Times Newer Roman is a sneaky font designed to make your essays look longer

For when you need to hit that five-page minimum, but you’ve run out of things to say.

By Chaim Gartenberg

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biggest font for essays

As someone who is ostensibly a professional writer, I can say with some authority that sometimes, writing is hard. And when you’re staring at page three of an essay that your professor has insisted should be at least five pages, single-spaced, in size 12 Times New Roman font ... sometimes, you need a little help.

Any skiving student worth their salt knows the usual tricks to make an essay look longer: use larger punctuation marks and spaces, mess around with the margins, maybe even try to creep up to a larger font size. But now, there’s an easier solution: Times Newer Roman , a font from internet marketing firm MSCHF (which you may remember from the Tabagotchi Chrome extension ). Times Newer Roman looks a lot like the go-to academic font, but each character is subtly altered to be 5 to 10 percent wider, making your essays look longer without having to actually make them longer.

Please note: The Verge does not actually condone cheating on your essays

According to Times Newer Roman’s website, a 15-page, single-spaced document in 12 point type only requires 5,833 words, compared to 6,680 for the standard Times New Roman. (That’s 847 words you don’t need to write, which is more than twice the length of this post!)

biggest font for essays

To get around things like the fact that actual Times New Roman is a licensed font, Times Newer Roman is actually “an altered version of Nimbus Roman No.9 L (1), a free and open-source font meant to mimic the size and look of the original Times New Roman typeface.” All the changes that MSCHF has made simply make the Nimbus Roman No.9 L characters wider, leaving the vertical heights untouched. So, hopefully, it’s tougher to notice the difference.

Of course, it’s the digital age, so there are some downsides: Times Newer Roman will only work for assignments you have to submit by hand or in a PDF. If you’re sending in a Word document using a custom font that professors almost certainly don’t have installed won’t help. Similarly, Times Newer Roman is only useful for hitting larger page counts; if you have a strict word count limit, you’re out of luck.

Times Newer Roman is available now as a free download. (Please note that The Verge does not actually condone cheating on your essays.)

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How to Make an Essay Look Longer

It’s somewhat difficult to make demands on essays for students – demanding that they have 500 words, for example, leads to really, really, very, extremely superfluous lists of adjectives and describing words like this sentence to up the word count. Other teachers use the page count as a metric of completion. But what happens when you have 4 and a half pages done of your five page essay? There are plenty of writing techniques to flesh ideas out and make it longer, but I’m assuming that your essay is perfect as it is and you want a more technological answer. Here are a few techniques that have served me well. I use them all the time.

Note: This tutorial is for Microsoft Word as a part of Office 2007, although many of the same techniques can be used in previous or subsequent versions of Word.

Font Choice and Font Size

First, font or font size is a fairly easy way to make an essay longer. Some teachers demand that Times New Roman size 12 be used. However, when they forget to add that to the rules, you can change it to whatever you want (assuming there’s no blanket statement about it on the syllabus). You want to choose a font that maximizes height. Obviously you don’t want to choose a font that’s too difficult to read, as it may annoy the person grading it. Below is a picture of the word “Hello” printed four times, each at size 12. The fonts, from left to right, are “Angsana New”, “Calibri”, “Times New Roman”, and “Algerian”.

Font size can also make a big impact on your paper. Going with a size 72 font will undoubtedly make your paper surpass the required page count, but isn’t the best idea. Just changing the font size from 12 to 13 can add a few lines to your paper. Below is a picture of identical text in two columns, both in Times New Roman, but size 12 on the left and size 13 on the right.

Even if your teacher demands size 12 Times New Roman, you might be tempted to change it anyway. Slight changes are fairly hard to measure in a printout, however, it is possible. For instance, if a teacher were to print out the word “the” in Times New Roman size 12 on a piece of transparency paper, they could then hold it over a word “the” in your essay and confirm whether or not it’s identical. Probably not going to happen, but it actually has happened to me before.

Space Between lines

The spacing between lines is very difficult to measure because although in most fonts the top and bottom edges vary significantly. In some fonts, there is a common edge except for letters that hang above or below the line, but in fonts that are meant to look more like handwriting, there is not. In any case, even with common edges, it’s not likely that your teacher will whip out a ruler and measure. Too large a gap may arouse suspicion, but changing an essay from double spaced to 2.1 spacing may actually make a large difference. The thing to remember is that the longer the base essay, the more they amplify the length. So for instance, if your essay is 10 lines with double spacing, and you change the spacing to 2.1, you get an extra 0.1 of a line for every line you’ve written, and 0.1×10 = 1. So, for every ten lines you actually write, you get the effect of having written eleven instead. For an essay that’s 4.5 pages, this tiny change can easily bring you over the 5 page mark and is virtually undetectable. Below is two paragraphs, the left with single spacing and the right is 1.1 spacing. This really demonstrates the potential of the small change.

To change the spacing between lines, you’ll need to access the “Paragraph” menu (I believe that in older versions of Word this could be done by going to Format -> Paragraph). In Word 2007, it can be accessed by going to the “Page Layout” tab of the ribbon and clicking on the pop-out button of the Paragraph rectangle.

From there, under Line Spacing, choose “Multiple”, and under At, choose a number close to something normal, like 1.1 or 2.1. You can increase this difference at the risk of the teacher noticing.

Changing the margins of a page is another great way to change the length of your paper. By decreasing the amount of space the words can take up per page, you increase the number of pages required to fit your existing content. Changing the left margin is a bit risky since most papers are left-justified, meaning that the left edge will be relatively the same for all papers. The right margin, however, can be changed to your heart’s content, since the length of words, number of letters, and number of spaces greatly affect each line’s right edge. You can also increase the amount of space taken up by the header and footer of a document.

Lengthen Header Content

One final way you can make a paper appear longer is by adding more lines to the header of your document. If you make it too long, be sure to have it on only the first page and not every page, as this would be incredibly obvious.


Other Notes

If your teacher demands that an essay be 5 pages long and no longer , but your paper is slightly longer, you can use these same techniques in reverse to make your paper look shorter . For instance, you can change double spacing to 1.9 spacing, or increase the margins.


If you must have MLA format and the essay is turned in electronically the teachers will be able to see the changes of font size and other things. So the easiest thing for me is to increase the font size of just the periods to 14 instead of the required 12 font. This makes your essay lines more spaced out and sentences longer. Even though it is not a huge change, it makes a very big difference.

In addition to that, I usually add just enough description to my sentences in order to barely create one new line of text before going to the next paragraph. It is also beneficial to end a paragraph on the second to last line of a page. That way the next paragraph is forced to appear on the next page altogether.

If you are turning in your essay online, use these and the larger font periods only, as everything else will likely be checked by the system when you upload it.

If you turn it in online, turn it in in PDF format, it’s standardized and they can’t see the font size easily

Unfortunately, this is not true. While it may not be obvious ow to inspect a PDF to get the font, the easiest thing to do is copy some text and paste it into Microsoft Word – it’ll retain its font.

This + the commas



This helped me so much!!!

It’s 5 am, my paper’s topic would have sent me to sleep hours ago if it weren’t for the Red Bulls, and you’ve been added to my list of “People I Will Buy a Drink for if I Ever Meet Them”.

You my good sir have just made my night! If you’re ever in Atlanta I will be MORE than happy to buy you a drink as well! 🙂

I don’t know you. But I love you.

You are amazing. Another thing that I tried at one time was to bold the periods. it made my 4 1/4 page research paper into a 5 page paper. Just trying to help out some more.

Recently I had to write a 12-page essay on a mostly-factual topic. It wasn’t pretty. I was on the eleventh page when I found that I simply couldn’t add any more to the paper no matter how I tried. A quick change to all the margins from 1.0 to 1.1 boosted my essay to fill the entire twelfth page! I wish I had found this article earlier, though, as I didn’t know that modifying the left margin is risky.

In retrospect, I really should have just changed the line spacing from 2.0 to 2.1, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that thanks to Word’s confusing line spacing interface. Now I know that I can set the spacing to “multiple” and achieve the desired effect!

I also recommend “adding space between paragraphs of the same style” as is done by default in Word 2010. It doesn’t make a really significant difference, but for every paragraph you write you’ll gain about 1 extra line.

To all you essay writers out there: these techniques should really only be used as a last resort. If you are able to flush out your entire essay, do that instead of modifying its layout. Only when you are completely stuck and need just one more page or so should you use the strategies here.

I was struggling to write 10 pages of term paper. Thank you for the tips!!!!

10? I can barely write 5 wow

Thank you!! =,) Thank you so much!

tnx so much that helps a lot .I had to write 3 pages and I only had 1 page and ur advice works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You sir are amazing. Thank you SO SO SO much.

I owe you a drink sir. It’s 5:00 A.M. and this paper is due in a few hours. Five and a half pages out of eight! Tough night oh and screw Marry Shelley and Frankenstein.

in college i made my periods a font size bigger and doing that to all puntuation can add up to 1/4 to a page and teacher will NEVER know

I have two 12-15 page research essays due in the same week and this post just saved my life. I never would’ve thought of changing the line spacing from 2.0 to 2.1, but it added about another page length to what I’d already typed. Bless you.

ERMERGERD these pointers helped out sooo much I absolutely hate typing term papers for my class and this helps out a bunch THANKS A MILLION.

praise the man, you are the new black baby jesus. bruh, you are my sunshine on a cloudy day, I am your loyal friend to the ends of the fiery underworld, all of the twinkies shall be yours. may your palm tree forever sway high.

This…I…well, thank you, brother. This is the greatest comment I have ever received. I feel giddy.

Hey, I’m a TA and when I have to grade lab reports, I always select all and change to 12pt times new roman even if it looks like it is already, and I check the margins and spacing. I don’t actually ever have to take points off for length, just check to make sure that the essay has x number of examples of y thing and an explanation for each. Be careful because I know a few of the English TAs do that to all the papers before the prof. grades them if the TAs aren’t grading.

thank you sooo much you just saved my English grade and my date that was depending on my English grade. you are the best person ever I love you!!!

3 page assignment due by the end of tomorrow, and had really hit my limit at around 2 1/2 pages of B.S’ing. You’re the real MVP tonight.

Go to the Font Dialog box (Ctrl+D) and under character spacing change from normal to expanded very subtle but gives you a couple lines

I love you.

You are amazing, this helped me so much, Thank you

i literally used to use all of these in high school, i just wish i could have found this page instead of having to figure it out on my own

If your page is a little too long, try changing the font to Garamond, it looks the same as Time New Roman, but is smaller

Are you married? If not, I’d totally marry you for this advice. Thank you so much, brilliant person!

For me I had a required 12 point font size but if you type in a 12.5 point font size the it really helps without being too noticeable on a printed copy.

Another good tip is to change the font color to grey instead of black (on the printed papers) This is a good tip because it will make the words pop off the page less, and therefore the teacher will have a harder time reading what you wrote. This is also good because if your teacher magically notices your letters are the wrong shade, you can blame it on your printer.

There’s something so rewarding about sitting here screwing with margins, spacing, adding random and pointless space lines to the header, and going through the entire paper making every blessed period 14 pt font until the paper is long enough. Thank you so much for the tips!

Arial looks to be larger than Times New Roman and is a standard looking font

Useful… very useful… although I turn my work in electronically, my teacher allows this stuff, because he used this kind of thing in school

there is a font on 2013 word called verdena, its like calibra but a little bigger. changing all of the periods to size 16 is very useful too

Another tip-increase the size of periods, commas, apostrophes etc. Ex if I’m typing in 12 size font, I increase the size for periods, commas etc to size 14.

Another thing that might help is to have more paragraph breaks.

Thxs so much man ur a life saver! 2.1 Is the best spacing and so hard for my teachers to notice

Thank You… Thank You Very Much.

Another good way to increase the amount of writing without actually writing more is to mess around with widow-orphan controls (Under line-spacing options). You can set it so that if you write a paragraph with one word on the next page, it’ll put another line on that page to make the one word less lonely. That can add at least a half-page if you work it right.

This is so helpful!

Awesome. Better tip – Courier font is the biggest font and still passes as acceptable on essays. Check it out, I promise.

You just made my 15 page paper much more delightful. AP classes in high school are an absolute pain! 🙂

Another way to make your paper longer is to double space between sentences. Not the double space between the lines, but in between the sentences double click the space bar. It’s what I’m doing right now and you might not have noticed until I told you.

Its 2016, I’m exhausted, and I had to crank out 12 pages. You may not even read this comment. But you are a true American Hero. If you are ever in the state of Michigan (particularly the lower peninsula), I will purchase you a beverage. Infinitely grateful. Best of luck to you, sir!


Verdana seems to be the largest proper looking font I’ve seen so far. I highly recommend it.

The thing i do the most to make a paper longer if specifics are required is 2 spaces after the periods. depending on the length of the paper it can add half a page or more. I wrote a 75 page paper over the summer, with every detail specified, except nothing about spaces between sentences. 69 with one space, 72 with 2.

This just saved my life. English 1101 is going to be the death of me….can’t wait for next semester.

OMG. Heart u! My teacher says she knows a font near identical Times N Roman, but a teeny bit wider, so it makes 3 pages 3.5 pgs. Any Ideas?

Also, changing the file type to a pdf if you have to turn it in electronically will confuse the hell out of most english/humanities teachers to the point where they’ll never discover a 2.3 spacing change in between paragraphs

http://cdn1.thecomeback.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/94/2015/02/Screen-Shot-2015-02-19-at-11.56.00-AM.png You the real MVP

Not a typical trick but if it is permitted use Chicago style citations (or any footnote based citation style… if any others exist). While it does not technically add to the length of an essay as references do not count the lines upon lines of footnotes can add pages upon pages to an essay. At certain points I have literally had half the page just be lines of footnotes. While it obviously adds nothing it does provide the illusion of a lot more going on, especially if it is something you have to print out. Plus you know it looks better, is easier to read, and makes paraphrasing a breeze.

