How To Write an 8 Page Paper: A Guide

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Students are often worried about the  length of research  writing when it comes to assigned papers. There are many factors that determine how long a research paper should be. 

These include your grade level, the topic and the depth of the research, among many others. Naturally, you’re asked for a specific word count or number of pages in your prompt. 

In this article, we will explore how to write an 8 page paper for your next assignment. We’ll focus on the following; 

  • 10 steps of writing an 8 page long research. 
  • How to structure and organize a paper. 
  • Outline Template and Example. 
  • 6 common mistakes to avoid. 

Table of Contents

How To Write 8 Page Paper: 8 Step Guide

An 8-page long research paper is moderately lengthy. For many of you, it may be the longest research paper yet. Viewing it this way,  writing a research  paper might seem intimidating. 

So you’ll need to change your approach to this mission. Dividing this big task into manageable steps will make it easier to tackle. This section provides you with calculated steps on how to write an 8 page paper.

Understanding The Instruction

Imagine trying to assemble your Ikea shelf without any visual or verbal instruction. You’ll naturally mess it up, one way or the other. Many students make the mistake of neglecting the prompt. 

The success of your paper depends on your understanding of these instructions. So before you  start a research paper , read your prompt thoroughly. These guidelines will highlight all the technical requirements, including; 

  • Formatting style 
  • Required word count
  • Any visual or imagery requirements 
  • Length of paragraphs 
  • Line spacing 
  • Deadlines 
  • Method of submission 

Thus, carefully review your instruction document for at least 15-20 minutes. This helps you determine when and how to follow all the requirements.

Choosing A Topic

Choosing the right  research paper topics  is a hassle on its own. Each topic has its own scope and research capacities. Here are some key factors to register while picking your topic. 

  • Your interest in the topic 
  • The amount of relevant information available on the topic. 
  • Authentic sources for that information. (less reliable information can damage your credibility) 
  • Consider the depth of the topic. 

If you happen to like a vague topic, try focusing on a specific aspect. This way, you can narrow down your research to meet the requirements. 

Listing Relevant Research Studies

Once you’ve picked a satisfactory topic, collect the relevant research studies done on it. This step will familiarize you with the existing literature on the subject. Additionally, you can pinpoint the exact areas that require more research.

This step will help you narrow down your topic if you haven’t already. You can look for these studies on online platforms or search engines like; 

  • Google Scholar
  • Find Your Answer
  • ResearchGate

You can read related books, journals, research publications, and articles for your paper. Remember to stay on the relevant studies and refrain from exhausting yourself with extraneous readings.

Making Notes

When preparing to compose a research paper, taking notes will help you succeed. Making notes will assist you in filtering your data and keeping tabs on the most authentic and relevant information. 

Your note-taking method can vary from others and should suit you. However, here are some common ways that many students adopt. 

  • Highlighting information by using a spreadsheet or notebook.
  • Flag the sources of information to form references.
  • Make mind maps and flowcharts or any other diagram technique. 
  • Make solid bullet points to add to your paper. 
  • Write down all your ideas that emerge from the research. 

These notes will showcase which points add value to your argument. Keep those of the highest validity and reliability. This is especially great for your next step, which is making outlines. 

Making an Outline

Make an  outline  that will serve as your investigation’s outer face. It helps you understand the concept behind this entire exploration. This outline must follow all the rules from your prompt. 

You can have your professor help you with writing an outline. Another way to create an outline is to follow an exemplary paper. You can fashion your paper similar to your example. However, make sure to add some original value and not copy someone’s entire work.

Adjusting Information

In this step, you will notice your research paper coming to life. You can start by assembling all the information you have highlighted within the outline. Students have polarized opinions about this step. 

While many treat it like a puzzle game, others are left confused. In case of perplexity, you can look for help in various areas;

  • You can ask your instructor to guide you
  • You can challenge yourself to learn by copying the sequence of your exemplary paper. 
  • You can opt for  paper writing help  and get professional writers to help you. 

It’s not necessary to add all the details at once. It might take multiple attempts to adjust all the information in the outline. 

Writing Draft

You can start working on your first draft according to your blueprint (outline). Try to write in chunks and give yourself enough breaks to stay fresh. Remember your work reflects your state of mind. 

Try to incorporate proper  citation  and formatting techniques in this step. Make sure you follow the recommended citation method. 

Editing and making changes is the last of this guide on how to write an 8 page paper. In this stage, you will work towards finalizing your research article. It might seem like this step only requires a spelling or grammar check. 

Yet there’s more than meets the eye. This step requires you to; 

  • Polish your content and use appropriate vocabulary/ jargon. 
  • Focus on structure and format. 
  • Use the proper citation method. 
  • Fix spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. 
  • Get a fresh pair of eyes to review your work. This could be your professor or peers. (make appropriate changes according to their suggestions) 

By following these steps, you can compose impactful research. Remember running low on time doesn’t mean you’re out of options. Ask for help and guidance from your peers and professors. If you still feel clueless, get a good  research paper writer  who helps you learn. 

*Note: You can follow these same steps with minor adjustments depending on the length of your research. 

How to Write an 8 Page Paper: Organization

Now that you have understood how to write an 8 page paper, let’s move on to structure. Learning how to  organize your research paper  is another crucial step you shouldn’t skip.

Research writing goes through a General-Specific-General format. 

It’s an ideal way to structure your paper. The investigation points will give a reader a precise meaning when the structure is in a flow. Let us explain how to follow these instructions in a detailed overview.

How to Write an 8 page paper: Introduction

In the  introduction , you will start with a general statement like, establishing the background. You will also add; 

  • The research problem
  • Importance of the topic
  • A glimpse of what makes your work unique

*Remember introduction and literature review are two different sections. Don’t confuse one with the other. 

Purpose of Paper

After the intro, you’ll jump to the purpose of your research paper. This section encompasses your 

  • Thesis statement 

Try to establish an outline of the intentions behind the paper.

Literature Review 

Your next task is writing your  literature review  for the paper. This section will include your; 

  • Identification of gaps and trends in prior research.
  • Methodologies 
  • The key finding of the paper 
  • Selection of relevant sources 

How to Write an 8 page paper: Methods

The methods section focuses on information design, procedures and approaches. The writers add the assumptions, collection data, and other relevant information. 


The result is next in the structuring of your 8 page research paper. It encompasses the main findings, your arguments, and the achievements of your paper. 

How to Write an 8 Page Paper: Discussion/ Conclusion

The final segment of your paper is the  conclusion  and discussion section. It interprets or extends results and draws inferences. This section points to applications or wider implications of the investigations. It ends with recommendations from the writer on how he sees the situation.

How to Write an 8 Page Paper: Outline and Template

The following outline contains an estimated page space for each segment of the structure. It allows adequate space for each part while considering the limitations of length. 

It shows how to adjust each section to complete an 8 page paper without any hiccups. However, you can make changes to suit your data and research.

This is a wrap on our guide on how to write an 8 page paper. We’re positive that this tutorial is helpful for many students. These steps, tips and outline templates will assist you regardless of the length of your paper.

With these guidelines, you can impress your professors and peers. If you need further help, check out related posts and unlock your composition skills. For those who are still struggling, our writers are available for you around the clock. So get in contact without any delays and achieve a top grade.

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How to Write an 8 Page Paper: Time Needed for Fast Research

How to Write an 8 Page Paper: Time Needed for Fast Research

How to Craft an 8-Page Paper

How to Craft an 8-Page Paper

An 8-page paper is a short type of essay, written on a topic or an issue. The paper explores the issue or subject matter analytically organizing it in one significant movement. It moves forward intending to substantiate the main point with facts, opinions, ideas, and logical explanations.

The paper intends to prove that the point of view held by the author is valid regardless of the counterarguments by opposing views.

how to write 8 page essay

Before starting your 8-page paper, consider using these tips to build a paper that is concise and well-written.

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How to Write an 8 Page Paper

1. choose an interesting topic.

writing pages

Choose a topic that interests and challenges you. Your attitude towards the topic may well determine the amount of effort and enthusiasm you put into your research. Focus on a limited aspect, e.g. narrow it down from “Religion” to “World Religion” to “Buddhism.”

Obtain teacher approval for your topic before embarking on full-scale research. If you are uncertain as to what it entails to complete the assignment or project, re-read your assignment sheet carefully or ask your teacher.

Select a subject you can manage. Avoid subjects that are too technical, learned, or specialized. Avoid topics that have only a very narrow range of source materials.

2. Write your Thesis

Your thesis statement is also where you state your position on the topic of your essay. Write your thesis statement in a separate sentence. It should be clear and specific. If it is not clear and specific, you will have difficulty writing your paper and supporting your argument.

Because this is a research paper, there should not be any remarks that you make that cannot require the support of facts from your research. To correct this, you need to limit your thesis statement.

3. Do Research

Before you can write your paper, you have to have something to write about. Start with a general idea, then start researching it. It is much easier to write a paper if you already have a topic picked out.  So, pick one that catches your attention and has good sources available.

Doing research means doing experiments and analyzing data that you collect during these experiments or by literature review and analysis of previous works made by other authors on the same topic.

Go online, head to the library, search an academic database, or read newspapers. You can also ask a reference librarian. Know which sources are acceptable to your teacher.

Does your teacher want a certain number of primary sources and secondary sources? Has your teacher indicated the age of your references ? Is your teacher picky about what’s considered reliable sources?

