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How to Check What Others Can See on Your Facebook Profile

facebook review what others see

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facebook review what others see

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facebook review what others see

facebook review what others see

Kate Bojkov

Mastering facebook reviews: the complete 2024 guide.

Activate the Facebook Reviews tab on your Facebook business Page and grow with customer feedback.

Epic guide to Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews, or recommendations, are a vital part of a business’s online reputation.

After all, they provide the best type of social proof you can get, increase the visibility of your business, and help you convert visitors into dedicated customers.

Moreover, the impact customer reviews have on your business cannot be underestimated. The vast majority of U.S. adults (82%) say they check online reviews before a purchase. Also, over 18% of U.S. adults say they had bought something through Facebook.

So keep on reading as we tell you all about Facebook reviews, how to add them to your page, and how they help your business succeed in today’s day and age.

About Facebook recommendations former Facebook reviews

Facebook Recommendations are a feature on Facebook that allows users to provide feedback about their experiences with businesses, services, or products.

Unlike traditional star-rated reviews, Recommendations enable users to simply recommend or not recommend a business to their friends and network. These Recommendations can include written feedback, photos, and tags, creating a more comprehensive and social form of review. This feature integrates directly into a business’s Facebook Page, making it easier for potential customers to see authentic opinions and experiences shared by real users.

Note: Facebook’s ‘Recommendations’ feature is the evolution of the older ‘Reviews’ system, and you can still find it under the ‘Reviews’ tab of Facebook pages. However, instead of using the old star rating system, buyers recommend (or not) a product or a business, share a written opinion, and leave tags and images (should they choose to).

FYI: You can embed Facebook reviews widget  automatically with  EmbedReviews platform.  Start a free trial  and display your Facebook Page recommnedations now. 

Embed Facebook reviews widget

Embed Facebook Recommendations and Reviews on your Website

Try EmbedReviews , generate Facebook and Google reviews, and display a social media reviews widget on your website. Automatically and in seconds.

All PRO features | Cancel any time.

How to set up your Facebook business page reviews?

You can very quickly and very easily add your Facebook Reviews tab on your official page. Just complete these straightforward steps:

  • Log in to your account and go to your business Facebook page ;
  • Click on your profile image (top-right corner and tap ‘Settings & privacy’ ;

Enable Facebook reviews step 2

That’s it! Now, your ‘Reviews’ tab will be live on your official page, and your customers can share their experiences with your business for everyone to see.

Example of Facebook page reviews tab

Note: Once you activate the ‘Reviews’ tab and start getting feedback, you won’t be able to delete Facebook reviews yourself. You will have to flag innacurate reviews and Facebook’s team will deal with them if they violate Facebook’s Community Standards.

How to get your Facebook Reviews page link?

Google My Business has made getting a  Google review link  easy, but getting a Facebook review link will be a bit different. No worries, we’ll show you two easy ways to do it!

Option 1: Copy the reviews page URL

To get your Facebook Reviews link, you have to follow two simple steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook page —start by logging into your Facebook account and navigating to your official business page;
  • Add ‘/review’ to your page URL —find the browser address bar, click at the end of it, and then simply type ‘/review’ after your page URL;
  • Copy the URL to share it —simply copy the entire string you see in the address bar for future use. For instance, is EmbedSocial’s Facebook Reviews page link – as shown below:

facebook reviews url

Congratulations, you have it!

Now, share the Reviews link of your Facebook business page across the internet, such as on your website, in emails, in your newsletters, or on your social media platforms, i.e., anywhere you see a chance to invite your customers to review you.

Note: When sending the link, also add a brief explanation on  how your customers can leave you a Facebook review for your product and services.

Option 2: Build your own direct Facebook review link

What if your customers are not logged into their personal or business accounts? If you send them the above link, they’ll be asked to log into Facebook first, which may discourage them from reviewing your business. No worries, here’s a solution to that:

  • Utilize the Facebook login URL ->
  • Put a redirect to your reviews page by adding “next” ->
  • Convert your page URL into the corresponding equivalent in HTML and add it after the “next” component ->

As you can see, it’s not complicated at all! Just replace the colon (:) with %3A and the slash (/) with %2F. That way, whenever the customer logs in to their account, they’ll be redirected to your reviews page. Works like a charm every time!

How can your customers leave you Facebook reviews?

Since the introduction of the ‘Recommendations’ review system, your clients will no longer have to select a number of stars to describe your products and/or services. They only have to navigate to your page’s ‘Reviews’ tab or follow the above ‘Reviews’ link.

write facebook review

Once there, they only have to tap ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ under the ‘Do you recommend [your business name]’ message. Then, the ‘Recommendation’ box will open and prompt users to share their thoughts about your business. They’ll have to write at least 25 characters.

As users leave you new reviews, they will start appearing at the top of the ‘Reviews’ tab feed of your Facebook business page.

How to respond to your Facebook reviews?

You must respond to all (or most of) your Facebook reviews, both positive and negative. That’s the best way to maintain a strong online presence and build trust with your customers.

To respond to Facebook reviews, you will typically get a notification on Facebook or via email , and when you click on it, it will take you directly to that review, so you can check out the review, and provide your reply—it’s as easy as writing a comment on a Facebook post.

Here are some practical  review reply templates  for review responses:

Positive reviews response example:

Hello [Reviewer’s Name], Thank you so much for your kind review! We’re thrilled to hear that you had a great customer experience with our [product/service]. Our team works hard to provide excellent customer service, and we’re glad to see that it’s making a difference. We appreciate your support and would love for you to share your experience with your friends and family. If you have any other feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to serving you again soon! Warm regards, [Your Name] [Business Name]

Negative reviews response example

Hello [Reviewer’s Name], We apologize for the less than satisfactory experience you had with our [product/service]. It’s essential for us to maintain high standards, and we’re sorry that we did not meet your expectations this time. We’d like to learn more about your experience and find a way to make things right. Please reach out to us at [contact information] or send us a private message so we can discuss this further and find a suitable resolution. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve and provide better service in the future. Sincerely, [Your Name] [Business Name]

How to report a Facebook review?

Sometimes you may receive fake negative reviews that affect your online reputation. Naturally, you have to deal with negative reviews as soon as possible. But, since you cannot outright delete them, you’ll have to report them for violating Facebook’s Community Standards :

  • Find the negative review in your ‘Reviews’ tab ;

report facebook review

  • Choose to receive notifications about the report and click ‘Submit’ ;

Here’s a brief video covering the entire process:

How to get new reviews for your Facebook business pages?

The fun part starts here: finding cool new ways to motivate your customers to leave you positive Facebook recommendations.

These are some of the strategies you can try out include:

  • Adding a physical ‘Review’ sign at your place of business— you can edit and place the official ‘ Facebook Review Us ‘ stickers anywhere from your counter to your tables, walls, shopping windows, or any other prominent sections of your premises;
  • Use the Facebook Wi-Fi feature— set up Facebook Wi-Fi in your business location to get more customer reviews, which will allow your visitors to hook up to your guest Wi-Fi for free once they check in to your Facebook business page and leave you a review;
  • Embed a digital ‘Review us on Facebook’ button— you can place this button anywhere from your homepage to your blog and social media sites;
  • Create a Facebook contest —you can always stage a discount contest for your customers, who will be able to participate if they leave you a Facebook review;
  • Asking your regular customers— you can always ask for a review outright, especially your regular visitors, which will be included to help you out. You can either ask them in person or send them an email such as this one, along with the promise of a discount:
“Thanks for stopping by again [customer name]”.  “Do you use Facebook? The reason I ask is that we have a Facebook Reviews section that we use to collect our customer’s comments. Would you be interested in posting one?”   Here is our link (link to Facebook reviews section) Thank you so much. [Your Name] [Your Company Name]

Need more strategies for getting Facebook reviews?

Check the detailed blog post covering 5 ways to get Facebook reviews for your business, or download the Facebook reviews guide:

How to display your Facebook reviews on your website?

One of the best ways to collect more reviews is to promote your existing recommendations across your website and add the relevant CTA buttons for review collection. Additionally, the ability to embed Facebook reviews on your website boosts trust and provides real-time evidence of the experiences shared by your real customers.

The Facebook reviews widget has a direct API integration with Facebook, and with just one click enables users to aggregate all their Facebook page reviews and display on their website with an embeddable code:

Here is an example:

The best part? The widget allows you to combine reviews from all popular social media platforms and review sources like Facebook, Yelp, and Google , into one stunning widget. Moreover, you can import third-party reviews and craft custom testimonials.

Check below the various widget layouts, including sliders, grids, and rating badges and pick one to signup and create yours.


Facebook Reviews Feed

Embed Facebook reviews in a slider.


Facebook Reviews Table

Show reviews in a full-page feed.


Facebook Reviews Popup

Display Facebook reviews in a popover widget.


Facebook Reviews Slider

Show Facebook reviews in a modern slider.

Want more cool stuff? Explore early products

Step-by-step guide on collecting Facebook reviews . Related article

In case you are using a web builder to build your website, the code works with the most popular CMS and website builders, so click on your specific website builder to proceed:

  • Facebook Reviews for WordPress
  • Facebook Reviews for Squarespace
  • Facebook Reviews for PageCloud
  • Facebook Reviews for Weebly
  • Facebook Reviews for Wix
  • Facebook Reviews for Shopify
  • Facebook Reviews for Webflow

What are the benefits of Facebook reviews?

Every serious business must collect Facebook reviews/recommendations nowadays as they come with several advantages, including but not limited to the following:

1. They increase your organic reach

Positive reviews and recommendations can help your business gain more visibility on Facebook, as they may appear in the Facebook Feeds of the reviewer’s friends or when someone asks for recommendations. This increased exposure can attract more potential customers.

How? When a customer recommends your bakery on Facebook, their friends might see the recommendation in their Feed, thus sparking interest in your products and driving more foot traffic to your bakery.

2. They boost your brand credibility

A collection of positive reviews and recommendations serves as  social proof , demonstrating that your business is reliable, trustworthy, and offers great experiences, which can influence potential customers to choose your products or services over your competitors.

How? A new user visiting your digital marketing agency’s Facebook page sees numerous glowing reviews from satisfied clients. This positive feedback instills confidence in the user, making them more likely to engage with your agency.

3. They improve your search engine ranking

Positive reviews can improve your search engine ranking, as search engines also consider  user-generated content about a certain business in their ranking algorithms.

How? Your restaurant has numerous positive reviews on Facebook. When someone searches for restaurants in your area, your restaurant is more likely to appear higher in the search results due to the positive feedback.

4. They help you gain your visitors’ trust

When potential customers see a high volume of positive reviews, they are more likely to trust your business and feel confident in their decision to engage with your products or services.

How? A potential client is considering hiring your home cleaning service. Upon seeing the numerous positive reviews on your Facebook page, they feel reassured that your service is reliable and trustworthy, making them more likely to hire you.

Hopefully, our guide on Facebook business reviews gives you specific directions on improving your  online reputation management  and leveling up your digital marketing strategy.

Remember, getting more reviews on Facebook (and other social media sites) can take a little effort, but it’s an investment that pays off in the long run. We promise!

FAQs about Facebook reviews

Yes, Facebook reviews still exist, but they have evolved into a new format called ‘ Facebook Recommendations ‘, which no longer uses the previous star-based system. Users now recommend (or not) a certain business or product and leave a text-based review. They also have the option to add various tags and relevant images. This new format allows for more context and encourages users to provide more valuable feedback for potential customers.

To see the reviews of your or other businesses, you will have to navigate to the official page and click on the ‘Reviews’ tab underneath the profile image. If the tab is not there, the ‘Reviews’ feature has to be activated through the page’s ‘Privacy’ section.

No, Facebook reviews are not private. When a user leaves a review on a business Page, it is publicly visible to anyone visiting said Page. This allows potential customers to read about the experiences of others, which can influence their decision to engage with the business.

As a business owner, you cannot directly delete Facebook Reviews left by users. However, you can report a review if it violates Facebook’s Community Standards or contains spam. Then, if Facebook determines the review is inappropriate, they may remove it. Alternatively, you can disable the ‘Reviews’ tab on your business Page, which will hide all reviews from your Page, but this will make it harder for potential customers to learn more about your business.

While you cannot directly remove a bad review on Facebook, you can take steps to address it. First, respond to the review professionally and empathetically, offering to address the issue and rectify the situation. If that doesn’t work and you believe the review is from a fake account, spam, or violates Facebook’s Community Standards, you can report it to Facebook for review.

  • Pew Research Center report
  • 2020 eMarketer report

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Aggregate user-generated content and display social proof on any website.

Co-Founder of EmbedSocial and Head of Growth. A previous owner of a Facebook Partner Company and a digital marketing agency. Marketing API geek and a Call of Duty fan.

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facebook review what others see

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February 2, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Reviews

a group of people each holding a star above their heads to symbolize facebook reviews

Facebook reviews — officially called Facebook Recommendations — on local business Pages can help you build your company’s online reputation, expand your search visibility, and attract more customers to your business locations.

According to research:

  • Facebook holds 19% of all customer reviews . The social media platform also ranks fourth just behind Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor on the list of review sites people check before visiting a business. ( Online Reviews Statistics )
  • 18.3% of U.S. adults made a purchase through Facebook in the last year. ( eMarketer )
  • 2 out of 3 Facebook users visit a local business Page at least once a week. ( Hootsuite )
  • 55% consider the social network as the most common place to learn about new brands and products. Meanwhile, 66% are likely to share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions on their purchases on Facebook. ( Facebook Reputation Management guide)

google is the top site for business reviews

One thing to note: If you haven’t done so already, we suggest taking the time to learn how to claim a Facebook business page . 

Doing so ensures that you have an official place on Facebook where people can leave online reviews . For brands with multiple locations, we suggest you also check out our guide on how to manage multiple Facebook Pages with Facebook Business Manager .

What are Facebook Reviews / Recommendations?

For years, Facebook business Pages featured traditional online reviews and ratings. This changed in 2018, when the social network rolled out a series of visual changes and features that included “Facebook Recommendations.”

With the update, Facebook followed the trends set by Netflix and YouTube by ditching the 5-star rating system in favor of Yes/No options. Now, a query field appears on a business Page’s “Recommendations and Reviews” section with the question: “Do you recommend (business name)?”

screenshot of Facebook recommendations on the mobile app

Users can answer by pressing the “Yes” or “No” button and can add further context to their recommendations with tags, photos, and more text.

As a local business Page owner, you will no longer see any star-based reviews coming into your Page. Customers will rate your business simply by choosing whether or not they recommend it. 

How Do I See Facebook Reviews and Recommendations?

If you’re wondering how to see reviews on your Facebook business Page, simply go to your Page and click the Recommendations or Reviews tab found under your profile picture. (If you’re using Facebook Business Manager , you can follow the same procedures for Pages to which you have access.) 

If you previously enabled online reviews on your Page, Recommendations have been automatically turned on. To make it easier to find specific Recommendations, you can apply a “most helpful” or “most recent” filter to sort all your Recommendations and ratings.

Are Facebook Recommendations Public? 

All Facebook reviews and Recommendations are publicly displayed on your Page’s Reviews or Recommendations tab. They cannot be set to private.

What Happened to My Ratings?

If your business managed to compile a fair amount of Facebook reviews with high rating scores before Recommendations were rolled out, don’t worry: your ratings did not go away. 

They are still taken into account for your overall rating, which is also still displayed on your Page. As for how Facebook calculates this, it’s a mixture of reviews based on the past 5-star rating system and the current Yes / No Recommendations. 

How to Set Up Facebook Reviews

By default, Facebook reviews are activated when you create a Page. If, for some reason, it isn’t available when the Page is created, you can turn it on manually via the Manage Page section on the left side of the screen. To turn on Facebook reviews:

  • Go to your brand page.
  • Click on the “Settings” button on the Manage Page section.
  • A new window should appear. Click on the “Templates and Tabs” section.
  • Toggle the “Reviews” option to ON.

To make it easier for people to leave unsolicited feedback , you should make sure that people see the Reviews section on your page. You can change the order of the sections in this area through the “Templates and Tabs” section in the Page’s settings. Drag the dotted icon next to the section name to change the order.

a screenshot of the review page on the ReviewTrackers Facebook page

How Do I Respond to Facebook Reviews?

Facebook reviews and Recommendations appear like traditional posts in the Reviews section. This means you can respond to any review on a Page by commenting on it. You can also “like” or “love” a Recommendation.

An example of a Recommendation on Facebook and the business Page's response

Before you do so, make sure you’re responding using your brand’s Facebook account and not your personal profile.