I use the Courier New font. It is by FAR the best font, not only because it looks cool, but because it is MEGA HUGE. It saved me a TON of space on my English Essay. My teacher passes it because it is an “adequate font” and “not a fancy, hand-writing-type font.”

If your essay is to be turned in digitally, there is an extremely underhanded tactic that can be used to increase word/character count. Turn the font color to white, then place random periods in your essay. This will cause the character count to go up, and is almost impossible to detect unless it is being actively searched for.

This man has saved me on around 50 essays and will continue saving me. Tank you Jacob Binstein.

Thx sooo much!!

Thank you so much! This is very helpful:) Xx Ali


Oh my god thank you so much

Another cool trick is to use the replace all tool to change just the punctuation from size 12 to size 14 fonts.

I have a 2-page essay due in 9 days and I can’t include pictures or sites in the length. This will help a lot. Thanks!

wow this actually really helped with my paper. thanks so much but I wish I found this a few years ago.

this saved my aSS LAST YEARRRR



Thank you, so much man you are so amazing btw a really good font that you can use is courier new and it makes it look good and takes up a lot of space just saying think about using it.

Merriweather is bigger than all of your fonts.

Cambria looks exactly like Times New Roman but is slightly larger which will make it still look like it is in MLA format

A G I W Y A (a genius is what you are)

Nice job! thank you!

Thank you!! I am bolding the periods and changing the line spacing!! Helped so much! <3

Thanks, bro. More like Jacob Einstien bro. Heck yeah, man.

Hi, I’m a college instructor, and we know all these tricks. Some of them I deduct points for. Others I will return an essay ungraded for. You know what is an even better idea? Write to the actual demands of the assignment.

Or don’t, but ooh I hope you end up in my class.

Some instructors know some of these tricks. But it would be a far cry to say that all instructors look for all of these.

You know what’s an even better idea than searching out articles which, to you, are apparently irrelevant? Writing assignment instructions which don’t require an exact number of words.

Good Job Jim! Congrats on killing the creativity of the nation and forcing students to suffer through your class by making them meet arbitrary standards that teach them to use fluffy jargon instead of clear concise points! Pat yourself on the back Jim!

You can also hit enter a couple times in the header sections, which effectively makes each page start a couple lines farther down.

Thx this is a great advice. I have to write a paper for civics and i will totally use this!!!!!! 🙂 😉

Lol that professor’s comment cracked me up Thx for the laughs.

Some of the best advice I have ever received on increasing page length of an essay, is to go through each paragraph, and try to find a way to add words so that the last line just barely word-wraps.

What I mean is that the last line of each paragraph should have only 1 or 2 words. This makes a huge difference, especially if you have a lot of paragraphs.

I don’t think I’ll worry about my teacher noticing any of these tricks since when I asked him if he wanted the paper in MLA, he asked what MLA was… Thanks for this!

any one here in 2019?? Oh and thks

Courier New is way bigger that Algerian.

the font “Press Start 2p” is the largest font for Google Docs

I just finished a 20-page paper for a test and this has really helped. One other thing I recommend is adding a space before and after each paragraph. Press Ctrl+A to select everything, then add a space before and after each paragraph to get every paragraph.

I’m on week 8 of procrastinating and have a paper due in 5 days. These tips helped! Thanks so much 🙂

bro your a genius i got a A on my book report

Im on page 9 of a 10 page essay and I was wondering if I change the font size from 12 to 12.5, would it be too noticeable? It adds length, i’m just hoping my professor and TurnItIn won’t detect it.

Thank you so much! Ur a Lifesaver!

This is so funny, looking at all the comments they are either written really late at night or super early in the morning hahaha.

This is genius! They didn’t tell me anything about margins, so I changed it!

fuckin genius, bro

*adds yours name to ‘list of fckin geniuses’*

i just realised one more thing that can help— use the REALLY REALLY long dashes instead of colons or semicolons. It takes more space and though it’ll barely make a difference, im so proud of thinking of that myself

It has been 10 years, and we are all still struggling with essays.

the biggest font is actually roboto mono

My teacher only said 1 page size thirteen and what it had to be about. thank you

Hey! Nice article. I agree with you that choosing the right font and font size is very essential. Your content contains different valid points and is very beneficial for all designers. Thanks.

ooooh thanks for the advice!

don’t forget typing random words and making them white

thanks for the advice

MY ass is saved It’s almost 8pm and i have an english 5 pg essay to write. A Geography 5 page essay to write and presentation. And 20 lessons of calculus to get done before tomorow morning.

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The Biggest Font For Essays: Boost Your Word Count

Writing essays can be challenging, and meeting the word count requirement can be even more daunting. It’s a common struggle for many writers to find ways to increase their word count without sacrificing the quality of their work.

One practical solution is to increase the font size of your essay. This may seem like an unconventional method, but it’s a trick many writers have used to meet their word count requirement, especially when running out of time or ideas.

We will explore the biggest font for essays and how to use them effectively to boost your word count without compromising the readability of your work. We’ll also discuss some pros and cons of using larger fonts and how to use them to your advantage.

 Biggest Font For Essays

Table of Contents

Biggest Font For Essays Enhances Readability And Impact

Biggest Font For Essays Enhances Readability And Impact

Regarding choosing the biggest font for essays, it is important to consider readability and professionalism. While using a larger font size may seem tempting to make your essay stand out, it is generally recommended to stick with standard fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial in a size of 12pt. Using a bigger font for essays can have a significant impact on both readability and overall impact.

When using a larger font size, such as 14 or 16 points, it becomes easier for readers to engage with the content and follow along without strain. This is especially important for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties. Additionally, a bigger font size can also enhance the overall impact of the essay by making key points and arguments more prominent and noticeable.

It can help draw attention to important information and make the text appear more visually appealing. However, it’s important to strike a balance between readability and aesthetics, as using an excessively large font may compromise the overall professionalism of the essay.

The Benefits Of Using The Biggest Font For Essays

Increase your word count effortlessly by using the biggest font for essays. By enlarging your text, you can create the illusion of a longer essay without adding additional content. Not only will this impress your professor, but it will also make your essay visually impactful. Moreover, a larger font can improve readability for individuals with visual impairments, ensuring your work is accessible to a wider audience.

Additionally, using the biggest font can help you easily meet formatting requirements, especially if you need to fill a specific number of pages or adhere to MLA guidelines. With options like Verdana, Helvetica, and serif typefaces at your disposal, you can transform your entire essay, from the first page to the last, into an engaging and well-presented piece of academic writing.

Why Bigger Fonts Can Boost Your Word Count

Using larger fonts in your essays can surprisingly impact your word count. By taking up more space on the page, these bigger fonts can effectively increase the overall length of your essay. Not only that, but the words appear larger and more spread out, creating the perception of a longer piece of writing.

This can be especially useful when trying to meet minimum word count requirements. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different font sizes and styles to make your essay appear longer. With this simple trick, you can easily boost your word count without adding additional content.

How Do Fonts Affect The Readability Of An Essay?

The choice of font can have a significant impact on the readability of an essay. Fonts that are too small or too decorative can make it difficult for readers to comfortably read the text, leading to eye strain and decreased comprehension. On the other hand, fonts that are too large or bold can make the text appear overwhelming and distract readers from the content.

It is important to choose a font that strikes a balance between legibility and visual appeal. Fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri are commonly used in essays due to their clean and easy-to-read characteristics. Additionally, it is recommended to use a standard font size of 12pt for optimal readability. By selecting an appropriate font and size, you can ensure that your essay is easily readable and effectively communicates your ideas to your audience.

Tips On Selecting The Right Font For Your Essay

Tips On Selecting The Right Font For Your Essay

Regarding selecting the right font for your essay, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, readability is key. Choose a font that is clear and easy to read, both on-screen and in print. Times New Roman and Arial are popular choices for their simplicity and readability.

Additionally, consider the formatting guidelines provided by your instructor or institution. Some may have specific requirements regarding font size and style. Lastly, remember that the content of your essay is what truly matters, so while it’s important to choose an appropriate font, don’t get too caught up in finding the “biggest” font. Focus on conveying your ideas effectively and clearly.

What If I Don’t Like The Font My Professor Has Assigned?

If you don’t like the font your professor has assigned for your essays, it’s important to approach the situation professionally and respectfully. While it may be tempting to use a different font that you prefer, it’s best to follow your professor’s instructions and use the assigned font.

Adhering to their guidelines shows you are attentive and respectful of their requirements. Suppose you have any concerns about the legibility or readability of the assigned font. In that case, you can politely discuss your concerns with your professor and see if there is any flexibility in their requirements. However, remember that ultimately, it is their decision, and it’s important to abide by their instructions.

How To Choose The Right Font For An Essay?

Choosing the right font for an essay is an important decision that can impact your work’s overall readability and presentation. While it may be tempting to choose a large and attention-grabbing font, it is generally recommended to stick with a standard font such as Arial or Times New Roman in a size between 10-12 points.

These fonts are widely accepted and easily read, making them a safe choice for academic writing. Additionally, consider any specific formatting guidelines provided by your instructor or institution. Ultimately, the goal is to choose a professional, legible font that enhances your essay’s overall appearance.

Tips For Using Fonts Correctly In Essays

Tips For Using Fonts Correctly In Essays

When using fonts in essays, following some guidelines is important to ensure readability and professionalism. Following these tips, you can effectively use fonts in your essays and present your work clearly and professionally. Here are some tips for using fonts correctly in essays:

  • Stick to standard fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, and Calibri are popular academic writing choices as they are easily read and widely accepted.
  • Use a legible size: Font size 12 is generally recommended for essays. Avoid using excessively large or small font sizes as they can make your essay difficult to read.
  • Be consistent: Choose one font and stick with it throughout your essay. Mixing multiple fonts can make your essay look unprofessional.
  • Use formatting options sparingly: While bold, italics, and underlining can effectively emphasize certain points, use them sparingly to maintain readability.
  • Proofread your essay: After formatting your essay, take the time to proofread it carefully for any typos or formatting errors. This will help ensure that your essay looks polished and professional.

To sum up , while using the biggest font for essays may seem like a sneaky way to boost your word count, it is not the most effective strategy. Instead, focus on the content, research, and analysis to enhance the quality of your essay. Selecting the right font that is easy to read and visually appealing is important for the overall presentation of your work.

It is also crucial to follow any specific font guidelines provided by your professor. Remember, the font should complement your writing style and enhance readability rather than being the sole focus. So, make wise font choices and prioritize substance over superficial tactics to create a well-crafted and impactful essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Font Is Best For Essays?

Ans: The choice of font for essays is crucial. Times New Roman or Arial are popular options, with a font size of 12pt being the standard. Avoid fancy or decorative fonts, as they can distract readers. Stick to a professional-looking font to ensure readability and a polished essay.

2.What Is The Biggest 12-Point Font?

Ans: The largest 12-point font is Times New Roman, with Arial and Calibri appearing slightly smaller at the same size. Simply increasing the font size won’t significantly boost your word count. Focus on adding valuable content instead.

3.What Is The Largest Acceptable Font?

Ans: The largest acceptable font for essays is generally 14-point, but checking your professor or institution’s guidelines is important. Increasing font size may not necessarily increase word count if the content remains unchanged. Balancing font size with readability and professionalism is key.

4.Which Is Bigger Calibri Or Times?

Ans: Calibri and Times are popular fonts used in essays. While Times is generally considered larger, Calibri is a newer, more modern font. Your choice of font size and style can affect the length and readability of your essay.

5.What Is The Best Font For A College Essay?

Ans: The best font to use for college essays is Times New Roman, size 12. Arial and Calibri in size 12 are also acceptable. Avoid decorative or cursive fonts, as they can be difficult to read. Always double-check the essay guidelines for any specific font requirements.

David Egee

David Egee, the visionary Founder of FontSaga, is renowned for his font expertise and mentorship in online communities. With over 12 years of formal font review experience and study of 400+ fonts, David blends reviews with educational content and scripting skills. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and a Master’s in Typography and Type Design from California State University, David’s journey from freelance lettering artist to font Specialist and then the FontSaga’s inception reflects his commitment to typography excellence.

In the context of font reviews, David specializes in creative typography for logo design and lettering. He aims to provide a diverse range of content and resources to cater to a broad audience. His passion for typography shines through in every aspect of FontSaga, inspiring creativity and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of lettering and calligraphy.

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biggest font for essays

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Design Your Way

How to Add Fonts to PowerPoint:

biggest font for essays

The Best Chiropractic Website Design Examples

biggest font for essays

The NYU Logo History, Colors, Font,

biggest font for essays

From Courtroom to Website: Crafting Client-Centered

Design Your Way is a brand owned by SBC Design Net SRL Str. Caminului 30, Bl D3, Sc A Bucharest, Romania Registration number RO32743054 But you’ll also find us on Blvd. Ion Mihalache 15-17 at Mindspace Victoriei

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Academic Appeal: The 11 Best Fonts for Academic Papers

  • BY Bogdan Sandu
  • 26 February 2024

biggest font for essays

Imagine settling into the rhythm of crafting your academic magnum opus—the words flow, ideas chime, yet it all hinges on how your prose meets the reader’s eye. You’re well aware that  the best fonts for academic papers  don’t just whisper to the intellect; they shout to the discerning critic in each evaluator. Here unfolds a narrative, not merely of  typography  but your academic saga’s silent ambassador.

In forging this guide, I’ve honed focus on one pivotal, often underestimated player in the academic arena:  font selection .

Navigate through this roadmap and emerge with a treasure trove of  legible typefaces  and format tips that ensure your paper stands hallmark to clarity and professionalism.