Can you use Wikipedia? Wikipedia is often a good starting point for learning about a topic, but many teachers will not let you cite it because they want you to find more authoritative sources.

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4. Create your Outline

write essay outline

The purpose of an outline is to help organize your thoughts so that you can present them clearly and coherently. Without an outline, you might find yourself rambling or going off-topic.

Outlines can help you structure information into categories that make it easier to process and recall later on.

The outline does not have many details, and it can change as you do more research.  Better yet, you should have a clear idea of what information will go in each section.

Write short notes in the margins that highlight the main points you want to cover in each section. Don’t worry about perfect grammar or spelling at this point; just get ideas down on paper.

5. Write an Introduction

The introduction should grab the reader’s attention and prepare for an explanation of the topic. The reader should finish the introduction thinking that the essay is interesting or has some sort of relevance to their lives.

A good introduction is engaging; it gets the audience thinking about the topic at hand and wondering how you will be proving your argument.

A good way to convince your reader that your essay is worthwhile is to provide information that the reader might question or disagree with. Once they are thinking about the topic and wondering why you hold your position, they are more likely to get engaged in the rest of the essay.

A good introduction provides the reader with a brief overview of your topic and an explanation of your thesis. A good introduction is fresh, engaging, and interesting.

6. Set up Body Paragraphs

Include your topic sentences and some supporting detail for each body paragraph. You should have at least three body paragraphs; you can add more if you want. Make sure that the flow of the paragraphs is logical, and that the transitions between paragraphs are smooth. A rough outline might look like this:

Body Paragraph 2: [Introduce your second main point here.

The body of your paper will contain all of the important information. You should have at least three supporting details for each topic sentence that you write. Each of these supporting details should be a separate paragraph.

7. Conclusion

Needless to say, it is quite important to know how to write a conclusion. No matter what type of paper you are working on, the conclusion recaps all of its major points. In other words, all points that you made in your introduction and body paragraphs should be in the conclusion.

writing essay conclusion

Usually, this section is only one paragraph long, but if permitted by your instructor or your topic is complex, you might make it longer.

At this point, you do not need to mention any new arguments to avoid confusing the reader.

If a certain phrase seems unnatural and difficult for you to write down or if you simply cannot find any worthy words for your work, then use some of the conclusion transition words.

They will help keep everything clear and concise for readers.

8. Cite Sources Accordingly

Citing sources properly is essential to avoiding plagiarism in your writing. Not citing sources properly could imply that the ideas, information, and phrasing you are using are your own, when they originated with another author.

Citing sources properly can also help readers find the information you used to write your paper and can give credit to the authors of that information?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 8-page paper word count.

The length of an 8-page paper could vary depending on several factors, such as font size, space between lines, and margins. If you need to use Times New Roman 12 point’s font, it will take approximately 2 pages for 1,000 words and 8 pages for 4000 words.

You will easily calculate how many words you need to write on a specific subject.

Can you write an 8-page paper in 3 hours?

You may write an 8-page paper in 3 hours. Brainstorm for just 10 minutes. Then, organize your thoughts into an outline. Next, write your first draft in 1 hour.

Also, revise and edit your paper in 1 hour. Finally, write your second draft in 30 minutes.

How long does it take to write an 8-page paper double spaced

We believe that anywhere from four to eight hours is pretty good for double spaced, 12-point type, Times New Roman or Arial font, 1-inch margins.

If you are using a font other than Arial or Times New Roman, you will notice a difference in the number of pages you write as well.

8-page essay example topics

  • The Growth of Language and its impact on Culture in the USA
  • Forbidden Love: A Study of Relationships in Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion.
  • An Analysis of Consumer Behavior concerning Marketing Of Mobile Phones and Youngsters

Josh Jasen

When not handling complex essays and academic writing tasks, Josh is busy advising students on how to pass assignments. In spare time, he loves playing football or walking with his dog around the park.

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How Essay writing Services Assist you

How Essay writing Services Assist you

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How to Format an Essay

Last Updated: April 11, 2024 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Carrie Adkins, PhD and by wikiHow staff writer, Aly Rusciano . Carrie Adkins is the cofounder of NursingClio, an open access, peer-reviewed, collaborative blog that connects historical scholarship to current issues in gender and medicine. She completed her PhD in American History at the University of Oregon in 2013. While completing her PhD, she earned numerous competitive research grants, teaching fellowships, and writing awards. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 86,461 times.

You’re opening your laptop to write an essay, knowing exactly what you want to write, but then it hits you—you don’t know how to format it! Using the correct format when writing an essay can help your paper look polished and professional while earning you full credit. There are 3 common essay formats—MLA, APA, and Chicago Style—and we’ll teach you the basics of properly formatting each in this article. So, before you shut your laptop in frustration, take a deep breath and keep reading because soon you’ll be formatting like a pro.

Setting Up Your Document

Step 1 Read over the assignment’s guidelines before you begin.

  • If you can’t find information on the style guide you should be following, talk to your instructor after class to discuss the assignment or send them a quick email with your questions.
  • If your instructor lets you pick the format of your essay, opt for the style that matches your course or degree best: MLA is best for English and humanities; APA is typically for education, psychology, and sciences; Chicago Style is common for business, history, and fine arts.

Step 2 Set your margins to 1 inch (2.5 cm) for all style guides.

  • Most word processors default to 1 inch (2.5 cm) margins.

Step 3 Use Times New Roman font.

  • Do not change the font size, style, or color throughout your essay.

Step 4 Change your font size to 12pt.

  • Change the spacing on Google Docs by clicking on Format , and then selecting “Line spacing.”
  • Click on Layout in Microsoft Word, and then click the arrow at the bottom left of the “paragraph” section.

Step 6 Put the page number and your last name in the top right header for all styles.

  • Using the page number function will create consecutive numbering.
  • When using Chicago Style, don’t include a page number on your title page. The first page after the title page should be numbered starting at 2. [4] X Research source
  • In APA format, a running heading may be required in the left-hand header. This is a maximum of 50 characters that’s the full or abbreviated version of your essay’s title. [5] X Research source

Step 7 Use a title page with APA or Chicago Style format.

  • For APA formatting, place the title in bold at the center of the page 3 to 4 lines down from the top. Insert one double-spaced line under the title and type your name. Under your name, in separate centered lines, type out the name of your school, course, instructor, and assignment due date. [6] X Research source
  • For Chicago Style, set your cursor ⅓ of the way down the page, then type your title. In the very center of your page, put your name. Move your cursor ⅔ down the page, then write your course number, followed by your instructor’s name and paper due date on separate, double-spaced lines. [7] X Trustworthy Source Purdue Online Writing Lab Trusted resource for writing and citation guidelines Go to source

Step 8 Create a left-handed heading for MLA Style essays.

  • Double-space the heading like the rest of your paper.

Writing the Essay Body

Step 1 Center the title of your paper in all style formats.

  • Use standard capitalization rules for your title.
  • Do not underline, italicize, or put quotation marks around your title, unless you include other titles of referred texts.

Step 2 Indent the first line of each paragraph by 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) for all styles.

  • A good hook might include a quote, statistic, or rhetorical question.
  • For example, you might write, “Every day in the United States, accidents caused by distracted drivers kill 9 people and injure more than 1,000 others.”

Step 4 Include a thesis statement at the end of your introduction.

  • "Action must be taken to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving, including enacting laws against texting while driving, educating the public about the risks, and giving strong punishments to offenders."
  • "Although passing and enforcing new laws can be challenging, the best way to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving is to enact a law against texting, educate the public about the new law, and levy strong penalties."

Step 5 Present each of your points in 1 or more paragraphs.

  • Use transitions between paragraphs so your paper flows well. For example, say, “In addition to,” “Similarly,” or “On the other hand.” [12] X Research source

Step 6 Complete your essay with a conclusion.

  • A statement of impact might be, "Every day that distracted driving goes unaddressed, another 9 families must plan a funeral."
  • A call to action might read, “Fewer distracted driving accidents are possible, but only if every driver keeps their focus on the road.”

Using References

Step 1 Create parenthetical citations...

  • In MLA format, citations should include the author’s last name and the page number where you found the information. If the author's name appears in the sentence, use just the page number. [14] X Trustworthy Source Purdue Online Writing Lab Trusted resource for writing and citation guidelines Go to source
  • For APA format, include the author’s last name and the publication year. If the author’s name appears in the sentence, use just the year. [15] X Trustworthy Source Purdue Online Writing Lab Trusted resource for writing and citation guidelines Go to source
  • If you don’t use parenthetical or internal citations, your instructor may accuse you of plagiarizing.

Step 2 Use footnotes for citations in Chicago Style.

  • At the bottom of the page, include the source’s information from your bibliography page next to the footnote number. [16] X Trustworthy Source Purdue Online Writing Lab Trusted resource for writing and citation guidelines Go to source
  • Each footnote should be numbered consecutively.

Step 3 Center the title of your reference page.

  • If you’re using MLA format , this page will be titled “Works Cited.”
  • In APA and Chicago Style, title the page “References.”

Step 4 List your sources on the references page by author’s last name in alphabetical order.

