Why boxing and cage fighting should be banned – but won’t be

banning violent sports essay

Professor of Law, University of South Australia

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banning violent sports essay

The death of Queensland professional boxer Braydon Smith last week has re-ignited the debate over boxing as a sport in this country. The 23-year-old collapsed 90 minutes after completing a featherweight bout in Toowoomba on March 14 and did not regain consciousness before his life-support was turned off last Monday. The Australian Medical Association used the case to renew its call to ban boxing .

Boxing Queensland president Ann Tindall responded by saying that the sport is no more dangerous than other contact sports. Braydon’s death was a “tragic accident”.

Boxing is dangerous. Boxers face a considerable risk of brain injury every time they step into the ring.

The evidence is not disputed. Highly influential for the supporters of an outright ban was the World Medical Association’s 1983 statement at its World Medical Assembly calling for such a ban. An article six years later in the Journal of the American Medical Association, entitled Why physicians should oppose boxing: an interdisciplinary history perspective, was equally damning.

Boxing authorities responded by mandating shorter bouts and prescribing strict weight divisions. Protective headgear is now required for all organised non-professional competitions.

banning violent sports essay

An allied phenomenon has reared its head in the Australian sporting landscape. For the last decade, American pay TV has been screening the Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC ). Drawing worldwide television audiences, this form of virtually unrestrained human combat is drawing great interest in Australia.

The Australian Fighting Championship was held in Melbourne last weekend after the new state Labor government lifted the ban on “cage” fighting or mixed martial arts (MMA) events. Western Australia is now the only state in Australia to ban cage fighting.

Australian legislators have been reluctant to ban MMA entirely, probably because they don’t wish to be seen as evoking a “nanny” state.

Consent does not alter the consequence

Opponents of bans point to other sports that have a high risk of fatalities, such as horse racing, skydiving, motor sport and surfing. The problem for such advocates is that boxing and cage fighting share a unique characteristic: participants set out to “stop” their opponent, a euphemism for the infliction of harm that renders opponents unable to continue fighting. Knocking them unconscious is the ultimate “stop”.

A person arriving on Earth from another planet would find it difficult to reconcile different outcomes from the same scenario: two people throwing punches at each other with great force. In a boxing ring or cage, hundreds of onlookers cheer them on.

The same two people the following week outside a nightclub attacking each other with the same degree of force would be arrested by police, would spend the night in a lock-up and would be penalised with a fine in the magistrates court the following morning.

We explain the legal difference thus: the former involves the consent of both of the participants, and the latter probably does not (even if both protagonists had agreed to “step outside”). But the distinction would be lost on an alien observer.

The National Committee on Violence in 1990 weighed into this debate when considering the means by which Australians could reduce the levels of violence in our society. The authors of the report stopped short of recommending an outright ban on boxing, although a minority report recommended a review by the appropriate medical and sporting bodies regarding the control of boxing and its ultimate elimination as a sport.

Is it civilised to celebrate aggression?

Given its history, its Olympic and Commonwealth Games status, that it involves consenting adults, and the allure it has for millions of fans, there will be no change to the legal status of boxing in the foreseeable future.

Medical specialists and the mild-mannered among us might have hoped that the sport would have declined in popularity by now, either because of the number of deaths and brain injuries it causes, or through its reputation (especially in the US) for corruption. However, it appears to be as popular as ever. The tragic death of young Braydon Smith might, once again, challenge some participants to reconsider their pastime, but it won’t be the state that says that they have to stop it altogether.

Cage fighting elevates these concerns to another level entirely. The gladiatorial battles that drew the masses in the first century to the Roman Colosseum were a reflection of the cruel society of the day. One might question, watching the UFC channel and any other cage-fighting event, how much more civilised we have become in the intervening two millennia. Prime Minister Tony Abbott, himself a well-known pugilist in his Oxford days, in 2010 called for a “kinder, gentler polity”.

We should heed Abbott’s words, not only because of the dangers such fighting poses for its participants, but for the way in which it tends to de-sensitise us to the deliberate infliction of harm and to normalise aggressive behaviour in the minds of us all, especially our youth.

While criminologists may stop short of linking organised violence to the more than 400,000 assaults reported each year in Australia, cage fighting has no place in contemporary society.

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  • Mixed Martial Arts

banning violent sports essay

Senior Research Fellow - Women's Health Services

banning violent sports essay

Subject Coordinator in Cultural Studies

banning violent sports essay

Lecturer / Senior Lecturer - Marketing

banning violent sports essay

Assistant Editor - 1 year cadetship

banning violent sports essay

Executive Dean, Faculty of Health

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Sports Involving Violence, Such As Boxing And Martial Arts, Should Be Banned From TV - IELTS Band 9 Essay

Sports Involving Violence, Such As Boxing And Martial Arts, Should Be Banned From TV As Well As From International Sporting Competitions - IELTS Band 9 Essay

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Model Essay 1

The debate surrounding the broadcasting of violent sports such as boxing and martial arts is multifaceted, with proponents arguing for freedom and tradition, and detractors concerned about societal impact. I contend that while these sports should not be completely banned, stricter regulations on broadcasting are necessary. The key issues revolve around the potential glorification of violence and its impact on young viewers.

Critics of violent sports often highlight the inherent risk of glamorizing aggressive behaviour. Boxing, martial arts, and similar activities showcase physical confrontations as a form of entertainment, which can desensitize viewers, particularly impressionable children, to the seriousness of violence. Studies suggest that repeated exposure to simulated violence in media can increase aggression in young people, potentially leading to increased bullying in schools and aggressive behaviour in other social settings. This is not to undermine the skill and discipline involved in these sports, but to emphasize the need for responsible broadcasting that does not obscure the dangerous and painful realities of such violent encounters. Properly contextualizing these sports within broadcasts can help maintain a responsible narrative.

On the other hand, supporters argue that sports like boxing and martial arts are steeped in tradition and discipline, often embodying cultural histories and personal achievement. Banning these sports would not only infringe on personal freedoms but also neglect the potential for positive influence. These disciplines teach values such as respect, perseverance, and self-control, virtues that extend beyond the sports themselves into personal and professional realms. They are often highlighted in detailed athlete profiles and thoughtful commentary, which can serve as powerful narratives of overcoming adversity. Thus, the focus should be on promoting these aspects rather than the purely combative elements, ensuring broadcasts provide a balanced view that can inspire rather than incite. By emphasizing the holistic development of athletes, media can showcase the true spirit of these disciplines.

In conclusion, the broadcasting of sports involving violence should be carefully regulated rather than completely banned. By focusing on educational and respectful presentations, broadcasters can mitigate the adverse effects of exposure to violence while still celebrating the rich traditions and personal disciplines these sports offer.

Model Essay 2

The question of whether sports involving violence such as boxing and martial arts should be restricted on television and international sporting competitions raises significant concerns. I firmly believe these sports should indeed be banned due to their promotion of violence and their potentially harmful influence on viewers, particularly young audiences. The following discussion will explore the detrimental societal impact and the normalization of aggression these sports can perpetuate.

Firstly, violent sports contribute to the normalization of aggression. Activities like boxing and martial arts, when broadcasted widely, send a clear message that violence is not only acceptable but also a celebrated means to achieve victory and fame. This message can be particularly influential on the youth, who are in their formative years and susceptible to imitating such behaviours. The glamorization of physical assault in these sports can diminish the seriousness of violence in the eyes of young viewers, potentially leading to increased aggression in schools and social interactions. The implication here is profound: what is intended as sport could be misconstrued as a legitimate way to resolve conflicts in everyday life.

