating with honors and being a recipient of the R. Wayne Pace Award..

Tanisha Hackett, MS HROD Alumna

Dr. Laura Lohman

I choose this program because I was looking for a master’s degree in human resources with a fully online option that I could complete in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable price. I was especially attracted by the breadth of this program. Many other programs that I considered forced me to choose a narrow specialization within human resources. I felt that the broader and flexible approach of this program would serve me better in the long run. I also felt confident in the quality of the program because it was SHRM-aligned.

I really enjoyed how each course provided an opportunity to apply key concepts and techniques to a project of my choice that was relevant to my industry. I work in higher education, and so many of my course projects focused on faculty. These projects accelerated my understanding of concepts in each course and increased my confidence in my ability to make a difference in my industry. At the same time, I also enjoyed being able to learn about how other students in military, hospitality, and financial settings were applying what we were learning to their workplaces. The faculty are highly experienced and did a great job of giving us specific feedback and supporting us in applying concepts from each course through our projects.

I enthusiastically recommend this program to anyone who is interested in contributing to excellence in their industry through the development of people, teams, and organizations. You’ll leave this program with a broad understanding of human resources and organizational development concepts that are applicable to all industries. You’ll also leave with the practical skills needed to make a difference in key areas such as recruitment, learning and development, and organizational change.

Dr. Laura Lohman, MS HROD Alumna Director of the Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence Queens University of Charlotte

Frequently Asked Questions

I have some credit hours from another program/university. can the credit be transferred.

Once you are admitted to the program, you may request to transfer up to 6 credit hours if the HROD Program Committee approves the request. Courses can be transferred only if they cover the same content as a course in our program. After HROD approval, transfer requests are submitted to the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies.

What is the cost of the program?

Tuition amounts may change each year as determined by the UofL Board of Trustees. For current tuition rates, please visit the Bursar's Office Tuition page .

Career Goals and Interest

Students should select the best elective courses which align with their career goals and interests. For example, students who desire a stronger emphasis in Human Resource functions might consider electives such as LEAD 612 and LEAD 631. For students desiring a stronger focus in Workplace Learning might consider electives such as LEAD 663 and LEAD 672.

Our SHRM-aligned curriculum is built by industry experts therefore students acquire the knowledge and abilities needed to efficiently implement human resource leadership including improving workplace learning and performance, talent acquisition, and using evidence-based research for decision-making. This program includes professional portfolio completion to better prepare students for their next career move.

What's the typical student like?

Our student population is very diverse. Students range from recent college graduates to seasoned HROD professionals with years of experience. Approximately 30 percent of our students currently work in HROD-related positions, 30 percent are full-time students, and the remainder work in other full-time positions.

What are the assignments like?

All courses require readings, smaller assignments, and a Hallmark Assessment. The Hallmark Assessment is the culminating large project that requires that you integrate most of the course content into one large task. Most Hallmark Assessments require that you conduct a project in a real organization. For example, rather than learning about how to conduct a needs assessment of an organizational problem, you will actually conduct a real needs assessment in an organization.

How much work does the program require?

This graduate program is intense. The faculty expect that you work hard, think deeply, and apply what you've learned to real-life situations. The courses require that you think seriously and use sound ideas, in order to move beyond fads and temporary trends. You'll find that each course requires you to apply what you've learned to the HROD field. These projects can require more work than you might find in other courses, but our students report that the reward is worth the extra effort.

How long does it take to complete this degree?

Full-time students need at least a year and a half to complete the degree. Most part-time students complete the program in 2-3 years; however, you can take up to six years. Students with full-time jobs cannot take more than two courses per semester.

On-Demand Video

APPLY NOW Welcome to the University of Louisville Fort Knox Extended Campus where military students and dependents as well as civilian employees are valued. As a military friendly school, we strive to provide you with an exceptional learning experience at every stage of your career. Based on the advancement of technology, continually learning will become the "norm" and we're ready to serve you.

If you're preparing for your first or next promotion or maybe preparing to transition out of the military, look to UofL College of Education and Human Development. Our expert faculty and practitioner faculty will provide you with a vigorous educational experience as well as relevant 21st century leadership skills to manage organizational change and drive results. If you're seeking to enhance your HR career and/or seek to consult companies and organizations (OD), check out the highly ranked, online and some face to face Master of Science in Human Resources and Organization Development . SHRM aligned, you're ready to sit for the SHRM-CP exam upon graduation. And, receive the active duty tuition rate of $250.00 per credit hour! The time is now. Take the next step.

Rawls College of Business

Master of science in human resource management.