  • If you have more than one work from the same author, list alphabetically following the title name for MLA and by earliest to latest publication year for APA and Chicago Style.
  • Double-space the references page like the rest of your paper.
  • Use a hanging indent of 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) if your citations are longer than one line. Press Tab to indent any lines after the first. [17] X Research source
  • Citations should include (when applicable) the author(s)’s name(s), title of the work, publication date and/or year, and page numbers.
  • Sites like Grammarly , EasyBib , and MyBib can help generate citations if you get stuck.

Formatting Resources

how to write 8 page essay

Expert Q&A

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How to write an 8-page essay, Paper, or Assignment

How does an eight-page essay or paper look, and can one write it within a day? If you are searching for a comprehensive answer to this question, you have come to the right place! Typically, most college and high school assignments are eight pages long.

You can only perform better on such papers if you know exactly what you are dealing with.

In most cases, such papers entail an in-depth analytical exploration of an issue or topic using facts, opinions, ideas, and transitions to maintain a good flow of ideas. It is a critical paper where you share your perspective, stance, or opinion about a topic regardless of any outstanding counterclaims.

If you are yet to begin working on your 2000–2200-word essay or paper, otherwise known as an 8-page paper, here are some things to consider. Otherwise, our essay writing service can be handy if you want to hire someone to help you write it. Place your order in simple steps and get it done soon.

The Anatomy of an 8-Page Paper or Essay

If you find yourself intimidated by writing an 8-page essay, you can break down the task into smaller chunks. Let’s understand the anatomy of an 8-page paper so that you can break it down easily.

An 8-page essay or paper has a word count between 2000 and 2200 words (12 pt., double-spaced). It is considered a short essay/paper written on a specific issue or topic. The ideal length of academic paragraphs in such an essay is 100-150 words, which means that such a paper is 13-20 paragraphs long.

Note that a single-spaced 8-page essay or paper will be between 4000 and 4400 words, given that a single-spaced page is between 500 and 550 words per page.

Let’s break down the 8-page essay so you can understand what to expect and how to break it down into chunks.

The Introduction

The introduction of your paper should pose the research question or display the topic. It should tell a brief story, explain why the topic is worth exploring and interpreting, and why readers should look up to the conclusions. The introduction should be 10% of the word count.

The introduction should open with a short attention-getter or hook sentence to sweep the readers off their feet and set the pace for the entire paper. Let the reader know that the essay is worth their time. Make the introduction engaging so that the reader thinks about the topic from your point of view, even if they have objections.

You can use facts, statistics, rhetorical questions, anecdotes, or quotes to convince the readers. The next sentence or two should give a brief overview of the topic, flowing into the last one or two sentences that form your thesis. A great introduction screams attention to your readers. It should be engaging, fresh, interesting, and powerful.

Body Paragraphs

It is advisable to break down the body of an essay or research paper into paragraphs. The body accounts for 80% of the word count. In this case, the 8-page paper has 11 – 18 paragraphs, each 100-150 words long.

Ensure that each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence that supports the main point of the section and the thesis of the paper. Assuming you work based on an outline, having a series of topic sentences and a summary of the main ideas will help you write coherent, compelling, and concise paragraphs.

You will notice the need to tweak or drop some topic sentences as you write the paper. Each body paragraph should flow into another. For this, ensure that you use transition words for a better flow of ideas. Each body paragraph should have a specific idea related to the thesis. To support the main ideas in a body paragraph, include at least three supporting details, including explanations, facts, statistics, examples, and illustrations.

The Conclusion

It is very critical to understand how to end a paper. Writing a good conclusion is ideal. The conclusion should make up 10% of your paper’s word count. It should be a long paragraph, but you can make it longer, especially when dealing with a complex topic.

The concluding paragraph winds up your paper. It should reiterate your thesis, explaining why it is the best means of understanding the evidence you have presented in the body paragraphs. As you wind down the paper, explain why the argument matters and how your interpretation helps the readers understand the topic.

As a matter of principle, you should not introduce new ideas or arguments in this section. Ensure that you use conclusion transition words to keep everything well-knit.

A standard one-page essay should have at least 2-3 sources. This means that you can use between 8 and 20 references. Ensure that you have at least 12 sources in the reference list to be on the safe side (careful not to under-cite or over-cite). Any material that you refer to when writing a paper should be cited.

Organize the references in alphabetic order if you write in APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, or Turabian. Follow the guidelines when writing your paper in Oxford, Chicago, Turabian, or Vancouver style with footnotes and sometimes end notes.

Tips to Write an A+-Grade 8-Page Paper

Writing an 8-page essay, especially on a tight deadline, can be challenging. Undergraduate and graduate students always frown upon coming to terms with the fact that they must complete an essay in 8 pages. Although considered short, you can easily miss the bull’s eye and fight writer’s block for a long time. However, if you plan, organize, and schedule your time well, you can manage the research and writing process. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you write, format, and polish your essay with high success. These six steps are all you need.

  • Understand the Task

Before anything else, read and re-read the essay prompt or assignment instructions. Without it, you are naturally bound to derail and fail eventually. Understanding what your professor or instructor expects sets you ahead of the game. The prompt is your manual. When reading it, understand the formatting style, upper- and lower-word count limits, length and number of paragraphs expected, line spacing, deadline, method of submission, and deadline. Doing this takes at most 15 minutes.

  • Choose a Manageable Topic

Selecting a good essay topic or a perfect research paper topic could be a hassle, but it is an important step you need not skip or take lightly. It makes or breaks your grades. Each topic you might encounter has its scope, technicalities, and parameters.  When picking a topic, if you have the authority to choose either on your own or from a predefined list:

  • Go for a topic that is manageable in terms of information availability.
  • Select one that interests you, and you can share knowledge with others.
  • Consider one that is relevant to your field of study.
  • Go for a topic that is neither too narrow nor broad.

Avoid the temptation of choosing a vague topic. Instead, focus on a specific aspect and narrow down the topic. If you are writing about eating disorders, narrow it down to a specific disorder, such as anorexia or Bulimia, and then a specific population or impact.

  • Research to Get the Right Sources

After selecting the topic, do preliminary research first to identify the direction scholars are taking. As you research, you will develop a thesis statement representing your stance or position on the topic. You can refine the thesis statement as you research further to make it specific, clear, and relevant.

When researching, start with the general ideas and go narrower to make the best case for your thesis. Gather relevant sources from databases such as your university’s online library, Google Scholar, Find Your Answer, JSTOR, ResearchGate, PubMed, and other databases with Journal articles. You can extend your research to credible websites, research publications, books, and articles. You can make notes as you research to filter the most authentic information for your paper. Use online citation management tools such as Zotero to track your best references.

  • Draft an Outline

Now that you have your sources and some notes, consider making an outline for your 8-page paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect unless you are submitting it for grading. However, the outline should sketch your paper's main parts and ideas. Most successful writers create the outline as they research, but you can do it too, especially when you are short on time. Your outline should be your essay’s blueprint.

  • Write the First Draft

With the outline done, you can take a break if time permits. Immediately after the break, go through the outline and refine it further. Once you are satisfied with the outline, write the first draft, which means filling the outline with flesh.

Write in chunks instead of doing stretches of writing streaks. As you write, incorporate proper in-text citations to avoid plagiarism.

  • Edit and proofread

After finishing the first draft, you should take a small break. Upon returning to your workspace or wherever you’re doing the homework, read it aloud and listen keenly to the flow. If there are sections that need to be changed, change them immediately. Eliminate any jargon or vocabulary that makes no sense in your paper. Refine your essay or paper's flow, structure, formatting, and citation. Check on the indentation and whether or not you have used the lists correctly in your essay. You must also fix all grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. If possible, have a fresh pair of eyes to review your work and advise you on any sections you should change.  

These are the sure-bet 6 steps to help you compose an impactful paper or essay in just eight pages. If you are running low on time, lack the morale to write, are battling writer’s block, are clueless, or want to delegate the writing task, we can help. Our polished research paper writers can come through for you. Get original and plagiarism-free tailor-made papers based on your preferred topic.

Tips to Ace an 8-Page Paper Easily and Faster

Writing such a paper in a day or less is possible if you follow the steps outlined above. Technically speaking, writing an 8-page paper should take 4 to 8 hours to complete. The time frame depends on your typing speed, pre-writing and post-writing preparations, and the complexity of the topic. If you are organized and ready to hit the road, here are some tips to help you manage it without panic:

  • Understand the scope of the paper or essay . As you plan to write the paper, start with the end in mind by understanding what is expected of you. Read the assignment prompt and seek clarification if you need it. Get everything clear from the onset by detailing the bits of the assignment.
  • Choose a narrow topic. Ensure that you select a narrow topic within the scope and relevance of your assignment.
  • Have an outline. Plan your paper well by writing an outline. The outline or scaffold should break down the main sections of the paper to handle each chunk separately.
  • Research Efficiently. Gather information and organize all the sources. List every source you come across that has ideal points. Take notes as you research.
  • Spend time getting the flow. Reorganize the essay sections based on the research.
  • Select your words carefully. Select your words and transitions carefully.
  • Do it when you are psyched up for it. Write when you have the morale to write. Write during the times when you can concentrate the most. You can write in stages when you’ve broken down the writing process into manageable phases.
  • Eliminate any Distractions. Find a favorable, ambient, and comfortable place to work on your essay or paper.
  • Don’t be afraid to hire an expert. A professional custom paper writer will read the instructions, plan, research, and write a perfect paper that addresses everything your professor expects. You can use their sample for inspiration and as a guide for writing a masterpiece from your personal perspective.
  • Don’t forget to edit and proofread. Edit and polish your essay. You can hire a proofreader to evaluate and correct your writing mistakes. An extra pair of eyes can spot your biased omissions, inclusions, and errors.
  • Take advantage of writing tools. You can write an 8-page essay fast when you use writing tools and software to improve your writing. You can use Grammarly to ensure your paper is grammatically sound. You can also use Google Docs or Scrivener to collaborate and organize the paper.
  • Submit on time, preferably before the deadline. Submit your essay a day or hours before the deadline so the professor can mark it.