Before typing a response, it’s important to learn how to respond to negative reviews as well as positive feedback. 

According to research, 44.6% of consumers are more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative reviews. But don’t wait too long before typing out a response: 53.3% expect a response from a company within seven days.

The way your brand handles criticism or praise goes a long way towards brand success. Choosing the right words and taking feedback to heart can put your brand above the competition.

Can I Delete Facebook Reviews?

Currently, you can’t delete individual Facebook reviews and Recommendations from your page. If you don’t want reviews, the only option is to disable the entire feature. To do so:

  • Go to the “Settings” section of the Manage Pages tab.
  • Click on the “Templates and Tabs” button.
  • Next to the “Reviews” section, toggle the switch from On to Off.

Turning this off might not be the best idea because it removes all reviews, including the positive reviews your brand might have accumulated throughout the years. In many ways, a page with reviews is better off than one without any reviews at all. That feedback serves as valuable social proof for consumers, and they’ll be quick to dismiss a brand if it doesn’t contain any consumer feedback.

If you believe a Facebook review contains spammy content or doesn’t meet the terms of use and content guidelines, you can send a report to Facebook .

A screenshot of where and how to report a review on Facebook

What Companies Should Know About Facebook Recommendations

Recommendations and reviews are geared towards making your brand more discoverable and trustworthy on Facebook. 

According to the social network, having great Recommendations “may make your Page easier to find in Facebook search” — similar to how Google reviews can impact your local SEO performance. 

Recommendations are also useful for understanding the customer experience. The updated interface encourages your customers to provide richer, more detailed feedback about their experiences.

After users make the choice of recommending your business or not, they will be asked to provide additional details using tags, text, and photos. Selecting a tag will allow common themes to emerge, making it easier for potential customers to see your business’s highlights.

Example of common keywords found in Facebook Recommendations

How To Get Facebook Reviews

Asking for reviews for your Facebook Page doesn’t have to be difficult (or awkward). 

If you have your customers’ contact information, you can send personalized SMS messages or emails asking for their feedback. (Make sure you get their permission to send messages to them before doing so). 

For those physically visiting your locations, you can give them physical reminders like cards or use stickers and posters in high-traffic areas to make customers aware of your Facebook page.

Screenshot of SMS Ask Tool template

Based on our own research, the best time to start asking for reviews is around 2-3 p.m. or 6-7 p.m. 

Regardless of when you ask for feedback, the important thing is to keep it short, sweet, and uncomplicated. Quickly tell people why you want their feedback and provide a short link that doesn’t require people to jump through multiple hoops before they can leave a Facebook review. 

The Importance of Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews, along with reviews on other business review sites , are important marketing assets for any brand. 92.4% of consumers use these reviews to guide their purchasing decisions. People need social proof to know if a product or service is worth the time, and more importantly, the investment.

On a popular site such as Facebook, reviews carry plenty of weight, and you need to use it to your advantage to improve the experience, attract more customers, and beat the competition.

facebook review what others see

Get tips, tricks, and insights from the ReviewTrackers blog delivered to your inbox every week.

Photo of Migs Bassig

Posted in Reputation Management , Review Monitoring by Migs Bassig

How customer experience analysis improves customer retention and drives business growth.

2 minute read

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Image for post: How Customer Experience Analysis Improves Customer Retention and Drives Business Growth

Posted in Digital Transformation , Product Updates by Alyssa Shaoul

Getting started guide: managing your online reputation.

4 minute read

Image for post: Getting Started Guide: Managing Your Online Reputation

Posted in Customer Acquisition , Customer Retention , Reputation Management , Review Monitoring by Migs Bassig

How to get more reviews online

  • How It Works
  • Dashboard Login
  • Billing Login

Facebook Business Page Reviews How it Works and How to Turn On

A company’s online reputation is increasingly crucial for its growth in today’s tough digital market. Facebook Business Page reviews play a major role in the field. The article delves into the world of Facebook reviews for businesses, exploring how they function and providing insights into how to find reviews on Facebook. Covering key topics such as Facebook ratings and reviews, the importance of finding and managing reviews, and how to turn on the feature on one’s Facebook Business Page. Come and embark on a journey to unlock the potential of Facebook reviews for the business’s growth and credibility.

Facebook reviews for business are a powerful tool that allows customers to share their experiences and opinions about the products or services directly on the business page. The reviews come with overall rating, which provide a quick overview of the company’s general reputation. Good feedback improves trust and attracts more prospective clients, while negative reviews present opportunities for improvement and demonstrate transparency.

Facebook recommendations is a feature that empowers users on the platform to endorse and share their positive experiences with businesses with their friends within the Facebook community. The user-friendly tool allows individuals to effortlessly offer recommendations for Facebook pages associated with local businesses. Users are able to easily give valuable feedback to their social network by going to the targeted business’s Facebook page, going to the reviews section, and choosing “Yes” to recommend or “No” to not recommend.

What is a Facebook Business Page Review?

Facebook Business Page Reviews is a user-generated assessment and commentary system integrated into a business’s Facebook presence. Combining detailed feedback and evaluations with a rating system makes it an indispensable tool for businesses to evaluate customer satisfaction, establish and enhance credibility, and actively engage with their audience on the prominent platform of Facebook. A strong online presence, increased search engine rankings, and an influx of new clients are all results of maintaining an active presence on social media.

User-generated reviews on Facebook Business Pages come from clients, customers, or other stakeholders who have interacted with a business in a variety of ways, such as by making purchases, going to physical locations, or using offered services. Individuals share their perspectives and appraisals based on their interactions with the business, creating a valuable repository of feedback.

Functioning as a commentary and feedback platform, Facebook reviews on business pages allow users to offer detailed assessments of their experiences with the business. The feedback covers a broad spectrum of aspects, including product or service quality, the responsiveness of customer service, pricing considerations, and total satisfaction, providing a comprehensive view of the customer experience.

One distinctive feature of Facebook Reviews is the incorporation of a rating system spanning from zero, symbolizing a negative experience, to five, representing an exceptional one. A rating system offers a concise visual summary of a business’s reputation by aggregating the assessments of its customers into a quick reference point.

User-generated reviews and ratings are prominently displayed on the business’s dedicated Facebook Business Page, ensuring accessibility for anyone visiting the page. The visibility fosters transparency and significantly influences the perceptions of potential customers and visitors, impacting their decisions.

Facebook Reviews encourage engagement and interaction between the business and its customers. Business owners have the opportunity to respond to the reviews, expressing gratitude for positive feedback or addressing concerns raised in negative reviews. The two-way interaction demonstrates the business’s commitment to client contentment and shaping people’s perceptions.

What is the purpose of Facebook Business Page Reviews?

The purpose of Facebook Business Page Reviews is to enhance one’s business’s visibility on the Facebook search engine by allowing customers to provide feedback and ratings on a business’s Facebook page. Good evaluations and recommendations help a business gain more visibility on Facebook, as they appear in the News Feed of the reviewer’s friends or when someone asks for recommendations. Increased exposure attracts more potential customers. Facebook business page reviews serve as a tool for businesses to display their reputation, gather feedback, engage with customers, influence decision-making, and enhance their online presence. Facebook page reviews help a business grow and succeed in the digital age when used properly.

Reviews provide businesses with a platform to showcase their reputation to a broad audience. Positive reviews and high overall rating demonstrate trustworthiness and attract customers looking for credible businesses. Offering a concise snapshot of a business’s credibility and the quality of its products or services.

Facebook page reviews function as a valuable feedback mechanism. Customers openly express their thoughts and evaluations, encompassing various facets such as product quality, customer service, pricing, and overall satisfaction. Feedback is a goldmine of actionable insights that businesses utilize to identify areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing their offerings.

The reviews foster meaningful engagement between businesses and their customer base. Business owners have the opportunity to respond to reviews, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative. Active engagement demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction, nurturing trust and authenticity, and cultivating a positive relationship with customers.

Facebook page reviews play a pivotal role in influencing the decision-making process of potential customers. People rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions. Positive reviews sway choices in favor of the business, while negative reviews offer a balanced perspective. Providing opportunities for businesses to showcase their responsiveness in addressing concerns ultimately influences the decisions of prospective customers.

Facebook page reviews contribute significantly to a business’s online presence and search engine visibility. A well-reviewed business is more inclined to appear in search results and attract organic traffic, thereby increasing its online reach and impact. Reviews boost a business’s reputation, engagement, decision-making, and online presence.

When did Facebook Business Page Reviews begin?

Facebook Business Page Reviews began in the early 2012s. The exact launch date varies slightly due to continuous updates and rollouts. Facebook launched “Fan Pages,” dedicated business pages, in November 2007 to accommodate the growing business presence on the platform. The pages allowed businesses, organizations, and public figures to create a professional online presence and interact with their audience.

The addition of Facebook Business Page Reviews was a natural progression, aligning with Facebook’s aim to create a comprehensive ecosystem for businesses. The feature allows businesses to promote themselves and receive direct customer feedback and reviews on their Facebook pages.

Facebook continued to refine and expand its business-related features, including analytics, advertising tools, and e-commerce integrations, further solidifying its position as a significant platform for businesses to engage with their audience and manage their online presence.

Facebook updated reviews for their Recommendations feature in 2018. Star ratings and reviews from the old system appear on business review pages, but the new recommendation system no longer offers the star scale. Recommendations start with asking customers if they want to recommend a business.

What is the other term for Facebook Business Page Reviews?

The other term for Facebook Business Page Reviews is Facebook Recommendations. A Facebook Recommendation is used to describe the Facebook reviews and recommendations that users provide on a business’s Facebook page. Recommendations offer more than just a rating. Emphasizing the endorsement and approval of the business by buyers. A recommendation provided on a business’s Facebook page indicates that the reviewer has had a positive experience and is encouraging others to have the same.

The term “Facebook Recommendations” is commonly used to refer to the remarks made by people who visit a business’s Facebook page. Businesses encourage their buyers to give recommendations to bolster their online reputation and attract potential clients or customers. The recommendations cover many aspects, including product quality, customer service, pricing, and overall satisfaction, providing a comprehensive view of the customer experience.

Facebook Recommendations for businesses influence the decisions of potential customers. Consumers are swayed to choose a business that has received numerous good comments because they see it as a powerful endorsement. Businesses take harmful recommendations seriously, as they offer an opportunity to grow and solve buyer concerns, which end up leading to a more positive online reputation.

How do Facebook Business Page Reviews work?

Facebook Business Page Reviews work as a composite system, drawing from various sources, including user reviews and recommendations. The rating of a page is dependent on the feedback and endorsements shared by users about business pages on the platform. The pages that allow recommendations display a rating, whereas insufficient recommendations result in a page not having a rating at all.

Users have the choice of sharing their recommendations with a particular group of people when they recommend a business. A user’s recommendation is exclusively visible to their friends if they choose to share it with “Only Friends”. Recommendations shared publicly contribute to a page’s overall rating.

Facebook doesn’t verify whether users have purchased the product or utilized the service they are reviewing or recommending on Facebook Pages. The system is primarily based on user-generated content.

There are several steps to access the page’s review and recommendations. Navigate to the page by clicking its name in the Feed or by searching. Look for the “Recommendations” or “Reviews” section, located below the page’s cover photo. Users have to select “More” to see the content.

Facebook Business Page Reviews and Ratings aggregate user feedback and recommendations to generate a page’s rating. The visibility and inclusion of the recommendations depend on user settings, with public recommendations contributing to a page’s overall rating. Facebook’s system doesn’t validate user experiences, emphasizing the importance of transparency and engagement for businesses in managing their online reputation.

What role does Review Management play in the context of Facebook Business Page Reviews?

Review Management plays a role in the context of Facebook business page reviews, which include reputation, customer engagement, issue resolution, feedback, perception, and competitive advantage. Review Management involves the strategic process of monitoring, responding to, and influencing the reviews and feedback left by customers and users on various online platforms, including social media, review websites, and business listings, aiming to enhance a business’s online reputation, engage with customers, and address concerns or issues raised in reviews effectively. Good reviews allow potential customers to trust the business and feel comfortable purchasing because they know others have had pleasant experiences doing so. Recommendations from satisfied customers and an average Facebook review rating of four to five are the best advertising a company hopes for.

Review Management is instrumental in the proactive cultivation and preservation of a positive online reputation for a business. Review Management is achieved through diligent monitoring and adeptly handling reviews on the Facebook Business Page. Such actions underscore the business’s dedication to customer satisfaction and quality but wield considerable influence over the perceptions of potential customers as well, ultimately shaping their views in a favorable light.

Review Management places a strong emphasis on customer engagement. Providing a timely and professional response to both positive and negative reviews. Such engagement serves as a powerful testament to the business’s attentiveness and readiness to address concerns or convey appreciation for favorable feedback. The dynamic interaction fosters trust and authenticity, nurturing a positive rapport with customers.

Review Management equips businesses with strategies for effectively addressing negative reviews or recommendations. Critical voices sometimes serve as beacons, illuminating areas that require improvement. Businesses show their dedication to customer satisfaction by addressing issues openly and constructively, which turns negative experiences around.

Review Management involves harnessing the value of customer feedback shared within Facebook reviews. The wealth of insights is diligently analyzed to discern recurring patterns and identify areas ripe for enhancement, be it in products, services, or the customer experience.

How a business manages its reviews has a substantial influence on how prospective customers perceive it. Effective Review Management wields significant control over a business’s rating and the sentiment associated with it. The ability to sway the decisions of potential customers in a positive direction through strategic review handling is a potent tool in a business’s arsenal.

Having a strong online reputation, built through careful management of customer reviews, gives businesses a significant competitive edge. Today’s consumers frequently take a business’s online reputation into account when making purchasing decisions. Businesses that excel in Review Management bolster their credibility and position themselves advantageously in the marketplace.

How do Facebook Business Page and Google Business Profile Reviews differ?

Facebook business page and Google business profile reviews differ in several aspects, including the platform, the goal, the review aggregation, the social interaction, and the integration. Google reviews play a central role in local search rankings and a business’s discoverability on Google Search and Maps, while Facebook reviews are crucial for engaging the Facebook community. Understanding the differences is essential for businesses looking to manage their online reputations effectively on the platforms.

Facebook Business Page Reviews are an integral part of a business’s presence on Facebook and are primarily designed for engagement within the Facebook community. Providing a platform for users to offer feedback and endorsements directly on a business’s Facebook page. They affect a business’s Facebook search results, but their main purpose is to interact with its audience. Google Business Profile Reviews are exclusive to a business’s Google Business Profile and visible on both Google Search and Google Maps. The reviews carry significant weight in influencing local search rankings and play a crucial role in helping businesses establish their online presence, especially when targeting local customers.

Facebook Business Page Reviews present a rating, consolidating recommendations from individual user reviews. The rating offers a glance at a business’s entire reputation. Google Business Profile Reviews consider a broader spectrum of factors beyond just the number of reviews and their average rating. Google’s algorithm factors in review recency, user engagement with reviews (such as likes and shares), and the completeness of the Google Business Profile when calculating the star rating.

The Facebook Business Page Reviews feature allows for multiple modes of user participation. They are able to express their sentiments by liking, sharing, or commenting on reviews. Active engagement fosters a sense of community and facilitates open dialogue between customers and businesses. The interaction options for Google Business Profile Reviews are comparatively more limited. Users have the ability to “like” or “dislike” reviews, but the social community aspect is less pronounced compared to Facebook.

Facebook Business Page Reviews are seamlessly integrated into the Facebook ecosystem. The integration allows businesses to leverage their existing Facebook audience and utilize Facebook’s suite of tools for effective review management and engagement. Google Business Profile Reviews are tightly woven into the broader Google ecosystem. Their influence extends to a business’s visibility in Google Maps and local search results, making them an indispensable component of a local business’s online presence.

What is the importance of Facebook Business Page Reviews?

The importance of Facebook Business Page Reviews is immense, as they help shape a business’s reputation and success. They are essential for gaining potential customers, who heavily rely on reviews when making purchasing decisions. Statistics reveal that 88% of online shoppers consider reviews, with around 70% reading at least four before trusting a business. Facebook’s influence on consumer decisions is substantial, impacting more than 50% of purchase choices, especially when businesses have positive reviews, which around 80% of Facebook users are inclined to trust.

Disabling Facebook reviews results in a lack of positive feedback, which is vital for generating leads and driving sales. Research indicates that consumers are more likely to spend on businesses with excellent reviews, with positive feedback fostering trust and influencing choices. An impressive 92% of consumers select businesses with at least a 4 rating, and about 72% take action after reading positive reviews.