Absorb insights—from the revered  Times New Roman  to the understated elegance of  Arial —paired with indispensable  formatting nuggets  that transcend mere compliance with  university guidelines .

Dive deep, and by article’s end, unlock a dossier of sage advice, setting your documents a class apart in the scrutinous world of academic scrutiny. Here’s to  typography  serving not just as a vessel but as your ally in the scholarly discourse.

The Best Fonts for Academic Papers

Traditional choices and their limitations, times new roman : ubiquity and readability vs. overuse.

Times-New-Roman Academic Appeal: The 11 Best Fonts for Academic Papers

The Pittsburgh Penguins Logo History, Colors, Font, And Meaning

The dallas stars logo history, colors, font, and meaning.

Academic Appeal: The 11 Best Fonts for Academic Papers

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biggest font for essays

Ad Impact: The 19 Best Fonts for Advertising

  • Bogdan Sandu
  • 20 December 2023

biggest font for essays

T-Shirt Typography: 30 Best Fonts for T-Shirts

  • 21 December 2023


7 Best Fonts For University Essays (Teachers Choice)

7 Best Fonts For University Essays

Affiliate Disclaimer

As an affiliate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases. We get commissions for purchases made through links on this website from Amazon and other third parties.

Choosing the best font for university essays is really difficult. As a university student, you have to stand out from other students’ academic papers.

What are the best fonts for university essays? Arial and Helvetica sans-serif style is a common font choice among university students. Some universities do have guidelines on their website about what fonts are allowed in academic essays, so make sure to check before you start typing.

The right font can make your paper look more professional and appealing to readers. But it’s hard to find fonts that are both beautiful and easy to read especially when there are thousands of them available online!

Best Fonts will help you easily choose the most suitable font for your project by offering expert suggestions based on your needs and interests.

I’ve dedicated myself to helping students succeed in their studies with our website full of useful tips on how to write an effective essay or research paper, as well as relevant information about different types of fonts (serif, sans serif, script, etc).

Our team consists of experienced writers who also know what it takes to get top grades at universities around the world! So if you need some extra help writing your next academic paper or just want some advice on choosing.

If you are in a hurry! Then you should be considered these quick recommended picks.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 50+ Million Resume Templates & Design Assets

biggest font for essays

All the Resume Templates you need and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements . The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!

biggest font for essays

What Are The Best Fonts For University Essays?

Students often use clear sans-serif style Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Calibri fonts on their university academic essays, and some universities have a proper guideline on their website about the fonts that should be used.

But for my academic papers, I’ve been researching on the internet and find these 10 best fonts for university essays that are clear in human eyes and look so professional. Your university professor will love your academic papers and essays after using these fonts.

1. Wensley Modern Serif Font Family (Top Pick)

The font of choice for many university students, Wensley is a modern serif font typeface. If you want to impress your professors with an elegant and professional appearance then this style will be perfect for the job! This font includes non-english characters so it can fit any language perfectly.

biggest font for essays

Wensley Font

  • This font is known as the perfect headline maker.
  • Improved readability.
  • Available in a variety of weights and styles.
  • Fast delivery to your inbox.
  • All fonts are 100% licensed, free lifetime support.

2. Madelin Serif Font Family

The font Madeline is a well accepted serif font among the universities and colleges. This high classed font includes all types of non-english characters and basic glyphs, making it perfect for students in academia. If you are a university student then this new typeface will drastically improve your academic papers.

biggest font for essays

Madelin Font

  • Impress your professor with a professional looking paper.
  • Make an academic research paper look more interesting and engaging to readers.
  • Fonts that are easy to read on screens and in print.
  • The best typeface for any design project.
  • Be creative with your fonts!
  • Unique and exciting typeface
  • Can be used in any environment or situation
  • Will have your audience drooling over this font
  • Curvaceous letters make for an attractive design

3. Glamour Luxury Serif Font Family

Glamour Luxury Serif is a font for those looking to be both stylish and minimalistic. With many variations, it can make your paper stand out from the rest or you can use it on your resume as well!

biggest font for essays

Glamour Luxury Serif Font Family

The wide variety of options in Glamour Luxury Serif means that students will have an easy time finding this typeface for their institution work while professionals will find just what they need in order to maximize their efficiency at work with its clean design.

  • The best way to express yourself on the academic papers
  • Increase visibility, increase recognition and get a leg up on competitors
  • Make your content stand out with bold fonts that are beautifully designed
  • Fonts mixes aesthetics with readability so you can use them unapologetically

4. Adrina Modern Serif Font Family

Adrina is a modern rounded serif font with 3 weights that can be used by creatives and commercial professionals. It also has multilingual support to help university students, adults in the professional world, or anyone who needs it!

biggest font for essays

Aridina Font

  • Give your design a unique touch with our extensive library of stylish fonts
  • With over 100 fonts on offer you have an entire world to explore
  • Whether it’s for personal or commercial use these typefaces are perfect for all occasions, big and small
  • The variety means that there’s something to suit every project – whether it’s formal, laid back or fun.

5. Immani Serif Font Family Pack

Immani serif font is a logos-ready font with a modern, eye-catching serif look! This classy typeface is perfect for including in headings and other text collaborations within your project. With its sleek fonts, you can easily create stylish headlines or any other type of text that will catch the eyes of those all around you. It’s time to stop searching: this font is what you need!

biggest font for essays

Immani Font

Effortlessly design your next project with FontsTTD Serif TTF Typewriter Font. Including a variety of letter and number characters, as well as an additional 5 ornaments at each.

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  • You will be able to combine both Font Weight Regular and Light
  • Fonts with different fonts, ensuring any text is legible.
  • You will also have the option of using a web font kit or downloading an OTF or TTF file.
  • No worries about missing out on any key characters!

6. Bergen Text – Sans Serif Font

Bergen Text is an elegant, clean and minimalistic font for university and college academic papers. It has been designed specifically in a small 9-pixel size for easy legibility and accessibility reasons.

biggest font for essays

Bergen Font

In contrast to Fontana families (that are heavy with serifs), Bergen Text is very straightforward. This makes it the perfect candidate for creative works that need a commercial license and readability that will satisfy any customer’s needs.

UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 50 Million+ Fonts & Design Assets

biggest font for essays

All the Fonts you need and many other design elements, are available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements . The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!

biggest font for essays

Envato element offers key resources and parent tips about effective teaching strategies so students can learn more effectively, from pre-kindergarten to high school.

  • Fonts designed for people who use small text sizes
  • Sans font is available!
  • Get a wide variety of fonts with just one purchase
  • Improve legibility by using different weights and styles

7. Morton – Sans Serif Font

University students always find the best font to use on their academic papers and essays. However, some university has its own criteria to write these papers.

biggest font for essays

Morton Font

But most of the universities don’t have these font selections criteria on their academic guideline. That’s why students use basic and regular free fonts like Helvetica, Arial, Calibri.

If you want to stand out and increase your marks in academic and university essays. Then try to use a unique font. Because everyone is using the same font in their essays.

Related Post: 10 Best Dark & Moody Lightroom Presets Free and Premium

That’s why choosing a unique and stylish sans serif font in your writing is the best way to mark better.

  • Fonts are a single click away.
  • It’s perfect for small text sizes.
  • A grotesque typeface classic.
  • Comes in nine weights and stylistic variations for the nerd in all of us.

Final Words

Unique fonts are the key to standing out and making eye-popping clear academic papers. These best fonts can be really unique with clean formatting. Students and professionals always need these great typefaces for their documents, presentations, or any other assignment that needs design

You can check out Envato elements Fonts to get the most out of it. Thank you

About the author

biggest font for essays

Al Shariar Apon

I’m a digital content creators and tech-savvy enthusiast. In this website I would like to share my knowledge and Google productivity tools, tips, templates. Thank you.

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biggest font for essays

biggest font for essays

15 Best Fonts for Essays: Enhance Your Writing Skills

When it comes to writing essays, students often focus on the content, structure, and grammar. However, one crucial element that is often overlooked is the choice of font. Believe it or not, the font you use can significantly impact the readability and overall presentation of your essay. In this article, we’ll explore the 15 best fonts for essays, and explain why and how each font can be the perfect choice for your academic writing.

Why Choosing the Right Font Matters

Affecting readability and comprehension.

The first reason to consider when choosing a font for your essay is readability. Fonts with clear and distinct characters make it easier for your teacher to read and understand your work. Fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia are excellent choices because they have serif characters that guide the eye smoothly from one letter to the next, enhancing readability.

Impact on Grades and Teacher’s Perception

The font you select can also influence how your teacher perceives your essay. Using a professional and legible font can give your essay a polished appearance and suggest that you take your work seriously. This, in turn, can positively impact your grades.

Adding a Personalized Touch

Additionally, your choice of font allows you to add a personal touch to your essay. While it’s important to follow formatting guidelines, selecting a font that resonates with you and complements your writing style can make your essay feel more unique and engaging.

Serif Fonts

Times new roman.

Times New Roman (2)

Classic and Formal

Times New Roman is a timeless choice for academic essays. Its classic and formal appearance makes it suitable for various types of essays. The clear serifs and even spacing contribute to its readability, ensuring that your teacher can focus on your content.


Easy on the Eyes

Georgia is another serif font that’s easy on the eyes. It’s a great choice for longer essays, as it combines readability with a touch of elegance. Its slightly larger x-height (the height of lowercase letters) contributes to its legibility.

Sans-Serif Fonts

Arial (2)

Modern and Clean

For essays that are intended to be read on screens, Arial is a modern and clean sans-serif font. It’s easy to read on digital devices, and its simple design ensures that your words take center stage.


Legible and Professional

Calibri is a sans-serif font known for its legibility. It’s an ideal choice for typed assignments, as it looks professional and is easy to read both on paper and on screen.

Script Fonts


Adds a Personal Touch

Cursive fonts can add a personal touch to your essay, making it suitable for creative and reflective pieces. However, use them sparingly and primarily for headings or special emphasis.

Lucida Handwriting

Lucida Handwriting

Elegant and Unique

Lucida Handwriting is an elegant script font that can make your essay stand out. It’s a unique choice that adds a touch of sophistication to your work.

Decorative Fonts


Attention-Grabbing Headers

Decorative fonts like “Impact” are best used for attention-grabbing headers or titles. However, avoid using them for the main body of your essay, as they can be challenging to read in longer passages.

Comic Sans MS (2)

Playful and Informal

Comic Sans is a playful and informal font. While it’s not suitable for formal essays, it can work well for humorous or light-hearted pieces.

How to Choose the Best Font

Consider the essay type and purpose.

The type of essay you’re writing and its purpose should guide your font choice. Formal essays benefit from serif fonts like Times New Roman, while creative pieces can experiment with script fonts like Lucida Handwriting.

Prioritize Readability

Above all, prioritize readability. Ensure that the font you choose doesn’t distract from your content and that it’s easy for your teacher to read.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is key. Stick to one font throughout your essay to maintain a professional and organized appearance.

Seek Teacher’s Guidance

If you’re uncertain about which font to use, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for guidance. They can provide specific recommendations based on your assignment.

Font Size and Spacing

When you’ve chosen the right font, it’s essential to pay attention to font size and spacing.

Proper Font Size for Readability

Select an appropriate font size that makes your text easily readable. A font size of 12pt is standard for most academic essays.

Appropriate Line Spacing

Use double-spacing or follow your teacher’s instructions for line spacing. Adequate spacing between lines ensures that your essay is well-organized and easy to read.

Margins and Formatting Tips

Maintain proper margins and follow any formatting guidelines provided by your teacher or institution. Consistency in formatting is crucial for a professional appearance.

Sample Essays with Font Choices

Let’s take a look at some sample essays using different fonts and explain why each font is suitable for the given topic. This will help you understand how to apply font choices effectively in your own writing.

In conclusion, the font you choose for your essay is more than just a stylistic decision. It plays a vital role in enhancing readability, impacting your grades, and adding a personal touch to your work. Experiment with different fonts, but always prioritize readability and professionalism. Remember, the best font for your essay is the one that helps you convey your ideas effectively and impress your teacher with your writing skills. So, go ahead, choose your font wisely, and craft outstanding essays that leave a lasting impression. Happy writing!

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How to Make an Essay Appear Longer Than It Is

Last Updated: February 2, 2024 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Jake Adams . Jake Adams is an academic tutor and the owner of Simplifi EDU, a Santa Monica, California based online tutoring business offering learning resources and online tutors for academic subjects K-College, SAT & ACT prep, and college admissions applications. With over 14 years of professional tutoring experience, Jake is dedicated to providing his clients the very best online tutoring experience and access to a network of excellent undergraduate and graduate-level tutors from top colleges all over the nation. Jake holds a BS in International Business and Marketing from Pepperdine University. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 1,777,039 times.

You are writing a paper and the deadline is approaching, but you are nowhere near the page limit. Many students find themselves in this position. Luckily for you, you can lengthen your paper by using a few tricks. Increasing the font size, adding a lengthy header, and manipulating the spacing between lines are just a few strategies you can use to make your essay appear longer. However, be aware that breaking your teacher’s guidelines may result in a lower grade.

Playing with the Font

Step 1 Choose a slightly larger font.

  • Don’t pick a very large font like Arial Black or Lucida Handwriting. Your teacher will notice that you are trying to make your essay longer by choosing a larger font.

Step 2 Adjust the font size.

Manipulating Spacing and Margins

Step 1 Increase the spacing between lines.

  • If the increase is too noticeable, then try 1.15 or 1.1 instead.
  • Because all documents are left justified, avoid increasing the left margin. Adjusting the left margin will produce a noticeable change that your teacher will detect.

Step 3 Increase the bottom margin by a quarter.

Adjusting the Header and Footer

Step 1 Lengthen your header.

