Case study is a widely used research method in educational management that allows researchers to delve deep into specific situations, institutions, or individuals to gain a comprehensive ...

  2. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership: Sage Journals

    The Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership (JCEL) publishes peer-reviewed cases appropriate for use in programs that prepare educational leaders. The journal offers a wide range of cases that embody relevant and timely presentations of issues … | View full journal description. This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication ...

  3. PDF A Casebook on School Leadership

    of Harvard Graduate School of Education Institute for Educational Management, to assist her in the development of over 30 cases, 15 of which were selected for publication. The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies is proud to have been part of this effort. Ned Strong Executive Director David Rockefeller Center for Latin American ...

  4. "Case Studies on Educational Administration" by Theodore J. Kowalski

    This book immerses prospective administrators in the realities of practice and decision-making through the use of a wide range of open-ended case studies. Effective practice in school administration involves making decisions about management of schools and reform, including state deregulation, district decentralization, and school restructuring. Leaders need to think beyond management and ...

  5. Challenges and strategies in managing small schools: A case study in

    Mohamed Yusoff Mohd Nor, PhD, is a Deputy Dean of Collaboration and Income Generating, and Senior Lecturer (Educational Administration, Leadership, and Policy) University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.He holds a PhD in Policy Analysis and Education University Malaya (2006) M. Mgt (UPM 1995). He has several papers on Educational Policy, Leadership, and Research Methodologies, Policy Analysis ...

  6. Case studies and practical examples: Supporting teaching and improving

    Case studies and practical examples: Supporting teaching and improving student outcomes Sometime about 400,000 years ago , humans learned to fully control fire. This extended the day and allowed people to unleash their imaginations and tell stories, rather than merely focus on mundane topics.

  7. (PDF) Models of Educational Management and the ...

    The systematic review delves into the multifaceted landscape of educational leadership and management, highlighting diverse leadership styles, challenges in leadership development, impacts on ...

  8. Case Study in Education Research

    Case study use in educational research, meanwhile, emerged particularly strongly in the 1970s and 1980s in the United Kingdom and the United States as a means of harnessing the richness and depth of understanding of individuals, groups, and institutions; their beliefs and perceptions; their interactions; and their challenges and issues.

  9. PDF The importance of leadership and management for education

    Educational management is a field of study and practice concerned with the operation of educational organizations. There is no single generally accepted definition of the subject because its development has drawn heavily on several more firmly established disciplines, including sociology, political science, economics and general manage-ment.

  10. Educational Management Administration & Leadership

    Through an embedded case study of Hamilton School District and three central office decisions, this research examines the role of research in central office decisions, focusing on how research is used, what research resources are used and the factors that influence use. ... Educational Management Administration & Leadership ISSN: 1741-1432

  11. Case Studies

    Case Studies. Print Version. Case studies are stories that are used as a teaching tool to show the application of a theory or concept to real situations. Dependent on the goal they are meant to fulfill, cases can be fact-driven and deductive where there is a correct answer, or they can be context driven where multiple solutions are possible.

  12. Case Study Basics

    A traditional case study presents a management issue or issues calling for resolution and action. It generally breaks off at a decision point with the manager weighing a number of different options. It puts the student in the decision-maker's shoes and allows the student to understand the stakes involved. In other instances, a case study is ...

  13. Case Studies on Educational Administration

    Kowalski, Theodore J., "Case Studies on Educational Administration" (1995). Educational Leadership Faculty Publications. Paper 54. This Book is brought to you for free and open access by the Department of Educational Leadership at eCommons. It has been accepted for inclusion in Educational Leadership Faculty Publications by an authorized ...

  14. PDF Project Management in Education: A Case Study for Student Learning

    Project management is defined as application of techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. It has techniques that can help Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) standardize education and quality, reduce costs, improve effectiveness and decrease prolonged education periods. The current study is carried out in a

  15. Higher Education Case Management Amid COVID-19: Toward Holistic Student

    Although case management in higher education is a relatively new phenomenon, the challenges presented by COVID-19 have forced many institutions to deliver emergency services in an extremely rapid fashion and adopt case management strategies to serve students in crisis. ... This study will introduce the case management protocol and student self ...