The absence of reviews harms a business’s credibility, as 15% of online shoppers are wary of a brand with zero testimonials. Reviews are instrumental in establishing trust with consumers, especially in a digital environment fraught with dubious claims.

Negative reviews, when managed effectively, are able to enhance a brand’s image and trustworthiness. Consumers seek transparency and authenticity and they tend to trust reviews that include both positive and negative feedback. Negative reviews provide insights and an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction, ultimately boosting conversion rates by up to 85%. Facebook Business Page Reviews are invaluable for building trust, attracting potential customers, and fortifying a business’s credibility. Disabling it results in missed opportunities and hinders a business’s competitiveness in the digital realm.

What are the advantages of having Facebook Business Page Reviews?

The advantages of having Facebook Business Page Reviews are listed below.

  • Expanded Audience Reach with Recommendations: Facebook Recommendations serve as a powerful tool to broaden the business’s audience reach. Making one’s page more visible to users actively seeking businesses similar to theirs similar to how Facebook Marketplace relies on digital word-of-mouth through reviews. Facebook Recommendations become visible to a customer’s closest friends when discussing one’s business.

The enhanced visibility increases the business’s visibility and fosters trust among potential customers, influencing their purchasing decisions in the business owner’s favor.

  • Visual Engagement through User-Uploaded Photos:  Users now have the ability to upload photos of their business to the Recommendations section with Facebook Business Page Reviews. They’re able to supplement their review with a GIF or photo of the establishment if a user mentions their business in response to a friend’s recommendation request.

The feature adds a visual dimension to customer feedback, allowing users to share their experiences more vividly. Enriching engagement with the business by providing a dynamic and immersive platform for users to connect with the business owner’s brand.

  • Enhanced Feedback with Supportive Tags:  Facebook Recommendations empower users to provide more comprehensive feedback by offering them the option to select tags that complement their recommendations. The tags operate similarly to hashtags, allowing the Facebook algorithm to generate relevant keywords and optimize search results based on previous reviews.

Tags facilitate deeper engagement, allowing customers to contribute to a more structured and categorized repository of recommendations. Making it easier for potential customers to find the business and improving their experience with the business as a whole.

What is an example of Facebook Business Page Reviews?

facebook business page review example

Eloy Macias left a review saying, “I’d love to do some shopping for my family here. There prices are great!”. Recommending the shopping outlet to the general public.

facebook business page review

Theresa A. Medina loves the outlet, thus leaving a positive review and recommending the shopping outlet to the public.

bad facebook business page review

Quen Tan, a shopper at the outlet, left a negative review after experiencing confusion over the discount prices and a bad attitude from the staff. Leaving the shopper to not recommend the outlet.

Negative Facebook business page review

Juan Cabrera experienced a bad experience with the security guard, thus leaving a negative review and not recommending the outlet.

The examples illustrate the range of sentiments and feedback that businesses receive through Facebook Business Page Reviews, from highly positive endorsements to critical evaluations of their products or services that greatly affect their Facebook page’s overall rating. Las Vegas Premium Outlets – South has thousands of reviews and a 4.3 overall rating.

How to turn on Facebook Business Page Reviews?

To turn on Facebook Business Page Reviews, follow these five steps below.

  • Navigate to the Account Tab.  Log in to the Facebook account and go to the Facebook Business Page to enable reviews.
  • Select “Settings”.  Click on “Show menu” in the top-left corner of the Facebook Page. Showing multiple options, choose “Settings”.
  • Click on “Privacy”. Click on “Privacy” to access privacy-related settings in the left-hand menu.
  • Go to “Page and Tagging”.  Under the “Privacy” settings, find and click on “Page and Tagging” to access options related to the Page’s visibility and interaction.
  • Enable “Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page” Option. Find the setting that says “Allow others to view and review your Page” in the “Page” section of the “Page and Tagging” settings. Check that the switch is set to “on” or “enabled.”

1. Navigate to the Account Tab.

Navigate to the account tab or the Facebook Business Page by clicking the business account profile.

Navigate to the business page

2. Select the “Settings.”

Select the “settings” by clicking “show menu” on the top left hand corner of the screen..

Select show menu

3. Click on “Privacy.”

Click on “privacy” to get to the settings where “page and tagging” is seen..

Click on Privacy

4. Go to “Page and Tagging.”

Go to “page and tagging” that is shown on the multiple options in “privacy” settings..

Select page and tagging

5. Enable the “Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page” option in the “Page Section.”

Enable the “Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page” option in the “Page Section”. Allowing the business page to receive reviews from customers.

enabling the review tab

Where to see the Facebook Business Page Reviews?

One is able to see the Facebook Business Page Reviews on the “Reviews” tab that is seen on the Facebook Business Page. Follow the steps to answer the query “how to see reviews on Facebook”. Begin by logging into the Facebook account and navigating to the business’s dedicated Facebook Page. Locate the “Reviews” tab, typically situated in the middle menu under the Page’s profile picture and name. Click on the “Reviews” tab to enter the section where all user-generated reviews and recommendations for the business are displayed. The owner is able to read through the reviews, observe the recommendation, and engage in conversation by addressing comments or messages from customers in the section. The straightforward process allows the owner to monitor and respond to Facebook Business Page Reviews, giving them the ability to obtain significant insight into client opinions and bolster their online reputation while addressing customer concerns effectively.

How to appropriately respond to Facebook Business Page Reviews?

To appropriately respond to Facebook business page reviews, there are nine guidelines for responding to both positive and negative Facebook business reviews. Demonstrate the commitment to customer satisfaction and problem resolution.

Addressing positive reviews on Facebook is similar to addressing them on other platforms, such as Google. It’s vital that the respondent demonstrate appreciation and engage with the reviewer effectively. Here are some key tips.

Begin the response by thanking the customer for taking the time to leave a positive review. Give them a reason to be thankful. Acknowledge compliments such as “excellent customer service.”

Encourage the customer to spread the word about their positive experience with the business. Say something similar to, “We’re thrilled to hear you had a great experience! If you have friends looking for [your product or service], we’d love it if you could recommend us to them.”

Mention any specials, discounts, or freebies that interest the customer, if suitable. Say something similar to, “We have some exciting new promotions happening this month that we think you’ll love. Stay tuned for more details!”

Dealing with negative feedback on Facebook is an opportunity to make amends and improve customer satisfaction. Here’s how to respond effectively.

Ensure that one isn’t using their personal Facebook account to respond to customer’s concerns. Use the business account instead for responding to customers to maintain professionalism.

Start by acknowledging the customer’s feedback and expressing that their opinion is valued. Say something similar to, “Thank you for sharing your concerns; we appreciate your feedback.”

Use keywords from the customer’s review to demonstrate that the customer’s concern was read and understood. It shows that the respondent is paying attention and taking their concerns seriously.

Indicate how much the respondent cares about resolving their issue. Offer assistance by asking them to provide their best contact details or inviting them to reach out directly to the customer support team. Say something similar to, “We’re sorry to hear about your experience. We’d like to make it right. Could you please share your contact details, or you can reach out to our support team at [contact info]?”

Respond adeptly to both positive and negative Facebook Business Page Reviews by adhering to the guidelines, showcasing their dedication to customer satisfaction and the resolution of issues.

How to leave a Review in Facebook Business Page?

To know how to leave a review on Facebook Business Page, follow these seven steps.

  • Log into Facebook.  Start by logging into Facebook. One must have an active account to leave a review.
  • Visit the Business Page.  Go to the Facebook page of the business to review.
  • Access the Reviews Section.  Look for the “Reviews” tab located in the left-hand corner of the business page. Click on it to access the “Reviews” section.
  • Recommend or Not.  Click “Yes” or “No” under “Do you recommend (Business name?)” at the page’s bottom to indicate whether the person recommends the business.
  • Write Recommendation. Write a recommendation of at least 25 characters in the text box provided. Be concise and specific when giving feedback.
  • Add Tags or Photos (Optional).  They’re able to add tags or photos to their recommendation if they want to, but it’s optional.
  • Post Recommendation.  Review the recommendation to ensure it’s accurate and complete. Click the “Post” or “Submit” button to submit the review.

What is the character limit for Facebook Business Page Reviews?

There is no character limit for Facebook Business Page Reviews. Facebook has evolved to provide users with flexibility while maintaining concise and informative feedback. There are minimum character limits in place to encourage users to provide meaningful input.

Desktop users have a minimum requirement of 25 characters to review a business page on Facebook. The required number of characters increases to 50 for mobile users. The limits are designed to prompt users to offer concise yet helpful feedback, ensuring that their reviews are informative and relevant.

Facebook has introduced the option for users to upload photos when leaving a recommendation or review. The feature allows customers to provide visual context and share their experiences through images, enhancing the review process. The combination of character limits and the ability to post photos offers users a more comprehensive and expressive way to share their feedback and recommendations on Facebook Business Pages.

What is the maximum star rating limit for Facebook Business Page Reviews?

There is no maximum star rating limit for Facebook business page reviews because Facebook has transitioned to a recommendation system. The change aims to streamline the review process, making it more straightforward for users to provide feedback. Users add context to their recommendations through tags, text, and photos, allowing for a more detailed and informative review.

A 5 overall rating is the highest accolade that a business receives in online review. It signifies an exceptional level of satisfaction and a truly outstanding experience for the reviewer. A customer who recommends a product or service is essentially saying that it is excellent in every way.

A rating of four indicates that a product or service has performed satisfactorily according to the conventional system, but the reviewer considers there to be room for further development. implying that the business has provided a good experience, although there are some areas where enhancements must be made.

Consumer behavior places high value on reviews and ratings, with many individuals becoming cautious when considering products or services that have an average rating of less than 4. Indicating the influence that reviews, ratings, or recommendations have on consumer decision-making processes. Businesses must be mindful of it when managing their online reputation and engaging with customer feedback.

Are Facebook Business Page Reviews Public?

Yes, Facebook Business Page Reviews are public. Reviews and recommendations left by Facebook users are public and are available to be seen by anyone who visits the business’s page. The reviews and recommendations are intended to provide transparency and allow potential customers to assess the business’s reputation and the experiences of previous customers.

Public reviews influence the perceptions and decisions of potential customers, making them a crucial aspect of a business’s online presence. Transparency encourages businesses to maintain high standards of quality and customer service to receive positive reviews and recommendations, which, in turn, helps attract more customers and build trust within the online community.

Transparency serves several purposes. It builds trust and credibility as potential customers are able to see authentic feedback from others, making informed decisions about the business’s offerings and customer satisfaction. Public reviews hold businesses accountable for their performance, encouraging them to maintain high standards and respond professionally to feedback. The reviews create a sense of community on the business’s page, allowing customers to engage with and comment on them. Managing public reviews effectively is crucial, as they contribute to a business’s online reputation and impact its success.

It’s important for businesses to be aware that public reviews include both positive and negative feedback. Effective review management involves responding professionally and constructively to all reviews, demonstrating a commitment to addressing customer concerns, and enhancing the customer experience.

What are the guidelines for Facebook Business Page Reviews?

The guidelines for Facebook business page reviews are to be respectful, accurate, and constructive contributions to the community. Maintain a respectful and pertinent tone when leaving reviews on Facebook Business Pages. Avoid using hate speech, personal attacks, or any form of discrimination in your feedback. Steer clear of using reviews for spamming or self-promotion purposes, which includes refraining from posting links or excessively promoting oneself. Reviews must directly pertain to their own personal experiences with the business, avoiding unrelated content such as political statements or off-topic discussions.

Reviewing a business is a two-way street, so it’s important to be honest about one’s interactions with the business being reviewed. Don’t pretend to be someone else or make fake accounts. Every written review must be based on real experience. Respecting people’s privacy is very important. Don’t share personal information about employees or other customers without their permission.

Maintain a polite and professional tone in the reviews by avoiding offensive language or profanity. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but it must be presented courteously and helpfully. Writing separate reviews for each interaction with a company rather than updating an existing one is preferable when dealing with multiple experiences with that company. Any reviews one finds that violate Facebook’s policies must be reported for moderation. These guidelines ensure a positive and informative environment for all Facebook users.

Can Businesses delete reviews on their Facebook Page?

Yes, businesses can delete reviews on their Facebook Page to some extent, but they’re not allowed to delete a review directly. They must report the reviews that violate Facebook’s policies, and Facebook is going to take action to remove or hide those reviews if they’re found to be in violation.

Businesses have the option to hide or disable reviews altogether by toggling off the “Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page” setting. Toggling off the “Show Reviews Tab” effectively hides the reviews section on the Facebook Business Page. Preventing users from leaving new reviews or seeing existing ones. The action is reversible, and one is able to allow reviews again at any time by following the same steps and toggling the option back on. Hiding reviews is a temporary solution to stop new reviews from being posted or if there’s no time to address any concerns or issues with the existing reviews. It’s important to approach review management professionally and address customer feedback constructively whenever possible.

Businesses must exercise caution when considering the removal of reviews. Facebook has specific guidelines for reporting reviews, and they need to violate community standards or involve spam, hate speech, harassment, or other forms of prohibited content to be eligible for removal. Simply disliking a negative review or wanting to remove critical feedback isn’t a valid reason for reporting.

Businesses are able to request that reviews be removed by filing a complaint, but they’re unable to remove reviews they find objectionable. Facebook is in charge of managing the review removal process, and the outcome depends on whether the reported review violates its rules.

Businesses have a limited ability to influence the removal of reviews on their Facebook Page by reporting violations to Facebook. Reviews that don’t violate Facebook’s policies remain visible, as Facebook generally aims to maintain transparency and authenticity in its review system.

Is it illegal to remove reviews on Facebook Business Page?

No, it isn’t illegal to remove reviews on Facebook Business Page. Businesses have the option to manage and moderate the reviews on their page, including hiding or disabling reviews that violate Facebook’s policies or guidelines. Businesses mustn’t engage in fraudulent activities to manipulate or delete reviews, as it is considered unethical and violates Facebook’s terms of service.

Facebook provides tools and guidelines for businesses to report and address reviews that contain spam, false information, or violations of their policies. It is within the rights of business owners to use the tools to maintain a fair and accurate representation of their business on their Facebook Page. The removal or hiding of reviews must be done in accordance with Facebook’s policies and mustn’t be used to suppress legitimate customer feedback or engage in unethical practices.

Can Businesses hide reviews on their Facebook Page?

Yes, businesses can hide reviews on their Facebook Page, which provides them with a degree of control over the content and feedback displayed to the public. The feature is particularly valuable in various situations, including managing reputation, inaccurate reviews, review transparency, and privacy concerns.

Businesses have the ability to hide reviews temporarily during periods of negative publicity or when they’re addressing issues that have led to negative reviews. Allowing them to take proactive measures to improve their reputation before new reviews are visible. Businesses receive reviews that contain false information, spam, or violations of Facebook’s policies. Hiding the reviews prevents them from negatively affecting the business’s overall rating and reputation while the issue is resolved.

Some businesses prefer to disable reviews if they believe that the reviews feature isn’t representative of their customer base or if they want to rely on other methods for gathering feedback, such as surveys or direct communication. Certain businesses, especially those that aren’t primarily consumer-facing, have privacy concerns and choose to hide reviews to protect sensitive information or internal communications.

Businesses have the option to hide or disable reviews. It must be used judiciously and in accordance with Facebook’s guidelines. It’s recommended to address customer feedback constructively whenever possible and to use the review management features ethically to maintain trust and credibility with the online community. Businesses have the option to enable reviews again whenever they feel it is appropriate to do so.

How to get Facebook Business Page Reviews?

To get Facebook Business Page reviews, see the list below.

  • Use ReputationStacker :  Reputation management tools such as ReputationStacker are incredibly helpful in automating the review gathering process. The tool automatically sends out surveys to the customers and directs them to review platforms, such as Facebook, where customers provide feedback to boost the reviews of the business page. It alerts the company that it has received a poor review, providing them with the opportunity to address the issue before it leads to negative reviews.
  • Ask The Customers Directly:  Personal interaction with customers is a powerful way to encourage reviews. Take advantage of the chance a satisfied customer presents to request feedback in the form of a review. A restaurant owner must say, “We are glad you liked your meal. Would you mind sharing your experience on our Facebook page? Your feedback would mean a lot to us.” The direct approach makes it easy for happy customers to leave reviews, which leads to genuine, positive feedback.
  • Engage on Social Media:  Active engagement with the audience on social media creates an environment where customers feel more comfortable leaving reviews. Respond to comments and messages promptly, express appreciation for compliments, and address any concerns or issues raised. Customers are more likely to return the favor by leaving a review after witnessing their appreciation for their feedback and positive interaction with them. Always be courteous and genuine in interactions, as it fosters a loyal customer base that willingly supports the business.
  • Run Contests or Promotions:  Contests and promotions are fun and effective ways to incentivize customers to leave reviews. Host a contest, such as the “Review and Win” contest, where customers who leave a review on the Facebook page are entered into a drawing for a prize or receive a discount on their next purchase. Ensure that the terms and conditions of the contests comply with Facebook’s guidelines and are clearly communicated to participants. Contests boost the chance to get reviews on Facebook, so it’s essential to emphasize the importance of honest and authentic feedback.