Moreover, the international broadcasting of these sports often sidelines the serious long-term physical and psychological effects experienced by the athletes involved. The focus on victory and strength overshadows the numerous cases of brain injuries, trauma, and long-term health issues that athletes suffer. By banning these sports from TV and international arenas, the media would cease to endorse an activity that risks the health and wellbeing of its participants. Additionally, this would promote sports that emphasize health, teamwork, and personal development without resorting to violence, thereby fostering a healthier view of sportsmanship globally.

In conclusion, the prohibition of violent sports from television and international competitions is a necessary step toward cultivating a more peaceful and respectful society. By eliminating these sports from mainstream media, we help prevent the glorification of violence and protect the physical and mental health of athletes, setting a more positive example for our youth.

Model Essay 3

The proposal to ban violent sports such as boxing and martial arts from television and international sporting competitions sparks a contentious debate. I staunchly oppose such a ban, arguing that these sports are not only an essential part of cultural heritage but also play a significant role in promoting discipline, resilience, and fitness. This essay will elaborate on the merits of these sports and the implications of preserving their presence in the media.

Firstly, sports like boxing and martial arts are much more than mere displays of violence; they are disciplines steeped in rich tradition and rigorous training that instill values such as respect, self-control, and perseverance. To remove these sports from public view underestimates the capacity of audiences to discern the context of controlled sporting environments from real-world violence, thereby simplifying complex cultural practices into negative stereotypes. Furthermore, these sports offer a platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve personal growth and international recognition, often providing life-changing opportunities for the underprivileged. These opportunities can propel individuals towards economic stability and social mobility, significantly impacting their communities.

Secondly, banning these sports on television and in competitions would not effectively address the root causes of societal violence and could even be counterproductive by driving fans to seek unregulated, potentially more hazardous viewings. Such a shift could lead to underground events lacking proper oversight and safety measures, increasing risks to participants and spectators. The regulated environment of professional sports ensures safety standards and ethical guidelines are upheld, which educates viewers about the importance of rules and fair play. Moreover, the presence of martial arts and boxing in mainstream media encourages healthy physical activity and provides a constructive outlet for aggression under professional supervision, serving as a model for handling conflicts and challenges in a disciplined way.

In conclusion, the outright ban of violent sports from television and international arenas is an excessive measure that overlooks the positive impacts of these activities. Preserving their visibility promotes not only cultural enrichment but also educational and physical benefits that contribute to societal well-being.

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ESSEC Business School

Sport and Competition

Why do we accept violence in sports, new research explores the moral tightrope we walk..

Posted October 27, 2023 | Reviewed by Ray Parker

  • We experience moral ambivalence watching violent sports.
  • To resolve this, researchers found people use different justification strategies.
  • These include war metaphors, playing down the violence, and even aesthetic choices of team jerseys.

By Delphine Dion, Professor of Marketing at ESSEC Business School, and Julia Smith, Editor-in-Chief of ESSEC Knowledge

12019 / Pixabay

With the Rugby World Cup this fall, fans are flocking to France from all over the world to cheer on their team. France's star player Antoine Dupont captained Les Bleus to the quarter-finals before getting knocked out by South Africa—this after suffering a fractured cheekbone and undergoing major surgery earlier in the tournament.

Rugby players are no strangers to this type of injury—the field is dotted with players wearing "scrum caps" to protect from cauliflower ears, and violent tackles are the name of the game.

Why are we drawn to watching such a violent sport when we know people are likely to get hurt? Delphine Dion (ESSEC Business School), Clément Dubreuil (Kedge Business School), and Stéphane Borraz (NEOMA Business School) explored this question, finding that viewers experience a sort of moral ambivalence and justify the violence as they watch.

Rugby isn't alone in this, either: American football, ice hockey, mixed martial arts, and wrestling are other examples of violent contact sports that continue to enjoy popularity. In these sports, violence isn't just incidental; it's a key part of the game.

Past research showed this violence cultivates emotional contagion and appeals to our baser instincts. This can lead to a confusing experience for the viewers, who enjoy watching even though they know violence is wrong. So what makes violence acceptable—and enjoyable—in sports?

To better understand this contradiction, the researchers conducted 21 interviews with consumers (rugby fans) and nine with professionals in the rugby world and analyzed social media posts.

All's fair in love and war

In their interviews, the researchers found that the interviewees often used war metaphors and vocabulary when describing rugby, a form of "translating" one reality (rugby) to another (war) by dramatizing the violence. This thinking can also be seen in New Zealand's traditional haka, traditionally performed by Maori warriors before a battle.

All of this means that rugby is often seen as a war-like alternative reality, one where violence is fêted and justified. Violence is seen as the players fulfilling their duty and benefiting the community—defending their team and not letting the fans down.

It's just a game

At the same time, this dramatization of violence is linked to de-dramatizing it and justifying it as "just a game." Interviewees noted that it's just for fun and to win, with fans and players playing this up with songs and performances that poke fun at the violence.

For example, the Stade Français has introduced pink, leopard print, floral, and other fun jersey patterns to lighten the mood. While these might be parodies of violence, they also normalize and justify it by suggesting it's not so bad and actually can be funny.

It's how it is

Another way that people justify the violence in rugby is by saying it's the rules of the game. As long as a play is allowed, then it's acceptable. One spectator explains:

You also have to distinguish between the pain inflicted by players who give their best and who are aggressive but play by the rules—which is all part of the game—and the pain that results from the actions of players who deliberately break the rules. [...]. When it is in the course of the game when he is doing nothing wrong, a player who hurts another is doing his job; there is nothing to blame him for.

This is a common experience: When we encounter moral ambivalence, we look to the rules set out by what we see as legitimate institutions, in this case World Rugby. That being said, other spectators expressed concern about rising levels of violence and suggested the rules might need to change to curb this phenomenon.

Instead of accepting the rules, they challenge them and suggest that new ones are needed. People also trust the official representatives, such as the referees, to enforce these rules. If the referees are seen as too lax, the violence is more likely to be seen as inappropriate.

Lights, camera, action

All the world's a stage, and rugby is no different. The game's broadcast plays a big role in how we perceive the match and, thus, the violence. Certain plays are shown repeatedly, in slow motion and with freeze frames, whereas others can be shown only at a distance.

banning violent sports essay

When injured, players are surrounded (and therefore hidden) by medical staff or even covered with a white sheet. When discussing injuries, it's often using euphemistic language: "It stings" rather than "It hurts," for example.

Broadcasting can even make violence aesthetic. Commentators often use language like beautiful and nice when describing the action, and #beaugeste (beautiful move) and #beaujeu (beautiful game) are popular hashtags during a game.

There's a big focus on the "art of the game," with one spectator describing this as:

There is a beauty to rugby. It’s a bit like the Greek aesthetic of masculine strength; it exalts the group spirit. Like the Spartans or Roman soldiers, the beauty of a well-ordered army, where everything is efficient.

This can result in a perception that violence is beautiful. All of this contributes to camouflaging the consequences of the violence and producing a distorted vision of it.

This study suggests that market players (fans, players, broadcasters, etc.) use different justifications to resolve the moral ambivalence of violence by telling themselves that it's like a battle, that there are rules to be respected, and that the game is a thing of beauty. These different strategies allow them to rationalize that the violence in rugby is OK, even though they wouldn't accept violence in another context.