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MS-HRM) at Rawls College is a part-time lockstep program designed to meet the strong demand from companies and organizations for human resource professionals to recruit and retain talent in an increasingly tight labor market. The MS-HRM bridges theory with practice in all areas of staffing and performance management, human resource information systems, people analytics, compensation and benefits, leadership and ethics, and others while also providing the business context in which human resource management operates. This program is currently designated THECB Approval Pending.

human resources personal statement masters

program highlights

Flexible part-time format, 100% online.

Complete coursework from anywhere with our 100% online curriculum

Optional Synchronous Meetings

Attend synchronous meetings with instructors for more personalized instruction.

Designed for Working Professionals

Apply classroom knowledge directly to your work experience without the need for an internship.

Career-Defining Curriculum

The MS-HRM will help you prepare for professional careers in HRM through in-depth training in areas of HRM specialization with an emphasis on HR analytics. Throughout the program, you will gain an understanding of HRM issues and practices, examine ethical and legal HRM issues, enhance analytical reasoning and project management skills, develop strong communication and relationship management skills, and much more.

Core classes include foundational building blocks for today's business leaders:

Managing Organizational Behavior and Organizational Design

Human Resource Management

Negotiation and Conflict Management Skills

Human Resource Information Systems & Analytics

Employment Law & Labor Relations

Talent Acquisition & Management

Compensation & Benefits

International Human Resource Management

Individual Differences & Belongingness

Strategic Human Resource Management Capstone

program format

The Rawls College MS-HRM is a 30-credit-hour, 10-course program. The 100% online format is designed to be accessible for working professionals, allowing them to apply their classroom knowledge directly to their unique work experience. This is a part-time lockstep program designed to be completed in two years.

View sample degree programs »

Our management faculty members are passionate about helping you achieve your educational and professional goals. Our faculty integrates insights from their own research and professional experiences into the curriculum to ensure you can connect course topics to real-world scenarios.

Meet our faculty »

supporting your success

Students in Career Management Center waiting room

Rawls Career Management Center

Whether you are looking to switch careers or advance on your current path, the Rawls Career Management Center (CMC) is dedicated to supporting your success. The staff in the CMC can help you explore professions and industries, learn strategic career advancement techniques, and connect you with top employers.


Georgie G. Snyder Center for Business Communication

The Georgie G. Snyder Center for Business Communication (CBC) is dedicated to helping the Rawls College of Business community develop communication skills that lead to academic, professional, and personal success. Through consultations, workshops, microcredentials, and other services, we support Rawls students and faculty in “achieving excellence in business through excellence in communication.

Student showing off graduation ring at commencement ceramony

Techsan Connection

The Techsan Connection is a free, online platform for Texas Tech alumni. Through the platform, alumni can apply to jobs, reconnect with fellow classmates, network with industry professionals and volunteer to mentor current students.

The admission process is the first step toward earning your degree. We will work closely with you to ensure your application process is personal, simple and successful.

Admission Requirements

Successful MS-HRM students come from all educational backgrounds but must have a bachelor's degree. Our program is designed to meet the needs of professionals looking to expand their skills within HRM.

A complete application consists of the following items to be received by the noted deadlines:

Unofficial Transcripts

Applicants must submit unofficial transcripts from any degree-awarding college or university, as well as any post-secondary institution attended.

Applicants must submit a detailed current resume, indicating professional work experience—including start and end dates (month and year) for each position held. Provide accomplishments and skills acquired, including managerial experience.

Letter of Recommendation

Applicants are required to submit a letter of recommendation. The letter should provide specific examples and anecdotes that illustrate your professional and/or academic potential.

Applicants must write an essay outlining their personal experiences, career goals, past challenges, any other relevant information they'd like the admissions committee to consider.

Application Deadlines

This program is pending approval by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The initial application period will open once program is approved.

There's no better time to apply for the MS-HRM program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

student resources

  • Prospective Students
  • Current Students

Program Questions

Junior Perez 806.834.4575

[email protected] 806.742.3184

Alumni and Partners Donate Over $315,000 in Two Recent Scholarship Fundraising Events


Professional mba weekend classes.

Saturday, June 1, 2024 - Sun , June 2, 2024 (all day)

Where: Rawls College of Business

Saturday, June 29, 2024 - Sun , June 30, 2024 (all day)

Where: Center for Business Communications Room 139

Saturday, July 20, 2024 - Sun , July 21, 2024 (all day)

Contact TTU

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Reset password, create a free fasthire account, masters in human resources management personal statement (revised).

' src=

  • November 3, 2021
  • Personal Statement

Personal Statement Sample Image

If  you are interested in studying Masters in Human Resources Management, here’s a personal statement sample to aid you in your essay. Masters in Human Resources Management Personal Statement is an important document that you’ll need to convince the admission committee that you’re a good fit for their program.

We have provided this sample as a guide; do not copy it verbatim as you’ll be flagged for plagiarism.