What are the disadvantages of Facebook Business Page Reviews?

The disadvantages of Facebook Business Page Reviews are listed below.

  • Negative Reviews Impact Reputation:  Negative reviews, if not managed properly, do serious harm for a business’s online reputation. They discourage prospective clients and create doubts about the quality of products or services.
  • Difficulty in Removing Inaccurate Reviews:  Facebook has strict guidelines for removing reviews, and businesses face challenges when trying to remove inaccurate or malicious reviews. Leading to unjustly negative feedback lingering on the page.
  • Competitor Interference:  Competitors or malicious individuals leave fake negative reviews to harm a business’s reputation. Addressing such reviews is time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Limited Control:  Businesses have limited control over the content of reviews. A business is able to respond to reviews, but they’re unable to edit or remove them unless they violate Facebook’s policies.
  • Inconsistent Feedback Quality:  The quality and substance of reviews vary widely. Some reviews are detailed and helpful, but others are vague or unconstructive.
  • Privacy Issues: Some customers are reluctant to leave reviews on Facebook due to privacy issues or apprehension about getting in touch with the company.
  • Spam Reviews: Businesses do encounter review spam, which consists of numerous fictitious positive or negative reviews left by automated accounts or paid services. Distorting the overall rating and reputation of the business page.
  • Potential for Bias:  Reviews don’t provide a balanced view, as customers who have extremely positive or negative experiences are more likely to leave reviews, while those with neutral experiences aren’t.
  • Resource Intensive: Managing and responding to reviews, especially if a business receives a high volume of them, is resource-intensive, requiring time and effort.
  • Algorithm Changes: Facebook’s algorithms impact the visibility of reviews, making it challenging for businesses to maintain a consistent online reputation.

Why can’t I see the reviews on my Facebook page?

A user that can’t see the reviews on the Facebook page has several reasons, such as the disabled “Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page” option, review privacy settings, and Facebook glitches.

It is possible that the Facebook Reviews Tab on the business page is disabled, which explains why Facebook Recommendation is not showing. Navigate to the Account Tab within the Facebook business account settings. Select “Settings” from the available options once there. Click on “Privacy,” which grants access to privacy settings related to the page. One is able to find a crucial option labeled “Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page” within the “Page and Tagging” section. Ensure that the option is enabled. Activating the setting grants permission for others to post reviews on the Facebook Page, making them visible to visitors who access the business page.

Facebook’s platform sometimes encounters glitches and errors, particularly when undergoing significant updates or layout changes. The glitches lead to issues where Facebook reviews aren’t displaying correctly or appear to be missing. It’s best to be patient in these circumstances, as the issues subside on their own. Consider taking screenshots as a precautionary measure to safeguard the reviews. Staying informed about any updates or announcements from Facebook regarding known issues is a wise practice in such times.

It is crucial to report any issues with one’s Facebook page, including problems with Facebook recommendations not displaying correctly. Reporting helps address concerns and maintain a fair and reliable platform. There are several steps to report such issues. Access the drop-down box within the personal Facebook account and navigate to the ‘Help and Support’ option located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Follow the provided prompts to report the problem effectively. The collective effort of reporting issues prompts Facebook to take the necessary actions to resolve them and improve the platform’s functionality.

Can Bad Facebook Reviews Ruin a business?

Yes, bad Facebook reviews can ruin a business. Negative reviews on Facebook have the potential to exert a significant influence on a business’s overall reputation and its ability to thrive. Negative reviews result in decreased sales, eroded customer trust, an impact on profitability, a competitive disadvantage, and difficulty attracting new customers.

Sales decline as potential customers become wary after reading critical reviews on the business. The study conducted by BrightLocal, revealing that 94% of consumers tend to avoid businesses with negative reviews, underscores the gravity of the effect. Businesses suffer lower sales when prospective customers see critical comments or low ratings and decide to patronize competitors with better reputations.

Negative reviews erode the crucial element of customer trust. Trust is the cornerstone of the relationship between businesses and consumers. It casts doubt on its reliability, quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction when a business accumulates negative feedback. Potential customers view it as untrustworthy or undependable if a business receives more negative than positive reviews, thereby further weakening the brand’s image.

Impacts on sales and trust ultimately affect the profitability of the business. A drop in revenue resulting from reduced sales leads to financial difficulties, particularly for small businesses. Negative reviews contribute to diminished customer retention as existing clients take their business elsewhere due to concerns highlighted in the reviews.

A business is placed at a competitive disadvantage. Consumers frequently conduct online comparisons before making purchasing decisions in today’s digital era. It positions itself unfavorably compared to competitors boasting better online reputations if a business accumulates a multitude of negative reviews. Customers are more inclined to select businesses with higher ratings and positive feedback.

Negative reviews impede the ability to attract new customers. Gaining new clientele becomes increasingly challenging when a business’s online reputation is corroded. Given that many consumers rely on reviews to make informed choices, a business with consistently negative feedback finds it difficult to entice new customers. The absence of positive recommendations deters potential customers from considering the business.

Businesses must proactively manage their online reputation to navigate the potential pitfalls. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and addressing negative feedback in a professional and constructive manner are important. Establishing and maintaining a positive online image is crucial in the fiercely competitive modern market, where consumer perception wields considerable influence over a business’s prosperity.

What is the difference between Facebook Reviews and Facebook Recommendations?

The differences between Facebook Reviews and Facebook Recommendations are  appearance, reach, format, interactions, and specificity.

Facebook Reviews are situated on the left-hand side of a business’s Facebook page in terms of location. Contrary to that, Facebook Recommendations take a prominent place in the upper-right corner of the page.

Reviews are accessible to any Facebook user who visits the page when it comes to reach, offering a broader audience for user feedback. Recommendations, on the other hand, have a more limited reach as they target a user’s closest friends when they inquire about a particular business.

Reviews provide a comprehensive overview by including the page rating along with accompanying comments regarding format. Recommendations, however, adopt a simplified format, featuring comments and omitting ratings.

Reviews are open to comments and likes from anyone who visits the page in terms of interactions. Recommendations, however, offer more limited interactions, allowing just individuals within the reviewer’s network to comment on and such as the recommendation.

Recommendations enable users to recommend specific features of a business by using tags and sharing relevant photos to provide added detail to their feedback. Reviews, on the other hand, mostly use star ratings and text comments that do not go into as much detail.

Reviews and Recommendations are part of a business’s online presence on Facebook. They differ in terms of their location on the page, reach, format, interactions, and the level of specificity they offer. The distinctions cater to various user preferences and provide businesses with versatile ways to gather and showcase customer feedback. It’s essential for businesses to understand the differences to effectively manage and leverage both types of user-generated content on their Facebook pages.

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More than ever, customers are turning to social platforms like Facebook to fully engage with businesses.

Engagement intent of social media users by platform

Facebook is fast becoming one of the first points of contact you have with your online customers, so, as a business, if you're not taking advantage of Facebook reviews, you could be missing out. It might seem like a minefield of information, but people do truly care about what others are saying about your business, so proactively driving positive reviews is absolutely worth your time and effort.

Why are Facebook reviews so important for businesses?

Consider this. You're in the market for a new dentist after moving cities. You've had bad experiences before, so choosing the right dentist is a big deal . What's the first thing you do? Ask your family and friends for a recommendation or search online for the best local dental surgery.

Believe it or not, this process happens millions of times every day for local businesses. When you finally do find that dentist and notice they have hundreds of glowing online reviews from existing patients (many of whom address the same concerns you have), you feel a sense of relief and a sense of trust. When we are unsure about something, we look to others for validation . Facebook reviews provide the endorsement that we are not alone; other people have done this before, and we can feel confident in looking to their experiences. Encouraging your customers to leave a review on your business will result in your future customers also feeling this sense of trust.

Besides Facebook reviews, you might have a myriad of other review sites that customers review you on (like Google or TripAdvisor ). Some great tools on the market, such as Cloutly , can help you aggregate and manage all of your reviews in one place. Cloutly’s platform will help you effortlessly drive 2-3x times more customer reviews, whilst bringing all your feedback - from Google, Facebook, Trustpilot etc - into one place, rather than all over the place.

Whilst Facebook reviews allow you to build a better business and understand the customer experience, they also provide you with an asset that delivers compounding interest: your reputation.

The most important review factors

When it comes to building trust, here's what consumers are saying matters most to them (i.e. factors that are most persuasive) when looking at business reviews on review platforms like Google as well as Facebook.

  • Star-rating (between 4.5 and 4.9 stars is the sweet spot).
  • Authenticity (are the reviews balanced? thousands of 5-star reviews alone set off alarms).
  • Recentness (consistent feedback proves your level of service is constant; old reviews don't hold much weight).
  • Response (how does the business respond? what does it say about them?)
  • Volume (number of reviews).

Setting up your page for Facebook page reviews

Whether you already have an established business page or you need to create one, the benefits of Facebook reviews are irrefutable. Facebook is a powerful platform that will help you connect with your audience, acquire new customers, drive purchases and improve word-of-mouth referrals.

First of all, you'll need to set up a new Facebook business page if you haven't got one (or you've previously deleted your page ). You can do this from your personal Facebook account. Follow these five easy steps:

Step 1 - Create a Facebook page (if you don't have one) Go to Enter all of your business information in the panel on the left; you'll see real-time updates as you proceed. Use your business name where possible (or the name that people are likely to search by default). Use the 'category' section wisely and choose the relevant suggestions. Next, complete a short description – Facebook gives you 255 characters to play with.

Then, when you're done, hit the Create Page button down the bottom left.

Step 2 - Add some pictures Next, add your profile picture and cover photo. These will always be on display, so ensure you choose something eye-catching. If you are a public figure, use a portrait photograph; if you have a small business, use your logo, or, in lieu of a logo, you could also consider using a product image. The most important thing is that the image is recognisable.

Step 3 - Connect your Facebook page with WhatsApp (optional) If you wish, connect your business page to WhatsApp, so that customers can reach you here from your pages, or from any ads you plan to run, or, if you'd prefer to skip this bit, you can continue to the next page.

Step 4 - Choose a username Create your username, which will tell people where to find you ( and tag you ) on Facebook when they search above their news feed. Your username can be up to 50 characters, but use them wisely – ensure that your username is easy to remember. Facebook will give you a green tick if the username is available.

Step 5 - Add business information Facebook has a simple step-by-step guide to follow. When all of the details are complete, carefully consider the right call to action (CTA). This is what the public will see on your page, and may encourage visitors to shop, download your app, book an appointment or even just learn more about your business.

How to enable the Reviews tab on your page

Once you've done all this, you're ready to enable the Facebook review tab!

  • Log in and navigate to your Facebook business page.
  • Click on 'Settings' and then choose 'Templates and Tabs'.
  • Find the Reviews tab and activate it.

How to get more Facebook reviews

Now it's time to get some glowing reviews on your business page. How do you do it? Quite simply, ask your customers ! The good news is, it's easy to request a review on Facebook. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Reach out to your loyal customers and ask them to provide you with an honest review on your business Facebook page. You'll be impressed with the number of people that want to help.
  • Use Cloutly to add your customers to automated review campaigns, which help you drive 2-3x more reviews on the review sites you've connected.
  • If you have a website, you can embed your Facebook reviews so that with one click, you can redirect customers directly to Facebook. Cloutly has a range of website widgets you can use to showcase not only your Facebook reviews but your reviews from 40+ review sites.
  • Ask your customers to check-in. If they do this, Facebook will remind them to leave a review on your business listing.
You rely on customer reviews to grow your business, but asking for them... sucks. Review requests are awkward, boring, and nobody wants another email asking them to complete a survey. That's why we built Cloutly. The fastest way to get your customers talking about you. — Cloutly (@cloutlyco) December 14, 2021

Whether you ask for a review in person, by email or by Facebook, remember to be genuine.  It is essential to ask your customer in the right way so they don't find you inauthentic about their experience and appear to be just seeking a review. If they have had a great experience, feel free to explain that reviews really help other prospective customers make comfortable decisions.

How to embed Facebook reviews

Note that you'll need to be the admin of a business page in order to to embed Facebook reviews. If you don't have one, discover how to create or delete a business Facebook account as quickly as possible.

Step 1 - Go to the Facebook reviews section Log in to the Facebook account associated with your Facebook business page and go to the business page. You will see a few tabs including Home, Services, Reviews, Shop, and others. Click on Reviews. Depending on your customization, the Reviews section might be positioned elsewhere. But it is generally found in the tabs section.

Step 2 - Filter and select the reviews to embed Once you've clicked on the Reviews tab, your business' reviews should appear. Above the Reviews section, you'll see a dropdown menu that allows you to categorize them into 'Star Rating', 'Most Helpful', 'Most Recent', and others. Select the one you would like. After sorting them, find the review you'd like to embed and click on the three horizontal dots at the top right-hand side of the display box.

Step 3 - Embedding your review When you click on the three horizontal dots, a few options will appear. If Embed is among them, click on it. If it isn't among the options, try clicking 'More Options' first.

Step 4 - Copy the Facebook embed code When you click Embed, a window containing the embed code pops up with two options: JavaScript SDK and iFrame. Choose the one that best fits your use case (though for most people, iFrame will work fine). This embed code is what you'll need to paste into your website's HTML in order to get your reviews to embed. Select the code and copy it.

Step 5 - Paste the Embed Code into Your Website With the code snippet in hand, you have one question and two options: firstly, where should I place my widget?! Secondly: you could choose to sprinkle the best reviews here and there across your website, or alternatively, create a dedicated page for your glowing testimonials where all your reviews live. Once you've got a game plan, head over to your website and paste your embed code into a HTML block (this process may be different, depending on your website builder/CMS).

How to respond to Facebook reviews

You should make an effort to respond to as many of your customer reviews as possible (the good and the bad), regardless of the platform. Your customers have taken the time to leave you a review, so it's nice to thank them for their time at the very least.

Always use their name, tell them that you appreciate their review and be specific in your reply by using keywords and addressing key points from their review. Where possible, you can use responses as marketing opportunities to announce a new promotion that might benefit them (or the 5000 other people who read your reply).

Transparency is key. If appropriate, ask them to spread the word to their friends and family.

If the review is negative, thank and reassure them that their feedback is valued. Try and take communications offline and take their best contact details. Indicate in your response that you are committed to resolving their issues.

Whatever the platform (Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor etc), it's important to have a procedure in place to respond to negative reviews. Check out our best response templates here .

How Facebook reviews affect your page rating

Facebook rates each business page on a number of metrics, such as reviews and recommendations (reviews are now synonymous with Facebook recommendations, to avoid confusion).

Various criteria form your overall rating, and only business owners who allow recommendations will be able to see this.

You can see your business’ rating by going to your page and clicking on the Reviews tab in the menu, at the top of your page.

facebook review what others see

Can I hide, report or remove Facebook page reviews?

Yes and no.

  • Yes, you can hide or remove the reviews tab from your Facebook business page entirely.
  • No, you can't remove individual reviews (unless they're fraudulent, and you can prove it).

Firstly, consider the content of the review and if a reply would be sufficient. Don’t forget that negative reviews can be just as powerful as 5-star reviews if you play your cards right.

All businesses make mistakes, and it is how you respond and deal with the situation that can count in your favour. Also, customers may be suspicious if you only have all glowing reviews (it doesn’t look natural).

If you receive a review that you deem fake, involves hate speech, is excessively negative or is in breach of Facebook's community standards, you can report it to Facebook and make a case for your business.

We've written a guide about removing negative reviews on Google , which is virtually the same process as on FB.

If you'd prefer, you can hide the review section on your page altogether, which will stop you from worrying about any fake or bad reviews/recommendations people might see. Be aware that this section relates to all reviews, including any new reviews, plus the five-star ratings you have already worked so hard for.

To do this, head to your Page Settings (edit page) , choose Templates and Tabs , find the Reviews tab and switch the toggle off.