Where to go from here?

While it may indeed be "just a game," the rising levels of violence and associated injuries do give reason for concern. The researchers suggest three strategies to mitigate this:

Contextualizing : Competition organizers and broadcasters should think about how they contribute to normalizing violence, for example, by showcasing the players as warriors. They should avoid using war references and parodies and focus instead on player performance and technique.

Ruling : Since many market players justify the violence by referring to the rules, governing bodies should commit to regularly reviewing the rules to prevent high levels of injury. One example is spear tackles, a once widely accepted move that is now banned to protect players.

Broadcasting : Policymakers and broadcasters can collaborate and produce a charter of responsibility when showing contact sports. This could reduce the distortion of violence and avoid glorifying it by using direct language that properly describes injuries and pain, offering filters to avoid viewing violent content (particularly for young fans), and accessing additional content that explains the real risk of violence and injuries. This also concerns social media like YouTube, which compiles short, violent, and spectacular sequences taken from rugby games and total millions of views.

Violent sports aren't going anywhere: The Rugby World Cup 2023 has already drawn in 164.5 million viewers, and the tournament isn't over yet. With so many eyes on the sport, it's important to understand how people justify that this violence is acceptable even when it's not in other contexts, giving us insight into the complicated human psyche.

Dubreuil, C., Dion, D., & Borraz, S. (2023). For the love of the game: moral ambivalence and justification work in consuming violence. Journal of Business Ethics, 186 (3), 675-694.

ESSEC Business School

Researchers from ESSEC Business School in Cergy, France.

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banning violent sports essay

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IELTS essay, topic: Some people think that dangerous sports should be banned (discuss + opinion)

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IELTS Model Essay Sample Band 8 March 2024

This essay topic was seen in recent IELTS test in Sri Lanka .

Some people think that dangerous sports should be banned, while others believe that people should be free to do any sports or activities. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Opinions are sharply divided over the issue of whether dangerous sports should be banned. Some advocate for prohibition due to significant safety concerns, while others argue for the preservation of individual autonomy, emphasising that people should have the freedom to pursue any sports or activities they choose. Personally, although I acknowledge the legitimate concerns about safety, I believe that the principle of individual freedom should prevail.

banning violent sports essay

Those in favour of banning dangerous sports often cite the significant risks involved such as severe injuries or even death. Activities like cliff diving or extreme mountain biking carry inherent dangers that often lead to severe or even fatal accidents. What is more, many impressionable young people are not fully aware of the consequences of participating in such activities. For these reasons, banning extreme sports is necessary to prevent unnecessary harm and the emotional and financial impact on the participants as well as their families.

Conversely, advocates for personal freedom believe that everyone should be free to choose their activities, regardless of the associated risks. They argue that high-risk sports can be incredibly rewarding, and offer personal growth and an unparalleled adrenaline rush. They further point out that with meticulous training and implementation of strict safety measures, the dangers of these sports can be considerably reduced. For instance, with thorough training and stringent safety protocols, the risk of skydiving can be substantially lowered, allowing participants to enjoy these activities responsibly.

In my view, while safety is crucial, it should not overrule people’s freedom to choose their sports. Banning dangerous sports outright might prevent some accidents, but it also strips away the right to make personal choices about risk-taking. A balanced approach, where high-risk sports are regulated through strict safety measures and informed consent is a more reasonable solution.

Teacher’s feedback:

Overall, your essay is likely to get a Band 8 in IELTS for the following reasons:

Task Response: Band 8 You address the question directly, presenting a clear opinion that while safety concerns are valid, individual freedom of choice should prevail. Your argument is well-developed, with both sides of the argument presented before concluding with your own reasoned viewpoint.

Coherence and Cohesion: Band 8 The essay is well-structured, with clear paragraphs each dedicated to a different aspect of the argument. The use of transition words like “Conversely” effectively contrasts different viewpoints, and the conclusion succinctly summarizes your position, enhancing the essay’s overall coherence.

Lexical Resource: Band 8 Your essay demonstrates a strong vocabulary with terms such as “inherent dangers,” “impressionable,” “adrenaline rush,” and “informed consent.” This varied vocabulary helps to clearly and effectively convey your arguments.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Band 8 The essay showcases a variety of complex grammatical structures used accurately. Sentences are well-constructed, with appropriate use of complex clauses and passive forms which add to the clarity and sophistication of the writing.

Submit your essay for correction and find out how to improve your Writing score.

Click here to see more IELTS essays of Band 8

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banning violent sports essay

Should violent sports like wrestling be banned?

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should violent sports like wrestling be banned

  • RE: Should violent sports like wrestling be banned? -selin (12/16/18)
  • Yes. In a couple other videos, I have seen women getting held down by the referee/judge so the opponent can kick them in their privates. it is not ok, ever to get harmed that way. Children could even imitate that and start fighting. It is a very bad influence...
  • RE: Should violent sports like wrestling be banned? -wrestling be banned (05/07/18)
  • Sports are the epitome of physical excellence, injuries are the part and parcels of sportsmen life. To excel and overrule opponent, they fight with tooth and nail and in the process some get injured as well. While the games are played under guidelines and spirits but violence and physical hauling can't be ruled out. Wresting also pose similar case and people enjoy it thoroughly. Barring few who might have different views but wrestling garners eyeballs in huge numbers, it manifests physical strength in real sense. Banning wrestling would steal entertainment, excitement and muscular show from the game.
  • RE: Should violent sports like wrestling be banned? -Group Discussion (04/13/18)
  • Competitive sports are played in high octet situation with high risk of getting injured. Any sports can be fatal and can be life threatening, why has wrestling been identified to be banned? It's not justifiable, let's not kick on stomach of so many athletes who have been tolling hard to shine.
  • RE: Should violent sports like wrestling be banned? -Masaru (07/30/17)
  • I believe the more correct way to phrase the title is "Should sports like boxing and wrestling be banned?" If we're talking about such sports at K-12 schools then yes, banning both sports is fully necessary.
  • RE: Should violent sports like wrestling be banned? -wuraola (03/05/17)
  • the sport is seriously violent,i don't see any sense in it,why will you want to watch people on the verge of killing each other? the thing is i don't understand why they let them use harmful object on each other.thought they wanted to show their strength,why not just use urself instead of hitting with a chair and some other stuff,it violence,we shouldnt even allow our kids to watch.i think the game should be banned.
  • RE: Should violent sports like wrestling be banned? -ARUN KUMAR (04/14/16)
  • it is like a coin. coin has two sides so it has already two side just like as a coin. one should be banned to wrestling because there are so many reasons to banned it, like it encourages the violence between the people and it teach to the people that which types of move can we use during the fighting to someone. it is very harmful for the children because children imitate to watch it on the television they do not know that it will be wrong or right. some fatal injuries be due to it and it can take so much time, careness and energy for becoming good early

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banning violent sports essay

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banning violent sports essay

Axell Hodges (right) ,   a motocross racer and X Games competitor   Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool (motocross); Erik Voake/Getty Images (Axell Hodges)

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Should Young People Be Allowed to Do Extreme Sports?