If you need assistance with your statement , you can contact us today and we will help you translate your thoughts into a strong personal statement.

Masters in Human Resources Management Personal Statement

Most people see a career path as something you pick once and spend the rest of your working years excelling in that field. I am one of those who see career choices as a rather progressive decision, I believe that as humans, we have enough creativity and ability to do much more than we limit ourselves to.

I started my career as a teacher in one of the renowned government secondary schools in Nigeria. The opportunity to teach and manage students gave me the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive background in administration, leadership, and people management. I can still recall how my ability to relate well with students from different backgrounds earned me the title of “Most Approachable Teacher” at the Citizens College, Lagos State, Nigeria. I was able to build rapport with students as well as school management, and on several occasions helped to maintain healthy relationships within students and management. I was having a remarkable career as a teacher until I took a break from paid employment towards the end of 2014 to focus on childbirth and motherhood.

After about two years of bearing and nursing my children, I proceeded to gain a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the prestigious University of Ibadan. During my MEd, I received insight into the human thought process; how preconceived notions are built and how it affects our behavior including buying behaviors. After my master’s I found that I could combine my knowledge in psychology with business management, and develop a strong buyer persona. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2018, and have been able to record success through the combination of skills from my academic and previous career experiences. More so, I have been able to acquire new knowledge in my career journey; I have come to understand that as a business owner, it is important to constantly improve your workplace culture and the richness of experiences that employees and customers gain daily. This has made me nurture the idea of improving my knowledge of one of the important courses that ensure the growth and stability of any corporate setting which is knowledge of human resources management.

Personal Statement Writing Service

I am seeking this academic pursuit to develop my skills and understanding of this field. Developing a clear understanding of my options and building competencies that will help me create strategies for progress both from an employer and employee perspective is pertinent. I believe that I will find clarity within this academic program.

I have gone through the academic opportunities in the USA, Germany, and Australia, I feel confident of the choices of universities and teaching standards that the UK provides. Not that the other countries do not have a record for excellent standards, but, the UK is the closest country to call home outside my home country Nigeria. And, seeing that I can get the same and even better experience in the UK, I feel more confident studying in the UK. I have chosen Bradford University because its teaching is research-informed. With collaboration and partnership with industry networks, and teaching staff that are research-active, I trust the knowledge that I would gain during my study. For me, I am focused on getting informed knowledge that will serve me in this current fast-paced economy, and not just generally recycled information. And after going through the modules of Bradford University, I have the assurance of getting the desired experience that I seek.

In addition, I have gained teamwork experience. I have also developed diverse skills due to my experience in business management including; …………………….. Understanding employment law, cross-cultural management, employee relations, leading, managing and developing people, are my areas of interest. I have successfully applied my skills in my business and I would like to improve on what I already know from field experience.

I find this opportunity for higher education in a business-oriented degree as an ideal investment in my future. I have always looked forward to a degree that will give me the flexibility of running my own business while also consulting in my capacity as an expert. I look forward to the opportunity, exposure, and training that will come with immersing myself in this academic program.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this Masters in Human Resources Personal Statement Sample. If you need a convincing well-written personal statement for your MSc, Ph.D, contact us today and a writer will be assigned to you.

Cheers and success always !

Striving in a male dominated workspace

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Statement of Purpose Format – How to write an Academic SOP 2023

Physics graduate school personal statement samples.

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Sample Statement of Purpose – Human Resource Management

This sample SOP was used by a non-native English speaker to apply to a master’s program in Human Resources Management in the UK.

If you need help writing your SOP, check out our SOP Writing Service

Statement of Purpose – Human Resource Management

As college and graduate degrees have become more important in the modern job market, it has become increasingly important to find ways to stand out and offer a competitive advantage. This is why I have decided to leave my native country and pursue a master’s degree in the UK, as the exposure to its world-class education system and the experience interacting with diverse students in a western environment will give me a crucial edge in my career. I am applying to your master’s program in Human Resource Management in order to prepare to help manage my parents’ company in the future. This company is currently struggling to grow and compete, and in my view this is due largely to human resources factors, such as recruitment/training programs and more comprehensive solutions for situations such as the retirement of key section managers. That is why I have decided to study Human Resource Management, as I want to help this company solve its current problems and deal with future problems of human resources management, which will be crucial to its long-term growth.

Currently, I am completing my final year in Goodwell University’s Department of Tourism, which is part of the management school. In this program, I had the chance to take the course Human Resources Management, in which I learned about the challenges of managing the human resources in organizations of different sizes. The various case studies we were assigned gave me a practical understanding of how to solve these problems. In addition, I had a number of related courses, including Management, Organizational Behavior, and Economics, from which I learned about the broader structure of organizations, grew more familiar with different approaches to management, and developed a foundation of knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspects of economics. Such wide-ranging professional knowledge is vital for a successful human resource manager, and I expect that this background will prove immensely useful when undertaking graduate studies of Human Resources Management.