How to hide your Facebook reviews

As with other platforms like Google, you cannot remove reviews (unless they are against Facebook’s guidelines) from your Facebook page, even if they're malicious.

Review systems are grounded in transparency and honesty, therefore deleting and editing reviews would counteract this. The only way you can delete Facebook reviews is if you report them and Facebook confirms that it goes against their guidelines.

How to report a fake review on Facebook

If someone has posted a review that violates the platform's community standards , then you can report it. Facebook will remove the review if it includes bullying, misrepresentation, hate speech or insensitivity.

Flagging a Facebook review is simple. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and head over to your Facebook page on the right-hand side
  • Navigate to the Reviews tab at the top and click it
  • Navigate to the three dots beside the review in question (on your right). Then select Find support or report recommendation
  • A pop-up window will appear. Click on the most appropriate word that describes the review

Then cross your fingers and wait for the Facebook jury to deliver their final judgement. Overly offensive and ingenuine reviews may warrant removal straight away.

Why can’t I see all my Facebook reviews?

Reviews disappeared? Can't find out where to see them? This one is usually a quick fix. Firstly, make sure that you've enabled your Reviews tab inside Page Settings (see above). Then, take a look at your page again. If you still can't see the Reviews tab, take a look under the More dropdown menu.

If it's there, you may want to re-arrange your tabs back in Page Settings and place Reviews further up the list. If it's still not there, go to the About tab and make sure you've selected a business category that Facebook recognises.

Where to see your Facebook reviews

Some businesses have reported that their older reviews (star ratings) have just vanished.

If this has happened to you, you're not alone.

Since merging Reviews with Recommendations, Facebook has massively simplified the way in which people can sort through a business' feedback. Now, you only have the choice of sorting reviews by Most Helpful, or Most Recent.

While your reviews are unlikely actually gone, the limitations of this filtering system may cause them to appear like they're gone. Our advice: don't fret, they're probably still there. If you find a direct link to any of your old reviews, that will give you a definitive answer.

How to hide your Facebook reviews

How to leave a review on Facebook

As most people have Facebook, it should be easy for them to leave a review for your Facebook Business Page. But, in case you have a Facebook novice wondering how to leave you a positive review, you can direct them to this guide.

  • Head to the Facebook Business Page of the business you want to review
  • Click Reviews from the drop down menu under the business's name and logo
  • You'll see a question, Do you recommend * business name *? Then click Yes or No (but hopefully Yes )
  • You can then write a review of at least 25 characters long
  • Then, in the Sharing section you can select who you want to see your review. Just friends or everyone,
  • Then, hit Post

Final thoughts

You're now armed with all the tools and support you need to start scoring Facebook reviews.

If you think about how many times you look at other businesses' reviews before you dine, shop or shake hands, you'll realise how important it is to continue building your reputation as an asset class.

The more reviews you get (even the bad ones), the more trust you earn, and this helps future customers make real buying decisions about you.

Which dentist would you trust: the one with a 3-star rating from two patients, or the one with a 4.8-star rating from three hundred patients?

Using a tool like Cloutly makes driving reviews easy, predictable and scalable. Instead of awkwardly asking your customers (one by one) for a review, Cloutly's review campaigns put the process on autopilot: driving 2-3x more reviews on the sites you choose, including Google and Facebook.

If word-of-mouth is important to your business, try Cloutly free for 14 days .

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facebook review what others see


How To Write a Facebook Review

How To Write a Facebook Review

In modern digital era, your voice matters more than ever, especially when it comes to sharing experiences with businesses on social media. Writing a Facebook review is a powerful way to express your opinion and influence others. Whether it’s raving about your favorite café or detailing a less-than-stellar experience at a local shop, your reviews contribute significantly to the online reputation of businesses.

Understanding the impact of your words, you might want to ensure your Facebook circle is wide enough to make your opinions heard.

Enhancing your presence by deciding to buy Facebook reviews can significantly enhance the impact of your evaluations, ensuring that your endorsements or cautions are heard by a wider audience. This strategy not only expands your social network but also elevates the trustworthiness and visibility of your evaluations, turning them into a valuable asset for others.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the binary “Yes” or “No” recommendation system on Facebook and ensure your review accurately reflects your experience, setting a guiding tone for readers.
  • Emphasize the importance of including specific details and personal experiences in your review to provide clarity and engage readers with authentic feedback.
  • Remember the significance of choosing a constructive tone and the impact of timing when sharing your experiences, to foster positive dialogue and provide useful feedback.
  • Highlight the value of attaching authentic photos to your reviews, enhancing credibility and offering a more immersive insight into your experience.
  • Acknowledge the public nature of Facebook reviews, emphasizing the need for thoughtful, balanced feedback that can guide future customers and inform business improvements.
  • Utilize the flexibility to edit or delete your Facebook reviews, allowing your feedback to remain accurate and reflective of your latest experiences.

Steps To Write Reviews on Facebook

How To Write a Facebook Review

Writing a Facebook review can significantly impact a business, influencing potential customers and shaping the company’s online reputation. To ensure your review offers value and clarity, follow the guidelines below.

Choose the Right Rating

Your review starts with selecting a rating. Given that Facebook has transitioned to recommendations rather than the traditional star ratings, your choice is binary: yes or no. This doesn’t mean your review lacks nuance. Your recommendation — or lack thereof — sets the tone for your feedback. It’s essential to accurately reflect your experience.

Did the business meet your expectations? Would you suggest it to friends or family? Your initial recommendation acts as an anchor for your written review, guiding readers on your overall sentiment.

Provide Specific Details

The most helpful reviews go beyond general statements. When drafting your review, include specific details about what made your experience memorable. Were there standout products or services? How did the business go above and beyond?

Alternatively, if your experience was less than stellar, detail what aspects fell short. This information not only aids potential customers in their decision-making but also offers businesses valuable insight into areas of success or improvement. Remember, clarity is key. Break down your experience so readers can easily understand what to expect.

Include Personal Experience

Your personal experience is what makes your review unique. Share your story — whether it’s about the exceptional service you received or how a product exceeded your expectations. Don’t hesitate to mention employees by name if they contributed to your positive experience. Including personal anecdotes adds authenticity and relatability to your review, making it more engaging for readers. It’s these personal touches that transform a standard review into a powerful recommendation.

writing facebook reviews

Other Things To Consider When Writing a Facebook Reviews

When crafting a Facebook review, it’s not just about what you say but how you say it. Language and tone play crucial roles in how your feedback is perceived. Opting for a constructive tone, even when critiquing, fosters a positive dialogue and encourages the business to engage with your feedback.

If you find it difficult to follow a certain tone or style, then an AI paragraph generator can help you with the first draft. It will craft compelling paragraphs according to your entered topic and selected tone/style.

Timing is another aspect often overlooked. Sharing your experience soon after it happens ensures your memories are fresh, making your review more detailed and helpful for others. But, if you’ve had a negative experience, taking a moment to cool off before typing can prevent overly-emotional responses that might not accurately reflect the situation.

The relevance of your review is paramount. The team from this essay writing platform called EssayPro advises focusing on specifics that future customers will find useful. Mentioning the quality of service, the atmosphere, or the product’s performance gives a well-rounded view that aids in decision-making. It’s also beneficial to highlight any changes in your second visit, as this shows the business’s capacity for growth or consistency.

You can also use authentic photos accompanying your review can greatly enhance its credibility. Visuals can capture aspects that words might miss, such as the ambiance of a place or the quality of a product, offering a more immersive insight into your experience.

Remember, a well-written review has the power to significantly influence both potential customers and the business itself. By choosing your words carefully, focusing on relevance, and attaching authentic visuals, your feedback can contribute meaningfully to the community, helping others make informed decisions and assisting businesses in their quest for improvement.

How Do I Leave a Review on Facebook?

Leaving a review on Facebook is simpler than you might think, and it’s a fantastic way for you to share your experiences with others while also helping businesses understand how they’re doing. Facebook reviews are influential, with 92.4% of customers reading online reviews and considering them as much as personal recommendations.

First, navigate to the business’s Facebook page. You’ll find the “Reviews” or “Recommendations” section usually located on the left-hand side menu of the page. If you’re on a mobile device, you might need to tap on the ‘More’ tab. Once you’re there, Facebook will prompt you with the question, “Do you recommend [Business Name]?” Here, you can select either “Yes” or “No”, based on your experience.

After choosing your recommendation option, a text box will appear where you can write your review. Here’s where your contribution really matters.

Be specific about what you liked or didn’t like. Mention details about the service, product quality, or your overall experience. This not only helps potential customers but also gives the business valuable feedback on what they’re doing right or what they could improve on.

Also, adding authentic photos can significantly enhance the credibility of your review. Photos offer visual evidence of your experience, making your review more relatable and trustworthy for those reading it.

Remember, your review should be honest and fair. Keep in mind that constructive criticism is more helpful than vague or overly negative comments. Businesses often use feedback from Facebook reviews to improve their products or services, so your insights can lead to real change.

Understanding how to leave a review on Facebook enables you to be part of a larger community, contributing valuable information that benefits both businesses and fellow customers alike. Your voice matters, and with these simple steps, you can make sure it’s heard.

Where Do I Find Facebook Reviews?

If you’re looking to leave a Facebook review, knowing where to find the review section is your first step. It’s simpler than you might think.

Facebook has integrated its review feature into what’s now known as Recommendations. This is where customers can share their experiences and thoughts about a business, service, or product with their network.

Start by navigating to the Facebook Page of the business you want to review. You’ll find the Recommendations or Reviews tab on the left sidebar of the page. This tab is your gateway to reading what others have said and leaving your own feedback. Whether you’re on a desktop or using the Facebook app, the process is essentially the same.

Occasionally, businesses might have this tab hidden due to their settings preferences. If that’s the case and you can’t seem to find where to leave a review, don’t worry. Contacting the business directly through their Facebook page via message can be a good alternative. They can provide you with a direct link or instruct you on how they prefer to gather customer feedback.

Remember, when you decide to leave a review, you’re not just sharing your thoughts with the business. Your review is visible to anyone who visits the business’s Facebook page. This visibility is exactly why your honest and detailed feedback is invaluable. It helps potential customers make informed decisions and can significantly impact the business’s reputation.

Can I Delete or Edit My Facebook Reviews?

Navigating the complexities of social media feedback might feel like a maze, especially when you’re looking to retract or modify your words. On Facebook, your voice matters , and so does your ability to update your insights as your experiences evolve.

If you’ve posted a review and later changed your mind, either because your opinion has shifted or you’ve had a change of heart, you’ll be relieved to know that editing and deleting your Facebook reviews is possible . This flexibility ensures your feedback remains accurate and reflective of your latest interactions.

To edit your Facebook review, simply navigate to the Recommendations section of the business page where you initially left your feedback. Find your review and click on the three dots in the top right corner. From there, you’ll see an option to ‘Edit Recommendation’. This is your chance to adjust your rating or elaborate on your experience further. Remember, your edited review will replace the original and will be date-stamped with the latest update.

In scenarios where you feel a review no longer represents your stance or if it was posted in error, deleting it is just as straightforward. Follow the same steps to locate your review under the business’s Recommendations. Instead of opting to edit, select ‘Remove Recommendation’. Upon confirmation, your review will permanently disappear, leaving no trace of the original comment.

This ability to edit or delete ensures that your digital footprint on Facebook is as current and genuine as your real-world experiences. It underscores the platform’s commitment to providing dynamic, user-driven content that accurately reflects consumer opinions and experiences. Whether you’re praising an unforgettable service or retracting a critique based on a resolved issue, your control over your online reviews is uncompromised.

Remember, each review contributes to the community’s perception of a business. Exercising your power to edit or delete ensures that your influence remains both positive and precise.

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Crafting a Facebook review is more than just sharing your experience; it’s about contributing to a business’s growth and guiding future customers.

Remember, your words have the power to influence and shape perceptions. By treating your reviews as advice for friends and maintaining a balanced and fair perspective, you’re not just offering feedback but also playing a crucial role in the business-customer relationship.

Businesses that actively respond to reviews demonstrate their dedication to customer satisfaction, further emphasizing the importance of your input. So next time you’re about to write a review, consider the impact of your words and the responsibility that comes with them. Your thoughtful and honest feedback can make a significant difference.

FAQs About Writing Facebook Reviews

Here are some frequently asked questions about Facebook Reviews.

Where is the review tab on Facebook?

The review tab on Facebook can be found on the business’s Facebook Page. It’s located on the left side of the page under the business’s profile picture and name. By clicking on this tab, users can view and leave reviews for the business.

Why can’t I leave a review on Facebook?

You might not be able to leave a review on Facebook if the business has not enabled the review feature on their Page. Page owners have the option to turn on or off this feature. If it’s not available, you might want to contact the business directly to share your feedback.

When you get a friend suggestion on Facebook, does the other person get it too?

It’s not guaranteed. Facebook suggests friends based on mutual connections, interests, or activities, but it doesn’t mean the same suggestion appears for both parties. Each user’s suggestions are tailored to their own profile and interactions.

Where can I leave a review for a company?

You can leave a review for a company on various platforms including Google Business Profile, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These platforms cater to different types of businesses and audiences, so choose the one that best fits the business you want to review.

Can my friends see my reviews on Facebook?

Yes, friends can see your reviews on Facebook depending on your privacy settings. When leaving a review, you have the option to adjust who can see it—everyone, just friends, or a custom list. Encouraging customers to set their reviews to public can increase visibility for businesses.

This is used as a reference for customers when looking for products and services. For businesses, this is a promotion tool so that their posts and page are more visible in user’s feeds.

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How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else Would View It

facebook review what others see

Steve Larner Steve Larner carries over eleven years of content management, editing, and writing experience in a wide variety of industries. As a tech enthusiast, Steve also enjoys exploring new products and devices and helping others solve their technological problems. Read more August 10, 2022

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You can never be too careful when posting things on Facebook. Events and images meant to share with friends or family can accidentally become available to other eyes. There are settings intended to prevent this, but checking every post to confirm the “Private” status is quite challenging.

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else Would View It

Fortunately, Facebook has the option to let you see which of your uploads are viewable by everyone. This article shows you how to view your Facebook Profile as someone else would, giving you control over what content you make public.

Viewing Your Facebook Profile as Public on Windows, Mac, or Linux

Viewing your profile as others see it is a simple process when on a PC or Mac. To do so, follow these instructions:

facebook review what others see

Viewing Your Facebook Profile as Public on Android/iOS/iPhone

Facebook Mobile lets you view your Facebook profile as public as a browser can, though enabling it is slightly different. Here’s what you need to do:

facebook review what others see

  • Your profile appears, displaying all publicly viewable content.

facebook review what others see

Why Would You Want to View Your Profile as Someone Else?

Social Media has dramatically changed how we communicate with others. It has made posting our thoughts and daily habits second nature. However, taking what we upload for granted can lead to many security risks for you and your family and should not be ignored.

People underestimate the amount of data a simple picture displays. A street sign, a landmark, or even the surrounding houses can give away your location to anyone persistent enough to try and find it, not to mention all of the location data in the image file itself.

If you post images to show off to friends, that is well and good, but it is an easy enough mistake to forget to switch back privacy settings once they become public. Viewing your profile as someone else allows you to see which posts you have made available to everyone else.

You can quickly decide whether these posts are OK to be left to your public profile or subsequently be made private. The ‘View As’ option lets you see all your ‘public’ posts simultaneously and eliminates the tedious post-by-post inspection process.

Take Control of What Others See

If you viewed your profile and felt like too much or too little information is available for public view, you can curate what others see. Of course, you can block people so they can’t see your profile at all, but you can also make some posts private and some posts public.

You can also restrict who can see which posts. For example, if you have Facebook friends you don’t want to see certain posts, you can restrict those individuals.

If you use the View As feature and see a lot of content you don’t want to show everyone you can make your account private. Fortunately, switching your profile from Public to Private (and vise versa) is simple. We have an article here that will walk you through all the steps .

To restrict the posts that other users see tap on the three dot icon next to the post. Then, select Edit Privacy . Tap Friends Except … and add the friends you don’t want to see your posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to more questions you may have about Facebook’s View As feature.

How do I exit the View As feature?

When you’ve finished inspecting what others can see on Facebook you can easily get back to Facebook’s normal view. All you need to do is click or tap Exit View As in the upper right-hand corner.

Can I view my Facebook profile as a specific person?

Unfortunately, no. Facebook used to offer the option to choose how you could view your profile. You could choose Public or as a specific person. The company, however, removed the feature sometime around 2019.