The pandemic seems to have fueled a surge of interest in extreme adventure sports such as mountain biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding. and that includes young people: youth participation rates in sports like bike motocross, skateboarding, and mountain biking are at all-time highs, according to the outdoor foundation, a trade organization for the outdoor recreation industry. and this year’s winter olympics in beijing featured two new extreme aerial ski events: freeski big air and mixed team aerials—contests in which skiers launch themselves into the air off a ski jump and do all kinds of acrobatic tricks before landing. but some people aren’t so sure these kinds of sports are good for everyone. two experts— a physical education professor and a doctor—face off on whether young people should be allowed to engage in extreme sports..

It’s well-known that physical activity has many health benefits. Unfortunately, many young people have lost interest

in traditional sports. But adventure sports—such as mountain biking, snowboarding, and motocross—are steadily becoming more popular. We should encourage this.

Although some adventure sports are associated with a higher potential for injury, it may be this very risk that helps get—and keep—people involved. If young people believe they’re inadequately challenged by an activity, they often lose interest. Risk-free activities deprive young people of the opportunity to test themselves while engaging in age-appropriate physical challenges that are motivating and stimulating.

Risk taking is crucial to the development of risk-management skills and to the mental health of adolescents. It’s the opportunity to escape boredom, test abilities, overcome fears, and achieve goals that motivates most adventure sport athletes, and teens are no different.

Risk-free activities deprive young people of the chance to test themselves.

Risk is a fact of life. Consider something as simple as driving to work. Daily commuting is associated with a large number of car accidents. We accept that the risk of traffic can be reduced by learning and practicing good driving skills. A doctor wouldn’t suggest that a person injured or killed in a car crash should have anticipated the accident because he or she was engaged in an inherently dangerous activity.

We regularly control our exposure to risk by taking preventive measures and gradually working toward our goals. Driving lessons start on empty roads, not on freeways. It’s that slow progression that allows us to safely get better, and adventure sports are the same. More-dangerous activities should be avoided until skills are sufficiently mastered and the chance of success is high.

Children may lack the maturity or ability to judge risk and the consequences of failure. That’s why they need guidance from a coach or parent. Nevertheless, adventure sports can still be part of a healthy, balanced life.


Professor of Human Health and Nutritional Science, University of Guelph, Canada

There’s no doubt that extreme sports like snowboarding, motocross, and rock climbing have soared in popularity. But sports that involve flying through the air on a motorcycle or doing multiple flips before landing on an icy mountainside involve a level of risk that is far beyond soccer, basketball, or even football.

With extreme sports, we’re not just talking about the possibility of a broken leg or a torn ligament. I have treated several motocross riders who suffered broken necks that left them paralyzed. One of my patients lost his leg in an A.T.V. accident. Massive head trauma that can cause permanent brain damage and even death is a very real possibility.

The most advanced protective equipment can’t prevent injuries. Helmets are just not made to withstand the high-level impact of these extreme sports. And because kids grow so fast, it’s hard to fit protective gear correctly.

Young people aren’t able to assess whether these sports are worth the risks.

That’s why extreme sports may be too risky for children and teens.

The statistics are sobering. In 2014, I was part of a team that studied injuries related to extreme sports. We found that more than 4 million such injuries occurred between 2000 and 2011; 40,000 of those were head and neck injuries, which can be very serious and lead to lifelong disabilities.

And studies show that a child’s brain is more vulnerable to the effects of a brain injury and takes longer to recover.

Kids don’t have the tools they need to make good choices about whether participating in these kinds of sports is worth the risk. It’s not just a matter of maturity; it’s a matter of brain development. Scientists have found that the part of the brain that guides impulse control and weighs risks versus rewards is not fully mature in teenagers.

That’s why responsible adults need to step in and tell young people who want to participate in these very dangerous sports that they have to wait—at least until they’re old enough to be responsible for their own decisions. 


Associate Professor Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit

Should young people be allowed to do extreme sports?

Home — Essay Samples — Life — Boxing — The Sport of Boxing Should not Be Banned


The Sport of Boxing Should not Be Banned

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Words: 676 |

Published: Nov 20, 2018

Words: 676 | Page: 1 | 4 min read

Works Cited:

  • Alvarez, R., & Rodriguez, J. (2015). Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism. In The Dominican Republic and the United States (pp. 33-43). Palgrave Macmillan US.
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The Sport of Boxing Should not Be Banned Essay

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Mike Tyson, a name synonymous with both greatness and controversy, is often regarded as a tragic hero in the world of professional boxing. His rise to stardom, tumultuous personal life, and eventual downfall all contribute to [...]

Davis, C., & Fox, K. R. (2007). Physical activity patterns assessed by accelerometry in older people. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 100(5), 581-589.Parfitt, G., Pavey, T., & Rowlands, A. V. (2009). Children's physical [...]

World Health Organization. (n.d.). Mental disorders affect one in four people. Retrieved from https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/beauty/fitness-wellbeing/a28917865/the-mental-health-benefits-of-boxing/

Rocky is a 1976 American sports action movie which was nominated for Oscar awards in 9 categories and bagged 3 of the Oscars including the awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Editing at the 49th Academy awards. In [...]

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banning violent sports essay

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Essay 229 – Dangerous sports should be banned

Gt writing task 2 / essay sample # 229.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people say that dangerous sports should be banned since they are deadly and life-threatening.

Do you agree or disagree with this viewpoint?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:

The growing popularity of dangerous sports has sparked a heated debate and many people insist on prohibiting life-threatening sports. I think otherwise and believe that it is the right of an individual to choose whatever sporting activity she or he wants.

The reason why a ban on adventurous yet risky sports is warranted is that these sports contain the potential hazard to athletes. Even a slight fault can ruin one’s life. An athlete can die if the parachute fails to open, for example, when he or she takes part in skydiving. A case in point is a 17-year-old US skydiver named John Nikola, whose parachute failed to open, plummeted 2000 metre to the ground and got killed instantaneously. In addition to the grave risk, these sports also encourage violent behaviour, thereby desensitizing society to dangerous activities. Therefore, opponents of dangerous sports urge the government to ban these sports.

The proponents of extreme sports have some valid arguments. Human rights and freedom, according to them, are violated by imposing such a ban on dangerous sports. They go on arguing that since athletes are keenly aware of menace from adventure sports, they should have the liberty to choose any activity or sport they find suitable for them. Besides, almost every sport possesses a risk to an extent. If the government prohibits all potentially risky sports, then there will be limited opportunity for individual’s choice and freedom, which ultimately undermines democratic values. Therefore, extreme sports should not be banned so as to exercise players’ democratic rights.

In conclusion, I believe that preventing individuals from participating in extreme sports due to the potential of inflicting fatal wounds is unjustifiable. People should have the freedom of choice to pursue their favourite adventurous sports. If an act does not cross others’ rights, a person has the rights to do it.

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Banning of Violent Sports

Essay by abwovix   •  April 24, 2017  •  Essay  •  576 Words (3 Pages)  •  1,264 Views

Essay Preview: Banning of Violent Sports

Sports are activities that people do for pleasure and which require some physical effort and skill. Sports ideally are not supposed to be associated with any violence. However, in today’s scenario, violent sports such as boxing, wrestling and cage fighting are gaining more popularity, especially among the youth, since they present more entertainment to spectators. The bad thing about the increased popularity of violent sports is that the youth do not make an effort to know the dangers that are associated with these sports. Also, the sports present a grave danger to the sportspersons and may lead to injuries, brain damage, and even death. Though the sports may pose a grave danger to the sportspersons, they may also affect viewers negatively since some may try to imitate the actions of the sportspersons hence resulting in bad endings. I think these sports should be banned so as to ensure the safety of both the sportspersons and the viewers.