Outside of class, I had an internship at a hotel, which proved among my most formative learning experiences. I received a great deal of help and guidance from the human resource section there, and as a result I came to better understand the role played by HR personnel in recruitment and training, which includes helping newcomers adapt to the organizational culture and providing training on labour rights, teamwork spirit, language barriers, etc. By the end of my internship, I had a newfound appreciation for the importance of human resource managers, and it was at this time that I began preparing to pursue graduate studies in this field.

In 2014, I had the chance to travel to the UK on a study tour, an experience which significantly broadened my horizons and changed my outlook. I made friends with people from different cultures, which inspired me to explore the world more. In the previous summer vacation, I went backpacking with a friend in the USA, and I thus have considerable experience adapting to new situations and facing the challenges of culture shock. In addition to these trips, I have used my free time to improve my language skills, which are crucial to both the hospitality industry and the HR industry. Aside from studying English, I have been learning Korean, and I obtained a certificate for the Test of Proficiency in Korean. Now, I am eager to pursue more formal and long-term studies in the UK, as I view this as the first step toward becoming a true citizen of the world.

Regarding my future goals, in the short-term I plan to devote all of my energy to studying in your master’s program and cultivating expertise of Human Resources Management. In the medium-term, I plan to earn my CIPD certificate and then return to my native country to begin my career. Eventually, I would like to work in an international hotel, honing my practical skills and applying the professional knowledge that I have accumulated. Besides the HR department, I also hope to learn from the T&D department how to come up with comprehensive courses for different departments. After accumulating sufficient experience, I plan to work in my parents’ company and learn to run the company. I will apply what I learnt to planning a more comprehensive HR program to solve problems and enable this company’s continued growth and expansion. A master’s degree in Human Resources Management from your university will open new doors for me and enable me to achieve any goal that I set for myself, and I am therefore very much looking forward to the opportunity to begin learning from and contributing to your program.

sop writing ad

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human resources personal statement masters

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Human Resource Management Personal Statement

This is a sample personal statement written by our professional writer. Please note that our website is scanned by various anti-plagiarism software, so do not attempt to copy/paste this personal statement. You will get caught and your university career will be over before it has begun! To get a custom-written personal statement, just complete the order form and we will write an original personal statement, based specifically on the information you give us, which will never be published or resold.

Human resource management is an area of industry and commerce that is ever-increasing in importance. It is an area that has gone from strength-to-strength as the emphasis on the workforce has developed in recent years, and now a vital cog in the machinery of any business.

It was by chance that I became interested in the real value of human resource management when I went on a work placement as part of my business studies GCSE course in secondary school. I was placed with a large pharmaceutical company for two weeks, and at first was horrified to find out I would be spending that time not with the chief executive as I had hoped, but in the human resources department. It would be accurate to say at that point in my life I had absolutely no idea what human resources was. Over the course of a fortnight, however, I quickly realised the sheer scale of the task the human resources team had on its hands when it came to managing a workforce of more than 3,000 people on just one site.

I took this new found knowledge with me through my A-Level studies where I achieved good grades in economics, mathematics and business studies and was always keen to try and apply what I had learned during my work experience to my time in college albeit it very limited in opportunity.

During my time in college I once again embarked on a two-week work experience placement, this time with the human resources department within a major NHS Trust, which once again proved to be a real eye opener. The sheer scale and diversity of the workforce that is needed to run an acute hospital is almost unparalleled. I found the number of different roles to be played out as part of such a large human resources team very interesting, and was pleased to be allowed to get involved in a number of workforce projects and develop my own understanding of human resource management. There were times during this work placement when emergency staffing policies were being implemented that I found out just how much pressure could be involved in this line of work, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I feel there is a wealth of challenging and exciting opportunities to be found when examining effective human resource management in both the public and private sector

I want to further develop my skills and understanding of human resource management to enable me to pursue a career in this field once I complete my studies.

I am a very ambitious and driven individual and am focused on pursuing a career in the field of human resources. I feel this is an exciting area in the business world today and one that I have the ability and aptitude in which to succeed.

Your personal statement is vital in ensuring you get the university place you want. Don’t take a chance with it. Secure your university place today!

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Personal Statement Do's and Don’ts

  • A picture of who you are as a person
  • Invitation to meet you
  • The story of self-reflection
  • An indication of your priorities/choices
  • An academic paper about your life
  • Resume in narrative form
  • Journal entries
  • Plea or justification for admission

Before You Write

  • Read the application instructions carefully
  • Is there a prompt?
  • Additional essays or short answers to write:
  • Ask yourself what is your overall personal or professional goal?
  • Why do you want to attend this program?
  • What makes you a qualified applicant/a valuable member of the program?