Expanding the Content

Step 1 Spell out numbers less than ten.

  • Additionally, if you are quoting or paraphrasing research or literature, make sure to cite it properly. Citations can add extra length to a paper as well.

Step 5 Ensure that each paragraph has a topic and a concluding sentence.

  • Expand your introductory paragraph with an attention-getting statement to hook the reader in.

Step 6 Be as descriptive as possible.

  • However, try to avoid being descriptive when it is unnecessary since this may cause your paper to appear embellished or sound verbose.

Step 7 Draw out your conclusion.

Community Q&A

Community Answer

  • Copy and paste your paper into a new document. Make these changes to the new document. Then compare and contrast the document with the changes to the original document. Remove any adjustments that seem obvious. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Use a thesaurus to find longer synonyms to use in place of shorter ones. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Spell out abbreviations; for example, write out “United States" instead of using "US." Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

biggest font for essays

  • Be aware that breaking your teacher’s guidelines may be considered cheating, which may result in a lower grade or even a zero. Thanks Helpful 12 Not Helpful 1
  • Don't be redundant. Thanks Helpful 5 Not Helpful 1

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  • ↑ https://studentshare.org/study-guides/how-to-make-your-essay-look-longer
  • ↑ http://www.seventeen.com/life/school/advice/a27491/tricks-you-try-to-make-your-school-paper-longer/
  • ↑ https://www.thoughtco.com/how-to-make-paper-longer-793288

About This Article

Jake Adams

To make an essay appear longer than it is, pick a font that's slightly larger than Times New Roman, like Arial, Courier New, or Cambria. If you're required to use 12-point font, try increase the font to 12.1 or 12.2 to gain some extra length without the font looking noticeably larger. Then, press on Control and the F key at the same time to activate the find and replace function, and replace all of the commas and periods with 14-point font. If the essay still isn't long enough, increase the line spacing by 0.1 or 0.2 and make the right margin 0.1-0.2 inches larger. For tips on adjusting the header and footer or adding more content to your essay, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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biggest font for essays

The Best Fonts for Your Essays, Books & Other Long Form Texts

Eryn Stubblefield

  • Inspirational
  • Tips and Trends

Choosing the right font can seem like an impossible task. There are so many things to consider. What is the font going to be used for? What message are you trying to send? Is the font readable? Does the font include special features? Combine these questions with virtually unlimited font choices, and you’ll find your head spinning.

Different styles of fonts serve different purposes. Bold, blocky fonts are typically used for titles or headings. Script fonts are used for creative projects such as invitations, posters and apparel. Finally, there are fonts that work well as body copy. Body text is your longer text that usually appears in paragraphs. Because this text can be anything from a few words to millions of pages, legibility is very important. If a viewer is going to spend longer that a few seconds reading your text, you need to make sure that you’re providing a great reading experience. We’ll take a look at some tips for choosing the right fonts for longer bodies of text and I’ll also make some recommendations for fonts that you can use for your next project.

A Little Spacing Goes A Long Way

One of the biggest mistakes people make when working with longer blocks of text is not using correct spacing. The spacing between lines, paragraphs and characters can be the difference between fomenting being easy to read or impossible to read. Often, people space text and element to close in an attempt to save space, use less pages or get in some extra information in a small area. I get it. Sometimes you have one word left over, and you really don’t want to create a widow and orphan situation. But, there is no reason to cram all of your body text into a small area.

Reserve The Decorations For Parties And Special Events

As graphic designers, we tend to be creative people. I love adding a bit of flair and pizzaz to everything. There’s a time and a place for the fancy had-lettered fonts. Your body text is neither the time nor the place. Using a decorative font to signify a chapter or section header can be a really nice visual break and keep everything from appearing as a never-ending wall of text. Using a decorative font as the default font for your body will be impossible to read and put a lot of strain on the viewers eyes. It will also take up significantly more space than using a clean font designed for long works of text.

Font Pairing Is Still Important

Making your text easy to read is your top priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some variety to your text. We’ve already mentioned how using decorative fonts for chapter and section headers can be useful, but there are some other situations where mixing things up is a great idea. If you have subsections throughout your text, you can implement some font pairing. For subsections, you wouldn’t want to make them decorative, but you would want to find a way to distinguish between the subsections and the body text. If you need help with font pairing check out: How to Mix and Match Fonts to Add Depth to Any Design .


  • Best For Font Pairing

Lato is a great font for mixing, matching and pairing fonts. Lato has several variations of thick and thin weights that provide so many possibilities for pairing your fonts. You could use Lato Regular for the body of your text and Lato Heavy for your titles. If you’re new to font pairing and want a really easy way to guarantee your fonts will have some diversity while keeping a consistent style, Lato is for you.

  • Best For Universal Titles & Body Text

Gotham  is great if you’re looking for a font that works well for titles as well as body text. Gotham is one of those fonts that look great in any size and any case. The characters are spaced well and it’s very easy to read. If you don’t want a ton of variation between your titles and your body, Gotham is a great choice.

  • Best Pre-Installed Font

Futura is a font that can be found on most computers. It’s a favorite among many designers and is a great go-to font if you’re not able to install any custom fonts on a machine. Futura can be a bit overused these days, but it’s still a great choice when your options are limited and you need something quick, easy and readily available.

  • Best Serif Font

Adobe Caslon Pro is a great choice if you prefer a serif font over a sans serif font. It’s classic, easy to read and adds a bit of a rustic feel to your work.

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How to remove the background of a picture

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Color gradients: Definition and types

By Jessica May 15, 2024

Dr. Mark Womack

What Font Should I Use?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) provides explicit, specific recommendations for the margins and spacing of academic papers. (See: Document Format .) But their advice on font selection is less precise: “Always choose an easily readable typeface (e.g. Times New Roman) in which the regular style contrasts clearly with the italic, and set it to a standard size (e.g. 12 point)” ( MLA Handbook , 7th ed., §4.2).

So which fonts are “easily readable” and have “clearly” contrasting italics? And what exactly is a “standard” size?

For academic papers, an “easily readable typeface” means a serif font, and a “standard” type size is between 10 and 12 point.

Use A Serif Font

Serifs are the tiny strokes at the end of a letter’s main strokes. Serif fonts have these extra strokes; sans serif fonts do not. ( Sans is French for “without.”) Serif fonts also vary the thickness of the letter strokes more than sans serifs, which have more uniform lines.

biggest font for essays

Books, newspapers, and magazines typically set their main text in a serif font because they make paragraphs and long stretches of text easier to read. Sans serifs (Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Gill Sans, Verdana, and so on) work well for single lines of text, like headings or titles, but they rarely make a good choice for body text.

Moreover, most sans serifs don’t have a true italic style. Their “italics” are really just “obliques,” where the letters slant slightly to the right but keep the same shape and spacing. Most serifs, on the other hand, do have a true italic style, with distinctive letter forms and more compact spacing.

biggest font for essays

Since they’re more readable for long passages and have sharper contrast in their italics, you should always use a serif font for the text of an academic paper.

Use A Readable Type Size

The standard unit for measuring type size is the point . A point is 1 / 72 of an inch, roughly one pixel on a computer screen. The point size of a font tells you the size of the “em square” in which your computer displays each letter of the typeface. How tall or wide any given letter is depends on how the type designer drew it within the em square, thus a font’s height and width can vary greatly depending on the design of the typeface. That’s why if you set two fonts at the same point size, one usually looks bigger than the other.

Compare the following paragraphs, both set at 12 point but in different fonts:

biggest font for essays

For body text in academic papers, type sizes below 10 point are usually too small to read easily, while type sizes above 12 point tend to look oversized and bulky. So keep the text of your paper between 10 and 12 point .

Some teachers may require you to set your whole text at 12 point. Yet virtually every book, magazine, or newspaper ever printed for visually unimpaired grown-ups sets its body type smaller than 12 point. Newspapers use even smaller type sizes. The New York Times , for example, sets its body text in a perfectly legible 8.7 point font. So with proper spacing and margins, type sizes of 11 or 10 point can be quite comfortable to read.

Font Recommendations

I usually ask my students to use Century Schoolbook or Palatino for their papers. If your teacher requires you to submit your papers in a particular font, do so. (Unless they require you to use Arial , in which case drop the class.)

One thing to consider when choosing a font is how you submit your essay. When you submit a hard copy or a PDF, your reader will see the text in whatever typeface you use. Most electronic submission formats, on the other hand, can only use the fonts available on the reader’s computer. So if you submit the paper electronically, be sure to use a font your instructor has.

What follows is a list of some widely available, highly legible serif fonts well-suited for academic papers. I’ve divided them into four categories: Microsoft Word Fonts, Mac OS Fonts, Google Fonts, and Universal Fonts.

Microsoft Word Fonts

Microsoft Word comes with lots of fonts of varying quality. If your teacher asks you to submit your paper in Word format, you can safely assume they have Word and all the fonts that go with it.

biggest font for essays

Morris Fuller Benton designed Century Schoolbook in 1923 for elementary-school textbooks, so it’s a highly readable font. It’s one of the best fonts available with Microsoft Word. Because it’s so legible, U. S. Supreme Court Rule 33.1.b madates that all legal documents submitted to the Court be set in Century Schoolbook or a similar Century-style font.

biggest font for essays

Hermann Zapf designed Palatino in 1948 for titles and headings, but its elegant proportions make it a good font for body text. Named for Renaissance calligrapher Giambattista Palatino, this font has the beauty, harmony, and grace of fine handwriting. Palatino Linotype is the name of the font included with Microsoft Word; Mac OS includes a version of the same typeface called simply Palatino.

Microsoft Word includes several other fonts that can work well for academic essays: Bell MT , Californian FB , Calisto MT , Cambria , Garamond , and Goudy Old Style .

Mac OS Fonts

Apple has a well-deserved reputation for design excellence which extends to its font library. But you can’t count on any of these Mac OS fonts being on a computer that runs Windows.

biggest font for essays

Finding his inspiration in the typography of Pierre Simon Fournier, Matthew Carter designed Charter in 1987 to look good even on crappy mid-80s fax machines and printers. Its ability to hold up even in low resolution makes Charter work superbly well on screen. Bitstream released Charter under an open license, so you can add it to your font arsenal for free. You can download Charter here .

biggest font for essays

In 1991 Apple commissioned Jonathan Hoefler to design a font that could show off the Mac’s ability to handle complex typography. The result was Hoefler Text , included with every Mac since then. The bold weight of Hoefler Text on the Mac is excessively heavy, but otherwise it’s a remarkable font: compact without being cramped, formal without being stuffy, and distinctive without being obtrusive. If you have a Mac, start using it.

Other Mac OS fonts you might consider are Baskerville and Palatino .

Google Fonts

When you submit a paper using Google Docs, you can access Google’s vast library of free fonts knowing that anyone who opens it in Google Docs will have those same fonts. Unfortunately, most of those free fonts are worth exactly what you paid for them, so choose wisely.

biggest font for essays

IBM Plex is a super-family of typefaces designed by Mike Abbink and the Bold Monday type foundry for — you guessed it — IBM. Plex serif is a solid, legible font that borrows features from Janson and Bodoni in its design. Plex is, not surprisingly, a thoroughly corporate font that aims for and achieves a bland neutrality suitable for most research papers.

biggest font for essays

John Baskerville originally designed this typeface in the 1850s, employing new techniques to make sharper contrasts between thin and thick strokes in the letter forms. The crisp, elegant design has inspired dozens of subsequent versions. Libre Baskerville is based on the American Type Founder’s 1941 version, modified to make it better for on-screen reading.

Unfortunately. Google Fonts has few really good serif fonts. Some others you might consider are Crimson Pro and Spectral .

Universal Fonts

Anyone you send your document to will have these fonts because they’re built in to both Windows and Mac OS.

biggest font for essays

Matthew Carter designed Georgia in 1993 for maximum legibility on computer screens. Georgia looks very nice on web sites, but in print it can look a bit clunky, especially when set at 12 point. Like Times New Roman, it’s on every computer and is quite easy to read. The name “Georgia” comes from a tabloid headline: “Alien Heads Found in Georgia.”

biggest font for essays

Times New Roman is, for better or worse, the standard font for academic manuscripts. Many teachers require it because it’s a solid, legible, and universally available font. Stanley Morison designed it in 1931 for The Times newspaper of London, so it’s a very efficient font and legible even at very small sizes. Times New Roman is always a safe choice. But unless your instructor requires it, you should probably use something a bit less overworked.


12 Best Fonts for Academic Papers in Microsoft Word

Good academic papers deserve good academic fonts. You might not have thought too much about which font you use before, but they play a big part in whether people will take your paper seriously or not. This article will explore the best fonts for academic papers.

Best Fonts for Academic Papers in Microsoft Word

The best fonts for academic papers are Times New Roman, Baskerville Old Face, and Georgia. There are plenty of good options, but you’ll mainly want to stick to serif fonts. They look much neater and more professional while showing that the reader can trust what you say.

Best Fonts for Academic Papers in Microsoft Word

Times New Roman

Times New Roman is the most famous font on Microsoft Word. It should come as no surprise that it’s a good pick when writing academic papers. It’s got everything you could possibly need when it comes to professionalism and readability.

Times New Roman is the best font to use in most situations. If you’re looking for a more formal font, you’ll find that Times New Roman ranks very highly on the list, regardless of what else is required.

It’s a fairly small font, which looks more appealing for an academic paper. A common pitfall that most people fall for is they try to use a font that’s too large, which can make their paper look less trustworthy and more informal. Neither of those traits is good for academics.

Baskerville Old Face

Baskerville Old Face is a great font to use in an academic paper. There have been studies in the past about different fonts and how they engage readers. It’s believed that Baskerville is one of the most reliable fonts, and the writer tends to be more “truthful” when using it.