The dangers of violent sports can result in major accidents that may prove to be even worse than fatal. The sportspersons may get injuries that may last for a lifetime. These injuries may cause great helplessness and torture than death itself. There have been several instances in the past that have resulted in the injury and deaths of some sportspersons. For instance, Chris Candido, a professional wrestler, broke his leg during a cage match and later, it turned into a blood clot which eventually killed him. Also, many sportspersons experience injuries to the spine, excessive blood loss, brain haemorrhage, and irregular clotting among others when participating in these violent sports. Additionally, the repeated trauma can have long-term effects on the health of the sportspersons. It can lead to conditions such as dementia pugilistica as a result of repeated trauma and Parkinson’s disease among other health conditions. Therefore, banning violent sports would lead to an end to the needless injuries, brain damage, and deaths of sportspersons.

The violent sports not only affect the sportspersons but also have an indirect impact on the viewers. Some viewers may try to imitate the actions that these sportsmen do and end up injuring themselves. There have been many deaths in the USA and other parts of the world that have been attributed to the imitations of the activities that occur in these sports. Repeated watching of violent sports may unconsciously affect the psyche of the spectators and ultimately cause them to become violent in their social environment. For instance, acts of suicide, the shooting sprees by teenagers in schools and colleges, loots, and involvement in murders may be as a consequence of young people being in constant influence of violent sports and related activities.

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IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

Ielts writing task 2 sample 625 - some people think that dangerous sports should be banned, ielts writing task 2/ ielts essay:, some people think that dangerous sports should be banned, while others disagree. do you agree or disagree.

banning violent sports essay

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Some people think governments should ban dangerous sports. Others, however, say people have the freedom to make their own decisions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Nowadays the way many people interact why each other has changed because of technology In what ways has technology affected the types of relation ship people make Has this become a positive or negative development?

28.some people say that young people are much more influenced by their friend than their parents or teachers. do you agree or disagree, nowadays because of digital technology it is possible for not only studios but also individuals to produce their own films. do you think this is a positive or negative development, some people think that it is a waste of money for countries to host big sporting events like the world cup, and that the money would be better spent on other things. however, others think that hosting large sporting events has a clear, positive impact on a country. discuss both these views and give your opinion., genetic engineering is a dangerous trend. it should be limited. do you agree or disagree.

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May 13, 2024

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A minute's silence is fine but when it comes to violence against women, being quiet isn't enough

by Catherine Ordway and Ginger Gorman, The Conversation


Sport has a role to play in creating a culture of respect, yet women in sport are often seen as "less than" on almost every measure: salaries, sponsorship, broadcasting, leadership, access, media, coaching, officiating, uniforms and support.

Research shows 3 out of 4 Australian men are gender equality supporters, but very few (17%) prioritize taking any action.

As Australia grapples with a " national crisis " of violence against women , what can men in sport do to help?

What does the research tell us?

Rigid gender norms can play a part in fueling male violence against women and children. And sport is an arena, excuse the pun, where rigid gender norms flourish.

When it comes to sport and gendered violence, a special level of toxic attack and misogyny is reserved for women who "dare" to play , watch and work in sport , and this is particularly heightened for women of color and/or presumed to be from the LGBTQI+ community, whether identifying or not.

Sport also regularly promotes alcohol and gambling, with evident impacts on women and children—whenever there are big sporting events, violence against women by spectators increases.

Players, coaches, commentators and officials repeatedly avoid sanctions, or get a slap on the wrist, and go on to secure leadership roles in sport, sometimes despite allegations of serious gender-based offenses.

The message this sends to younger players and fans is that misogyny is acceptable and that "heroes" are beyond reproach. This green-lights sexism , and completely undermines any messages around equality.

Tracey Gaudry has held a trifecta of roles relevant to this discussion. Not only was she previously a former champion cyclist, and former CEO of Hawthorn Football Club, she has also been Respect Victoria's CEO.

Back in 2020 she nailed the confluence of issues :

"Gender inequality is a driver of violence against women and it can start out small. Because sport comes from a male-dominant origin, those things build up over time and become a natural part of the sporting system and an assumed part."

What are sports codes and teams doing?

Professional sport organizations and clubs have been trying to address abusive behavior towards women for decades. Both the AFL and NRL began developing respect and responsibility programs and policies 20 years ago, yet the abuse, and the headlines, continue—against both women in the game, and at home.

There are also opportunities for clubs to take action even if their governing bodies don't. Semi-professional rugby league club the Redfern All Blacks, for example, are showing leadership: players who are alleged to be perpetrators are banned from playing until they're prepared to talk about it openly, and prove they are committed to changing their behavior.

Education is also vital.

At the elite level, most codes are trying to educate those within their sports—the NRL's Voice Against Violence program, led by Our Watch, is the same organization the AFL has recently partnered with .

The NRL also implements the "Change the Story" framework in partnership with ANROWS and VicHealth, which includes a zero tolerance education program for juniors transitioning into seniors.

What more should be done?

The AFL's recent minute silence gesture to support women affected by violence does not go far enough.

Men, especially those in leadership positions, can take action by actively dishonoring the men who have abused women.

Some of the men we celebrate around the country for their service as players, presidents, life members and coaches have been abusive towards women and children.

Recently, the AFL demanded Wayne Carey—who has a long history of domestic violence allegations and assault convictions— be denied his NSW Hall of Fame Legend status . The next step is to see Carey struck off his club and AFL honor rolls.

The same treatment should apply to other convicted abusers such as Jarrod Hayne and Ben Cousins —the list goes on.

To take a stand on violence against women, award winners who have been convicted for, or admitted to, abuse against women should be explicitly called out with an asterisk next to their names—"dishonored for abuse against women."

And current and future awards must be ineligible to abusers. Serious crimes should mean a life ban for all roles in sport.

If there is a criminal conviction, or an admission of disrespectful behavior (abuse, sexism, racism, ableism or homophobia), then action must immediately be taken to strip them of their privileges.

What about the gray area of allegations?

One tricky challenge for sport organizations is how to deal with allegations that don't result in criminal convictions.

The legal system has systematically failed to protect women from sexual predators, so we can't rely solely on a conviction to act.

In 2019, the NRL introduced a discretionary "no fault, stand down" rule for players charged with serious criminal offenses, and/or offenses involving women and children. Under this rule, players must stand down from matches until the matter is resolved.

All sports should, as a baseline starting point, be following suit.

Where to from here?

It's time sport organizations and fans acknowledged two things can be true: good, even great, athletes, coaches or administrators can be bad humans.

Sporting codes need a zero-tolerance approach for abuse of women which should apply to fans, players, coaches, umpires, referees and administrators.

All codes should strongly consider implementing the "no fault, stand down" rule similar to the NRL. Perpetrators should not be allowed back into high-profile roles. Supporters must also be held to account— if fans can be banned for racism , they can be banned for sexism.

At all levels and across all sports, we must send the message from the ground up: misogyny is unacceptable and the consequence for your bad behavior is that you are no longer welcome.

Provided by The Conversation

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banning violent sports essay

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Dangerous Sport Should Be Banned?

Dangerous Sport Should Be Banned?