  • Focus the narrative on you!
  • Do not write words you rarely use: Be your professional self
  • Be careful with grammar and punctuation
  • Write multiple drafts of your personal statement
  • Read your personal statement out loud
  • Get feedback from University Career Services, the Writing Center, or aprofessor/recommender

Organizing Your Personal Statement

Step 1: Introduction

  • 1 paragraph: 3-5 sentences
  • Capture your readers' attention.
  • Event, Story, or Quote
  • Provide a quick, meaningful snapshot of who you are as a person.
  • What sets you apart from others?


  • 2-3 paragraphs: 4-6 sentences
  • Discuss your academic and experience background in terms of skills learned and majorachievements.
  • Then, explain how this will impact your graduate career and future endeavors.


  • Challenges Overcome
  • Leadership Experience
  • Research Experience
  • Work Experience
  • Internship/Volunteer E
  • Missions Trips


  Discuss why you pursued the experience.  Describe how you felt during the experience!  Describe what you accomplished and learned.  Discuss how your experience affected you and those around you.


  • One Paragraph: 3-5 Sentences
  • Close with some specifics about the target program
  • Show why it is the right fit for you based on your interests and experiences.


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USC University of Southern California

Online MS in Human Resource Management

Usc’s 2024 mshrm graduates receive lessons of leadership.

hr grads 2024

Graduates of the Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program, along with their families, friends, and peers, gathered on USC’s University Park campus to celebrate commencement on May 10, 2024. Over 200 MSHRM graduates, spanning across 22 states, work across the human resources function in companies such as: Amazon, LinkedIn, Macy’s, Meta, Target, The Walt Disney Company, and more.

Dean Anthony Bailey set the tone for the joyous occasion by assuring the graduates that they are prepared to lead in their various industries. He also recognized the distinguished accomplishments of Bovard College’s inaugural winner of the Order of the Laurel and the Palm, Miguel Lima; the Order of Arête winners, including MSHRM graduate Jorge Hernandez; as well as faculty members who received awards for excellence in student mentoring, faculty mentoring, teaching, and service and leadership.

Bailey then introduced this year’s commencement speaker, Bovard College professor Tiffany Danko . With nearly 30 years of applied experience, Danko is a professional in emergency management, maritime and homeland security, intelligence, and international affairs. Throughout her speech, she reflected on her experience as Rear Admiral in the US Coast Guard Reserve when she had to take charge and make decisions in critical moments. She emphasized the lessons of leaders to the graduates – encouraging them to “build the bench, lead from the front, and be the example that others want to follow”. She also reminded the graduates that they have what it takes to be the leaders we need.

Whether graduates are experienced HR professionals or career changers, they are armed with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective leaders. Throughout the MSHRM program, students examine core HR principles, along with the full spectrum of human capital management concepts, including talent acquisition and retention, employee motivation, change management, and organizational culture. 

The online MS in Human Resource Management program at USC Bovard College is designed to fit students’ schedules and is offered on both a one- and two-year track. At 24 units, the program can be completed in just 12 months for students in the one-year track. No GRE is required, and students have their choice of three enrollment dates each year.

Watch the 2024 ceremony here .

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Business/human resources personal statement example.