Now that you have the tips and steps, what’s next?

You can write an 8-page essay in 3 hours with the above tips. Brainstorm in a few minutes, plan in 15 minutes, and research as you write. Bingo, you got it!

Writing an 8-page assignment is manageable when you have the right strategies in your corner. Understand the assignment, narrow the topic, create an outline, research extensively, eliminate distractions, write in chunks, polish, and submit on time.

With these steps in mind, you’re well-prepared to conquer the battle ahead! However, writing is not for everyone, and we understand.

Here are some other blog posts from our professional writers that can help you ace the assignment:

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If you feel pressured, stressed, or defeated by the thought of completing an 8-page paper on your own, for whatever reason, we have a solution for you.

You can hire a professional custom essay writer on our website to write your paper to the best of their ability. We are a trustworthy website online to get your essay done without fearing your confidentiality and privacy. We can complete your paper within any deadline; try us today!

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Rural Health and Wellbeing in America

Underlying Economic Principles Their access to medical treatment profoundly impacts a person’s health. One-quarter of Americans do not have access to a primary care specialist or a healthcare institution. To this day, despite the passage and administration of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), one in five Americans under the age...

Discussion: Reimbursement in Healthcare

Reimbursement and the Revenue Cycle Reimbursement Definition The identified medical organization for this analysis is Maximum Care Hospital (MCH). Medical professionals at MCH perform a wide range of tests, provide personalized care, offer drugs, and avail adequate resources to support the healing process. The process of receiving payments for such...

Concepts of Fourth Generation (4G)

Abstract The world is going digital each day, hence Scientists and researchers are busy improving the old technology while subjecting business and technology into a new era of fourth generation digital technology. It all started from first generation, and then evolved to the second and third generation. At the start...

Non-Parametric Equivalents for Parametric Tests and Chi-Square

About Non-Parametric Procedures The most common reasons of selecting a non-parametric test over the parametric alternative Non-parametric tests are preferable over parametric tests in case the data has violated the assumptions of normality (data does not have a normal distribution). Non-parametric tests are also preferable over parametric tests if the...

Abuse of Adults With Mental Disorders

Elder Abuse With Mental Disabilities Ill-treatment or violence is a behavior aimed at causing harm, insulting, or humiliating a person. This is any act or omission that harms an older person or puts their health and well-being at risk. Common types of elder abuse include physical or psychological abuse, neglect,...

How long is an 8 page essay?

An 8-page text usually contains 1950 to 2000 words in case you use 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced. This is the most common format for all the major citation styles.

How long does it take to write an 8 page essay?

It will take you 5 to 10 minutes to type one page on a keyboard. However, if you need to write an 8 page essay from scratch, it will take you not less than 8 to 9 hours.

What does an 8 page essay look like?

An 8 page essay is a typical college assignment. You might need to write such a paper in almost any field: psychology, marketing, or politics. Its key aim is to demonstrate your critical thinking and your knowledge of the topic.

How to write an 8 page essay in one day?

An 8 page essay should be planned well. The first thing you need to do is formulate your thesis statement (or, in other words, the main idea of your paper). Then break it into several parts and turn each of them into a topic sentence. These simple steps will help you organize your thoughts.

What are some good 8 page essay topics?

An 8 page essay is quite an extensive task. When choosing a topic for it, think of something that won’t sound oversimplified. You might want to focus on the Holocaust, religion, or obesity.

Importance and Analysis of Financial Modeling

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to find out determinants of CEO SALARY. The main findings of the primary the data were interpreted and turned into information by using SPSS and excel quantitative methods software system jointly. Statistics in clients’ survey A total of 300 questionnaires were sent to...

The Walt Disney Company: Workforce Diversity

Introduction It is important to note that The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest media entertainment corporations in the world. The company primarily focuses on creating media products and streaming services but additionally operates and owns amusement parks worldwide. The Walt Disney Company utilizes the constructive conflict and...

International Business: Marketing Strategies is an international company which has been in operation for about fifteen years specializing in retail internet marketing. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, from a small corporation to an international master offering a myriad of services in retail sector. Its corporate culture has been focusing...

Analysis of Factors Associated With Pay Gap Among Australian Workers

Executive Summary The gender pay gap refers to the mean variation in the wages of men and women in an economy. Discrimination based on gender has been eradicated and prohibited in many nations worldwide with the focus of achieving equity among men and women. However, in the labor market of...

Cadbury Schweppes Company’s Cost Evaluation

Introduction This is a management essay based on Cadbury Schweppes where we shall evaluate operational cost control, product costing, pricing policy, planning, and decision making, monitoring business performance, building and maintaining competitive advantage, and capital budgeting decisions. Cadbury Schweppes was incorporated in 1969 and is listed in London and New...

Application of Nursing Theory to Professional Practice

Introduction The nursing practice continues to grow with the passing years making progress in one way or the other. The paper seeks to identify how nursing theories relate to professional nursing practice. The nursing theories have continued to guide resolutions made to ensure that the professional practice grows steadily. In...

Comparison of Hybrid and Gasoline Vehicles

Description This report is about the analysis and comparison of hybrid and gasoline vehicles; and would use qualitative research method along with the definitions, description, background, findings, and interpretations of the models of Hybrid Ford Explorer and original gasoline vehicles. Definition Hybrid vehicles make use of on-board rechargeable energy storage...

Considerations in Project Management

Introduction Application of knowledge, skills, processes, methods Achievement of objectives Timescale, deliverables, and budget Factors to consider Ethics International factors Cross-cultural considerations Time, cost, and quality Project management is defined as the application of knowledge, skills, methods, and key processes in the attainment of specific goals. It is an important...

Research Proposal on Homeland Security in the US

Introduction to the Issue Homeland security is an American security department mandated to ensure that the public and everyone in U.S. jurisdiction is safe, resilient, and secure against any form of harassment, terrorism, or other natural hazards that the American residents are prone to (Morag, 2018). This department is aimed...

Neurological Disorders and Imaging Physics

This paper described an analysis of well-being and health status. The main diagnoses based on screenings and examinations were described. The most key aspects are life stress and related stress, manifestations of PFS, and avitominosis. For each diagnosis, the most effective ways of monitoring and were described. Based on the...

The Need and Transition Theories in Advanced Nursing Practice

Introduction My track is related to Advanced Registered Nursing Practice, specifically Family Nursing Practice. This paper will provide a conceptual framework, a theoretical model of the Need Theory – grand nursing theory, and transition theory – a middle nursing theory that is essential for my practice. The Need Theory defines...

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the US Economy

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented contraction in the economy of the United States. The impact of the pandemic cuts across all departments within the federal government. Hiccups in supply chain management led to inflation due to the high demand for goods and dependability on imports. The lack...

Social Media and Online Identity

Introduction The emergence of social media has brought many social issues that need to be addressed. As a key platform for social interaction, it can be argued that this emergent technology influences how people behave both online and offline. The article “Stranding online and offline profile, millennials search for identity”...

Electronic Media Impact on Children & Adolescents

Introduction In today’s world, media has been playing a detrimental part to the people’s lives. Media is a short form of the term “media of communication” that is used to refer organized means of dissemination of facts, opinions, and entertainment such as newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, television, and the...

Dying-Death and Loss-Grief in Different Cultures

Introduction Culture is a product of evolution and human creativity; it comprises of all aspects of human adjustment which include sets of ideals, beliefs, and customs common to a group of people. Mexican-American Culture As in any human culture, the Mexican-American is diverse and persistently changing as a result influence...

Emirates Airline: Arabian Adventures and Skywards

Introduction Based in Dubai, Arabian adventure is part of Leisure Management division and destination of Emirates airlines. It has major offices in Abu Dhabi and Fajita with associate companies based in the gulf. The company has more than 300 qualified and professional staff employees who provide professional services ranging from...

A New Line Maintenance Project for B787 Aircraft

Introduction Table 1: Project Scope Statement. Project Title: A New Line Maintenance Project for B787 Date: 26 January 2022 Prepared by: Project sponsor British Airways (BA) Engineering Project Justification B787 is one aircraft that is suffering from quality issues following the notification from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The aircraft has...

Toyota and Mercedes Companies’ Competitive Priorities

Our sample essay will focus on Toyota and Mercedes’ competitive advantage and marketing strategy case study. Introduction This paper will compare two companies, namely, Toyota and Mercedes, which are among the world’s best automobile manufacturers and sellers. The goal is to examine their competitive priorities and operations strategies. The paper...

History of Film Noir

Introduction Film Noir is a term coined in the early 1940s by the French to refer to trendy Hollywood crime movies produced during this period. The term literally means black film in French and the movies were characterized by their black and white visual style, a style generally thought to...

Analysis of Geriatric Cardiology Services in Australia

Introduction Cardiovascular disorders (CVD), which include myocardial infarction (MI), stroke, and cardiogenic shock, are the primary causes of death among Australia’s aging population. This factor indicates that the need for reliable, efficient, and accessible Cardiology service is critical in enhancing care. However, there is a problem in the health system...