The debate on whether the government should ban dangerous sports has gained momentum in recent times. While some people believe that individuals should have the freedom to participate in whatever sports they choose, others think that the government should prohibit high-risk sports to save lives and ensure equality for taxpayers. Those in favor of allowing dangerous sports argue that people have the right to decide what activities they want to engage in, and participating in sports that challenge their limits can broaden their horizons. On the other hand, those opposed to high-risk sports argue that banning them can limit fatalities associated with such activities and prevent taxpayers from incurring the cost of rescue and treatment. In conclusion, people should have the freedom to participate in sports of their interest, while the government should provide safety guidance to limit risks associated with such activities.

Some people think government should ban dangerous sports, others; however, believe that people should have the freedom to do whatever sports they choose. Discuss. Today, an increasing amount of people take part in dangerous sports and some of them have lost their lives in these sports. It is maintained that Government should forbid people playing them, while others think people have a right to involve in sports of their choice. In fact, the issue needs some justifications. On the one hand, people definitely have their liberties to determine what sports they want to participate.

There is the fact that a lot of people by nature feel a need to break through challenges which put them at the edge of human endurance in order to test their resourcefulness to the limit and broaden their horizons. Therefore, if involving in a sport is restricted, adventure-seekers will continue to drive themselves into other life-threatening activities which not yet be banned. Moreover, prohibition of so-called “dangerous sport” is very likely to deprive people of fantastic experiences and thrills of taking part in them.

For instance, without mountaineering, people by no means conceive the grandeur of a mountain. On the other hand, outlawing high risk sports has its own merits in terms of saving life and ensuring equality for taxpayers. That is to say, since indulging in these sports namely free diving, mountaineering might not only injure or threat participants’ lives but also put rescue personnel in thin line between life and death once accidents happen, banning these sports is bound to limit unfortunate mortality rate related to sports.

Furthermore, it is unequal for taxpayers when they have to incur cost of rescue and treatment for risk-takers’ misfortune. To recap, people should have opportunities to play whatever sports of their interests . Besides, governments should give some optional suggestions and instructions in terms of sports safety guidance instead of mandatory.

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Hunters in the Snow vs. the Most Dangerous Game Analysis

Comparative Essay Though one could argue that Wolff’s “Hunter’s in the Snow” and Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game” share an aspect of higher insight that can be classified in literary fiction, Hunter’s in the Snow allows the reader to develop a deeper understanding of human nature by presenting three dynamic characters. The three characters distinguish

Reality TV Shows Cause Dangerous Stereotype

Reality television

Do reality television shows cause dangerous stereotypes? It is mostly agreed that reality tv promotes dangerous stereotypes. The producers goals are not things like education, but entertainment purposes. The new generation of reality television celebrity stars don’t thrive on talent, but use sensationalism to always be in the news, and some mothers are concerned that

banning violent sports essay

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Banning Violent Video Games Argumentative Essay

Introduction: banning violent video games, violent video games should not be banned, violent video games should be banned, conclusion: why video games should not be banned.

The essay is an argumentative one; violent games should not be banned. Recently there has been an endless and fierce debate on whether or not to banned violent video games. For instance, the countries that constitute the European Union are planning to ban some of the European games. However, it is the view of the majority of video games, just like any other games, are there to educate and entertain.

Although there are strong reasons brought forth by those who want violent video games to be banned, here are reasons why we should not; increases self-esteem, reduction of pain, encourages teamwork, sharpening players’ wit, among others (Sterngold, 2006).

With regards to those in support of banning the game, they hold the view that the games continuously poison the minds of the viewers, especially young individuals.

It is worth noting that there are indeed strong points that need to be given a second thought before we rush in banning violent video games. It has been argued and even proved that when kids play such games, especially when the multiplayer type of game is available, then the children get to learn at a very early age to work as a teammate, which requires teamwork. Arguably, this is advantageous as it helps in keeping children together in times of need (Lebrilla, 2010).

For this matter, when they grow up, such individuals will be in a better position to be good team players. This concept has been currently deemed very vital in ensuring the success of an organization. Throughout the game, it is indeed tough to beat the opponent.

However, through concentration, acquisition of skills, and knowledge on how to win, which has been learned from each other, children are capable of the emerging winner. With this, they grow, knowing that to win, there is a need to have a team behind them.

As suggested by Bissell, 2008 violent video games have been thought to help, especially those with very high tempers, to release their anger by not hurting anybody. When very angry and one feels like inflicting pain on another human being or even killing others, it has been thought appropriate to transfer such anger to violent video games. When one engages in a shoot-out with an enemy in a video game, he/she might feel that the mission is accomplished.

Aside from assisting young individuals in sharpening their wits and problem-solving skills, violent video game plays a significant role in helping young individuals, even a few older members of society, to learn how to persevere. On the same line of thought, these games have made it possible for people to have well-coordinated hand and eye movements (Craig et al. 2007).

This has helped in making sure that reflex action/response is normal. The advantage of this is that it will play a significant role in keeping progressive illnesses at bay.

Another major point that is in support of violent video games is that it helps in sustaining the country’s economy. It is apparent that the industry of violent video games has played a significant role in the economic growth of the country. The export of the same product to other nations generates foreign income for the country.

Additionally, a good number of Americans derive their daily bread from the same industry(Konijn et al., 2007). For this reason, banning of violent video games will mean that the unemployment rate will go up, and the money generated from the industry will be lost. The industry generates close to 21 billion dollars annually (Jones & Ponton, 2003).

Additionally, doctors have proved that despite violent games being useful; in releasing anger, it is also helpful in helping a patient reduce pain. The current efforts hospitals show this making to install such games. More importantly, the games help entertain the plays as well as the viewers.

Just like when people feel entertained by watching a football match, violent game provide the same to the affected party. Considering the fact that slightly over 70.0% of American teens play these games, if it is banned, then they will indulge in even more risky activities in their quest to be entertained, for instance, drug abuse (Goldstein, 1998).

It would not be rational if the argument that supports the banning of violent games were not brought to light. It has been brought into the violent limelight game that pollutes the minds of American children.

When young individual engages too much in these games, they are addicted. The result is that they will grow up and may put into practice what they saw. A recent incident where a student walked into an institution of learning and started shooting at others, killing them on the spot, has been linked to violent video games (Anderson & Dill, 2000).

Similarly, just like any other thing that can bring addiction, violent video games, when making a young individual addicted, can be detrimental to their quest to learn. This is because most of the time, whenever they are free will, they spend time playing such games (Ferguson, 2008).

Although it has been argued that the game fosters socialization skills, it is evident that when one plays in non-multiplayer support, they grow up being persons with poor skills to socialize.

From the review of the issue of violent games, even though the game is intense, banning it will bring more harm than good. For those who advocate for the banning, it would be rational to critically analyze the benefits of the game to individuals and even society at large. For instance, it enhances teamwork, helps reduce pain, aids in releasing anger, and improves wit and hand-eye coordination, among others.

However, the disadvantages include polluting or poisoning young individuals, and addiction eats their time hence cannot engage actively in other vital activities. This thus warrants careful consideration from relevant stakeholders such as parents and the government.

Anderson, C. & Dill, K. (2000). “Video Games and Aggressive Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior in the Laboratory and In Life.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , 78(4):722.

Ferguson, C. (2008). “Blazing Angels or Resident Evil? Can Violent Video Games Be a Force for Good?”, Review of General Psychology, 14(1): 68-81.