In a turbulent economic and social climate, business remains of core importance. It is a crucial element of our lives, working as a catalyst for innovation, which is why I wish to study it at undergraduate level. My interest in business was evident from an early age. At 13 I established a jewellery business with a friend; the venture lasted for over two years and taught me about the everyday obstacles that a firm can encounter. My participation in both the Young Enterprise and Young Entrepreneur projects further stoked my enthusiasm, and during these programmes I was able to demonstrate strong leadership qualities, as well as excellent communication and creative skills when solving problems. One of my passions in life is for people; I believe that humans are the ultimate resource, and that effective management of employees can aid a firm to reach its full potential. What would be the point of investing millions in extension strategies such as product and market development, if those selling the goods were lacking motivation? On a recent work experience placement at Jarrolds department store I was able to obtain several days in the Human Resource department; my responsibilities included phone handling, assisting customers and helping with the recruitment and selection process. This gave me a realistic view of a modern HR department, and also demonstrated which techniques improved the efficiency of the workers. During this placement I also attained some experience within the marketing department; this involved large amounts of proof reading, as well as aiding with advertising discussions. This enabled me to show initiative when formulating ideas, as well as display creative ability. My experience in the marketing department also led me to understand why language is so crucial in terms of advertising, and how well phrased promotion can infact aid to stimulate demand. Prior to this I was also accepted for work experience at Durrants, a local estate agent; a much smaller company compared to Jarrolds department store, where my focus was around sales. I thoroughly enjoyed this placement, as the property market is an area that has always been of interest to me. Currently I also assist with the accounts at Apercu, a local media company; this involves controlling sales and expenditure spreadsheets, as well as handling receipts and queries. One of the strongest reasons I wish to study business is that it is an exciting and constantly evolving industry; nothing stays the same, which is why I always keep up with business related publications. I take pleasure in reading the independent financial section, and have also thoroughly enjoyed “Understanding Organisations” by Charles Handy. This provided me with explanations of theories to the running of a successful and sustainable business, for example his explanation of the motivation to work points out it is far more complex than simply the desire to earn money. In my spare time I am a keen musician; I play Alto Saxophone and Piano and have achieved grade four on both, passing with merit each time. I am also an avid reader, my favourite authors being Thomas Hardy and Sebastian Faulkes, and feel that literature improves my analytical ability. I have participated in both bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh’s award, and feel that this has strengthened my leadership qualities, whilst also improving my mentality when working in a team. Through all of these experiences, I feel I have obtained a sufficient grounding in many of the areas of business, and now hope to build upon them. I believe that university will offer me an excellent opportunity to further my knowledge of business as a whole, and hopefully obtain employment with a well respected organisation in the future.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by swbp for application in 2011.

swbp's university choices University of Sussex University of Leicester The University of Sheffield Queen Mary, University of London Royal Holloway

Green : offer made Red : no offer made

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Background Enhancing the interactions between study participants, clinicians, and investigators is imperative for advancing Parkinson’s disease (PD) research. The Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN) stands as a nationwide endeavor, connecting the PD community with ten accredited universities and movement disorders research centers spanning –at the time of this analysis– British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

Objective Our aim is to showcase C-OPN as a paradigm for bolstering national collaboration to accelerate PD research and to provide an initial overview of already collected data sets.

Methods The C-OPN database comprises de-identified data concerning demographics, symptoms and signs, treatment approaches, and standardized assessments. Additionally, it collects venous blood-derived biomaterials, such as for analyses of DNA, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), and serum. Accessible to researchers, C-OPN resources are available through web-based data management systems for multi-center studies, including REDCap.

Results As of November 2023, the C-OPN had enrolled 1,505 PD participants. The male-to-female ratio was 1.77:1, with 83% (n = 1098) residing in urban areas and 82% (n = 1084) having pursued post-secondary education. The average age at diagnosis was 60.2 ± 10.3 years. Herein, our analysis of the C-OPN PD cohort encompasses environmental factors, motor and non-motor symptoms, disease management, and regional differences among provinces. As of April 2024, 32 researchers have utilized C-OPN resources.

Conclusions C-OPN represents a national platform promoting multidisciplinary and multisite research that focuses on PD to promote innovation, exploration of care models, and collaboration among Canadian scientists.

PLAIN LANGUAGE SUMMARY Teamwork and communication between people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), doctors, and research scientists is important for improving the lives of those living with this condition. The Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN) is a Canada-wide initiative, connecting the PD community with ten accredited universities and movement disorders research centers located in –at the time of this analysis– British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. The aim of this paper is to showcase C-OPN as a useful resource for physician and research scientists studying PD in Canada and around the world, and to provide snapshot of already collected data. The C-OPN database comprises de-identified (meaning removal of any identifying information, such as name or date of birth) data concerning lifestyle, disease symptoms, treatments, and results from standardized tests. It also collects blood samples for further analysis.

As of November 2023, C-OPN had enrolled 1,505 PD participants across Canada. Most of the participants were male (64%), living in urban areas (83%), and completed post-secondary education (82%). The average age at diagnosis was 60.2 ± 10.3 years. In this paper, we look at environmental factors, motor and non-motor symptoms, different disease management strategies, and regional differences between provinces. In conclusion, C-OPN represents a national platform that encourages multidisciplinary and multisite research focusing on PD to promote innovation and collaboration among Canadian scientists.

Competing Interest Statement

JMM has grants from Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (2021 to 2023), Parkinson Foundation: PD GENEration (2023 to present), the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (2018-present), and Brain Canada (2018 to present). JMM serves as a US delegate of Oxford University Press (2022 to 2026). JMM serves as Vice President of the American Academy of Neurology and is on the Board of Directors of Parkinson Foundation. APS was a past consultant for Hoffman La Roche; received honoraria from GE Health Care Canada LTD, Hoffman La Roche. APS serves on the Board Directors of Parkinson Canada and Canadian Academy Health Sciences. APS is supported by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) (PJT173540) and Krembil Rossy Chair program. DAG has received honorariums for speaking from Ipsen and for consulting from Abbvie. DAG is involved in clinical trials via CIHR, Cerevel Therapeutics, Hoffman La Roche, UCB Biopharma, and Bial R&D Investments. DAG has also received grants from CIHR, Parkinson Canada, Brain Canada, Parkinson Research Consortium, EU Joint Programme Neurodegenerative Disease Research, uOBMRI, and NIH. ZGO, LVK, and APS are Editorial Board Members of this journal but were not involved in the peer review process of this article nor had access to any information regarding its peer review. MC, GPM, MB, CPN, CD, IK, SB, AB, RC, ND, PAM, MJM, DM, MGS, AJS, EAF, and OM have no conflicts of interests to report pertaining to this study.