The only way to see what another person sees (aside from the Public view) is to log into their Facebook account and search your profile.

Keeping Track of Your Uploads

Social media has become so mundane that it is taken for granted in modern times. People post almost anything and everything, from big celebrations to what they’ve had for lunch. Keeping track of what you upload is essential, as you don’t want to share things with people you don’t want to see.

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facebook review what others see

Why are my Facebook reviews not showing up?

Facebook reviews are valuable to businesses. Customers value reviews from genuine patrons who can provide details about their experience, as it helps them build trust in your company.

An essential element of brand reputation management and online marketing, Facebook reviews are important to have on your business page. But if those reviews don’t show up, you’ll miss out on the benefits they could offer your business. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix that issue.

Does my business need Facebook reviews?

Free guide & checklist: how to respond to reviews.

If you have a Facebook Business Page , then encouraging your customers to review your business maximizes the value you get from that page and the return on the time you’ve invested in your social media marketing.

Customer reviews add authenticity to a business page and help potential customers make buying decisions. Positive reviews may prompt a Facebook user following your page to stop into your store or make their first purchase on your website, converting that lead into a paying customer.

Even responding to negative reviews allows you the chance to demonstrate that you value your customers and are invested in customer satisfaction.

Why aren’t my Facebook reviews showing up?

There are several reasons you may not see your Facebook reviews . The first is that Facebook has transitioned from reviews to recommendations. Facebook is no longer using the star ratings that customers relied on for years. Instead, when leaving a review, customers are asked whether they would or would not recommend a business.

While Facebook has done away with star ratings, the meat of the reviews — the comments — are still there. With Facebook recommendations, customers can continue to leave detailed feedback about your business. The star ratings you received are still used and factor into your business’s overall rating.

Keep in mind that there is a delay between when a customer leaves a review and when it posts on your business page. A customer might leave a review while still in your store, but it may not show up for several hours.

If you do not see any reviews or page ratings, and your customers can’t find a way to leave ratings for you, you may need to turn on your reviews. If your review section is hidden, it will be difficult for customers to figure out how to review your business.

How to fix missing Facebook reviews

If you do not see reviews because your Facebook reviews are off, you can fix the issue in just a few minutes.

Facebook gives businesses the option to turn their reviews off, which will hide your existing reviews and prevent followers from being able to leave new reviews. This can be helpful if you’re experiencing problems with spam or fake reviews, or if you’ll be away from your business temporarily and won’t have time to monitor reviews.

When you turn your reviews off, Facebook will save your existing reviews. You can enable reviews in the future, and your old reviews will be visible again.

To turn your business reviews on:

  • Log into your Facebook account and go to your business Facebook page.
  • Under your “Manage Page” section, click on the “Settings” button. You will see a menu on the left-hand side of the page and should click on the “Templates and Tabs” section.
  • Look for “Reviews” and toggle the option to “On.”

Your reviews tab will now be visible, and customers will be able to leave new reviews and see the previous page reviews.

How to get more Facebook reviews for your business

Once you’ve turned your Facebook reviews on, you will need to encourage customers to leave testimonials about your business. You can do that in several ways.

Share reviews on your website

Embedding some Facebook reviews on your website not only builds buyer confidence in your business, but also reminds them that they can leave a review. Include a call to action on your site, asking customers to take a few minutes to write a review. Provide the link to your business Facebook profile, so it’s easy for them to get to your page.

Encourage new customers to leave a review

If you engage with new customers in person at your store, thank them for their business and ask them to leave a review at the end of the checkout process. If you don’t see new customers in person, follow up with a thank-you email or SMS message and include a link to your Facebook page so they can quickly leave a review.

Reach out to your entire social network

Periodically post on your social media profiles and ask customers to leave a review. Explain how critical reviews are for small businesses, and remind them that it only takes a few minutes. Direct them to your Facebook profile with a link, and thank them for taking the time to support your business.

Manage your social media with Broadly

Facebook is critical for businesses , and online reviews are crucial to your small business’s digital marketing and reputation management. Broadly can help you gather more Facebook reviews and monitor what people say about your business online.

Ready to learn how Broadly can help you with review management and more?

Watch your online reputation transform with Broadly

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How to See Who is Viewing Your Facebook Profile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Curious about who’s snooping around your Facebook profile? You’re not alone. While Facebook doesn’t offer a straightforward feature to track profile visitors, there are some workarounds that will help satisfy your curiosity. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll walk you through a quick, easy guide on how to see who’s been viewing your Facebook profile.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to See Who is Viewing Your Facebook Profile

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that Facebook does not provide a direct method for users to see who has viewed their profile. However, we can use the platform’s features and a bit of detective work to get some insights. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Open Facebook

Log into your Facebook account.

Logging into your Facebook account is the first step. Make sure you are on your home page where you can see your news feed before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

Click on your name to view your profile.

Once you’re on your profile page, you’ll be ready to explore the potential paths to see who might be checking out your profile.

Step 3: View Source Code

Right-click on the page and select ‘View Page Source’ or press ‘Ctrl+U’ (Command+Option+U on Mac).

This will open a new tab with a bunch of codes – don’t worry, you don’t need to understand them all.

Step 4: Find ‘InitialChatFriendsList’

Press ‘Ctrl+F’ (Command+F on Mac) to open the find feature and type in ‘InitialChatFriendsList’.

This code indicates a list of user IDs corresponding to your friends who’ve interacted most with your profile.

Step 5: Identify Profile Viewers

Look for a string of numbers followed by “-2” and copy the numbers before “-2”.

These numbers are the profile IDs of people who have viewed your profile. Copying these numbers will enable you to find out exactly who they are.

After you complete these steps, you can paste the copied numbers after ‘’ in a new tab to view the profiles of those who have visited your page. Keep in mind this isn’t an exact science but can give you an idea of who’s been checking you out.

Tips: How to See Who is Viewing Your Facebook Profile

  • Remember, the list you find may not be in exact order of who viewed your profile last.
  • The IDs you find are not only for those who’ve visited your profile; they could be from friends who’ve interacted with you most on Facebook.
  • Don’t trust any third-party apps that claim they can show you who’s viewed your profile—they’re not endorsed by Facebook and could pose security risks.
  • Periodically check the ‘View As’ feature to understand what parts of your profile are public.
  • Be aware of your privacy settings. The more public your profile, the less privacy you will have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i see who views my facebook profile.

No, Facebook does not offer a feature to see exactly who views your profile.

Are there third-party apps that can show me who viewed my profile?

While there are apps that claim to offer this service, they are not recommended due to privacy concerns and are not endorsed by Facebook.

If I can’t see who viewed my profile, what can I see?

You can see who has liked, commented, and shared your posts, as well as your friends’ activity on your profile, such as wall posts and tags.

Can someone tell if I’ve viewed their profile?

No, Facebook does not notify users when someone views their profile.

Is there any accurate way to see who viewed my profile?

Unfortunately, no. Any method used is just an approximation and should not be taken as an exact list of profile viewers.

  • Open Facebook and log in.
  • Go to your profile.
  • View the source code of the page.
  • Use the find feature to search for ‘InitialChatFriendsList’.
  • Identify and copy the profile viewer’s IDs before ‘-2’.

While the burning question of “who is viewing my Facebook profile” remains only partially answerable, the steps outlined above provide a glimpse into who could be paying extra attention to your online presence. Remember, your digital footprint is more public than you might think, and Facebook’s privacy settings are there to help you manage it. As always, exercise caution and skepticism when it comes to third-party apps or dubious online tools that promise more than they can deliver.

Whether it’s out of pure curiosity or for more serious reasons like privacy and security, understanding who might be looking at your profile can give you a greater sense of control over your online persona. Keep an eye on your privacy settings, be mindful of what you share, and remember that the online world is an extension of the real one, with all its complexities and nuances. Happy browsing, and may your Facebook voyages be both safe and satisfying!

Matthew Burleigh Solve Your Tech

Matthew Burleigh has been writing tech tutorials since 2008. His writing has appeared on dozens of different websites and been read over 50 million times.

After receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science he spent several years working in IT management for small businesses. However, he now works full time writing content online and creating websites.

His main writing topics include iPhones, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Android, and Photoshop, but he has also written about many other tech topics as well.

Read his full bio here.

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How To Get Facebook Reviews: 10 Strategies For Your Biz Page

Today more than ever, online reviews are a critical aspect of consumers’ purchasing decisions. And with the rise of social media, they have become an essential part of how people evaluate products and services. Facebook reviews are no different for businesses to have.

Since Facebook is the most popular social media platform, it has also become a hub for users to share their first-hand experiences and opinions on business pages.

So, are you wondering how to get more reviews on Facebook?

Here are ten practical tips to help you get started.

Table of Contents

What Are The Benefits of Online Reviews?

Before discussing the strategies, let’s first understand why online reviews are so important.

  • Build Trust. Positive reviews from satisfied users can build trust with potential customers . It shows that your business has a good reputation and provides excellent products or services.
  • Increase Visibility. Reviews on platforms like Facebook can boost your business’s visibility as they often appear in search engine results.
  • Improve SEO. Reviews can also improve your search engine rankings as they are considered a form of user-generated content, which is highly valued by search engines.
  • Customer Feedback. Online reviews provide valuable feedback from customers, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes.

What Are the Official Guidelines for Facebook Reviews?

facebook review what others see

When it comes to managing reviews on your business’s Facebook page, there are some official guidelines that you should be aware of:

  • Moderation. You can moderate the reviews on your page by hiding or deleting them if they violate Facebook’s Community Standards.
  • Reporting Fake Reviews. If you believe a review is fake or spam, you can report it to Facebook for review.
  • Responding to Reviews. You can respond publicly or privately to reviews on your page, depending on the nature of the feedback.
  • Asking Customers for Reviews. While you can’t incentivize customers to leave positive reviews, you are allowed to ask them for honest feedback.

Remember that recommendations that don’t follow Facebook’s community standards may be removed, so make sure to familiarize yourself with them before managing your reviews.

The key points are:

  • Authenticity

Facebook page guidelines

Treat all users, including those leaving negative reviews, with respect and dignity. Avoid attacking or belittling them in your responses and focus on resolving any issues they may have.

10 Effective Strategies to Get More Facebook Reviews on Your Facebook Business Page

Now that you understand the importance of online reviews and the guidelines for managing them on Facebook, let’s dive into ten practical strategies to get more Facebook reviews on your business page .

Turn On Reviews For Your Facebook Page

First thing first.

Before you can get reviews, you need to make sure that they are enabled on your page.

To do this, go to your profile and choose the page you want to check.

Select the correct fan page and then click “ Settings & Privacy “:

turn on Facebook reviews

On the next page, click “Privacy” in the left menu:

be sure to click privacy

The last step is to click on “ Page and Tagging “, to finally see the option called “ Allow others to view and leave reviews on your Page? “.

Make sure the tagging is On:

make tagging on for your fb page

Encourage Customers to Leave Facebook Reviews

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your customers and politely request them to leave a review on your Facebook page. You can do this through email marketing , social media posts, or even in-store signage.

When reaching out, make writing a review as simple as possible by providing a direct link to your page or instructions on how to navigate there.

A good template you can use to request reviews is:

>Hello [Customer Name],

>We hope you had a great experience with our product/service.

>We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our Facebook page.

>It will only take a few minutes, and your review will help us improve our services for future customers.

>Thank you for your support!

Of course, make sure to thank customers who have already left reviews and let them know their feedback is valuable to your business.

Respond To Reviews

Not only should you encourage customers to leave reviews, but also respond to them.

Acknowledge both positive and negative reviews and thank the reviewers for taking the time to share their experiences.

This shows that you care about your customers’ opinions and are willing to address any concerns they may have. It also gives potential customers a positive image of your brand, knowing that you value and engage with feedback.

For example,  you can respond to a positive review by saying:

>Thank you [Reviewer’s Name] for your kind words and support. We are happy to hear that you had a great experience with us.

For negative reviews, try to address the issue and offer solutions or an apology if necessary.

For example,  you can respond to a negative review by saying:

>We apologize for any inconvenience caused, [Reviewer’s Name]. Please send us a direct message so we can further assist you with this issue.

Remember to keep your tone professional, and respectful, and maintain Facebook’s community standards.

Share Positive Reviews On Other Social Media

Sharing positive reviews on your social media platforms is an effective way to promote your brand and encourage others to leave reviews.

If you don’t have any, you can consider purchasing real Facebook reviews as a way to boost your page’s credibility and encourage more reviews from others.

You can also take screenshots of positive reviews and share them on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, along with a link to your Facebook page for people to leave their reviews.

This also shows appreciation for customers who took the time to share their positive experiences.

They may feel more inclined to leave a review again in the future or share your brand with their network, leading to more reviews.

example of FB review

Implement A Review Generation System

Another effective strategy is to implement a review generation system.

This can be as simple as sending an automated email after a customer has made a purchase, asking them to leave a review on your Facebook page.

You can try a pop-up form on your website, offering a discount or freebie in exchange for leaving a review. 

Alternatively, you can implement a review generation system for engaged customers who complete a specific action on your website, like the case of SlideModel reviews , where engaged users are invited to leave a review after downloading a presentation template.

Make sure to check Facebook’s policies and guidelines when it comes to incentives for reviews.

Offer Great Customer Service

Customer service is a key factor in getting positive reviews.

Make sure to provide top-notch customer service to every customer, whether it’s through fast shipping, easy returns, or excellent communication.

If customers have a great experience with your business, they are more likely to leave a positive review and recommend your brand to others.

Engage With Your Audience Regularly

Engaging with your audience regularly not only helps build a relationship with them but also reminds them to leave a review.

You can do this by responding to comments and messages, posting interesting content, and running promotions or giveaways.

When customers see your brand actively engaging with its audience, they may feel more inclined to leave a review as they know their feedback will be valued and acknowledged .

For example,  you can post a poll or ask for suggestions on your Facebook page and include a call-to-action to leave a review.

engage with your Facebook reviews

Utilize Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a powerful tool in promoting your page and getting more reviews.

You can create an ad specifically targeting people who have recently engaged with your brand or visited your website, encouraging them to leave a review.

By reaching out to those who are already familiar with your brand, they may be more likely to take the time to leave a review.

To create a targeted ad, go to the Ads Manager and select the objective “Get More Page Likes” or “Engagement”.

Facebook ads manager

From there, you can specify your target audience and budget.

Encourage Facebook Check-ins

Another way to increase reviews is by encouraging customers to check in on your business on Facebook.

This not only promotes your page but also makes it easier for customers to leave a review directly from the check-in.

You can offer incentives like discounts or freebies for customers who check in and leave a review, further motivating them to do so.

facebook check ins

Add The Facebook Reviews Tab to Your Business Website

If you have a business website, make sure to add the reviews tab to your Facebook page .

This way, potential customers can easily see your overall review rating and read individual reviews without having to leave your website.

It also makes it more convenient for them to leave a review if they are already browsing your site.

How To Leave A Facebook Review

Not only should you try to generate Facebook reviews for your page but leave reviews for other businesses you have purchased from or did business with.

Here’s how to leave a Facebook review:

First, log into your Facebook account and visit the business page you want to review. Scroll down until you see the Reviews section.

Click on the stars to select your rating. A box will pop up asking you to describe your experience.

Write a detailed review being as specific as possible about what you liked or didn’t like. You can also upload photos to support your review.

Once you’re done, click “Post” to publish your review publicly on that page.

FAQs: Generating Facebook Reviews

There could be several reasons why you are not getting reviews on Facebook. It could be due to a lack of customer engagement, negative experiences with your business, or difficulty in leaving a review. But first, make sure you have enabled reviews on your page and have actively encouraged customers to leave reviews.

Facebook does not allow businesses to delete or hide negative reviews. However, you can report a review if it violates Facebook’s policies and guidelines . Otherwise, it is best to respond to the review professionally and try to address any concerns the customer may have.

Yes, you can offer incentives for customers to leave reviews, but make sure to follow Facebook’s guidelines and policies when it comes to offering rewards for reviews.

Final Words

Getting reviews on Facebook is an essential aspect of building a strong online presence and establishing trust with your audience.

By implementing these strategies, you can encourage more reviews and improve your overall review rating on Facebook.

Remember to always respond to reviews, whether positive or negative, professionally and respectfully. This shows that you value and appreciate customer feedback, leading to better customer relationships and more positive reviews in the future.

Remember, a great user experience leads to great reviews , so make sure to prioritize providing excellent customer service at all times. 