Whether you buy into studies like this or not isn’t important. What is important is that Baskerville Old Face is a fantastic choice for most academic papers. It looks really good (like a more concise Times New Roman), and it’s very popular.

Baskerville is a fairly popular choice for published novels, so you might already be familiar with the font style. If you like the way it looks in some of the novels or publications you’ve read, you’ll find that it converts very well to your academic papers.

Georgia ranks very highly when looking for a formal font that will work well in an academic paper. It’s slightly larger than Times New Roman, but a lot of people say that this helps it to become a more “readable” font.

When writing academic papers, it’s wise not to overwhelm your reader with information. The more condensed the font is, the harder it can be to make sense of what you’re writing. With Georgia, this isn’t an issue.

Georgia might be one of the larger fonts listed here, but it makes for an easy read. Plenty of readers will be happy to read through an entire paper written in Georgia, but they might be a bit against reading one in something smaller.

Garamond is another decent option that can work well for academics. Garamond is the smallest font we have included on the list, which can allow you to get a lot of information into a very small space without overwhelming a reader too much.

While it’s not always ideal for including lots of information, Garamond does it really well. It’s readable and professional, allowing your readers to make sense of even the most concise explanations you might include.

It’s also quite a popular choice for many writers. You’ll find that it ranks quite highly simply because of how popular it’s become among a lot of writers on Word.

Cambria is a solid font choice that a lot of people like to use. It’s another default font (though it’s mainly reserved for sub-headings in most Word formats). It runs true to the font size, making it a fairly decent choice if you’re looking for something compact.

The serif style of this font makes it easy to read. It’s nearly indistinguishable from some of the other more popular serif fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia, which is why it is such a popular choice.

However, since it looks so similar, it can make it difficult for people to recognize the font or to figure out which font you’re using. While this isn’t the end of the world, it certainly won’t help you to create a unique feel for your paper either.

Book Antiqua

Book Antiqua is another suitable serif font. It’s not as popular as some of the others, but it looks really good as far as formal fonts go. People like it because it offers a slightly more authentic feel and looks like it could be used in a published novel or academic study.

It’s a standard-sized font, and it’s quite easy to read. A lot of people enjoy using it because it can offer a lot of character to their writing. You might not think that a font has that much power, but you’d be surprised once you try and use Book Antiqua a bit more.

Bookman Old Style

Bookman Old Style is another good font that can look like something out of a published paper. What makes this one special is its size. It’s quite a large font with a decent amount of width to each letter (without going too overboard with the letter spacing).

This font is quite popular for people looking to make their academic papers stand out. It’s not the same style as most of the other serif fonts, allowing your paper to bring a little bit extra that some other people might miss out on.

We encourage you to try this one in multiple different situations. It can work both formally and informally, depending on what you’re looking to get out of it.

Palatino Linotype

Palatino Linotype is a good font for many occasions. You’ll often find it used in academic papers because of the interesting style that comes with it. It looks like a classical font, which takes inspiration from some of the older styles of writing that came before computers.

If you want your academic paper to come across as a bit more traditional or formal, you’ll love this font.

Palatino Linotype offers a great deal of character without changing too much of the original formula that makes fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia so special.

Lucida Bright

Lucida Bright is a great font that is very large compared to most. It works well in academic papers, but you’ve got to make sure you know when to use it. If your paper is particularly word-heavy, it might not be wise to use a font that makes each word much larger.

For example, if you have a page limit on your paper, it might be wise to use a smaller font. Lucida Bright will definitely carry you far over that page limit before you come close to the words you might need to use to explain something.

Nevertheless, it’s still a very attractive font that looks really good in most academic papers. If you’re looking for something that’s stylish and readable, Lucida Bright is a good option.

Calibri is a sans serif font, and it’s the first of its kind on the list. We have only included serif fonts because they tend to be more readable and professional. However, Calibri can work really well if you’re looking for a slightly more approachable feel with your font.

Calibri is like the Times New Roman of the sans serif fonts. It is very popular, and most Microsoft Word versions come with it preloaded as the default font for most written pieces.

That’s what makes it such a valuable choice. You can use it in almost any situation (informal and formal) to a great degree.

Arial is another popular sans serif font that you will be able to use in your academic writing. You don’t always have to use the more formal serif fonts, and Arial is a great example of what can be achieved when you’re a little less formal with your presentation.

Arial is much larger than Calibri when the same font size is used. This makes it a lot more visually appealing, though you have to make sure you don’t overdo it with the number of pages it uses.

Before Calibri replaced it, Arial was also the default sans serif font on Microsoft Word. This has allowed it to be a fairly popular choice for many users, and it remains one of the most popular ones today.

Century Gothic

Century Gothic is the final font we want to cover. It’s a sans serif font that can work really well if you’re looking for a slightly larger font. It’s larger than Arial, making it an easy-to-read font that a lot of people like to utilize.

The only issue you might come across is that the size of it can make it seem much more informal. You should be careful with how you use this font, as it could take away from the professionalism or reliability of your academic paper.

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Martin holds a Master’s degree in Finance and International Business. He has six years of experience in professional communication with clients, executives, and colleagues. Furthermore, he has teaching experience from Aarhus University. Martin has been featured as an expert in communication and teaching on Forbes and Shopify. Read more about Martin here .

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  • 12 Best Victorian Fonts in Microsoft Word
  • 5 Best LaTeX Fonts in Microsoft Word

biggest font for essays

biggest font for essays

Font To Choose for Your Research Paper: Best Font for Essays

Font To Choose for Your Research Paper: Best Font for Essays

We’ve all, at some time in our lives, pondered the question of how to create an essay that gets good grades. You may find millions of instructions that will walk you through the process of writing an excellent essay by doing a simple search on Google or pay for research paper . However, a lot of individuals neglect to think about typefaces. In addition to learning how to acquire material and present it in an organized manner, students should also be taught how to style their written assignments, such as essays. When it concerns font for essay , typefaces are also a very important factor.

You will require to choose a typeface that is easy on the eyes. The issue is that there are literally thousands upon thousands of typefaces from which to choose. And after you’ve decided which one is the greatest, you’ll need to choose the appropriate size. Is it preferable to have a font size of 12 for the body paragraph and 14 for the titles? Let’s see what the best fonts for essays are out there check DoMyEssay  .

What About the Font Size?

When it comes to standard font size for essays, it’s usually 12 or 14. But 12 is usually recommended font size for college papers. New Times Roman, Arial, and Calibri are most often seen in this size. The typefaces you choose should be large enough so that your work can be read without putting undue strain on the eyes of the reader. Points are the standard unit of measurement for distances. MLA, American Psychological Association, and Harvard are the most used citation styles and conventions for scientific research publications. The value indicates the proportion of the display that the typeface uses.

Generally, 12 points are considered the minimum acceptable size for academic writing. Size-wise, it’s ideal for the target demographic without seeming too big or cumbersome. The text size you choose for your research paper is crucial in letting it seem professional and attractive. When completing the assignment, the author should utilize the prescribed font size. In figuring out how many webs pages your work needs, this aspect ratio is crucial. To ensure that we don’t go over or under the page count for the whole project, we’ve been using a font size of 12 to do the calculations.

Wensley Modern Serif Font Family

This one is a standard essay font that people use nowadays. Wensley is a contemporary serif font design that is widely used by undergraduates in a variety of educational institutions. This is the ideal look to go for if you wish to give off an air of sophistication and competence to your teachers, which is exactly what you should strive for. This typeface supports a variety of non-English letters, making it suitable for use in any language.

Serif Or Sans Serif, That’s Always A Dilemma

Serif and Sans Serif are always in sort of a rivalry within academic fonts. When deciding whether to choose one of them for your study, the level of formality of the document and the environment in which it will be presented are the two most important factors to consider. The informality of sans serif typefaces makes them a good choice for casual presentations, while the beauty of serif fonts makes them a good choice for more official scholarly articles. It is often advised to choose a sans serif since it is more readable and less tiresome to write on a pc screen. If we are thinking about the place it will be released, we should take this into consideration.

The majority of analyses and publications, regardless of the publication venue in which they appear, benefit from having either serif or sans serif font for college essay included in the same document. The headlines or restricted quotations in a piece of writing will often benefit link from using one style, whereas the main section of the text may benefit from using the other.

Our further font research leads us to Calibri. The popularity of this typeface is comparable to that of the font Times New Roman. In addition to that, Calibri is a Sans typeface. There are a number of advantages to using this font, including the fact that it is not unusual, that it is simple to read, that it is user-friendly for cell devices, and many more. It is one of the safest options for some of the best research paper writing services too. However, this does not always imply that every aspect of this typeface has solely positive qualities. The fact that it is easy to forget about and not particularly thrilling is another one of its many drawbacks. On the other hand, it is commonly used by electronic firms who are responsible for the creation of websites.

Times New Roman

If you ask any best essay writer service which font is the most appropriate to choose, he or she will pick Times New Roman. The Times of London, a magazine published in the United Kingdom, is where this typeface got its name. A new font was commissioned to be designed by the Times in 1929 by typographer Stanley Morison. He was in charge of leading the project, while Victor Lardent, an advertisement designer for the Times, was the one who designed the letterings under his supervision.

Even when it was brand new, Times New Roman was met with opposition. The fact that the new typeface was featured in a daily paper contributed to its meteoric rise to fame among manufacturers of the era. Times New Roman has consistently been one of the very first typefaces offered for each new writing device, despite the fact that composing technologies have changed significantly in the intervening decades.  As a consequence of this, its scope has grown even more.

Creating an essay for high school or university requires the student to pay attention to numerous details. Among the most crucial aspects of an excellent college essay are its subject, structure, substance, trustworthiness of resources, the writer’s voice, simplicity of ideas, and continuity of views. There is, nevertheless, a factor that many university learners grossly undervalue. Making sure you choose a legible typeface is just as important as providing a well-thought-out argument throughout your academic paper.

How-To Geek

The best fonts for google docs documents.

Fix your keyboard's handwriting!

Quick Links

Best fonts to use for google doc, what to look for when choosing a font, choose your favorite google font.

Google has a wide library of fonts that can turn your document into a pleasure to read and write. We've selected the best fonts to make your Google Doc documents look the best they can. We'll cover some classics as well as some underrated new fonts.

If you're a Google Docs user, you probably know that it employs the Arial typeface by default. However, there are also other alternatives offered by Google Fonts that provide similar professional flair and readability.

When it comes to documents, readability will always be a top priority, and Inter excels at this game. There are many types of writings that can be done with this typeface. The font was originally designed to work on the 11px font size specifically. It has a tall x-height that aids in the readability of mixed-case and lower-case texts.

The Inter UI font family has nine different weight styles available on Google Docs. It even has OpenType Features and glyphs if you are looking for more design options.

If you like texts that are carefully spaced out and friendly yet formal, then Inter is your best bet. It's such a popular pick that you may even want to use Inter as your default font on Google Docs .

Where you can best use Inter:

  • Blog or article writing
  • Personal documents

Clean, sophisticated, and modern---these words best describe this sans serif font. Because of how clear and balanced the typeface is, you will usually see this style being used on the web. In fact, the font is still very readable, even on small screens.

This typeface is considered a humanist sans serif. In simple terms, it means it's written like a human holding a pen with minimalist contrasting strokes. And because of this, humanist sans serif designs are usually used in education, finance, and the government sector.

Since Open Sans is highly legible, it's best to use this font for:

  • Academic requirements like reaction papers, research papers, or any kind of homework
  • Any type of data that you input in a spreadsheet
  • Formal letters

Google Docs only offers 30 fonts by default. To see Open Sans in the fonts list option, you'll need to add it to Google Docs .

Roboto is another sans serif font developed by Google, and it has six available weight styles on Google Docs. If we are going to compare it to the default Google Docs font, which is Arial, the former has a more condensed look.

Because of its condensed look, it is the perfect font to use when a lot of content is needed, but there is not a lot of space to work with. When you use Roboto, the typeface appears to be largely geometric since it belongs to the neo-grotesque family of sans serif typefaces. It also has open curves, which makes it a friendly and versatile font to use overall.

Roboto is part of the regular family, and you can also use this font together with the other family type, the Roboto Condensed, and Roboto Slab.

Now, where should you consider using this sans serif font?

  • Documents that will be opened using a phone or a small screen
  • Documents where you have to condense the content in one page

Bonus fact: Roboto is the system font of the Android operating system!


Another one of our top Google fonts is called Merriweather. It's a free, open-source serif typeface, and it has a full set of weights and styles available on Google Docs. It also has an interesting set of Glyphs.

Related: What's the Difference Between a Font, a Typeface, and a Font Family?

This font was designed by Sorkin Type, and its signature style balances aesthetics, expression, and utility. No wonder why Merriweather gives off a polished and elegant look, making your documents look more professional.

As for Merriweather's best feature, it's the ability to stand out due to its unique flair. However, it also blends in well when paired with other sans serif fonts such as Roboto, Montserrat, and Merriweather Sans.

Merriweather is best used for:

  • Paragraph headings
  • Professional letters and documents


Coming from the monospace family, Inconsolata is designed for printed code listings and is favored by programmers. As we've mentioned, it is monospaced, meaning the letters occupy the same amount of width. This kind of typeface dates back to the typewriter days.

One drawback for monospaced fonts is that they may be a bit harder to read than the other types. But Inconsolata is one of the few monospaced fonts that does not compromise legibility. While each character has the same width, the spaces in between them are just right. It's not too condensed but also not too spaced out.

Consider using Inconsolata if you are doing these types of documents:

  • Code listings
  • Manuscripts
  • Screenplay or scriptwriting

Additionally, you can also try to use Inconsolata as paragraph headings and pair it with sans serif fonts.