Funding Statement

This study was funded by Parkinson Canada and Brain Canada through the Canada Brain Research Fund, with the financial support of Health Canada.

Author Declarations

I confirm all relevant ethical guidelines have been followed, and any necessary IRB and/or ethics committee approvals have been obtained.

The details of the IRB/oversight body that provided approval or exemption for the research described are given below:

Ethics committee/IRB of the University of Calgary gave ethical approval for this work.

I confirm that all necessary patient/participant consent has been obtained and the appropriate institutional forms have been archived, and that any patient/participant/sample identifiers included were not known to anyone (e.g., hospital staff, patients or participants themselves) outside the research group so cannot be used to identify individuals.

I understand that all clinical trials and any other prospective interventional studies must be registered with an ICMJE-approved registry, such as I confirm that any such study reported in the manuscript has been registered and the trial registration ID is provided (note: if posting a prospective study registered retrospectively, please provide a statement in the trial ID field explaining why the study was not registered in advance).

I have followed all appropriate research reporting guidelines, such as any relevant EQUATOR Network research reporting checklist(s) and other pertinent material, if applicable.

Data Availability

All data produced in the present study are available upon reasonable request to the authors.

View the discussion thread.

Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about medRxiv.

NOTE: Your email address is requested solely to identify you as the sender of this article.

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    Please check HERE for detailed guidelines on how to write a personal statement (statement of purpose). I am writing this statement to express my enthusiasm regarding the application of MSc Management (HR) at university of Brighton in the SEP 2022 intake. I have found this course as best suited according to my future career ambitions.

  3. Postgraduate Personal Statement Example: Human Resources

    Studying master's degree personal statement examples can be especially valuable. ... Human Resources Personal Statement Example: Introduction "I believe companies need to be employee-centred, as keeping them satisfied, motivated and personally engaged can create immense value for any organisation. Effective human resource management ...

  4. Human Resources Management Personal Statement Examples

    Management and Human Resources Personal Statement. Submitted by Millie. Growing up, I had a natural inclination to organise; be it planning games in the playground at six years old, to ensuring everything was in place for group success in school and college. I pride myself in achieving a high standard, and enjoy working in an environment with ...

  5. Effective HR Manager Personal Statements to Consider

    Example 4. As a seasoned HR manager, I am passionate about developing and implementing new policies to improve the organization's growth and success. My expertise in human resources management includes hiring top talent, monitoring staff performance, and creating employee benefits packages.

  6. Human Resources Postgraduate Personal Statement

    Example Human Resources Postgraduate Personal Statement. The human resources department is now an essential part of every major corporation in every industry. The importance of HR management has increased dramatically over the last few decades as the emphasis on the welfare of employees has increased. From taking numerous courses organised by ...

  7. Human Resource Management Personal Statement Examples

    Example 2 - Human Resource Management Personal Statement Undergraduate. It was during the time of my Bachelor's degree internship that I came to closely understand and appreciate the work done by the Human Resource Department. As a Marketing Intern, I worked at XYZ Institute, ______ (place).

  8. Writing Your Personal Statements

    Your personal statement should focus on two main aspects: your competence and commitment. 1. Identify your strengths in terms of competence that indicate that you will succeed in the grad program and provide examples to support your claims. Start your statement by describing your strengths immediately. Because faculty will be reading many ...

  9. Human Resource Management Personal Statement Examples

    Business and Human Resource Management Personal Statement. The most important character trait of a business owner is the ability to take a risk. To many, the thought of a career based on risks can be unnerving, but I personally have always been fascinated by 'what if'; a trait I share with my father. After being made redundant at the age of ...

  10. Personal Statement For Masters (17 PDF Sample Examples)

    7. speech and language therapy personal statement. statement of purpose for masters sample: speech and language therapy. 8. business administration personal statement. personal statement for masters in business administration. 9. personal statement for masters in cyber security pdf.

  11. Writing Your Personal & Academic Statements

    The personal statement should describe your career goals and objectives and explain why you believe our Master of Human Resources and Labor Relations degree will help you achieve those goals and objectives. This statement should be no longer than two typed, double-spaced pages.