  16. Making Learning Relevant With Case Studies

    1. Identify a problem to investigate: This should be something accessible and relevant to students' lives. The problem should also be challenging and complex enough to yield multiple solutions with many layers. 2. Give context: Think of this step as a movie preview or book summary.

  17. What the Case Study Method Really Teaches

    It's been 100 years since Harvard Business School began using the case study method. Beyond teaching specific subject matter, the case study method excels in instilling meta-skills in students.

  18. IMA Educational Case Journal

    Recipients of IMA Educational Case Journal receive the right to free use of the cases for educational purposes. Supplemental teaching notes are available without charge to IMA Academic members only in myIMA Network in the Teaching Notes Library (you will be prompted to login). If you are a member of IMA and unable to access IECJ Teaching Notes ...

  19. Top 40 Most Popular Case Studies of 2021

    Fifty four percent of raw case users came from outside the U.S.. The Yale School of Management (SOM) case study directory pages received over 160K page views from 177 countries with approximately a third originating in India followed by the U.S. and the Philippines. Twenty-six of the cases in the list are raw cases.

  20. Case Studies

    Case Studies. The teaching business case studies available here are narratives that facilitate class discussion about a particular business or management issue. Teaching cases are meant to spur debate among students rather than promote a particular point of view or steer students in a specific direction. Some of the case studies in this ...

  21. What Is a Case Study?

    Revised on November 20, 2023. A case study is a detailed study of a specific subject, such as a person, group, place, event, organization, or phenomenon. Case studies are commonly used in social, educational, clinical, and business research. A case study research design usually involves qualitative methods, but quantitative methods are ...

  22. Management Education and Development: Current Issues and Emerging

    Rapid changes have been occurring in the management education and development area, fueled by the callfor accountability, an increase in experiental techniques, ... Computer-Based Case Studies in Management Education and Research. Go to citation Crossref Google Scholar.

  23. The Management of Educational Change: a case study

    The Management of Educational Change: a case study. ABSTRACT This report examines the issues inherent in the management of curriculum change. The change in question was initiated through one of five national Technical and Vocational Education Initiative (TVEI) projects in modern foreign languages for post-16 students.

  24. ERIC

    Focus-group interviews were used to collect data from the purposefully selected 2 public primary schools in which the finance committee members were involved. A case study design was applied. Thematic data analysis was used to analyse the collected data. All the participants demonstrated awareness of their financial management decision-making ...

  25. Cases

    The Case Analysis Coach is an interactive tutorial on reading and analyzing a case study. The Case Study Handbook covers key skills students need to read, understand, discuss and write about cases. The Case Study Handbook is also available as individual chapters to help your students focus on specific skills.

  26. Addiction Counseling Studies AS

    The Addiction Counseling Studies AS Degree. Prepares individuals for counseling in alcohol, drug, and other addictions. ... factors in addiction; Provides students with a strong background in treatment modalities, health education and prevention, professional and ethical responsibilities, and client advocacy. ... ADST C108X Case Management of ...

  27. Evaluation of integrated community case management of the common

    A single case study design with mixed methods was employed to evaluate the process of integrated community case management for common childhood illness in Gondar town from March 17 to April 17, 2022. The availability, compliance, and acceptability dimensions of the program implementation were evaluated using 49 indicators.

  28. Case Study on Educational Management

    We Will Write a Custom Case Study Specifically. For You For Only $13.90/page! order now. In addition, the management should touch upon the organizational part of the education process.The executives should maintain the right atmosphere at the educational institution, keep the school or college building in total clearness, maintaining sanitary ...

  29. Case study assignment 2024.docx

    TST10A2 ASSIGNMENT 2: Case study Effective classroom management Assessment submission date: 08 May 2024 Marks: 50 Address all MOs A. Identify the education law sources regulating classroom management. B. Describe how management tasks and good planning influence classroom management. C. Identify and describe the various law provisions regulating classroom management.

  30. Case Study Analysis as an Effective Teaching Strategy: Perceptions of

    Background: Case study analysis is an active, problem-based, student-centered, teacher-facilitated teaching strategy preferred in undergraduate programs as they help the students in developing critical thinking skills.Objective: It determined the effectiveness of case study analysis as an effective teacher-facilitated strategy in an undergraduate nursing program.