Konijn, E. et al. (2007). “I Wish I Were a Warrior: The Role of Wishful Identification in the Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggression in Adolescent Boys.” Developmental Psychology, 43(1): 1-12.

Craig, A. et al. (2007). Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents: Theory, Research, and Public Policy . Oxford University: Oxford University Press.

Bissell, T. (2008). Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter . New York: Macmillan Publishers.

Sterngold, A. (2006). “Violent video games.” Web.

Jones, G. & Ponton, L. (2003). Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence . New York: Basic Books. P. 172.

Goldstein, J. (1998). Why We Watch; The Attraction of Violent Entertainment . Oxford University Oxford University Press. P. 188.

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IvyPanda . "Banning Violent Video Games Argumentative Essay." May 30, 2018. https://ivypanda.com/essays/violent-video-games-should-not-be-banned/.

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banning violent sports essay

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South Carolina governor signs law banning gender-affirming care for minors

  • Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later. More content below

May 21 (UPI) -- South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster signed into law Tuesday a ban on gender-affirming care for minors, as critics called it a "cruel and dangerous assault on trans youth."

The law, which takes effect immediately and prohibits doctors from prescribing puberty blockers or performing gender-transition surgeries for patients under 18, makes South Carolina the 25th state to restrict or ban gender-affirming care.

"I signed the Help Not Harm bill into law, which protects our state's children from irreversible gender transition procedures and bans public funds from being used for them," McMaster, a Republican, wrote Tuesday in a post on X. "I look forward to joining legislators and supporters at a ceremonial bill signing in the Upstate next week."

I signed the Help Not Harm bill into law, which protects our state's children from irreversible gender transition procedures and bans public funds from being used for them. I look forward to joining legislators and supporters at a ceremonial bill signing in the Upstate next week. pic.twitter.com/7RTDYGGGDU — Gov. Henry McMaster (@henrymcmaster) May 21, 2024

In addition to banning the prescription of puberty blockers, hormone therapy or surgery, South Carolina's new law bans public funds and Medicaid from being used to cover the cost of transition-related healthcare for residents of any age.

Healthcare professionals in South Carolina who provide gender-affirming care to minors could have their licenses revoked or face civil lawsuits. Doctors who perform gender transition surgery on minors could face charges of inflicting bodily injury and face up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

South Carolina's new law also requires school administrators to contact parents whose children choose to use a different name or pronouns other than their sex assigned at birth.

The Help Not Harm measure passed earlier this month by a vote of 28 to 8 in the state Senate and 67 to 26 in the state House.

Critics blasted the new law, calling H.4624 a "broad intrusion into medically necessary healthcare for transgender South Carolinians."

"This bill is a cruel and dangerous assault on trans youth and adults in South Carolina that ignores the guidance of every major medical organization," Chase Glenn of SC United for Justice and Equality said in a statement Tuesday.

"Across the state, from the Lowcountry to the Upstate, South Carolinians are mourning the passage of H.4624, which will make it immeasurably harder for transgender youth and many adults to access the life-saving healthcare that they need and deserve," Glenn added. "But let me be clear: This loss does not crumble a movement."

The Southern Trans Youth Emergency Project has offered to help transgender youth identify out-of-state gender-affirming care providers with emergency grants to offset costs.

"Healthcare is a human right -- and it breaks my heart to see lawmakers rip away life-affirming and often life-saving medical care from transgender youth in South Carolina," Uplift Outreach Center Executive Director Raymond Velazquez said after lawmakers passed the ban.

"No one should be forced to leave their home state to access the care that they need and deserve."

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The US Department of Justice arrested a Wisconsin man last week for generating and distributing AI-generated child sexual abuse material. As far as we know, this is the first case of its kind as the DOJ looks to establish a judicial precedent that exploitative materials are still harmful even when no children were used to create them.

Autodesk acquires AI-powered VFX startup Wonder Dynamics

Autodesk — the 3D tools behemoth — has acquired Wonder Dynamics, a startup that lets creators quickly and easily make complex characters and visual effects using AI-powered image analysis. Wonder Dynamics, founded by VFX artist Nikola Todorovic and actor Tye Sheridan, basically made adding motion-captured CG characters to footage as simple as dragging an icon onto an actor. With years of experience in the film industry, the co-founders were clear from the start that it was a tool for professionals, providing all the nitty-gritty mocap, animation, and masking that VFX folks need to do their job.

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Emma Hayes' first USWNT roster reveals a team that already evolved in her absence

When Hayes arrives this week, although she'll have plenty of familiarizing to do, her core — the players, the most important part of any national team — will largely already be in place.

Conservative cell carrier Patriot Mobile hit by data breach

U.S. cell carrier Patriot Mobile experienced a data breach that included subscribers’ personal information, including full names, email addresses, home ZIP codes and account PINs, TechCrunch has learned. Patriot Mobile, which reportedly has fewer than 100,000 subscribers, bills itself as “America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider and our mission is to passionately defend our God-given Constitutional rights and freedoms while glorifying God.” A hacker who claimed responsibility for the breach provided TechCrunch with a sample of data stolen from Patriot Mobile.

Macy's beats low Q1 estimates as it weighs between a turnaround and a buyout

Macy’s recorded another quarter of sales declines, but not as much as Wall Street feared.

Match Group, Meta, Coinbase and more form anti-scam coalition

A new coalition called Tech Against Scams is bringing companies together to fight online fraud.

Georgia QB Jaden Rashada sues Florida coach Billy Napier and booster over NIL deal that fell apart in 2022

Rashada was allegedly promised over $13 million to sign with the Gators out of high school.

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Donald Trump asks New York’s high court to intervene in fight over gag order in hush money trial

Former President Donald Trump talks to the press with his attorney, Todd Blanche, right, outside the courtroom of his trial in Manhattan criminal court Tuesday, May 14, 2024, in New York. (Curtis Means/Pool Photo via AP)

Former President Donald Trump talks to the press with his attorney, Todd Blanche, right, outside the courtroom of his trial in Manhattan criminal court Tuesday, May 14, 2024, in New York. (Curtis Means/Pool Photo via AP)

  • Copy Link copied

NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump is seeking to have New York’s highest court intervene in his fight over a gag order that has seen him fined $10,000 and threatened with jail for violating a ban on commenting about witnesses, jurors and others connected to his hush money criminal trial .

The former president’s lawyers filed a notice of appeal Wednesday, a day after the state’s mid-level appellate court refused his request to lift or modify the restrictions. The filing was listed on a court docket, but the document itself was sealed and not available.

What to know about Trump’s hush money trial:

  • Follow the AP’s latest updates .
  • A guide to terms used in the Trump trial.
  • Trump is the first ex-president on criminal trial. Here’s what to know about the hush money case.
  • Trump is facing four criminal indictments, and a civil lawsuit. You can track all of the cases here.

Trump presidential campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung said it’s a request for the state’s Court of Appeals to take up the matter.

“President Trump has filed a notice to appeal the unconstitutional and un-American gag order imposed by conflicted Judge Juan Merchan in the lawless Manhattan DA case,” Cheung said in a statement.

“The threat to throw the 45th President of the United States and the leading candidate in the 2024 presidential election in jail for exercising his First Amendment rights is a Third World authoritarian tactic typical of Crooked Joe Biden and his comrades,” Cheung said.