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' src=

All good tips Lisa. Engaging your Facebook Fans – and followers in general – regularly influences them to organically publish glowing reviews because they luv ya and wish to express it. Genuinely, it is kinda easy to score these types of reviews since you mainly need to care about the well-being of your tribe, listen to them and show up to respond. Smart post my friend.

' src=

Thanks Ryan. Of course it’s best to engage with folks on the social networks unless they are spamming you 🙂 Appreciate your coming by and taking the time to comment Ryan. Have a great day!

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15 Apr Why can’t I see all of my Facebook reviews?

Facebook has come a long way from the simple social site first launched back in 2004. What initially began as a website for college students fifteen years ago is now the largest social media platform in the world with over four billion users. It’s not surprising that forward-thinking companies quickly learned that Facebook could be used to promote their brand and connect directly with customers. Facebook soon realized that growth not only could come in the form of personal accounts, but also corporate, launching business pages in 2007.

Today, over 32% of Facebook users interact with brands on a regular basis [Sprout Social]. Once important facet of this interaction comes through the form of reviews. Business owners can choose to include a reviews section on their page, allowing customers to recommend a company that they support. Positive reviews are vital, and in a recent BrightLocal survey, it was discovered that 85% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends’ and families’ endorsements. Nearly 70% of customers are more likely to use a local business with positive reviews, and 40% of consumers said they would avoid local businesses that have negative reviews.

Assuming a company has reviews enabled on their page*, there should be no stopping customers from easily recommending and leaving comments about their favorite companies.  The overall number of reviews, both positive and negative determines a page’s rating. However, unless a review is left publicly, it will not show up on the company’s page. This can be a problem for service-based small businesses that rely heavily on reviews and word of mouth when trying to make a name for themselves in the local community.

facebook review what others see

Users should select “public” from the drop down box to ensure their review will be seen by both the business and other potential customers.

So what should a small business do when asking for testimonials on their Facebook page from loyal clients? When asking for a review, be sure to state that the review needs to be public. If not, the review will only be seen by the customer’s Facebook friends and any positive review that is made privately will not add to the page’s overall rating.

*Enable or disable a business page’s reviews in page settings under the “Templates and Tabs” button.

' src=

Summer Keeney

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facebook review what others see

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Secrets of the Octopus

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Introduction to iTravelInsured Travel Insurance

  • Types of Policies Offered
  • How to Purchase and Manage Your Policy
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  • Why You Should Trust Us

iTravelInsured Travel Insurance Review 2024

Affiliate links for the products on this page are from partners that compensate us (see our advertiser disclosure with our list of partners for more details). However, our opinions are our own. See how we rate insurance products to write unbiased product reviews.

Planning a vacation can be an exciting endeavor. Regardless of where and why you're traveling, it's vital to ensure that you're protected if something goes wrong. And this is why travel insurance is important.

In this review of iTravelInsured Travel Insurance , a well-known name in the industry, we'll share the company's insurance offerings, look at premium costs, and let you know how to file a claim. We'll also share a couple of comparisons between iTravelInsured and some of the best travel insurance companies . 

iTravelInsured iTravelInsured Travel Insurance

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Six different plans to choose from
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Cancel for Any Reason and Interruption for Any Reason coverage available
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Specialized plans for missionaries, seniors, and students in a cultural exchange or study abroad program
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Higher-end plans are on the expensive side
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Travel Essential plan has lower coverage compared to comparable plans through some competitors
  • Six travel insurance plans to choose from
  • Travel LX plan is the most popular option, and includes up to $2,500 in trip delay coverage and the option to add CFAR insurance
  • Emergency medical coverage of up to $500,000 (primary or secondary depending on the plan)
  • Coverage for baggage delays, loss, missed connections, and more

iTravelInsured is a collection of travel insurance policies provided by International Medical Group, more commonly known as IMG. One of the industry leaders in travel insurance, IMG provides policies for travel medical insurance , international health insurance, and comprehensive travel insurance. iTravelInsured offers trip protection and medical coverage across six plans.

With six plans to choose from, including a low cost plan and a plan for adventure sports travelers, customers are likely to find a plan that suits their needs. iTravelInsured's Travel Lite plan is particularly interesting, managing to keep its rates relatively low, even for older travelers.

We'll get into more details about iTravelInsured's customer reviews, but it's worth mentioning at the top that the claims process for iTravelInsured isn't great, with many customers reporting unresponsiveness, partial claims payouts, and months-long processing times. 

Types of Policies Offered by iTravelInsured

iTravelInsured offers six primary plans: Travel Lite, Travel SE, Travel LX, Travel LX Basic, Travel Sport, and Travel Essential. Each plan has different coverage limits and various types of protection.

Here's a look at what you'll get with each plan:

Determining which of these plans will best suit your needs will depend on your budget and which coverages matter most to you.

For example, the Travel LX plan offers the highest coverage limits but will also cost the most. In comparison, the Travel Lite plan is designed for budget-conscious travelers. Its coverage limits are lower than the other plans, but you'll also pay less for your policy.

Additional Coverage Options from iTravelInsured

iTravelInsured only offers two optional add-ons to its top-tier Travel LX plan. These include CFAR (cancel for any reason) and IFAR (interruption for any reason) coverage. And these add-ons must be purchased within 20 days of the initial trip deposit.

iTravelInsured Travel Insurance Cost

The premium you pay will depend on various factors, including the age of the travelers, destination, and total trip costs. The  average cost of travel insurance  is 4% to 8% of your travel costs.

After inputting some personal information, such as your age and state of residence, along with your trip details, like travel dates, destination, and trip costs, you'll get an instant quote for iTravelInsured plans available for your trip. And from there, it's easy to compare each option based on your coverage needs and budget.

Now let's look at a few examples to estimate iTravelInsured coverage costs.

As of 2024, a 23-year-old from Illinois taking a week-long, $3,000 budget trip to Italy would have the following travel insurance quotes:

  • iTravelInsured Travel Lite: $ 87.77
  • iTravelInsured Travel SE: $100.43
  • iTravelInsured Travel LX: $183.06
  • iTravelInsured Travel Sport: $194.01

Premiums for iTravelInsured plans are between 2.9% and 6.5% of the trip's cost, well within the average cost of travel insurance.

iTravelInsured provides the following quotes for a 30-year-old traveler from California heading to Japan for two weeks on a $4,000 trip:

  • iTravelInsured Travel Lite: $117.74
  • iTravelInsured Travel SE: $135.36
  • iTravelInsured Travel LX: $235.53
  • iTravelInsured Travel Sport: $246.91

Once again, premiums for iTravelInsured plans are between 2.9% and 6.2% of the trip's cost, within and below the expected range of travel insurance costs.

A Texas family consisting of two 40-year-old parents with a 10-year-old and 4-year-old on a two-week trip to Australia for $20,000:

  • iTravelInsured Travel Lite: $687.18
  • iTravelInsured Travel SE: $807.78
  • iTravelInsured Travel LX: $1,270.92

Quotes for this trip cost between 3.4% and 6.4%, within and below the average cost of travel insurance. 

A 65-year-old couple looking to escape New Jersey for Mexico for two weeks with a trip cost of $6,000 would have the following quotes:

  • iTravelInsured Travel Lite: $423.86
  • iTravelInsured Travel SE: $449.74
  • iTravelInsured Travel LX: $662.28

Quotes for this trip cost between 7.1% and 11%, which is generally higher than the average cost of travel insurance. Older people often pay more for insurance, and iTravelInsured is no exception. That said, its policies for older travelers aren't as high as some of its competitors.

How to Purchase and Manage Your iTravelInsured Policy

You can by iTravelInsured either through the IMG website . You'll need to be prepared to provide the following information about yourself and your trip:

  • Travel dates
  • Primary travel destination 
  • Traveler(s) information (age, gender, citizenship, residence, state)

You'll be shown quotes for all of IMG's travel insurance plans that apply to you and your trip. 

How to File a Claim with iTravelInsured

You must submit a claim within 30 days of the loss.

Claims with iTravelInsured will be handled through its claims center . You can contact customer service or the claims center 24 hours a day at 866-347-6673 or 1-866-243-7524, respectively.

Claims forms and information can be mailed to:

IMG iTravelInsured Claims

PO Box 3231

Farmington Hills, Michigan 48333-3231

You can also email claims to [email protected].

iTravelInsured must pay your claim within 30 days of receiving your proof of loss. If you're not paid within 30 days, your claim starts accruing interest at 6% APY until the date of late payment.

iTravelInsured Customer Service and Claims Experience

IMG, the company that operates iTravelInsured, is very well reviewed, receiving an average of 4.6 stars out of five on Trustpilot and a 4.22 on Squaremouth. Many customers spoke highly of the company's buying process, saying that the price was reasonable, the application was easy to complete, and customer service agents were polite and knowledgeable.

That said, customer reviews of IMG's claims don't line up with the volume of outstanding reviews it has. Customers reported claims taking several months to process. Many of the five-star reviews of IMG's claims services are filed by people who have recently filed, but haven't heard back yet. 

In addition to long wait times, customers also reported that claims agents were largely unavailable, and customer service representatives, while polite, were ultimately powerless in escalating a claim. Additionally, multiple customers reported only receiving partial compensation without explanation. One customer mentioned that mental illness was not included as a covered illness, writing, "Almost a medieval view of what constitutes an illness."

While IMG and iTravelInsured aren't alone when it comes to a long, uncommunicative claims process, it's even more concerning that IMG's customer service team doesn't respond to any reviews, which is often a good way to reach your insurance provider. 

Learn more about how iTravelInsured travel insurance compares to top travel insurance providers. 

iTravelInsured vs. AIG Travel Guard

We'll look at a couple of different plans from both iTravelInsured and AIG Travel Guard  to compare and contrast the coverage between the two companies.

We'll start with iTravelInsured's Travel Essential and AIG's Essential plans.

AIG's Essential plan covers trip cancellations with up to $100,0000 in coverage, up to $150,000 in emergency medical evacuation expenses, and up to $100 per day ($500 total) for delays of 12 or more hours, and coverage for lost or delayed baggage.

In comparison, iTravelInsured's Travel Essential offers trip cancellation coverage of 100% of the trip cost, $0 of emergency medical evacuation coverage, up to $2,000 (with a $250 daily limit) for trip delays of 12+ hours, and no lost or delayed baggage coverage.

So in this instance, it's pretty easy to decipher the main differences between these plans. And to see that you'll get much better coverage with AIG's Essential plan.

Now we'll look at both of the highest-tier plans from each provider.

AIG's Deluxe plan, the highest-tier option, provides trip cancellation coverage of up to $150,000, emergency medical evacuation coverage of up to $1,000,000, up to $200 per day ($1,000 maximum) reimbursement for travel delays of 12+ hours, and coverage for delayed or lost baggage.

iTravelInsured's Travel LX plan provides trip cancellation coverage of 100% of the trip cost, up to $1,000,000 in emergency medical evacuation, up to $2,500 with a $250 daily limit )reimbursement for travel delays of 6+ hours, and relatively high limits on coverage for delayed or lost baggage.

In this instance, the Travel LX policy provides superior coverage. But it's important to always get quotes for your particular situation to find the policy that best fits your needs and budget.

Read our AIG Travel Guard insurance review here.

iTravelInsured vs. Allianz Travel Insurance

Both iTravelInsured and Allianz offer various plans with varying levels of coverage designed for different types of travelers. These include single-trip plans and policies covering those who take multiple trips per year.

Allianz's most popular single-trip option is the OneTrip Prime plan, which offers trip cancellation coverage up to $100,000, trip interruption coverage up to $150,000, emergency medical coverage for $50,000, coverage for baggage loss, theft, or damage up to $1,000, and up to $800 in travel delay coverage.

iTravelInsured's most popular plan is the Travel SE plan, which provides trip cancellation coverage of 100% of trip costs, trip interruption coverage of 150% of trip costs, emergency medical coverage for $250,000 (primary coverage), coverage for baggage loss, theft, or damage up to $1,500 ($250 per item), and up to $2,000 ($125 daily limit) in travel delay coverage for delays of 12+ hours. Overall, it offers more coverage than Allianz in this example.

Again, it's best to compare quotes using your personal and trip details to determine which policy is the best for you. Various factors will determine the final cost of any of these policies.

Read our Allianz travel insurance review here.

 iTravelInsured vs. Credit Card Travel Insurance

If you have a travel credit card, check its insurance coverages before purchasing a travel insurance plan from iTravelInsured or another company. That way, you won't be paying twice for coverage you might already have! Some basic insurance coverages, like primary rental car insurance, are offered through many travel rewards credit cards.

It's worth considering whether your credit card travel protection is primary or secondary. Secondary coverage will only kick in after any other relevant travel insurance policies you have. And note that insurance provided through a credit card likely won't cover medical issues, just things like trip and baggage delays.

Once you're clear on the coverage you have through your credit cards, you can purchase travel insurance to fill in the gaps.

See our guide to the best credit cards with travel insurance.

iTravelInsured Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, iTravelInsured is great for international trips, offering coverage for medical emergencies, evacuations, and adventure sports.

iTravelInsured offers adventure sports coverage in its Travel Sport plan, with coverage for sports rental equipment, medical emergency coverage for hazardous sports, and search and rescue.

Customer reviews typically indicate that iTravelInsured has an efficient claims processing system, characterized by timely responses and a supportive claims handling team.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions depends on the iTravelInsured plan you purchase. Its Travel Lite plan doesn't offer pre-existing condition waivers , but its Travel SE and Travel LX plans do, as long as you purchase your policy within the specified window. You must purchase a Travel SE policy within 20 days of your initial trip payment and your Travel LX within 24 hours of your final trip payment.

iTravelInsured stands out for its variety of plans, long trip lengths, and lower rates.

Why You Should Trust Us: How We Reviewed iTravelInsured

We looked at a variety of factors in reviewing the travel insurance plans offered by iTravelInsured. We also compared them to plans offered by other reputable travel insurance companies. And considered things like coverage limits, premiums costs, available add-ons, and more. 

Because the costs and available coverage depend primarily on the specific traveler's personal and trip details, it's best to compare a number of different options to determine which fits your needs. That way you'll know you're getting the right amount of coverage aligns with your needs and your budget.

Read more about how Business Insider reviews insurance products here.

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Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews, or recommendations expressed in this article are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer. Read our editorial standards .

Please note: While the offers mentioned above are accurate at the time of publication, they're subject to change at any time and may have changed, or may no longer be available.

**Enrollment required.

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‘Anora’ Review: Sean Baker’s Whirlwind Sex-Work Romance Sparkles Like the Tinsel in Its Leading Lady’s Hair

The director of 'The Florida Project' reaffirms his knack for spotting talent — and suspending judgment — in casting Mikey Madison as an exotic dancer who thinks she's found her whale.

By Peter Debruge

Peter Debruge

Chief Film Critic

  • Cannes Awards: Female-Centered Stories Win Big in Cannes, as Sean Baker’s ‘Anora’ Earns Palme d’Or 2 days ago
  • ‘The Most Precious of Cargoes’ Review: An Animated Fable From the Director of ‘The Artist’ Finds Hope in the Holocaust 2 days ago
  • ‘The Seed of the Sacred Fig’ Review: Repression Hasn’t Chastened Mohammad Rasoulof, Who Responds With a Marathon Domestic Critique 3 days ago


The uncut gem of this year’s Cannes competition, “ Anora ” is a rowdy Safdie-style movie about two cultures (Russian and American), two languages (Russian and English) and two currencies (money and sex). Like countless Hollywood fantasies that have come before, it tells the story of how young people from different worlds fall in love, run into immediate obstacles and deal with the consequences — except the couple in this case consists of a New York stripper and the reckless son of a Russian oligarch. How long would you give it?

Popular on Variety

After a few one-on-one visits to his opulent pad (a waterfront mansion with maid service and private security), Ani finds herself negotiating the rate for a week of exclusive attention. They settle on $15,000, cash upfront. Baker isn’t coy — but nor is he pervy — about the transactional sex between these two, presenting it without judgment. Neither degrading nor glamorous, Ani and Ivan’s sessions are instead gently humorous. She tries to get to know him, while Ivan mostly wants to get off, turning his attention to video games or TV as soon as they’re done.

Eager but inexperienced, Ivan races through lovemaking like some kind of spastic rabbit, and after a few such disappointments, Ani offers to slow things down and instruct him a bit. It’s right about then that Ivan tells Ani that he’s in love … and a short time later that he suggests they get married. At this point, Ani is caught up in the extravagant YOLO vibe Ivan gives off — a kaleidoscope of partying out and sleeping in that’s infinitely better than her working-class home life (briefly glimpsed between shifts at the club). Ivan flies Ani to Las Vegas, where the wedding chapels are open 24 hours. Some people go to Vegas and get a tattoo; she gets a four-carat rock and a marriage certificate.