We have another humanist sans-serif on the list, and it's PT Mono. This font is part of the Public Type family where they have sans and serif typefaces. But as its name suggests, this is a monospaced typeface. It's very similar to Inconsolata, except PT Mono is sharper on the edges, making it look more straightforward and more formal compared to the other font.

If you are a heavy user of spreadsheets, this font should be your go-to. Each character has the same amount of width, so it's easier to calculate the size of entry fields, cells, or tables. To activate PT Mono on your Google Docs, you have to go to the font options list and select "More fonts."

We recommend you use PT Mono on your next spreadsheet file so you can get a feel of this humanist monospaced font.

In addition to worksheets, this font can also be used for:

  • Making work tables
  • Creating work forms

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is Adobe's first Open Source typeface family, and it's best for user interfaces .

But what is an Open Source font? These are free fonts that are developed to be used for any purpose, including commercial work. Most designers use an Open Source font because the design is open for modification. The simplicity of Source Sans Pro makes it very pleasing to the eyes. It is sleek and slender, and the style is known for its minimalist approach.

Source Sans Pro makes a good paragraph heading too. The next time you create something on Google Docs, try pairing Source Sans Pro with Roboto or Open Sans for variation.

You can use Source Sans Pro when you are doing the following types of documents:

  • Article writing or blog writing
  • Note-taking

Nunito Sans

The last on the list is Nunito Sans. It has seven weight styles available on Google Docs. This font is a well-balanced sans serif typeface.

This font's design looks more rounded than the other sans serif fonts, which makes it more appealing. But it's not so round to the point that it makes the style look soft. If you look at it carefully, the uniformity of the strokes balances out the roundness of the design. Overall, it gives that professional yet friendly vibe.

Similar to Source Sans Pro, designers like to use Nunito Sans as well because it's simple yet formal enough. You can use this font to give more personality to your document while still keeping it formal.

Nunito Sans is best used for these kinds of documents:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Research papers

Selecting a font to use may look pretty simple, but there are actually many factors to think about. The most essential one to consider is whether the document you're working on is for print or web. Viewing from a screen and from paper are two completely different experiences, so formatting decisions like what font style to use for each should be distinct from each other.

With that, here are the considerations you should review when choosing a font:

Character Line Spacing

When characters are too close to each other, this can cause your content to look denser and messier. Choose a font with wider character spacing so they're easier to read regardless of how small the sizes can be.

Serif vs. Sans-Serif

Related: What Do "Serif" and "Sans Serif" Mean?

Serif fonts have decorative strokes on them that give your writing a more elegant look. However, choosing consistently readable serifs can be challenging. Sans-serif fonts tend to be cleaner, simpler, and easier to read. Choose according to the mood you're going for and, of course, the readability.

Degree of Legibility

The way you use typefaces matters. You have to think about the size, range of weights and ligatures, clarity of the characters, and height and contrast ratio standards. Choose was reads best to your target audience.

There are over a thousand accessible Google fonts to choose from. All of them are 100% safe to use and can easily be downloaded from their website. In addition, there are no licensing restrictions, as all the fonts listed in their directory are open source and free. You can use them on your Google documents, websites, commercial projects, and even on print.

So, take some time exploring these awesome font options and narrow down your choices until you come up with the ones that can best express your message.

Related: How to Find, Add, and Remove Fonts in Google Docs

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Whats a good font for essays that is big but looks good, (so it dosent look really big)

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Whats a good font for essays that is big but looks good, (so it dosent look really big)  

Are trying to write less but fill more pages? /me shakes his finger...  


Golden Member

Why don't you just browse through them and pick the ones you like Ariel is rewt.  

Times New Roman is standard, followed by Arial. For some other fonts that look decent but take up more space, try: Verdana Courier New and my personal favorite, Prestige Elite!  

Diamond Member

Lol! Did you try e x t e n d e d lettering?  

I need size 12 font, verdana looks to big, what u all think bout Lucida Sans  

The way to make essays longer comes not with fontages and extended lettering techniques, nor with the techniques associated with spacing of aforementioned fonts and letterings. Extending an essay requires the dedication associated with writing words that are perspicacious and interminable words and phrases. By extending your vocabulary proficiency and demonstrating the art of such proficient inscription, you can turn a simple notion that would normally consume one sentence or fragment thereof, and convert it into a full-fledged paragraph. Understand?  

damn, and i thought u were just a nef...lol i prefer my strongly stated three word sentences  

To augment my previous statement, I should also mention that by writing in such a style, you can avoid such blunders, such as giving the impression of being an ignoramus, as would be indicative with using large print styles (a.k.a. fonts) and/or large print sizes (i.e. size).  

the standard is times new roman, size 12. changing your font or the size or the margins means you haven't written enough.  

lol ur funny....i mean, Laughing out loud, your comical witty nature makes me laugh in a tone of humiliation hows that, im a begginer at that  

Courier New. Has wider spacing between the letters. Sister taught me that one freshman year...  

Senior member

Many computer-savvy teachers these days will deduct points if you have obviously tried to &quot;pad&quot; your essay by using a large font or overly-ample margins. I suggest that you should alter the content of your essay, not its appearance.  

Platinum Member

  • Jun 10, 2001

Tahoma is always nice for that large print feel, but not as large as courier new.  



  • Apr 27, 2020

Comic Sans Seriff, font size 72pt. Gets 'em every time.  


I'd just hand in a blank thumb drive, and when they say there's nothing on it, I'd say "Fuck if I know. It was on there this morning, and it was the only copy".  

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biggest font for essays

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The best 11 free handwriting fonts in 2024

The best 11 free handwriting fonts in 2024

Your font choices are the voice of your designs; they communicate a message and tone to your audience. 

With good typography (arrangement of text), you can cement your brand personality and boost audience engagement.

Handwritten fonts are one great way to achieve these goals.

Creating a sense of connection way before the Internet even existed, handwritten text can help you show brand authenticity and attract your audience’s attention.

In this article, we look at the power of handwriting fonts in more depth. We also look at 11 free handwriting fonts that you can access today!

Table of Contents

What are handwriting fonts?

Handwriting fonts are, as the name suggests, fonts that are made to mimic the natural flow and variation of handwriting. This means that, unlike traditional fonts, they might be slightly irregular between letters and vary in line thickness. 

There are different types of fonts that look like handwriting . Some look like they have been written in marker, for example, while others look like they’re written in pencil.

The benefits of using handwriting fonts include the ability to:

  • Boost engagement. By sparking emotions in your audience, you can create a closer connection with them. For example, some handwriting fonts evoke a feeling of nostalgia with their child-like feel.  
  • Make content feel more authentic and personalized. Even just adding a handwritten signature to the bottom of a letter can make people feel like the content was written just for them. 
  • Break up designs. Handwritten fonts can catch the eye in contrast to other types of text. For example, in a formal piece, they add a touch of informality and fun.

11 free handwriting fonts

Ready to start experimenting with some free styled fonts ? Discover the 11 best handwriting fonts in 2024 below! 

The first three are examples of fonts that can be found directly in Picsart’s font generator . We’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to include them as well as how to upload other fonts later in the article.

biggest font for essays

1. Script Bold Italic

If you’re looking for a fancy handwriting style that can add a touch of sophistication to your design, you can’t go wrong with Script Bold Italic. Intricate, but highly readable, it’s the perfect font for brand materials or elegant signage. 

Stand out from the crowd with this fun, angled handwriting font. The all-caps makes it great for creating eye-catching headlines or adding energy to a banner. 

Curvy is a rounded, almost child-like font with an “S” that slants to the left. It’s great for adding personality and conveying warmth and approachability.   

4. Bristol Regular

Bristol Regular is one of the most famous handwriting fonts. With thick letters in a marker pen style, it’s got a highly distinctive look that’s perfect for creating a memorable brand. 

5. Honeyscript

Honeyscript has a slightly retro style which makes it great for creating designs with a nostalgic feel. Add this to event flyers, social media graphics, and more to entice your audience by creating a stronger emotional connection. 

6. Scriptina Regular

A sprawling font with cute flourishes on some of the letters, Scriptina Regular adds a sense of drama and personality to any design. Use it to embellish product labels, email newsletters, and more. 

7. Philtradesign Handwritten Font 

Philtradesign is a more stripped-back, simple handwritten font that appears very personalized. It’s ideal for creating unique business cards and letters. 

With the appearance of crayon strokes, Eraser is a great font for showing creativity in a design. Use it to make your marketing assets stand out by being more fun and playful.   

9. Homemade Apple

Homemade Apple is a polished, but approachable handwriting style that exudes warmth and personality. Use it to elevate brochures, flyers, and more. 

10. Drm Handwritten

A narrow, elongated font with a totally unique vibe, Drm Handwritten is a great choice for logos, website headers, and anywhere else you want to create a strong first impression. 

11. Seascape

With a whimsical daydreamy feel, Seascape is the ideal font for businesses that want to evoke feelings of adventure and imagination. Use it in packaging, website design, or email newsletters. 

Making use of handwritten fonts inside the Picsart Font Generator 

If you want to start creating more of a human connection with your audience, handwriting fonts are perfect.

biggest font for essays

  • Head to https://tools.picsart.com/text/font-generator/
  • Look through the categories on the left to find the types of fonts you want. The handwriting fonts we’ve recommended can be found in the “Fancy” and “Cursive” tabs. 
  • Type in the text box at the top to test them out or experiment with other cool fonts!

You can also add your own fonts inside Picsart’s website and mobile editors. Here’s how to do it on the website:

  • Head to the Picsart editor
  • Click “Uploads” in the left-hand tab. 
  • Select the “Fonts” tab on the right.
  • Hit “Upload” at the bottom and search for your font.
  • Now, use the Text button to add a text box, select it, and change the font in the bar at the top.

And here’s how you can do it on mobile: 

  • Locate the font file in your downloads.
  • Click “Export” and click the Picsart logo.
  • Open the Picsart app and click on the purple plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen to start a new project.
  • Add text to your project.
  • Tap on the “Font” icon in the “Editor” toolbar, and then click on the teal arrow in the left-hand corner under your image to pull up our library of searchable fonts.
  • Head to “My Fonts” where you’ll see the font you just added. 

Discover some of the best handwritten fonts in our font generator or upload your own font styles in seconds for ultimate freedom and creativity.

Diana Melkonyan

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Graphic Design Junction

Written by Muhammad Faisal • May 17, 2024 • 6:09 pm • Fonts , Freebies

Fresh Fonts: 23 Free Fonts to Inspire Your Next Project

Fresh Fonts Free Download

Typography is a cornerstone of design, and the right font can elevate your design project from good to great. It sets the tone, establishes a visual hierarchy, and ultimately shapes how viewers perceive your message.But with countless fonts available, finding the perfect one can feel overwhelming. Here’s where free fonts come in, offering a treasure trove of creative options without breaking the bank.

This curated list features 23 fresh, free fonts categorized for logo fonts, poster fonts, and fonts for websites. Remember, before downloading any font, be sure to check the license agreement to ensure it aligns with your intended use (personal or commercial).

You may be interested in the following related articles as well.

  • 25+ Essential Script Fonts for Graphic Designers
  • 25+ Best T-Shirt Mockups (Free & Paid)
  • Fresh and Free Graphic Design Resources Every Designer Should Have
  • Simple and Clean Business Cards For Your Brand: A Guide to Timeless Design

Unlimited Downloads Over 1,500,000+ Fonts, Mockups, Freebies & Design Assets


Download Now

Explore Similar Fonts: 100 Best Fonts For 2024

List of Fresh Fonts: 23 Free Fonts:

The right font can transform your design, whether it’s a logo, a poster, or a website. The fresh fonts highlighted here are all available for free and can be used commercially, providing you with a diverse range of options to enhance your next project. Explore these fonts and let them inspire you to create visually stunning and impactful designs.

Crude” is a free font designed by Jun Han Sim, offering a distinctive, raw aesthetic perfect for bold and edgy designs. Its rough, handcrafted appearance makes it ideal for creative projects seeking a touch of authenticity and originality. Available for personal and commercial use, it’s a versatile addition to any designer’s toolkit.

Crude Free Font

Super Chalk Font

“Super Chalk à €” by fsuarez913 is a charming, free font that emulates the look of chalk writing. Perfect for educational materials, playful designs, and artistic projects, it brings a casual, hand-drawn feel to any text. Its versatile and approachable style makes it a popular choice for various creative uses.

Super Chalk Free Font

Dear Sky Free Typeface

“Dear Sky” is a free typeface by Rayssa Alves, characterized by its elegant, handwritten style. Ideal for invitations, personal notes, and creative projects, it adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to any design. Its fluid, graceful letters make it a versatile choice for enhancing visual appeal.

Dear Sky Free Typeface

ZT Floogn Font

“ZT Floogn” by Zelow Type is a free, modern font with a unique and futuristic design. Its sleek, geometric shapes and bold lines make it perfect for contemporary projects, tech-related designs, and branding. Offering both creativity and readability, ZT Floogn adds a distinctive, cutting-edge flair to any visual composition.

ZT Floogn Free Font

Feltful Font

“Feltful” by Jess Latham is a delightful, free font that mimics the texture of felt-tip marker writing. Its playful and casual style makes it ideal for children’s books, informal designs, and craft projects. Feltful’s warm, friendly appearance brings a touch of whimsy and creativity to any text.

Feltful Free Font

Asa Branca Tipografia vernacular Font

“Asa Branca – Tipografia vernacular” is a free font by Vívian de Oliveira, inspired by Brazilian vernacular lettering. It captures the essence of traditional, handcrafted signage with its rustic and authentic charm. Perfect for cultural projects and unique designs, Asa Branca brings a touch of heritage and personality to any text.

