Test Grades

Tests & quizzes.

Learn how to complete a tests, multiple attempts, and identifying your grade.

Using various question types and combinations of test settings, your instructors can challenge you with a wide range of tests, quizzes, knowledge checks, and exams. For the purposes of this guide, we refer to all of these as ‘tests.’

When you open a test, you will see an overview. If a test has been set to give you multiple attempts, you will see the number of attempts available. As you begin answering questions, with the exception of response questions, your responses will auto-save. A test is not complete and will not be graded until you click SUBMIT. Do not forget to take this step.

How to complete a test or quiz

  • Navigate to your class and open the test.
  • From the test page, click BEGIN.
  • Respond to each of the test questions.
  • When you’ve answered all of the questions, click SUBMIT .

Multiple Attempts

Image of attempt count

Question Types

There are several different types of questions that you might encounter. In this section, we will explain how to complete each question type. Each question on the test will display metadata identifying the type of question and its point value.

Choice question type

Image Hotspot

Image hotspot question type

Once you have submitted the test, the system will grade most question types. Some questions may require the instructor to manually score. After all of your answers have been scored, the final grade for that attempt is generated and will display at the top of the test page.

When tests have multiple attempts, the most recent grade will show until all questions have been scored and the due date has passed. After the due date, your highest score is displayed and will become your final grade for the test. Your final grade is indicated by the star icon.

Some questions must be scored manually by your instructor before the overall attempt grade is calculated.

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Students in online courses may log in to their courses and assignments at any hour and day they choose provided they meet all assignment deadlines. Full Sail reserves the right to adjust the order of courses and program content, staff or materials on a course-by-course basis as needed. Students admitted to campus programs can be afforded a limited time online delivery option (hybrid) for their program of study. For more information contact your admissions representative.

Holiday Schedule

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Please do not book travel outside of these dates. We reserve the right to schedule lectures and/or labs until the official start time of your break period. Please check with your instructors about how the break impacts your assignments and due dates.  

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    How to submit upload assignments. Review the content and directions. Create the work requested and save the file (s). Drag the files onto the DRAG & DROP area, or click it to open the file browser. Wait for the files to upload completely. Select SUBMIT. Last update: Jun 9, 2023. Learn about the different assignment types and how to complete ...

  2. Online Education

    Full Sail Support Specialists can assist with resolving technical issues associated with the functionality of the online platform. You can reach Online Support by phone at 877-437-6349 or by email at [email protected]. Online degree programs and select courses in campus programs are delivered utilizing the Full Sail Online learning system ...

  3. What to Expect: Online Student Life at Full Sail

    Our CoPilot Center is the hub for campus and online students looking for help in all general education courses and some degree-specific classes. Students can access the center's tutors through Full Sail's dedicated Discord channel. Tutoring is available Monday through Friday via open door "walk-in" hours or by appointment.

  4. Academics FAQs

    Online courses consist of a wide variety of activities and media, including video lectures and presentations, web-based discussions, case studies, written and media-based assignments, and tests. There are synchronous events in which you can participate, or you can view an archived version at your leisure. You'll have both written and media ...

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  7. Tests & Quizzes

    When you've answered all of the questions, click SUBMIT. Multiple Attempts. Some instructors allow will allow you to take a test more than once. If there are multiple attempts, the number of attempts will be listed at the top of the page. Once your first attempt is submitted you will see it listed on the page, with a completed status circle.

  8. Support at Every Step

    Before you start. Your first step is to reach out to us. Request information online or call Full Sail at 800.226.7625. Then, an admissions representative will get back to you, sometimes within a few minutes. Begin the conversation. Once you've put in a request, our team will work with you to schedule an admissions interview.

  9. Policies and Procedures

    Up to 25% o program completion, achieve a GPA of 2.0. Between 25 and 50% of program completion, achieve a GPA of 2.5. Between 50 and 100% of program completion, achieve a GPA of 3.0. A student's ROP is calculated by dividing the number of credits earned by the number of credits attempted.

  10. For You

    Resources — Returning Students. At Full Sail, we understand that life happens, and external factors may require our students to temporarily step away from their education. Whether you are interested in pursuing an additional degree or completing the one you started, we're here to help.

  11. PDF Online Education

    Online students use this system to view video content, receive and submit project work and assignments, take tests and quizzes, communicate with instructors and classmates, and review grades and course progress. On-campus students also use Full Sail's Online learning system for online-only courses, which are notated in

  12. Full Sail

    Welcome to Full Sail One. Review and submit your enrollment documents, view their status, and get quick answers to your questions.

  13. Full Sail One

    You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. Full Sail One. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.

  14. Student Resources

    At Full Sail University, we understand that deciding where and how to pursue higher education is an important and life-changing decision. To help you evaluate your financial options when it comes to enrolling, we've created this guide to help you explore a scholarship that may be available to you, as well as the details and eligibility ...

  15. Progress Records and Reports

    Progress Records and Reports. Progress records are permanently maintained by the school. Grades and attendance for each course are posted on the student's personal page on the student intranet site, Full Sail One. Parents seeking access to this progress must have students sign an authorization to release records and, that being done, may call ...

  16. Class Schedules

    Thursday, November 28 through Sunday, December 1, 2024. Classes resume Monday, December 2, 2024. Winter Break. Monday, December 23, 2024 through Sunday, January 5, 2025. Classes resume Monday, January 6, 2025. Students in online courses may log in to their courses and assignments at any hour and day they choose provided they meet all assignment ...

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    Self-Service Portal. Log into the portal to view your academic information, receive personalized communication, and use our self-service tools. Version:

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    Registration. First, let's confirm your identity. Student Number. Date of birth

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    Tests & Quizzes; Assignment Feedback. Ask questions and provide feedback to your instructor on an assignment. While reviewing your assignments, you may realize you have questions