Integrated Marketing Communication

Introduction The complexity of the marketing environment for organizations that operate in the current competitive market calls for the integration of marketing communication. This demand introduces the first question that organizations need to consider when developing a marketing communication policy in any market: Does the organization have the capacity to...

Reverse Engineering of a Table

Introduction Due to changes in the tastes and preferences of customers, most companies face intense pressure to develop new products and update the current products to meet the present needs in the market. Companies are fully aware that to compete in the market, they must conduct research and learn to...

Cognitive, Physical, and Psychological Aspects of Adult Health

Introduction Each age period is characterized by changes that occur due to physical and psychological processes and environmental influences. At the same time, adulthood is not considered enough because of the misbelief that the least significant transformations characterize this period. However, it is vital to note that adulthood is a...

The Hewlett-Packard Firm’s Business- and Corporate-Level Strategies

Summary This paper examines the strategies Hewlett-Packard (HP) implemented to remain competitive in the market and achieve long-term success. The paper will also include business-level strategies and corporate-level strategies adopted by HP Company. As the main HP’s competitor, the paper also discusses how Dell has adapted its strategies to remain...

Immigration Policy and International Security

Immigration reform must start with the implementation of an appropriate immigration policy that caters to international and national security as well. In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) oversees federal immigration agencies (Bergmann 37). Contemporary immigration has serious security connotations to first-world countries and therefore be addressed...

  • Communication
  • Environment

The Issue of Employment Discrimination

Introduction Natural law protects individuals against discrimination in the workplace, enhancing their social well-being and interactions. In the U.S., there have been an increasing number of people who are discriminated against for their age, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Discrimination can have far-reaching impacts on the victims, their work, and...

John Hopkin Hospital’s Management Risks

Introduction Located in Baltimore, Maryland, John Hopkins Hospital, founded in 1889, is a medical and biomedical research facility in the United States. The facility, which also functions as a teaching hospital for the John Hopkins School of Medicine, also started at the same time, enjoys the privilege of being the...

Holistic Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology

Introduction Bible is the primary book or account through which humanity can understand their maker’s purpose for them. The book of Genesis provides information about the creation and humans’ existence but significantly little about why God created humans. According to Genesis, the only clear role for people is that humans...

Fear Appeals in Public Health Campaigns

Introduction Smoking is a significant contributor to the deterioration of public health since it has a negative impact not only on the health of smokers but also on the health of people who choose not to light up. Hence, anti-smoking efforts are essential to public health measures, which aim to...

The Healthcare System in England

Introduction England’s medicine and healthcare are among the most efficient, innovative, and advanced in the world, based on the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS works productively and promptly in assisting at the main stages of citizens’ lives. Notably, this system is not at the expense of medical insurance but...

Contemporary External Strategic Environment in Health and Social Care

Background of the UK Health and Social Care Industry The UK health and social care industry is one of the fastest growing and one of the most contributing sectors to the growth and development of the UK. Due to the presence of several external environmental factors influencing business operations, the...

Performance Management and Training: A Case Study of Coca-Cola

Introduction The growth of businesses depends on the strategic plans, goals, values, cultures, and norms implemented within a given institution. Multi-national companies like Coca-Cola have dominated the global markets for the past five decades based on adopting performance management and training principles in running activities since its inception in the...

Climate Control Compensation for Damage

Poor countries have gradually continued to suffer the perils of climate change since the onset of industrialization. Developed countries have often converted poor countries into dumping places for their industrial wastes. In addition, developed countries have taken a toll in the emission of the largest percentage of carbon IV oxide...

Nursing Shortage and Its Impact on Patient Outcomes

Introduction The shortage of staff in the healthcare system is a growing challenge that has a significant effect on the delivery of medical services and consequently, patient outcomes. Due to their low numbers after distribution to various facilities, nurses are faced with increased workload and long shifts. Overworking can result...

The Type Of Change Being Introduced On Speed Of Response In Light Of Blindness To Change

Introduction There are many related phenomena in the cognitive processes of human consciousness whose effects may run unnoticed by the individual. Among such effects, particular attention should be paid to blindness to change as a demonstration of the imperfection of human attentiveness. Blindness to change should be understood as the...

  • Relationship
  • Intelligence

The New York Convention of 1958

The Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, established in New York on June 10th, 1958 (the New York Convention), is considered the most successful treaty applied in private international law. Currently, more than one hundred and sixty nations adhere to the convention. The objective of the...

Engagement in Assessment, Plan, and Evaluation of Care

Case Scenario Patient: Max B is a 29-year-old male patient living alone. Recently resigned from the formal employment where he was working as a teacher after he suspected that someone was “watching” over him. History: Max B has a history of auditory hallucinations, and has been previously diagnosed with schizophrenia....

Ethical Analysis of End-Of-Life Decisions From a Christian Worldview

Introduction Euthanasia is a healthcare intervention that receives varied ethical opinions from a worldview and a Christian worldview. Healthcare providers come across multiple instances where a patient’s view on healthcare interventions gets influenced by their religious worldview or worldview. Patients’ religious beliefs can sometimes affect their health outcomes, given their...

The Pace for Civics Education in America

The questions of the quality of education and the development of academia are becoming the center of attention in the United States. Recently, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has approved legislation that will enhance civics education across the nation (Florida Department of Education, 2021). According to the publication of the Florida...

President Putin’s Leadership Style and Decisions

Introduction A president is expected to be bold and articulate, with great charisma and deep knowledge. However, each person who has held the office of President has brought a distinct style to it. These styles reflect the President’s character, personality, and performance. A full range of leadership styles often include...

Physiology: Iron, Potassium, Nitrates, and Iodide

Description of Ion Various ions, such as iron, potassium, nitrates, and iodide, are essential to human survival. Potassium, with the atomic number 19, and the chemical symbol K, can be found in group 1 of the periodic table (Silbey et al., 2022). It is a malleable, shining white metal that...

Dying and Death From a Nursing Perspective

Annotated Bibliography: Dying and Death Radomska, M., Mehrabi, T., Lykke, N., Radomska, M., & Mehrabi, T. (2020). Queer death studies : Death , Dying and Mourning from a Queerfeminist Perspective Queer Death Studies : Death , Dying and Mourning from a Queerfeminist Perspective. Web. This article explains the special issue entitled Queer...

Learning Process in Different Contexts

To solve the psychological and pedagogical problems of interaction of participants in the educational process, the technology of contextual learning is recognized as the main one. Many researchers consider this technology of teaching to be a priority, especially in the context of the transition to the competence-based paradigm of education...

Apple Inc.’s Internal and External Strategic Environment

Welcome to our sample essay on Apple’s internal environment and external environment case study. Here, you can learn more about Apple’s strengths and weaknesses and get some inspiration for your Apple internal and external environment analysis.  Strategic Environment Analytical Tools SWOT Analysis SWOT analytical tool is considered an important approach...

Native American Boarding Schools

Indian boarding schools were opened to assimilate Native Americans. The US government was establishing multiple schools around the country at the turn of the 20th century. Following the implementation of Euro-American standards, it was the optimal way to do it. The essay on Native American boarding schools introduces the purposes...

  • Corporation
  • Historical Figures
  • Discrimination

Literature Review on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is quite a wide-spread and complex health problem. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends screening all children for autism. In some cases, autism symptoms are not severe, but some patients cannot lead a standard lifestyle. The word “spectrum” is used because there is a wide variety...

PayPal Company: Business Description and History

Business Description PayPal is one of the world’s oldest online payment companies. It connects more than 150 million users globally to a virtual payment platform that allows them to purchase goods and services online.1 The American company supports online money transfers between customers and merchants in a model that substitutes...

Drones Technology: PESTEL Analysis

Executive Summary This study presents a market exploration structure known as the PESTEL analysis model. At the back of the continued pace of aviation technology, drones have become important tools in almost every industry. The study examines various PESTEL factors with a view of seeking the best strategic marketing plan...

Analysis of Errors in the O.J. Simpson Case

OJ Simpson Case Introduction This paper presents a detailed report on the criminal case of O. J. Simpson, a known ex-athlete who was charged with a murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The paper will explore the investigation and trial that went on in...

Pre-Participation Physical Examination

Introduction Physical exercise is a pillar of a healthy lifestyle throughout the lifetime, and all healthcare practitioners advocate involvement in sports and leisure. All healthcare care experts advise physical exercise and involvement in sports due to their multiple health benefits. Physical exercise, sports, and leisure are essential for adolescents and...

Medical Tests and Preventative Measures

Introduction Increasing numbers of Americans are participating in organized sports. This boost in engagement has been accompanied by an increase in sudden deaths. Hereditary or developed cardiovascular abnormalities have been linked to the majority of unexpected deaths among athletes participating in various sports. Other explanations of unexpected death are heatstroke,...

Shifting Cultivation and Impacts on Tropical Forests

Introduction Shifting cultivation, which is also referred to as rotational bush fallow farming, slash-and-burn farming, or swidden, is an old tilling practice mostly found in tropical parts of the world. The land-use system is mainly practiced in the wet tropical highlands in South Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Latin America. Approximately...