Asa Branca Tipografia vernacular Free Font

Autumn Break Font

“Autumn Break” is a free handwriting font that captures the cozy, relaxed vibe of the fall season. Its natural, flowing strokes are perfect for personal projects, invitations, and casual designs. The font adds a warm, personal touch to any text, making it ideal for creating a welcoming, autumnal atmosphere.

Autumn Break Free Font

Deledda Font

“Deledda” by Dimitri Antonov is a free font that exudes elegance and sophistication. With its refined, classic design, it’s ideal for formal invitations, branding, and editorial use. Deledda’s timeless serif style adds a touch of luxury and professionalism, making it a versatile choice for high-end and traditional projects.

Deledda Free Font

ZT Chintzy Heavy Font

“ZT Chintzy Heavy” by Zelow Type is a bold, free font designed for maximum impact. Its thick, robust letters are perfect for headlines, posters, and branding that demand attention. The font’s striking presence and modern aesthetic make it a standout choice for any project seeking a powerful, contemporary look.

ZT Chintzy Heavy Free Font

Rock Bro Font

“Rock Bro” by Ebad Siddique is a dynamic, free font with a bold and edgy design. Perfect for music posters, sports branding, and impactful headlines, its strong, rugged style commands attention. The font’s vibrant energy and modern appeal make it an excellent choice for projects needing a powerful visual statement.

Rock Bro Free Font

Long Today Font

“Long Today” by Khurasan is a sleek and versatile font that exudes modern sophistication. With its clean lines and elegant curves, it’s perfect for branding, editorial design, and digital applications. The font’s timeless appeal and readability make it a reliable choice for projects seeking a contemporary yet classic aesthetic.

biggest font for essays

Free Blue Bubbles Font

“Free Blue Bubbles” font by Ivan Dezign is a whimsical and playful typeface reminiscent of bubbles floating in the sky. With its rounded shapes and cheerful demeanor, it’s perfect for children’s books, greeting cards, and creative projects. This font injects a sense of joy and lightness into any design it accompanies.

Free Blue Bubbles Font

Zones Free Typeface

“ZONES” by Rohan Majrikar is a captivating free typeface with a modern and geometric design. Its clean lines and bold strokes make it ideal for headlines, posters, and branding projects. With a contemporary aesthetic and versatile appeal, ZONES adds a touch of sophistication and style to any typographic composition.

ZONES Free Typeface

Breath Sans Display Font

“Breath Sans” by Anna Ustinova is a striking display font designed to make a bold statement. With its tall, slender letterforms and sharp angles, it commands attention in headlines, logos, and branding materials. This modern and sophisticated typeface adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to any design project.

Breath Sans Display Font

My Font Free Fonts

“My Font” by Elena Oncina Marco is a charming and versatile free typeface designed with creativity in mind. With its clean lines and friendly demeanor, it’s perfect for a wide range of applications, from branding and advertising to personal projects. This font adds a touch of warmth and personality to any design.


NaN Holo Gigawide Ultra Font

“NaN Holo Gigawide Ultra” is a futuristic and dynamic free font created by NaN. Its sleek, geometric design and ultra-wide characters make it perfect for sci-fi, technology, and digital-themed projects. With a modern and eye-catching appearance, this font brings a sense of innovation and energy to any typographic composition.

NaN Holo Gigawide Ultra Free Font

Butter Pican Handbrushed Font

“Butter Pican” by Balpirick Studio is a charming handbrushed font with a playful and organic feel. Its irregular strokes and unique character shapes evoke a sense of spontaneity and warmth, perfect for personal projects, branding, and creative designs. This font adds a delightful touch of personality and whimsy to any text.

Butter Pican Handbrushed Font

Oxygen Font

The “Oxygen Font” is a versatile and modern typeface designed for clarity and readability across various digital and print mediums. Its clean, sans-serif design makes it suitable for both body text and headlines. With a balanced blend of simplicity and sophistication, Oxygen Font ensures optimal legibility while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

Oxygen Free Font

Ode an Erik AH Font

“Ode an Erik AH” by FontGrube AH is a tribute font inspired by the iconic typeface Erik Spiekermann’s FF Meta. With its clean lines and modern design, it pays homage to the timeless elegance of its predecessor while adding its own unique flair. Perfect for branding and editorial projects, Ode an Erik AH offers versatility and style.

Ode an Erik AH Free Font

Lotion Font

“Lotion” by Nina is a delicate and elegant font characterized by its smooth curves and graceful letterforms. Perfect for feminine branding, wedding invitations, and luxury packaging, it exudes sophistication and refinement. With its subtle beauty and timeless appeal, Lotion adds a touch of class to any design project.

Lotion Free Font

Runtoe Font

Runtoe Free Font

Urang Kaya Font

“Urang Kaya” by Selawetyp is a bold and expressive font inspired by Indonesian culture. With its intricate details and handcrafted appearance, it captures the richness and diversity of traditional artistry. Perfect for cultural projects, posters, and branding, Urang Kaya adds a vibrant and dynamic touch to any design seeking a unique aesthetic.

Urang Kaya Free Font

Bonus Tip: Pro Font Pairing

While a single font can work wonders, consider the power of strategic font pairing. Combining a bold display font for headlines with a clean sans-serif font for body text creates a clear visual hierarchy and enhances user experience. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect match for your project.

  • Readability is Key: Even the most aesthetically pleasing font won’t work if your audience can’t easily read it. Always prioritize fonts that are clear and legible, especially for website content.
  • Consider Your Audience: Who are you designing for? Choose a font that reflects the target audience and aligns with the overall tone of your project.
  • Don’t Go Overboard: Stick to two or three fonts at most to maintain a cohesive look and avoid overwhelming your viewers.

With this list and a few design tips, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect free fonts to elevate your next project! Happy designing!

About the Author / Muhammad Faisal

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9 Best Shopify Fonts To Try Out In 2024

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Table of Contents

9 best shopify fonts to try out in 2024.

Our operations are supported by commissions earned from affiliates. Details .

9 Best Shopify Fonts To Try Out In 2024

Picking the  best Shopify font  for your store is as important as choosing your Shopify theme. It indeed sounds simple and almost easy, but it may not be once you get into the hunt. Fonts have a huge impact on your website visitors, as well as your brand image. So, there is no scope for compromise.

Picture this: You enter an online store to purchase stickers. The font is too small, confusing, hard to read, and formal. In short, the font doesn't go with the funky and colorful brand image the business is trying to portray. Thus it gives you an impression that the store is unreliable, and not professional.

Would you still want to purchase from this store?

Fonts play a crucial in web design and in conveying the personality of your brand. In 2024, these web design trends continue to evolve, and with the latest font options and combinations, your Shopify store stands out from the competition. In this blog, we will explore the nine best Shopify fonts and Shopify font combinations you can try for your own store.

Why Choosing the Best Font for Shopify Store Matters

Why Choosing the Best Font for Shopify Store Matters

Choosing the best font for your Shopify store matters for several key reasons:

Impact on Brand Image

The font you select should directly control the impressions others have of your brand. Fonts are considered a visual reflection of your brand's personality as well as identity, and this is what helps you build a powerful brand image that will have an instant connection with your audience.

Consistency with Brand Personality

You need a font that matches what you want your brand to be like, and this must be carried out onto all the touch points. Fonts are essential to communicate your tone and values, so it is better to select a font or a combination of fonts that will be in line with and are focused on amplifying your brand's unique identity.

Building Trust and Credibility

The right selection of fonts can even boost the audience's confidence in the store's reliability and credibility. Similar to the example we outlined at the beginning of this article, professional fonts show transparency and inspire confidence in your brand, conveying the idea that your company is reputable and customer-centered.

Readability and Legibility  

Readability and legibility are some of the key elements to note since the visitors, after reading your content, should not strain their eyes or become stressed. Font optimizations for mobile devices will turn-on an enhanced browsing experience, and this means that users will enjoy the browsing experience regardless of the device size, which will, in turn, help improve usability and engagement.

Accessibility Considerations  

Accessibility is an issue to be taken into account in choosing a font. Picking out fonts that are understandable to all users, including those with visual impairments, prevents your site from being discriminative and ensures that it is accessible to every individual, allowing every content to be displayed easily.

It is worth noting that some fonts may behave differently due to the variety of devices your recipients own. Therefore, choose a theme that will balance it out.

Mobile Responsiveness

The fonts you choose must be explicitly designed for a smooth mobile-viewing experience so customers can have smooth navigation on their tablets and phones. Semantic fonts make a site mobile-responsive and improve user experience and interaction, thus increasing the chances of product sales.

Understanding Shopify Font Options

When it comes to adding fonts to your theme in the Shopify store, there are two ways to go about it:

  • You can use Shopify's font library to choose a suitable theme.
  • You can use custom fonts that aren't available in the font library.

We will explore both in detail below. But before that, if you are new to understanding fonts, then it is important to understand the basics. So, let’s begin there.

What are System Fonts?

What is a system font?

Source: Google Fonts

System fonts are fonts that are already installed on users' computers. This eliminates the need for browsers to download fonts before rendering text, enhancing the store's performance. These fonts are categorized as mono, sans-serif, or serif, with examples including Menlo, Segoe UI, and Times New Roman, respectively.

Shopify Font Library

Shopify's Font Library has a diverse collection of fonts, including system fonts, Google fonts, and licensed fonts from Monotype. They are freely available for use and are provided in both WOFF and WOFF2 formats, ensuring compatibility across various devices and browsers.

In each of the font files, you will find the following unicode ranges, if applicable:

  • Basic Latin
  • Latin-1 Supplement
  • Latin Extended-A
  • Currency Symbols

In a few fonts, you will also find CJK Unicode ranges used in Japanese writing. While this library caters to a broad spectrum of use cases, certain fonts may not be available due to licensing restrictions. For merchants seeking broader character support, options like system fonts, Typekit, and other third-party solutions may be necessary.

Notably, personal access to font files is currently unavailable.

Read more: Best Free Shopify Themes for 2024: Expert Reviews of 11 Top Choices

What are Custom Fonts?

If you are a merchant who is seeking more than the basic system font or default font, then you can go for custom fonts from third-party solutions like Google Fonts, Creative Market, or Adobe Typekit. These fonts are great if you want to create a unique identity for your brand that is truly one-of-a-kind.

How to Integrate Shopify Custom Fonts to Your Store

Integrating custom fonts into your Shopify theme is a straightforward process:

  • Third-party hosted fonts:  If your chosen font is hosted by a third party, they typically provide a <link> tag to include the font in your theme.
  • Hosting fonts in your theme: You can host your own font files by adding them to the assets directory of your Shopify store theme or the files section of the Shopify admin.

Now that you know all about Shopify fonts, let’s explore some of the best Shopify fonts for your store.

9 Best Website Fonts for Your Shopify Store

Here are nine best website fonts for your Shopify store in 2024:

Alfie script in Shopify Font Library.

This playful yet modern sans-serif font is inspired by handwritten lettering and has a certain warmth to it. It is perfect for brands and stores who wants to showcase a minimalistic and contemporary aesthetic, as well as a fun, inviting, and friendly personality to portray. Its versatile weights allow for flexible use in headers, body text, and even decorative elements.

Alfie Script is available in a single variant. You have the flexibility to use the Alfie Script to style headlines, product descriptions, and navigation menus.

Recommended for: If you are running a fashion boutique, you can use it in bold for headlines to grab attention while opting for the regular variant for body text to maintain readability.

Americana in Shopify Font Library.

This classic slab serif exudes vintage Americana vibes, evoking nostalgia and trust. Its strong presence works well for headlines, logos, and product descriptions, particularly for brands in food, fashion, or vintage-inspired categories. It comes in four variants, including the regular, italic, bold, and extra bold.

Recommended for: Americana Script in bold or italics is perfect for luxury and boutique brands such as a home decor store for headlines to convey luxury while utilizing the regular variant for product descriptions for easy readability.

Beefcakes in Shopify Font Library.

This quirky, all-caps display font demands attention with its chunky, playful letters. It's perfect for making a bold statement in headlines, banners, and promotional materials.

With this font, you can add a dash of fun to your website and create playful branding.

Recommended for: It is perfect for children's toy stores, gaming stores, etc., that want to create a high-energy and unconventional outlook along with their theme.

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro in Shopify Font Library.

A popular font script amongst many online stores, Source Sans Pro, helps you create that professional look for your store. Its extensive collection of variants caters to almost any use case, from body text to call-to-actions. You can find 12 variants in this font, including light, italic, semi-bold, bold, black, and bold italic.

Recommended for: This font is perfect to use in bold for product titles and to highlight key features while utilizing the light variant for body text for easy reading.

Quick read : Start Strong: Top 30 Best Shopify Themes of 2024 for New Merchants

Cardamon in Shopify Font Library.

Cardamon is a sophisticated and elegant serif font with a timeless appeal. It has soft curves and refined details, making it a favorite among luxury brands and upscale retailers.

Cardamon comes in eight variants, including italic, medium bold, and bold italic.

Recommended for: This font can also work well for high-end branded stores, where they can use Cardamon in bold for branding elements like logos and taglines while incorporating the regular or italic variant for product descriptions for clarity.

Josefin Slab

Josefin Slab in Shopify Font Library.

Looking for a font that looks light but comes with distinctive geometric shapes? Josefin Slab might be for you. This contemporary slab-serif font is known for its distinctive and generous x-height and confident look and feel. It is a modern classic, suitable for a wide range of stores and industries.

The font comes in ten variants, including thin, italic, semi-bold, and bold. Josefin Slab provides options for styling headlines, banners, and navigation menus.

Recommended for:  A gourmet food retailer could use the Josefin Slab in semi-bold or bold italics for category headers to create a visual hierarchy while utilizing the light variant for body text.

Sans-Serif in Shopify Font Library.