It’s right about here that a Cinderella story would end “happily ever after.” Not “Anora.” Baker’s just getting started. Ani’s dream lasts for all of 45 minutes, and then Ivan’s parents get wind that their prodigal (and profligate) son has married a “prostitute,” as she’s frequently misidentified. They’re outraged by the shame that Ivan has brought upon their family, although Madison is so sincere in the role of Ani, it’s hard to see their side of things. Sure, Ani’s eyes widened when when she saw the view from Ivan’s bedroom or the collection of luxury vehicles in his garage. But she’s no gold-digger. (And so what if she were? He’s got his currency, and she’s got hers. She’s also American, which means a fast track to a green card.)

There’s still a feature film’s worth of excitement to come, as Ivan’s godfather, Toros (Karren Karagulian), gets involved, dispatching a pair of thugs — a fellow Armenian named Garnick (Vache Tovmaysan) and the Russian-speaking “gopnik” named Igor (Yura Borisov). Baker brings the same spontaneous, seat-of-your-pants energy to “Anora” that he did to “Tangerine” before this, making what follows every bit as impulsive and unpredictable, captured in delicious, slightly oversaturated widescreen. The audience is on Ani’s side, but there are no “bad guys” here — just concerned family and friends understandably alarmed by Ivan’s actions.

With a wispy, little-girl voice like Dakota Johnson’s and the cat-fight intensity of Tura Satana (“Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”), 2022 “Scream” actor Madison surprises as Ani. Working where she does, her character has every reason to be cynical, and yet, Ani still believes in true love, even if Ivan hardly seems deserving of her faith. Beneath her sparkling hair tinsel and butterfly nails, she’s smart and resourceful, representing in this one unforgettable character the ambitions and obstacles of centuries of sex workers. Baker has always had an instinct for spotting talent, and here, he doesn’t have to show Madison pole dancing à la Jennifer Lopez in “Hustlers” for audiences to buy into the authenticity (it may actually be an advantage that she’s not already a star, or impossibly proportioned). We read Ani as real, and we feel deeply invested in how this shotgun wedding plays out.

For his part, Eydelshteyn brings a spindly Timothée Chalamet-like quality to the role of Ivan, adapting his body language to the way Ani sees him: Prince Charming at first, but increasingly pathetic once his parents are invoked. Familiar face Karagulian has appeared in all Baker’s features, but gets his biggest role yet as a man unwilling to risk his privileged connection to the Zakharov clan for Ivan’s high jinks. Quietly stewing on the sidelines is Borisov, who looks like he could kill someone (Ani insists he has “rape eyes”) but winds up being the only one genuinely interested in bridging the gap between their two worlds.

Taken alone, “Anora” is a profane kick. But seen in the context of Baker’s recurring fixations — from “Starlet” to “Red Rocket” — it stresses his belief that sex work is real work, that it’s more central to society than society wants to admit, and that by identifying with those we typically objectify, we can’t help but love them.

Reviewed at Cannes Film Festival, May 21, 2024. Running time: 139 MIN.

  • Production: A Neon release of a Neon, FilmNation Entertainment presentation of a Cre Film production. Producers: Samantha Quan, Alex Coco, Sean Baker. Executive producers: Ken Meyer, Clay Pecorin, Glen Basner, Alison Cohen, Milan Popelka.
  • Crew: Director, writer, editor: Sean Baker. Camera: Drew Daniels.
  • With: Mikey Madison, Mark Eydelshteyn, Yura Borisov, Karren Karagulian, Vache Tovmasyan. (English, Russian dialogue)

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ACP Funds Will Expire By the End of May. These Low-Income Options Can Help

Affordable Connectivity Program recipients only received a partial credit this month. Here are several options to help make up some of the difference.

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Thanks to the ACP, more than 23 million households have been collectively saving almost $700 million per month.

While Congress has been making last-ditch efforts this month to extend the Affordable Connectivity Program , most recipients of the federal broadband benefit have already seen their discounts dwindle from $30 to $14 in May. Even if an extension is passed, there will likely be a gap period during which the ACP's 23 million low-income subscribers won't get any help on their internet bills at all.

Nearly half of ACP subscribers have been military families , according to a White House fact sheet . Older Americans, African Americans and Latinos have also relied on the ACP at higher rates. 

"It's been the difference between choosing to have a roof over my head, whether to eat or whether to pay for the internet, which has things like virtual appointments with my psychiatrist," Kenneth Sigler, a small-business owner from Hernando, Mississippi, who uses the ACP, told CNET. "It basically helps me to keep from having to choose what bills I'm going to pay."

Locating local internet providers

There is some hope that the program will be extended eventually -- President Joe Biden called on lawmakers to extend it in April, and several senators have continued to advocate for an extension -- but for now, ACP subscribers will have to prepare for a world without the subsidy. 

There’s no one resource that can replace the $14.2 billion ACP, but there are a variety of local and state subsidies, nonprofits and discounted plans from providers that can help ease the transition. 

Lifeline is a federal subsidy that provides $9.25 per month to low-income households for home internet or cellphone plans. Its eligibility requirements are a little stricter than those of the ACP. Your income must be 135% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines, or $40,500 for a family of four.

Lifeline income requirements

You can also get Lifeline if you (or someone who lives with you) participates in any of the following programs: 

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as Food Stamps)
  • Supplemental Security Income, or SSI
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance, or FPHA
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit

If you live in California , Oregon or Texas , you must check with your internet provider or visit your state's website to apply for the program.

Read more: The FCC Votes to Restore Net Neutrality. Here's What It Could Mean for You

State and local resources

Some states and cities across the country offer their own local versions of the ACP to help low-income households pay for internet. California , for example, has a website that allows you to search affordable options in your ZIP code based on various eligibility criteria, and Oregon provides an enhanced Lifeline benefit of $19.25 monthly.

Cities like Chicago offer free internet to families in Chicago public schools and eligible city colleges through its Chicago Connected program . The best way for you to find these resources is by going to Google and searching for "[location] internet resources." 

You can also check to see how your state is using the $2.75 billion allocated in the Digital Equity Act to help close the digital divide.

Low-income programs from internet providers

Many internet providers have their own discounted plans available for low-income households, including AT&T , Spectrum and Xfinity . Requirements vary, but they're usually similar to the ACP: one must meet certain income requirements or participate in a federal program like SNAP or the National School Lunch Program.

Internet provider discounts

To determine which providers are available in your area, enter your address on the Federal Communication Commission's broadband map .

Nonprofit organizations

There are a number of nonprofits around the country with the goal of closing the digital divide. Some help with monthly internet costs, while others provide devices that connect you to the internet. These organizations all received nonprofit status from the IRS and were vetted by watchdogs like Charity Navigator and :

  • Connect All : Part of the InterConnection nonprofit, Connect All provides refurbished computers to low-income users. Eligibility requirements are similar to those of the ACP: Participation in federal programs like SNAP or SSI will automatically qualify you for devices. 
  • EveryoneOn : EveryoneOn is one of the most wide-ranging internet nonprofits out there. You can use its locator tool to find low-cost plans and computers in your area, enroll in digital skills courses and find local events that distribute devices.
  • Human-I-T : This nonprofit accepts donations from corporations, refurbishes the devices and sells them at a discount to veterans, low-income households, seniors and other groups that qualify. It also offers low-cost internet through its mobile hotspot devices for less than $30 per month. 
  • Internet for All Now : This is an initiative of the nonprofit California Emerging Technology Fund that helps Californians find low-cost plans in their area. People in California can call and speak with a trained expert, but the website has resources that anyone in the country can use.
  • National Digital Inclusion Alliance : The NDIA is a well-known hub for research and policy aiming to close the digital divide, and while it doesn't offer low-cost internet itself, it's a helpful resource for navigating what's out there. You can also use this map of NDIA affiliates providing broadband adoption services to see what's available in your area.

Explore other internet plans in your area

If your bill's going up dramatically with the end of the ACP, another option is to search for other internet providers in your area. Most ISPs offer plans under $50 monthly, and you can often find additional discounts for things like bundling with a cellphone plan or signing an annual contract.  

Purchasing your own equipment can also save you some extra money each month. It usually costs around $15 to rent a modem and router from your internet provider, while you can buy your own for as little as $100, especially if you go with refurbished equipment. That said, you'll need to ensure your modem is compatible with your provider before you purchase.

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  • Best Wi-Fi Extender
  • Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers
  • Best Wi-Fi Routers
  • What is 5G Home Internet?
  • Home Internet Cheat Sheet
  • Your ISP May Be Throttling Your Internet Speed
  • How to Switch ISPs
  • Internet Connection Types
  • Internet for Apartments
  • Top 10 Tips for Wi-Fi Security
  • How to Save Money on Your Monthly Internet Bill
  • How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

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Microsoft will allow other companies to make next gen Xbox consoles claims insider

author image

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Xbox logo

The next gen Xbox will allegedly not be a single console but a Windows-based device that other manufacturers can make their own versions of.

Considering the Xbox Series X/S isn’t even four years old yet, you wouldn’t normally expect to start hearing about its replacement for at least a year or two – probably more given the pandemic meant the first two years of this generation started very slowly.

And yet by Microsoft’s own admission they are working on a next gen format, one that will allegedly involve, ‘the biggest technological leap ever in a generation.’

Given how many unsubtle hints have been dropped about portables , it seems almost certain that at least one variant will be a handheld or hybrid device but the latest insider rumour suggests it might not necessarily be made by Microsoft themselves.

Previously, there’s been some debate as to whether Microsoft would even continue to make new consoles, if it’s pursuing a more multiformat publishing approach, but they do seem to have made it clear that they are.

However, a tweet from Windows Central’s Jez Corden suggests that not only will the next Xbox have ‘a heavy Windows slant’ but that it will be a ‘reference device for manufacturers.’

Although the wording is a little vague this seems to imply that other companies will be allowed to make Xbox consoles with the same basic specifications but with additional (or less) features of their own.

This is not an entirely unknown concept in gaming, with the idea behind the failed 3DO console being that multiple different models could be manufactured by completely different companies.

Valve’s Steam Machines concept worked in a similar way, but with gaming spec PCs. Although that was also a very high profile failure.

The concept could work for Xbox though, especially if Microsoft were building the hybrid portable device themselves and leaving a more traditional under-the-TV console to other companies, or vice versa.

With sales of the Xbox Series X/S underperforming the already disappointing Xbox One, it could also help to limit the company’s potential losses if the new console doesn’t sell any better but multiformat software sales prove to be strong.

There may even be a hint at this plan from Microsoft themselves, if their previous comments are read in this new context, as they previous said: ‘We need to be even more flexible going forward with gen 10, but also provide the ability for creators to take advantage of unique hardware capabilities.’

Multiple sources have suggested that Microsoft is targeting a 2026 release for their next generation hardware, whatever it is, so that should mean that we start getting some official details next year at the latest.

Nintendo Switch with Xbox logo

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To submit Inbox letters and Reader’s Features more easily, without the need to send an email, just use our  Submit Stuff page here .

For more stories like this,  check our Gaming page .

MORE : Xbox Games Showcase will feature multiformat games and 360 RPG claims report

MORE : Xbox use of AI could mean the end of game guides and YouTube videos

MORE : Xbox Game Pass price rise could lock Call Of Duty behind new tier claim insiders

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Severe turbulence on Singapore Airlines flight 321 from London leaves 1 dead, others injured, airline says

By Tucker Reals

Updated on: May 21, 2024 / 7:53 PM EDT / CBS News

One person on a Singapore Airlines flight died and dozens of others were injured when the plane traveling from London to Singapore "encountered sudden extreme turbulence," the airline said Tuesday. Flight SQ321 from London's Heathrow Airport was diverted to Bangkok and touched down at 3:45 p.m. local time Tuesday at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the carrier said in a statement posted to its Facebook page .

"We can confirm that there are injuries and one fatality on board the Boeing 777-300ER," an earlier statement said , adding that there were 211 passengers and 18 crew members on the plane.

The passenger who died was a 73-year-old British man, officials said. Seven people, including some with head injuries, were critically injured, and dozens of others were hurt with varying injuries, Suvarnabhumi Airport director Kittipong Kittikachorn said at a news conference.

Bangkok's Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital said it treated 71 people in total, including six with severe injuries, news agencies reported. 

An image taken from video shows a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER sitting on the tarmac at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport surrounded by emergency vehicles on May 21, 2024, after flight SQ321 from London to Singapore was diverted after encountering severe turbulence.

CBS News' partner network BBC News reported that the man who died was believed to have suffered a heart attack during the turbulence.

  • What causes turbulence and how to stay safe on a flight

Video from the Thai airport showed passengers coming down a ramp onto the tarmac from the plane, which was surrounded by emergency vehicles.

Several people could be seen laying on a tarp under a tent in a triage area crowded by airport and medical staff.

The airline offered "its deepest condolences to the family of the deceased" and said it was providing assistance to all passengers and crew from the flight.

Boeing also offered condolences to the family of the passenger who died in a statement posted on social media . The U.S. aerospace giant said it was in contact with Singapore Airlines and ready to support the carrier as it looked into the incident. 

The interior of Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 is pictured after the flight was diverted to land at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Thailand after encountering severe turbulence, May 21, 2024.

Tracking data from the FlightAware website showed the Singapore Airlines plane dropping suddenly from an altitude of about 37,000 feet to 31,000 feet in the space of only about five minutes. The drop came about 10 hours into the flight from London as the Boeing 777 finished crossing the Andaman Sea and approached the Thai coast. Thunderstorms were reported in the area.

"Suddenly the aircraft starts tilting up and there was shaking, so I started bracing for what was happening, and very suddenly there was a very dramatic drop, so everyone seated and not wearing seatbelt was launched immediately into the ceiling," passenger Dzafran Azmir told the Reuters news agency. "Some people hit their heads on the baggage cabins overhead and dented it. They hit the places where lights and masks are and broke straight through it."

Emergency medics assess and treat people affected by severe turbulence on board Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321, in a triage area at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, May 21, 2024, after the flight from London to Singapore was diverted to the Thai airport.

Another passenger, Andrew Davies, who spoke with BBC News on Tuesday about the harrowing flight, posted a series of messages on social media earlier describing the incident.

"Awful experience," he said. "Lots of people injured — including the air stewards who were stoic and did everything they could."

Davies said there was "very little warning" before the plane plummeted, but that the seatbelt warning light had come on.

"I put on my seatbelt straightaway then the plane just dropped," he said, describing chaos in the cabin as people shouted for a defibrillator and passengers with medical training tried to assist those injured.

"One of the Singapore Airlines crew said it was by far the worst in her 30 years of flying," Davies said in one tweet, adding: "Lesson is — wear a seatbelt at ALL TIMES. Anyone who is injured, was not wearing a seatbelt."

Four Americans were on the flight, according to the airline. The rest of the passengers included 56 from Australia, 47 from the U.K., 41 from Singapore, 23 from New Zealand, 16 from Malaysia, five from the Philippines, four from Ireland, three from India, two each from Canada, Indonesia, Myanmar and Spain, and one each from Germany, Iceland, Israel and South Korea.

While in-flight turbulence is increasingly common on many routes, deaths and serious injuries are rare. Four people were injured by severe turbulence on a domestic U.S. flight in Florida in July 2023.

An investigation is underway into the Singapore Airlines incident.

"It's extremely rare to have a turbulence event result in fatalities," said CBS News aviation analyst and former NTSB chair Robert Sumwalt.

"What I would call this right now is an in-flight upset — whether that is a result of atmospheric turbulence or whether it's the result of something else," he said, adding, "Too early to know for sure at this point."

Although the causes in this incident are not yet clear, climatologists have warned travelers to brace for more flight delays and cancellations and more frequent and more severe turbulence, especially on routes over the world's fast-warming oceans, as a result of climate change .

CBS News climate producer Tracy Wholf says the impacts of climate change on air travel are far broader than just increasing turbulence, with airports being affected by exacerbated flooding , extreme heat and precipitation hindering takeoffs and landings and even a rise in midair lightning strikes.

–Kris Van Cleave and Alex Sundby contributed reporting .

  • Singapore Airlines

Tucker Reals is's foreign editor, based in the CBS News London bureau. He has worked for CBS News since 2006, prior to which he worked for The Associated Press in Washington D.C. and London.

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