Biopsychosocial Factors of Workplace Absenteeism

Introduction This paper aims to analyze a case study involving Francesca, a 50-year-old woman who presented to counseling upon the request of her employer, who believes that her frequent absences from work are concerned with alcohol or substance use. The client reveals that she has been taking Mersyndol Forte for...

Negative Impact of the 2020 COVID Pandemic on World Industries

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a serious and widespread impact on the global economy. Different countries’ issues resulted in economic failure as most economies depend on international trade, tourism, raw materials exports, and external financing. Governments in many developed countries have taken effective stimulus measures, while lower-middle-income and emerging countries...

Net Zero by 2050 in the United Kingdom

Executive Summary Premise Climate change is a problem that affects the entire planet, which means that all stakeholders need to make a joint effort to reverse the impacts of climate change. Governments can spearhead the efforts to reverse the effects, majorly through making policies and leveraging investments in critical sectors...

The Mother-Child Bond and Scientific Evidence

Introduction The belief that mothers connect better to the child leads to the frequent issuance of children’s custody to the mothers in case of divorce suits. Moreover, companies aiming to promote stable families provide child care services to employed mothers, but rarely to the working fathers. The aspects show communities’...

The Late Ottoman Empire and World War I

Introduction There has been increasing research from scholars on World War I. However, more importantly, over the last few decades, more studies have evaluated the role of the Ottoman Empire in World War I. This is right because the impacts of the First World War and the involvement of the...

Smartphone Use Among Students in Higher Institutions

Introduction In the 21st century, technology has become an essential element of our life. Cellphones now account for the vast majority of all internet services, with more than half of the world’s inhabitants having access to smartphones and the internet. Because of the ease with which we can communicate via...

Technology Changes and Their Impacts on Industrial Revolution

Summary In the past centuries, most of the labor was provided manually by human beings in all types of industries, such as textile and transportation. The activities were slow and required a high number of workers to contribute towards a significant output. The need to meet people’s demand for the...

Arpita Singh: The First Female Indian Artist

Introduction Arpita Singh is the first female artist in India to represent the homeworld in her paintings. Her early works reflect images of childhood memories, absorbing the world’s complexities around her. The bright details of everyday life in the childhood home bloom with colors in her drawings. In most of...

Microplastics as an Environmental Safety Issue

Introduction One of the priorities of today’s ecologists, biotechnologists, community activists, and environmentalists is the problem of microplastic pollution. Microplastics are a consequence of macroplastic pollution of natural environments, whether aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems. As a result of the long-term action of physical, mechanical, and light forces, gradual degradation of...

The Health Tactical Project Plan Inception

Introduction It is important to note that an e-commerce business heavily depends on a properly structured and organized information systems infrastructure. The availability of such systems enables the automation of many important and repetitive tasks, but it needs to be incorporated with precision and in accordance with the key objectives...

Cryptocurrencies and the Meme Stock Phenomenon

Introduction The economic theory of investing pays much attention to the phenomenon of financial bubbles. In a general sense, bubbles are understood as an unreasonably sharp increase in the price of assets on the stock market, followed by a sharp decline when the bubble “bursts.”This is reflected in the terminological...

Reasons Why the RMS Titanic Sank

Introduction Before 1982, passenger steamships were the sole way for travelers and mail to travel between Europe and North America. The Cunard Steamship Company’s Lusitania and Mauritania were the fastest and largest, with a gross weight of 31000 tons and a top speed of 26 knots (Felkins et al., 1998)....

Impacts of Globalization on the Developing Countries

Introduction The video by Zohari (2020) evaluates how globalization impacts developing countries. The most debated issue in the modern world is globalization, with some people supporting and others opposing it. Some people consider globalization as a process of opening up economies to facilitate free trade. For them, a high rate...

  • Performance
  • Advertising
  • International Marketing
  • Social Media

The Netflix Company’s Cultural Change Management

The Change Event in Netflix The advance of the Internet and allied technologies has allowed small startups to develop into large, multinational corporations quickly. Founded in 1997 in California as a small startup business, Netflix became a global organization in less than 20 years due to its Internet technology (Liang...

Artificial Intelligence and Effects of Its Rise

Introduction Examination of the latest trends in the sphere of development of manufacturing processes indicates significant growth in the interest in the practical use of artificial intelligence (AI). However, globalization conceives concerns associated with the implementation of AI in processes that are currently done by employees. The first ethical implication...

The Break Period Policy for Employees in South Dakota

Introduction A policy may have a positive or negative impact on the people. They are usually developed to guide how a system should function. For example, in South Dakota, one of the policies that affect people is the employee’s break period. It proposes that employees have 15 minutes break after...

Glovo Investigative Report: Service Background

Over the past few years, the business segment of food delivery apps has grown unprecedently. A prime example of such an application is Glovo, a business established in Barcelona in 2015 by Oscar Pierre and Sacha Michaud (“About us,” n.d.). Since then, the service has expanded from Spain to nearly...

Aspects of the Airport Marketing Plan

Introduction The waterfall management method is the selected methodology for the airport marketing project. The airport expansion and supporting infrastructure aim to boost the tourism industry in Trinidad and Tobago and generate higher revenues for the airline. Marketing will play a crucial role in the success of the endeavor since...

Mass Media: Critical Thinking Skills, Images, and Stereotypes

Introduction Critical thinking is the ability to question incoming information and beliefs. The skill helps to think clearly and rationally, seek logical connections between facts, and formulate strong arguments. Critical thinking is based on the ability to reason. To become a critical thinker, it is necessary to be an active...

Global Issues in Healthcare: Cultural Competence and Patient Safety

Introduction. Domestic Issues Unpreparedness for emergencies (like Covid-19) Lack of a comprehensive regulatory framework Drug pricing regulation Quality control by the authorities Domestic Issues’ Impact on U.S. HCM Within the framework of domestic issues’ impact on US HCM, the following supporting systems are affected to the greatest extent: intellectual capital;...

The Implementation of a Safety Improvement Initiative in Healthcare Institutions

Safety Improvement Plan Maintain a relevant medication list Use health informatics for managing medication orders Create electronic prescriptions Report all medication errors cases Consider conditions affecting the medication Understand potential interactions between drugs Provide patient education Review the latest recommendations Improve personal skills and competencies Improve communication and learning among...

Patchi Premium Chocolate in the Chinese Market

Executive Summary The Chinese market is rapidly expanding, with the demand for various types of products, including food. Patchi is a manufacturer of premium chocolate operating in Canada and several North American, European, African, and Middle East markets. Premium chocolates are a unique product made from cocoa butter, with the...

Temporary vs. Historical Discourses about Nature and Humans

The fundamental problems of philosophy arise along with its development, which is inseparably linked with civilizational transformations. The problems that thinkers have always considered have changed with the development of human culture, knowledge, and practice, but there have always been such questions, the answers to which were traditionally expected exclusively...

  • African American
  • Christianity

Rust And Corrosion Of Street Lighting Poles

Background The preponderance of street lighting poles is made out of steel with a sprayed, metallic lacquered, or galvanized protective layer and come in a variety of types of construction and internal diameter. These are prone to corrosion, which can result in severe collapse, posing significant health and environmental risk...

Prostitution: The Non-Deviant Behavior

There might be several definitions of deviant behavior and what is considered deviant in general. In the framework of the study, the most appropriate would be to characterize it as a social construct for deviance cannot exist outside the society. Both for society and the individual, the understanding of the...

E-Business Model Evaluation of the Mitsis Hotels Franchise

Introduction With the rapid growth and development of the Internet space and the globalization of the world, big changes are taking place in all areas of handling business. One of these implications is the online business model, which permits a more efficient business interaction in today’s marketplace. The benefits of...

Crisis Management & Emergency Response Planning

Introduction Boeing is currently one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft, satellites, rockets, rotorcraft and missiles in the world today. Companies in the aviation industry can also hire or lease airplanes from this organisation. This corporation’s diversification strategy and business model explain why it continues to compete directly with Airbus....

Accounting Importance for Businesses

Abstract Accounting and finance are critical elements in the efficient management of a company. The information gathered from accounting analysis helps a company or an organization make day-to-day decisions. This study’s objective is to determine how effective accounting and finance are in eradicating or reducing risks from a company’s operations....

The Use of Medical Cannabis

Introduction Cannabis is a drug that consists of approximately 460 chemicals that are active and about 60 specific cannabinoids (Seamon, Fass, Maria, Maniscalco & Abu-Shraie, 2007, p.1040). Medical cannabis is the use of cannabis that is composed of components like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids which are proposed...

Zionist Movement and Its Peculiarities

Why did the creators of the Zionist movement feel a need for “a home secured by public law”? Although the Zionist ideas are currently being fractured into numerous variations of political hypotheses, the overall importance of this movement could be outlined with the help of both pragmatic and spiritual variables....

The Connecticut v. Garrison Case Analysis

Introduction Law is the unique phenomenon regulating interactions within society and guaranteeing people behave within the existing legal framework. At the same time, it serves as a tool for analyzing cases of misconduct and providing punishment to individuals who violated the law. At the same time, to be fair and...

Is Digital Technology Making Children’s Life Better?

Introduction Through creative programs and methods, digital technology research has had the potential to support and demonstrate that innovation advances the effectiveness of skills and competencies required to perform tasks in corporations and educational institutions. The age-based description of a child used by the Convention on the Child’s Rights as...