In this courtroom sketch, defense attorney Susan Necheles, center, cross examines Stormy Daniels, far right, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, as former President Donald Trump, left, looks on with Judge Juan Merchan presiding during Trump's trial in Manhattan criminal court, Tuesday, May 7, 2024, in New York. (Elizabeth Williams via AP)

A five-judge panel of the mid-level appeals court, the Appellate Division of the state’s trial court, ruled Tuesday that Merchan “properly determined” that Trump’s public statements “posed a significant threat to the integrity of the testimony of witnesses and potential witnesses in this case as well.”

Trump had asked the state’s intermediate appeals court to lift or modify the gag order. Among other restrictions, it bars him from making or directing others to make statements about witnesses like his fixer-turned-foe Michael Cohen , who will testify for a third day Thursday. It also prohibits comments about court staff, the judge’s family and prosecutors other than Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Bragg’s office declined comment. A message seeking comment was left with a spokesperson for the state court system.

“The gag order has to come off,” Trump told reporters as he headed into court Tuesday. Later, he lamented, “As you know, I’m under a gag order, so I can’t answer those very simple questions you’re asking me.”

Trump has been noticeably more circumspect in his comments after Merchan held him in contempt of court and fined him a total of $10,000 for violating the gag order 10 times in recent weeks. The judge told Trump last week that future gag order violations could send him to jail.

Among the violations were Trump’s several attacks on Cohen, including an April 13 social media post asking, “Has disgraced attorney and felon Michael Cohen been prosecuted for LYING? Only TRUMP people get prosecuted by this Judge and these thugs!”

Merchan also flagged reposts Trump made of a New York Post article that described Cohen as a “serial perjurer,” and a Trump post quoting Fox News host Jesse Watters’ claim that liberal activists were lying to infiltrate the jury.

Merchan’s jail warning came after he ruled Trump had violated the gag order a final time when, in an April 22 interview with television channel Real America’s Voice, he criticized the speed at which the jury was picked and claimed, without evidence, that it was stacked with Democrats.

Merchan issued the gag order March 26 after prosecutors raised concerns about Trump’s propensity to attack people involved in his cases. He expanded it April 1 to prohibit comments about his own family after Trump lashed out on social media at the judge’s daughter , a Democratic political consultant, and made false claims about her.

Trump appealed the gag order April 8, just days before the start of jury selection. At an emergency hearing before a single judge of the Appellate Division, Trump’s lawyers argued the order was an unconstitutional curb on the Republican presidential nominee’s free speech rights while he’s campaigning and fighting criminal charges.

Specifically, according to court papers, Trump challenged restrictions on his ability to comment about Matthew Colangelo, a former Justice Department official who is a part of the prosecution team, and Merchan’s daughter, whose firm has worked for Trump’s rival, President Joe Biden, and other Democrats.

In its ruling Tuesday, the Appellate Division noted that Trump wasn’t claiming that the gag order had infringed on his right to a fair trial. Rather, Trump’s lawyers argued that prohibiting him from commenting about Colangelo and Loren Merchan restricted his ability to engage in protected political speech and could adversely affect his campaign.

The appeals court ruled that Judge Merchan “properly weighed” Trump’s free speech rights against the “historical commitment to ensuring the fair administration of justice in criminal cases, and the right of persons related or tangentially related to the criminal proceedings from being free from threats, intimidation, harassment, and harm.”



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    Banning boxing because it poses a high threat of death would be illogical because "the risk of injury is no greater than that of athletes participating in other sports." (Source E) Boxing is an important activity to its participants, and the probability of death is extremely unlikely. This is only a sample.

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    The proponents of extreme sports have some valid arguments. Human rights and freedom, according to them, are violated by imposing such a ban on dangerous sports. They go on arguing that since athletes are keenly aware of menace from adventure sports, they should have the liberty to choose any activity or sport they find suitable for them.

  14. Banning of Violent Sports

    Read this Miscellaneous Essay and over 74,000 other research documents. Banning of Violent Sports. Banning of Violent Sports Sports are activities that people do for pleasure and which require some physical effort and skill. Sports ideally are not supposed to be associated with any violence. However, in today's scenario, violent sports such as boxing, wrestling and cage fighting are gaining ...

  15. IELTS Essay # 1363

    Model Answer 1: [Agreement] Some people suggest that sports involving violence, such as boxing and martial arts, should be banned from television broadcasts and international sporting competitions. I agree with the notion that such sports should be prohibited from these platforms due to the potential harm they can inflict on athletes and the ...

  16. IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 625

    Few people believe that risky sports should be prohibited, while others do not agree in imposing a ban. This essay will analyse the merits and demerits associated with menacing games to present an opinion in a conclusive way. People believe that threatening games like boxing, wrestling, rafting, bull fighting; car racing and so on should be ...

  17. Governments should ban dangerous sports

    such. sports, I believe that the government should ban these dangerous activities. On one hand, many societies may argue that an outright ban on dangerous sports by the government would be an infringement upon people's freedoms and their right to choose how to live their lives. While. some may view these kinds of exercise as being reckless ...

  18. Dangerous Sports Should Be Banned

    An avalanche may suddenly happen and kill a big-mountain skier. Since human life is so precious, I think risky sports should be banned to avoid unnecessary deaths. In conclusion, even though engaging in dangerous sports is beneficial to personal development, I still think it should be prohibited because it can be deadly. 252 Words.

  19. IELTS Writing Task 2 (Exercises): BANNING DANGEROUS SPORTS

    Key/Answer. Task 1. 1. Students who do not apply themselves will not be able to handle the rigour of medical school. 2. Since 2001, Americans have always felt the ever-present danger of a terrorist attack. 3. Lawyers and politicians are often insulted for their apparent lack of ethical values. 4.

  20. Some people think governments should ban dangerous sports

    Writing Samples /. Band 8. Some people think governments should ban dangerous sports. Others, however, say people have the freedom to make their own decisions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. # people # governments # ban # sports # freedom # decisions. There is an ongoing debate on whether dangerous.

  21. A minute's silence is fine but when it comes to violence against women

    Serious crimes should mean a life ban for all roles in sport. ... From forced kisses to power imbalances, research suggests violence against women in sport is endemic. Apr 16, 2024.

  22. ⇉Dangerous Sport Should Be Banned? Essay Example

    The debate on whether the government should ban dangerous sports has gained momentum in recent times. While some people believe that individuals should have the freedom to participate in whatever sports they choose, others think that the government should prohibit high-risk sports to save lives and ensure equality for taxpayers.

  23. Why Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned

    Learn More. Although there are strong reasons brought forth by those who want violent video games to be banned, here are reasons why we should not; increases self-esteem, reduction of pain, encourages teamwork, sharpening players' wit, among others (Sterngold, 2006). With regards to those in support of banning the game, they hold the view ...

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  25. South Carolina governor signs law banning gender-affirming care ...

    May 21 (UPI) -- South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster signed into law Tuesday a ban on gender-affirming care for minors, as critics called it a "cruel and dangerous assault on trans youth." The law ...

  26. France's move to block TikTok in New Caledonia amid violent clashes

    Two police officers were among the fatalities in the worst spate of violence in the territory since 1988. The suspension of TikTok would be the first time in France and the European Union that an ...

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    NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump is seeking to have New York's highest court intervene in his fight over a gag order that has seen him fined $10,000 and threatened with jail for violating a ban on commenting about witnesses, jurors and others connected to his hush money criminal trial. The former president's lawyers filed a notice of appeal Wednesday, a day after the state's mid-level ...