  12. Human Resources Personal Statement Examples

    Human Resource Management is a course that focuses specifically on the management of people within an organization. It covers topics such as recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation, and performance management. It also covers topics such as labor relations, employee benefits, and legal compliance.

  13. HR: Human Resources Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

    HRM, Human Resources Management, Free Sample Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School, Masters, PHD Examples, Grad Intent Essay, Interest, Goals, Letter, CV. Message Us. 0 Menu Prices/Payment; ... HR, HRM, Human Resources Management Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Admission, Master's MA, Doctorate PHD.

  14. Master of Science in Human Resources and Organization Development

    The online Master of Science in Human Resources and Organization Development (HROD) is designed for professionals who want to advance their career, prepare for leadership roles and acquire new expertise in the human resources field through hands-on learning. Offered by our College of Education and Human Development, the online M.S. in Human ...

  15. Human Resources Personal Statement Example

    Human Resources Personal Statement Example. I am currently working full time as an administrator in a Hospital in my gap year after sixth form. I chose to take a year out after my A-Levels to gain some true life experience away from the security net of full time education. I was fortunate enough to gain work in the administration field and so ...

  16. M.S. in Human Resources and Organization Development

    Master of Science in Human Resources & Organization Development. March 19th, 2024 | 11:30 AM ET. Register Now. The labor market data are clear: there is a growing demand for baccalaureate and graduate degree attained human resources staff, managers, and leaders within positions of human resources, organizational development, talent management ...

  17. Master of Science in Human Resource Management

    Master of Science in Human Resource Management. The Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MS-HRM) at Rawls College is a part-time lockstep program designed to meet the strong demand from companies and organizations for human resource professionals to recruit and retain talent in an increasingly tight labor market.

  18. Masters in Human Resources Management Personal Statement

    Fasthire. November 3, 2021. Personal Statement. If you are interested in studying Masters in Human Resources Management, here's a personal statement sample to aid you in your essay. Masters in Human Resources Management Personal Statement is an important document that you'll need to convince the admission committee that you're a good fit ...

  19. Sample Statement of Purpose

    Regarding my future goals, in the short-term I plan to devote all of my energy to studying in your master's program and cultivating expertise of Human Resources Management. In the medium-term, I plan to earn my CIPD certificate and then return to my native country to begin my career. Eventually, I would like to work in an international hotel ...

  20. Human Resource Management Personal Statement

    Human Resource Management Personal Statement. This is a sample personal statement written by our professional writer. Please note that our website is scanned by various anti-plagiarism software, so do not attempt to copy/paste this personal statement. You will get caught and your university career will be over before it has begun!

  21. Developing Your Personal Statement

    Organizing Your Personal Statement. Step 1: Introduction. 1 paragraph: 3-5 sentences. Capture your readers' attention. Ideas. Event, Story, or Quote. Provide a quick, meaningful snapshot of who you are as a person.

  22. Welcome to the Purdue Online Writing Lab

    Mission. The Purdue On-Campus Writing Lab and Purdue Online Writing Lab assist clients in their development as writers—no matter what their skill level—with on-campus consultations, online participation, and community engagement. The Purdue Writing Lab serves the Purdue, West Lafayette, campus and coordinates with local literacy initiatives.

  23. USC's 2024 MSHRM Graduates Receive Lessons of Leadership

    USC Bovard College graduates gather at the University Park Campus for Commencement. Photo: Stella Kalinin a. Graduates of the Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program, along with their families, friends, and peers, gathered on USC's University Park campus to celebrate commencement on May 10, 2024. Over 200 MSHRM graduates, spanning across 22 states, work across the ...

  24. Business/Human Resources Personal Statement Example

    This personal statement was written by swbp for application in 2011. This personal statement is unrated. In a turbulent economic and social climate, business remains of core importance. It is a crucial element of our lives, working as a catalyst for innovation, which is why I wish to study it at undergraduate level.

  25. Advancing Parkinson's Disease Research in Canada: The Canadian Open

    Background: Enhancing the interactions between study participants, clinicians, and investigators is imperative for advancing Parkinsons disease (PD) research. The Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN) stands as a nationwide endeavor, connecting the PD community with ten accredited universities and movement disorders research centers spanning, at the time of this analysis, British Columbia ...

  26. Detection of ATTR aggregates in plasma of polyneuropathic ...

    ATTR amyloidosis is caused by the deposition of transthyretin amyloid fibrils in tissues often leading to organ failure and death. The clinical spectrum of this disease is highly diverse and dependent on many factors including the presence or absence of mutations within the transthyretin protein and/or an individual's ancestry. The phenotypic variability of ATTR amyloidosis makes it difficult ...