Belly Dance in Russia

Introduction Foreign dance classes have become popular in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union (Radchenko 1). Many young women and men have started to practice foreign dances for professional reasons or just for fun. In Russia, Belly Dance, Irish Dance, Indian Dance, Flamenco, and Swing Dance have become...

  • Criminal Justice
  • Globalization

J.C. Penney Company and Its Management Case

Introduction J.C. Penney, a major American retail store chain, is well-known throughout the USA. It is an old company, existing since 1902 (“J.C. Penney Company, Inc. History” n. pag.). The company was doing badly over the last 6-7 years (see Appendix), but just a few years ago, the company suffered...

Apple Stores Analysis

Hardly there is a person nowadays who would argue the unprecedented success of the Apple Company considered one of the most revolutionary in the world of computers. The bitten apple for a long time has been a synonym for impeccable design and quality. Apple products have become a cult for...

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: When Corporate Values Must Be Upgraded a Few Notches

The business realm has always been famous for its competitive and uncompromising environment, as well as the unethical avenues that some businessmen undertake in order to profit within the shortest amount of time. However, in the XXI century, with the advent of corporate social responsibility (Hanson, 2010, October 1), the...

Importance of Strategic Planning and Marketing

Executive summary American Airlines is the largest airline by passenger traffic in the world. A subsidiary of AMR Corporation, the headquarters of American Airlines is situated at Fort Worth in Texas next to Fort Worth International Airport. The organization operates intensive domestic and international air transport networks. The organization was...

“His Master’s Voice” UK Company Franchise

Introduction HMV or ‘His Master’s Voice’ as it is commonly known, is a British company engaged in the entertainment (music and movies) business. The company was started by Sir Edward Elgar in 1921 when the first HMV store was started at 363, Oxford Street, London (BBC News 2013). The logo...

Fetal Echocardiography and Congenital Cardiac Defects

Introduction Congenital heart defects (CHD) introduce a serious public health concern that may occur in the heart during the prenatal development of a fetus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017) states that about 1% (40,000) of children are born with such defects in the United States annually, and...

Processing of Palladium-Silver Composite Thin Membrane

Abstract In this paper, specific conditions for palladium as well as silver deposition were determined. Also, the simultaneous, co-deposition of the same was determined for hydrazine-based solution bearing both element precursors. The electroless plating kinetics for simultaneous, co-depositions for both elements in the mixture were determined. Moreover, a mathematical model...

Praying in Schools Today

Outline The introductory part of the topic discusses about the general attitude towards praying in schools. The body gives a detailed description about the importance of praying in school and how it affects the development of children. And on the other side there includes an argument against praying in school....

Research, Ethics, and Faith: A Comprehensive Exploration

Introduction Throughout the course, proper analysis of how to interpret research findings has been done. As a researcher, it is possible to evaluate the legitimacy of particular outcomes as they apply to various situations. In deciding whether a specific finding is legit, there are several ways to gather relevant information...

Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Plans

Introduction In comparison, the number of defined contribution plans has grown in the past few years as opposed to the traditionally defined benefit plans. Additionally, many defined benefits plans have been converted to hybrid plans that incorporate aspects of both the defined contribution and defined benefit (Gale et al, 1999;...

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accountancy

Movies Based on J. Austen’s Books Review

Introduction Both movies Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen are adaptations of the author’s novels. The films aim to describe the history of England, where women possessed numerous issues of oppression and inequality. The movies also illustrate how greed and financial gains shape cultural norms and...

Family Nurse Practitioner: Requirements and Responsibilities

Education requirements Every representative of the nursing profession has certain educational requirements. It seems significant to highlight educational requirements for family nurse practitioners. It is worth pointing out that family nurse practitioners are responsible for undergoing the programs that are directed to the improvement of the essential skills and abilities...

The Peninsula Shield Force

Origin The Peninsula Shield Force (PSF), which is also known as Peninsula Shield, is a military union found within the Gulf region. It is the brainchild of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC). GCC is a union of five Middle East nations, namely, Bahrain, Oman,...

Cultural Influence on Roman Architectural Paradigm

Introduction Since time in sundry, originality and tradition has always constituted the architectural paradigm that reflected the culture of the time. Basically, the architectural design is influenced by the innovation and convention forces that merge imagination and rationality in adopting a design paradigm in line with the events and activities...

Time Management Challenges, Strategies, and Solutions

Introduction The need for self-realization is one of the leading needs of the individual. It is the root cause of human activity aimed at creating benefits for themselves and other people. Self-realization is not a single action but a process of constant overcoming of internal contradictions by a person in...

Hurricane Katrina’ Meaning: Mental, Economic, and Geographical Impact

Introduction Hurricane Katrina was an unprecedented and devastating hurricane that caused catastrophic damage to property and a high loss of life. Katrina was reported as one of the five powerful and deadly hurricanes in the history of the United States. On August 23, 2005, Katrina first carved a vast swath...

Diamond Model in International Business Strategy

Nowadays it is evident that home and host location strategies in the international system have to be considered within the global context and the current international environment. The changing world sets principally new challenges in front of the business strategy planning and targeting (Cavusgil, Ghauri, Knight, & Riesenberger 2014). The...

High Crime Rates in Detroit and Their Causes

Introduction Detroit has been impacted particularly severely by the continuing, relentless retreat in the United States, which has exacerbated the carnage portrayed earlier. Many abandoned or foreclosed residences are located in decaying communities. Official unemployment numbers in the city, which have been around 25% for an extended period, are anticipated...

John Hughes: The Life and Legacy of a Teen Film Icon

Physical Development 1950 saw the birth of John in a little Midwest village. He had three sisters and was the sole male. For his first 12 years in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, he was a Gordie Howe supporter of the Detroit Red Wings. When he was younger, John remembered being “sort...

Artificial Intelligence: Effects on Business

Introduction Most devices have now advanced as a result of the development of technology. Several sophisticated devices have been introduced to assist with various tasks. Utilizing these tools to fulfill specific responsibilities within their businesses has helped many organizations advance. Robots, self-driving cars, intelligent assistants, virtual travel agents, illness mapping,...

K.G.B National Security Agency of Soviet Union

Executive Summary Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti was a Russian translation of Committee for State Security, commonly abbreviated as KGB. The Committee for State Security (KBG), was the Soviet Union national Security agency that existed between 1954 and 1991. However; it is notable that the Republic of Belarus also uses the abbreviation...

Human Resource Portfolio Analysis for Global Sports

Introduction This paper will illustrate the meaning and importance of human resource management (HRM), human resource planning, and strategic human resource management, which are critically important for an organization’s effectiveness and must be effectively managed. This study shows the current economic environment in the sports industry; the second part of...

Development of the Museum as an Institution

The concept of an institution requires that there is a mutual agreement on what kind of solutions are used to respond to the problems that arise as a part of everyday societal needs. To be more specific, the term “institution” could be related to either private or public organisms intended...

Nurofen Fever Reducing & Pain Killer: Marketing Plan

Introduction The business strategy for the Nurofen Fever Reducing & Pain Killer product focuses on the core components that are fundamental to the product against value-added extras that are utilized to boost customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge in domestic and international markets (Dawn 2021). Topics including the changing...

Theorists with Similar Management Styles

Abstract This paper illustrates theorist that have the same management styles and that is Kurt Lewin and Peter Ferdinand Drucker, it also analysis their background and reflect how this backgrounds influenced on the management styles. Management refers to control, governing or supervising either individuals or properties and there are various...

The Role of Computers in the Classroom

Computers are becoming an integral and inseparable aspect of human lives, especially education. The use of computers has made education not only more interesting to learners but had also opened up entirely novel perspectives in education such as web portals and academic sites to name a few. Needless to say,...

The US Economy of Today

Introduction The world’s largest economy has been a subject of very heated debates among political and economic analysts. Why? Because recent trends in the economy as portrayed by key performance economic indicators have shown some bit of laxity in the economy as compared to earlier robustness of this economy. Some...

Types of Public Policy Approaches

Tell Your Story Concept Policy analysis approach by Bardach is generally defined as “determining which of various alternative policies will most achieve a given set of goals in light of the relations between the policies and the goals” (Bardach, 2005). Anyway, the analysis of the political processes may be divided...

Atmospheric Phenomena Studies for Aviation

Introduction Even though modern aircraft have sophisticated navigation and communications systems helping to ensure the safety of flight, they are still wholly dependent on the atmosphere, which generates aerodynamic forces sustaining them. Also, all avionics systems for navigation and communications rely on signals that have to penetrate the atmosphere before...

Homosexuality as Percieved in American Society

Introduction In defining homosexual marriage, anthropologists formulate valid cross-cultural variations of modern and traditional forms. Same-sex marriage, just like any other form of marriage, is a union of two adults, though of the same sex, in a domestic arrangement with each member having defined roles to play. Over the years,...

  • Air Transport

Co-operative Banking Group’s Enterprise Software

Introduction According to Dehning & Stratopoulos (2003) multinational companies have experience a lot of challenges in managing most of their operations as a result of their great expansions. It has been observed that most companies have complained of experiencing challenges in accounting, inventory, marketing and sales, distribution, logistics as well...

International Corporate Strategy: A Case Study of HYATT Hotels Corporation

Executive Summary The HYATT Hotels Corporation operates and franchises hotels, resorts, and vacation properties globally. The Hyatt Hotels Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, is a renowned multinational hospitality company with 20 well-known subsidiaries. The Company’s objective to assist individuals in reaching their total potential influences its management decisions and expansion initiatives....

