1. How do you say "it's my birthday today " in French (France)?

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  2. French Happy Birthday Bonne Fête Writing activity for the beginning of

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  3. Happy Birthday ! 🎈

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  4. Happy Birthday In French

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  5. My Birthday in French

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  6. 4 Ways to Say Happy Birthday in French

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  1. How to Say Your Birthday in French: A Comprehensive Guide

    Here are a few ways to express your birthday formally: Je suis né (e) le [date] / I was born on [date]. - This straightforward expression is often used in formal conversations. For example, "Je suis né le 10 mars" means "I was born on the 10th of March.". Mon anniversaire est le [date] / My birthday is on [date].

  2. My Birthday in French

    My Birthday in French: Mon anniversaire! Short story + video clips to learn days, months and how to ask and answer questions about your birthday in French, pub-1231947845305966, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

  3. French story: Mon anniversaire

    French story: Mon anniversaire. French story about Mon anniversaire (my birthday), for beginners/intermediates comes from my second YouTube channel French chit-chat with Dylane. You can find the story in English and French. Watch the video to work on your listening skills, you can even turn on the subtitles in French or in English.

  4. Happy Birthday in French: Celebrating Milestones and Memories

    Popular French Songs and Quotes About Birthdays. Some popular French songs and quotes about birthdays include: "Bon anniversaire!". — This is the most common way to say "happy birthday" in French. "Joyeux anniversaire!". — This is another common way to say "happy birthday.". It's more formal than "bon anniversaire.".

  5. French Birthday Traditions & Wishes Explained / Get Confident in

    Joyeux anniversaire ! - This is the most basic and commonly used phrase, which translates to "Happy birthday!". Bon anniversaire ! - An equally popular phrase, simply meaning "Good birthday!". Meilleurs vœux ! - This phrase, translating to "Best wishes," is often used in a birthday context. Santé et bonheur pour l'année ...

  6. Celebrations and festivals in French Structured writing

    Prepare an answer to the following writing task about your birthday. Ton ami(e) français(e) t'a envoyé un e-mail. Il/Elle te demande ce que tu as fait pour célébrer ton anniversaire. Cette ...

  7. My Birthday / Mon Anniversaire French Lesson

    For Teachers. During these lessons we watched videos, sang songs, completed worksheets and played games. I like to play active simple games such as students walking around asking each other "Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?" and answering "Mon anniversaire est le (number) (month).". At the end of the lesson, I love to share my ...

  8. How to Say "Happy Birthday" in French (and Other ...

    Joyeux anniversaire ! Happy Birthday! The phrase is pronounced something like "zhwah-yeuh⤻zah-nee-veR-seR". Keep in mind that a liason occurs between the two words, so there's a nice zzz sound at the beginning of anniversaire. The other most common phrase to use on someone's birthday is: Bon anniversaire !

  9. How to say happy birthday in French (and the mistakes to avoid)

    The simplest way to wish someone a happy belated birthday in French is Joyeux anniversaire, avec un peu de retard (literally, "Happy Birthday, with a bit of lateness"). You'll also sometimes hear or read Bon anniversaire tardif, but this is not as common and doesn't seem to have a pleasant ring to it for French-speakers.

  10. Birthdays

    On of the topics we enjoy talking about the most is our birthdays. In this conversation dialogue you can practice asking and answering lots of questions concerning birthdays in French. Questions 1) Quelle est la

  11. Happy Birthday! Learn birthday vocabulary in French

    joyeux anniversaire — happy birthday. bon anniversaire — have a good birthday. je te souhaite un bon anniversaire — I wish you a happy birthday. je vous souhaite un bon anniversaire — I wish you a happy birthday. faire une surprise — to surprise. célébrer une fête d'anniversaire — to celebrate a birthday.

  12. "Bon Anniversaire": Saying Happy Birthday in French

    Learn how to say happy birthday in French, and other related vocabulary. Happy birthday! has two possible translations: Bon anniversaire! Joyeux anniversaire! (Note that anniversaire is a semi-false cognate.) In Canada, Bonne fête! is commonly used to mean "happy birthday," but it can also be used to wish someone a happy Saint's Day as well as ...

  13. "Happy Birthday" in French Plus Related Vocabulary

    The main way to say "happy birthday" in French is: Joyeux anniversaire ! — Happy birthday! Joyeux means "happy" or "joyful," while anniversaire means "birthday.". Straightforward and simple. You can't go wrong with this one in any situation! But of course, this isn't the only way to wish someone a happy birthday in French ...

  14. French customs and festivals Structured writing

    Revise French customs and festivals for AQA GCSE French with BBC Bitesize. ... On 20 November, the day of my birthday, my family and I go to town to go shopping, and we end the day at my favourite ...

  15. 20 Happy Birthday Wishes in French With Audio Pronunciation

    Another very common way of wishing someone a happy birthday in French is to say: " bon anniversaire ". When you play the audio, you'll notice I pronounce this "bon" as "bonne"…. How come? It's because the next word "anniversaire" starts with a vowel. Try saying "bon" with a nasal French pronunciation and follow it with ...

  16. Mon anniversaire/My birthday in French

    Mon anniversaire/My birthday in French. Subject: French. Age range: 11-14. Resource type: Game/puzzle/quiz. File previews. ppt, 108.5 KB. Introductory lesson on birthdays/how to ask for birthdays in French. Pupils to then work in pairs to create their own conversation on this. PP includes some practice on numbers and months also.

  17. My Birthday Essay

    500 Words Essay On My Birthday. I, like many of us, am always excited about celebrating my birthday. In fact, my planning of my birthday celebrations begins weeks and months before the actual day. I also get my parents to brainstorm and suggest how we would celebrate my birthday. One thing I always ensure is that my birthday celebrations should ...

  18. Essay on my birthday in french

    Essay on my birthday in french Get the answers you need, now! tusharbaliyan3207 tusharbaliyan3207 22.12.2018 English Secondary School answered • expert verified Essay on my birthday in french See answer Advertisement Advertisement laraibmukhtar55 laraibmukhtar55 Essai sur mon anniversaire

  19. 4 Ways to Say Happy Birthday in French

    Less Common Birthday Greetings. Download Article. 1. Offer "Passez une merveilleuse journée!" In English, this statement means "have a wonderful day.". Passez is a conjugated form of the French verb "passer," meaning "pass" or "spend." Merveilleuse translates into "wonderful." Une journée means "a day." 2.

  20. Invitation In French To A Birthday Party (with audio)

    By Yanis April 17, 2024. Most French people give a lot of importance to their birthdays, particular decades (30, 40, 50 etc) which they believe must be celebrated in a memorable way so that everyone around them will remember the celebration. In the following dialogue, Mathieu invites Jean Luc to his birthday party next weekend.

  21. Essay on my birthday in french what do I write about my birthday in

    Explanation: To write an essay about your birthday in French, you can talk about the date and location of your birthday party, who attended, and what activities you did. You can also describe any traditions or customs related to birthdays in France. For example, in France, it is common to have a meal with family and friends and serve a birthday ...

  22. French essay on my birthday Free Essays

    My Birthday. Take "A Birthday " by Christina Rossetti. By close reference to the text‚ show how the persona's mood is indicated through the opulence of the images chosen In the first stanza‚ Christina Rossetti creates a mood of happiness and love. She describes her heart as "a singing bird" and this is forms an image of simple ...

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