Sans-serif fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Open Sans are classic choices for Shopify stores seeking a clean and minimalist aesthetic. With their simple, unadorned letterforms, sans-serif fonts offer excellent readability and versatility across different design contexts.

Recommended for: For instance, a tech accessories store could use a sans-serif font like Open Sans for its website design to convey a modern and streamlined look.

Poppins in Shopify Font Library.

Poppins is a versatile and friendly sans-serif font known for its rounded letterforms and generous spacing. Its modern yet approachable aesthetic makes it an excellent choice for various design styles.

With 18 variants, including thin, light, italic, bold, and black, Poppins offers options for styling headlines, body text, and navigation menus.

Recommended for: If you are a wellness brand or even a beauty brand, you could use Poppins in regular product descriptions to convey a sense of warmth and authenticity.

Inter in Shopify Font Library.

Inter is yet another modern and versatile sans-serif font designed specifically for digital screens.

Recommended for: Its balanced proportions and extensive character set make it ideal for e-commerce websites looking for a clean and contemporary typeface.

Inter comes in nine variants in the Shopify Font Library, including thin, italic, bold, and black. This font provides flexibility in styling different design elements.

Shopify Font Combinations & Pairings: Best Recommendations for Your Store

Having just one theme all over your store is old school. If you are looking for some unique Shopify font pairings, then here are a few you can consider:

Brandon-Grotesque + Granville

Brandon-Grotesque + Granville is a great Shopify font pairing to explore.

Brandon-Grotesque is a custom font known for its clean lines and elegant appearance. Paired with Granville, a sophisticated serif font, this combination creates a striking contrast that grabs attention and reinforces brand identity.

Kirrin Finch Shopify store.

Grifo S Light, a light serif font with classic letterforms, pairs beautifully with Mason Neue Medium, a bold sans-serif font.

This combination strikes a balance between elegance and readability, making it ideal for brands in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. You can see this visual treat live on Rothy's Shopify shoe store.

Rothy's Shopify store.

Mason Neue Medium is used in the logo, sitting right next to the navigation menu in the same font. Grifo S Light is being used throughout the website for headlines, adding emphasis to product names and call-to-action buttons.

Lora + Karla

Lora + Karla is a great font combination for boutique style brands.

Lora, a classic serif font with a timeless appeal, complements Karla, a friendly sans-serif font, to create a harmonious and versatile pairing. Lora's graceful curves and Karla's clean lines work together seamlessly, making this combination an astounding one in the Shopify store - Artisaire. Lora takes over the headlines, and Karla makes a statement with bolder text highlights and logos.

Artisaire Shopify store.

Testing and Optimizing Fonts on Shopify

Before finalizing the font for your Shopify store, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • A/B test the fonts:  Compare a range of typefaces in order to determine the ones that are the most effective for a given audience.
  • Consider for user experience:  Improve the user experience by identifying fonts that are very easy to read and make users engage.
  • Use tools and methods for A/B testing fonts: Use A/B testing apps, heat mapping tools, and customer feedback surveys to conduct A/B tests effectively.

Platforms such as Optimizely and Google Optimize help you with simple font A/B testing. Run variations to random traffic and analyze the result in CTR and conversion metrics to find the winner.

Selecting the right fonts for your Shopify store is not just a matter of aesthetics; it's also about user experience and maximizing results. So, don't just settle for fonts that are simply average. Invest in testing, create a unique brand voice, and watch your Shopify success story write itself using these nine best Shopify fonts and font combinations.

Explore more, check out :  Top 40+ Shopify Stores: Inspiring Website Examples and Discovery Tips

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biggest font for essays

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biggest font for essays


biggest font for essays

TIOBE Index for May 2024: Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

Fortran is in the spotlight again in part due to the increased interest in artificial intelligence.

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Adobe Adds Firefly and Content Credentials to Bug Bounty Program

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biggest font for essays

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biggest font for essays

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biggest font for essays

Google I/O 2024: Google Search’s AI Overviews Are Generally Available This Week

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biggest font for essays

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biggest font for essays

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  1. Biggest Font For Essays

    biggest font for essays

  2. What are the best fonts for college essays?

    biggest font for essays

  3. Biggest Font For Essays

    biggest font for essays

  4. What are the best fonts for college essays?

    biggest font for essays


    biggest font for essays

  6. Essay Font Size

    biggest font for essays


  1. BCCI's BIGGEST DECISION EVER! What's Changing in IPL 2024?

  2. The biggest decision the Knicks Font Ofice has ever faced

  3. letter a b c #calligraphy #handwriting #art #letter

  4. letter GHI#handwriting #shortsvideo #alphabet #calligraphy

  5. Best fonts and names

  6. HTML Basics


  1. Times Newer Roman is a sneaky font designed to make your essays look

    Times Newer Roman looks a lot like the go-to academic font, but each character is subtly altered to be 5 to 10 percent wider, making your essays look longer without having to actually make them ...

  2. How to Make an Essay Look Longer

    The thing to remember is that the longer the base essay, the more they amplify the length. So for instance, if your essay is 10 lines with double spacing, and you change the spacing to 2.1, you get an extra 0.1 of a line for every line you've written, and 0.1×10 = 1. So, for every ten lines you actually write, you get the effect of having ...

  3. 12 Largest Fonts in Microsoft Word [Size 12 Comparison]

    The best largest fonts for essays are Arial, Century Gothic, and Verdana. These fonts look the part while also providing you with a chance to make them slightly larger. Your essays will end up looking much more complete with these fonts. Arial. Arial is one of the most popular fonts in the world. It was once the original Microsoft Word font ...

  4. Biggest Font For Essays

    Biggest Font For Essays Enhances Readability And Impact. Regarding choosing the biggest font for essays, it is important to consider readability and professionalism. While using a larger font size may seem tempting to make your essay stand out, it is generally recommended to stick with standard fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial in a size ...

  5. Academic Appeal: The 11 Best Fonts for Academic Papers

    Alright, let's jump into the present and look at what's hot right now in the world of best fonts for academic papers. We're talking fresh, modern, and yes, even trendy. But still, all about that readability and academic vibe. Modern Fonts for Academic Writing Constantia for screen and print readability. First up, Constantia.

  6. 7 Best Fonts For University Essays (Teachers Choice)

    Your university professor will love your academic papers and essays after using these fonts. 1. Wensley Modern Serif Font Family (Top Pick) The font of choice for many university students, Wensley is a modern serif font typeface. If you want to impress your professors with an elegant and professional appearance then this style will be perfect ...

  7. 15 Best Fonts for Essays: Enhance Your Writing Skills

    5.1 Impact. 5.2 Comic Sans. 6 How to Choose the Best Font. 6.1 Consider the Essay Type and Purpose. 6.2 Prioritize Readability. 6.3 Maintain Consistency. 6.4 Seek Teacher's Guidance. 7 Font Size and Spacing. 7.1 Proper Font Size for Readability.

  8. 4 Ways to Make an Essay Appear Longer Than It Is

    To make your essay appear longer, try increasing the font size to 12.1, 12.3, or 12.5. See which adjustment makes the biggest difference without being too noticeable. [2] 3. Increase the size of periods and commas. Hold down control+F on your keyboard. This is the find/replace function.

  9. Font

    A variety of fonts are permitted in APA Style papers. Font options include the following: sans serif fonts such as 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial, or 10-point Lucida Sans Unicode; serif fonts such as 12-point Times New Roman, 11-point Georgia, or normal (10-point) Computer Modern (the default font for LaTeX); We recommend these fonts because they are legible and widely available and because ...

  10. 7 Best Fonts For University Essays

    Here are seven of the most common types used in academic writings: Times New Roman: This classic serif font is a go-to for many writers. It's easy to read and has a timeless look. Arial: A popular sans serif font, Arial is also easy to read and works well for long paragraphs of text. Calibri: Another sans serif font, Calibri is slightly more ...

  11. The Best Fonts for Your Essays, Books & Other Long Form Texts

    Best Serif Font. Adobe Caslon Pro is a great choice if you prefer a serif font over a sans serif font. It's classic, easy to read and adds a bit of a rustic feel to your work. By Eryn Stubblefield. Choosing the right font can seem like an impossible task. There are so many things to consider.

  12. What Font Should I Use?

    Microsoft Word includes several other fonts that can work well for academic essays: Bell MT, Californian FB, Calisto MT, Cambria, Garamond, and Goudy Old Style. Mac OS Fonts. Apple has a well-deserved reputation for design excellence which extends to its font library. But you can't count on any of these Mac OS fonts being on a computer that ...

  13. 12 Best Fonts for Academic Papers in Microsoft Word

    Best Fonts for Academic Papers in Microsoft Word. The best fonts for academic papers are Times New Roman, Baskerville Old Face, and Georgia. There are plenty of good options, but you'll mainly want to stick to serif fonts. They look much neater and more professional while showing that the reader can trust what you say.

  14. Font To Choose for Your Research Paper: Best Font for Essays

    When it comes to standard font size for essays, it's usually 12 or 14. But 12 is usually recommended font size for college papers. New Times Roman, Arial, and Calibri are most often seen in this size. The typefaces you choose should be large enough so that your work can be read without putting undue strain on the eyes of the reader.

  15. What font and font size is used in APA format?

    APA Style papers should be written in a font that is legible and widely accessible. For example: Times New Roman (12pt.) Arial (11pt.) Calibri (11pt.) Georgia (11pt.) The same font and font size is used throughout the document, including the running head, page numbers, headings, and the reference page. Text in footnotes and figure images may be ...

  16. The Best Fonts for Google Docs Documents

    The last on the list is Nunito Sans. It has seven weight styles available on Google Docs. This font is a well-balanced sans serif typeface. This font's design looks more rounded than the other sans serif fonts, which makes it more appealing. But it's not so round to the point that it makes the style look soft.

  17. The 10 Best Fonts to Boost Readability in Web and Print

    Sahar. Sahar is a unique font that blends readability with personality. This big, bold typeface stands out with its slightly quirky letterforms, giving it a warm and approachable feel. Despite its distinctive style, Sahar maintains excellent readability thanks to its well-structured characters and consistent kerning.

  18. Font recommendation for school papers? : r/typography

    Rockwell is fine as long as you space your leading correctly. I would recommend Garamond or Bodoni at either 9pt or 10.5pt. Measure your type by points not pixels. Reply reply. 29 votes, 53 comments. Hi, so, do you guys have any font recommendations to use in university papers that look nice but are readable and look good in….

  19. Make Your Term Paper Look 10% Longer With This Font

    Make Your Term Paper Look 10% Longer With This Font. Listen to me, a professional writer: School and college teach you bad writing habits. One of those bad habits is padding out your work to reach ...

  20. Whats the biggest font style on google docs? : r/googledocs

    Share. Natural-Fan2550. • 1 mo. ago. The biggest font size is Rock N Roll One. 1. Award. Share. Ive been doing an essay on google docs but i have to make it fit into more pages without scaling up the font. So i was just messing around and….

  21. Reddit, what Font do you use on term papers and essays for school? Is

    There are plenty of Serif fonts out there. Times New Roman seems to have become a standard, due to its status as the default font on Microsoft Word. However, I have always preferred other Serif fonts such as Georgia for graphic design, they just seem to look nicer.

  22. What are the best fonts for college essays?

    The first font that you should be aware of is Times New Roman. This is the default font for many college essays, and it is also one that is considered the standard in APA, MLA, Chicago, and other referencing styles. This is the most commonly used font, and it is considered fairly formal. It is a serif typeface font that is hugely popular even ...

  23. Whats a good font for essays that is big but looks good, (so it dosent

    The way to make essays longer comes not with fontages and extended lettering techniques, nor with the techniques associated with spacing of aforementioned fonts and letterings. Extending an essay requires the dedication associated with writing words that are perspicacious and interminable words and phrases.

  24. The best 11 free handwriting fonts in 2024

    Break up designs. Handwritten fonts can catch the eye in contrast to other types of text. For example, in a formal piece, they add a touch of informality and fun. 11 free handwriting fonts. Ready to start experimenting with some free styled fonts? Discover the 11 best handwriting fonts in 2024 below!

  25. Fresh Fonts: 23 Free Fonts to Inspire Your Next Project

    "Super Chalk à €" by fsuarez913 is a charming, free font that emulates the look of chalk writing. Perfect for educational materials, playful designs, and artistic projects, it brings a casual, hand-drawn feel to any text. Its versatile and approachable style makes it a popular choice for various creative uses.

  26. Breaking News, Latest News and Videos

    View the latest news and breaking news today for U.S., world, weather, entertainment, politics and health at CNN.com.

  27. Africa

    The size of Africa compared to the other continents. Africa is the world's second largest and second-most populous continent after Asia.At about 30.3 million km 2 (11.7 million square miles) including adjacent islands, it covers 20% of Earth's land area and 6% of its total surface area. With 1.4 billion people as of 2021, it accounts for about 18% of the world's human population.

  28. Writing fonts

    Collection of fonts for Writing fonts. Collection of fonts for Writing fonts. Upload. Join Free. Fonts; Styles; Collections; Font Generator ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Designers; Stuff; New Popular My Collections. Writing fonts. by gisellearroyo. May 27, 2024 90 11. Download 21 fonts. Commercial-use. Sort by Popular ;

  29. 9 Best Shopify Fonts To Try Out In 2024

    Discover the top Shopify fonts that enhance brand personality and improve readability. Stand out in 2024 with our guide to the best font choices and combinations for your online store. ... In a few fonts, you will also find CJK Unicode ranges used in Japanese writing. While this library caters to a broad spectrum of use cases, certain fonts may ...

  30. Developer

    Developer TR Academy Learn the Python Programming Language Online for Just $24 . Get certified for the most popular language used by software development companies with these ten online training ...