Effects of Quality Care in Nursing Homes on Older Adult

Introduction Nursing homes have been one of the most critical places the older generation tends to spend the rest of their lives. During this developmental stage, care is given to people who need a certain level of medical attention that cannot be fulfilled through home care settings. In the US,...

Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton: Enterprise Software

Background Study The 21st century has been characterized by a great advancement in technology and especially Information Technology (IT). The vast advancement in IT has necessitated improvements of businesses performance which have resulted to enormous expansion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) into multinational corporations. The increased growth and expansion...

Urgent Care in Low-Income Communities in New York

Urgent Care centers have been around in the United States since the 1970s when they were first introduced as a more cost-effective alternative to traditional emergency rooms. In recent years, urgent care centers have become increasingly popular due to their convenient hours and wide range of services. These centers offer...

Journalism in the UAE

Introduction The government of UAE has over the years employed fear crusades against mass communication organizations. Journalists have often been detained, jailed, or fined and at times interrogating editors as well as reporters for allegedly contravening media laws that are ambiguous. At one moment, it would be tolerable for mass...

Nortel Networks Corporation Accounting Theory

Introduction The reporting of financial information is of great essentiality to both the organization and the other stakeholders. “Accounting information is reliable to the extent that it is verifiable, is a faithful representation of the underlying economic reality, and is reasonably free of error and bias” (Young et al, 2007,...

Public Union Restrictions in State of Ohio

Introduction Ohio and Wisconsin, the two states that are controlled by Republicans have for the past few years wanted to control the collective bargaining rights of government workers and have been proposing anti-union agendas. The bill comes just a few weeks after the same bill that was passed by Republicans...

Childhood Psychological Trauma: Rape

Introduction Throughout an individual’s life, certain things occur and leave one with a wound or shock that causes serious implications. These events can cause both emotional and physical damage to the body of an affected individual. Some of the activities that cause such harm include witnessing violence, accidents, a hairline...

Robert Shiller’s Views on the Efficient Markets Hypothesis

Introduction In the environment of financial review, the efficient market hypothesis theory (EMH) is a general thinking which assumes that “the existing stock prices indicate the denomination of the business according to the materials available” (Shiller 23). This theory proposes that persons trading are not in a position to receive...

  • Substance Abuse
  • Colonialism

Why the US Mistreated the Japanese American

Introduction The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was a devastating blow to the United States, and it sparked America’s entry into World War II. In 1941, tensions were already high between the U.S. and Japan. The two nations had been competing for power in Asia and trading partners...

Social Advocacy: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Baronet, E. (2022). The degrees of social justice: Micro, mezzo and macro social levels. Where Has Social Justice Gone? 4(2), 23–37. Web. This article by Baronet (2022) establishes a ground for understanding various contributions to the issue of social justice. The main argument is that there is a...

Consumer Spending and Choices

Introduction With the endless demands that life has and the scarce resources consumers are endowed with, consumers are faced by challenges in making choices on what to spend and on what can wait for another time depending on the urgency of the need. Thus, it is important to note that...

Truth Concepts in Mathematics, the Arts and Ethics

Introduction Truth primarily means conforming to factual reality. Depending on individuals’ perceptions, way of thinking, emotionality, or form of verbal and non-verbal communication (language), truth is relative (Atwood p. 1). Human beings base their judgments on mere perceptions, which vary depending on an individual’s state of mind, societal influences, and...

Google Company’s Search Engine Algorithms

Executive Summary Google is the most successful search engine in the global market currently. The firm has been able to achieve success because of its unique search engine algorithm and other unique factors. However, the demand by the German government that it should reveal its search engine algorithm may have...

The Chope Company’s Strategic Management

Introduction The success of any business depends on its pricing strategies, competitive environment, and its scaling approach. Among the renowned companies in Singapore that consider all three factors is Chope. Headquartered in Singapore, Chope has thirteen investors including Square Peg Capital and Ant Group (Singapore restaurants, n.d.). Arrif Ziaudeen launched...

Food Deserts’ Impact on Children

Introduction Food deserts are regions where there are no grocery stores within easy driving distance, restricting or eliminating residents’ access to affordable, healthful food options, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. For instance, 2.3 million people live more than one mile distant from a supermarket and do not own a car,...

Anatomy, Physiology, and Living Habitats of Red Panda

Introduction The Tanuki, also called the Japanese Racoon Dog, is a subspecies of the Asian Racoon Dog. In Japanese folklore, the Tanuki is a benevolent but sneaky rascal, which is why its statues, featuring giant testicles and wide-brim hats, are sprinkled across many Japanese cities and towns. The animal has...

The Analysis of Consumer Behavior During COVID-19

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Introduction Food deserts are geographical areas where people lack access to adequate nutrition owing to the distance from grocery shops and other economic issues. Fruits, whole grains, meat, dairy, vegetables, beans, peas, and fish are either costly or unavailable in food deserts. Urban food deserts, which are most commonly located...

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Strategy
  • Comparative Literature

The Contractor-Customer Relationship Factors

Introduction Business success depends on the quality of the company’s customer relations. Repeat customers, satisfied reference sources, and positive word of mouth are all possible outcomes of solid customer relations. Many problems, including the abandonment of a project, can be avoided with the help of a good working relationship founded...

Good and Bad Parenting’s Impact on Children

Introduction The majority of parents typically use a variety of parenting strategies, although some adhere to only one. All parents have standards for their kids’ behavior, academic progress, and observance of the law, and they base their parenting style on the way the kid behaves. Some parents indulge their kids...

Alternative Vehicles: Electric and Hybrids

Absrtact This study investigates the demand for alternative vehicles and defines the market in hopes that the American auto producers will take up the challenge and put themselves in the forefront of the production and marketing of affordable environmentally friendly vehicles for the American consumer. It would help the environment,...

Bullying in Schools: Addressing and Preventing

Introduction Bullying in schools is a complex and difficult topic, which, however, requires addressing as a sensitive issue affecting not only children but also adults. Bullying is targeted, first of all, at those who cannot fight back, who are physically weaker or who do not fit into the general system....

Leprosy in Nineteenth-Century India

Introduction Leprosy disease is one of the oldest recognized illnesses in the world. People with leprosy (PwL) were banished in ancient Indian culture for various reasons: chronic, possibly disfiguring aspect; inconsistently successful treatment, linked with sin; and dread of infection. This combination gave leprosy a stigma that endures to this...

3D Printing in Aerospace Technology

Introduction History shows that technology has had the most significant impact on society. Throughout the ages, technology has grown and changed its scope. Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is considered to possess the possibility to be the next big thing in manufacturing. As 3D printing technology has matured, new materials...

Sustainable Mobility Focus on Cycling

Abstract Sustainable mobility is an important focus for many cities around the world as they look to reduce congestion and pollution. One area that is often overlooked in sustainable mobility planning is cycling. Cycling is a sustainable, low-cost form of transportation that has many benefits for both individuals and society...

Obesity: Background and Preventative Measures

Introduction In human physiology, eating is one of the most essential processes in our life which supplies the human body with energy and mineral elements. Every epoch nation creates its own values and standards towards eating and eating habits based on cultural and economic perspectives. The beginning of the 21st...

The Relationship Between Low Calorie Diet Intake and Longevity

The Relationship between Low Calorie Diet Intake and Longevity Calories restriction (CR) is a new medical revolution concept developed with the major aim of treating and ultimately preventing various known and unknown causes of degenerative aging processes. So far, several funded projects have been conducted globally for the past 20...

Web Programming Technologies, Strategies and Design

Summary Web technologies are concerned with the interaction involving web servers and web clients. The data contains markup languages, programming languages and interfaces, and document identification and display standards. Web technology, in general, includes tools and strategies for web development. Web development is a wide word for the effort required...

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Hacks How to Write a 10 and 20 page Paper in One Night

Updated: July 15, 2022

Published: April 19, 2020


It’s the night before a big paper is due. For whatever reason, you find yourself needing to write an entire research paper in a very short amount of time. While procrastination isn’t ideal, extenuating circumstances may have caused your timeline to get pushed back. So, here you are, looking for how to write a 10-page paper or how to write a 20-page paper in one night.

It goes without saying the best way to write a paper is to give yourself enough time to outline, draft, and edit. Yet, it’s still possible to write in less time. Take heed of these best tips and tricks to organize your thoughts and get your thesis on paper as fast as possible.

Photo by  Adolfo Félix  on  Unsplash

How to prepare before you write, 1. create a schedule to maximize your time.

You’ve likely already spent time panicking. Once you calm yourself of the anxiety of having to finish a 10- or 20-page paper in one night, organize your plan of attack. First, you should designate an area free of distractions so that you can focus. Aside from a few breaks and snacks, it’s best to set up a comfortable place to write. Give yourself some time to outline and find/cite research . Once you know how you’re going to approach the subject, then you can start drafting.

2. Determine your Main Topic

If you’ve been given a prompt, then your topic is clear. However, sometimes you have the freedom to choose what your research will be about. In this case, it’s smartest to choose a topic that you are already knowledgeable about. That way, you will save yourself key time that would have otherwise been spent on research. If you don’t feel strongly about any particular topic, then at least try to pick one that has a lot of information available.

3. Perform Research

Start looking up sources to cite that support your thesis, or main argument. As you research, be sure to take notes. One of the best ways to do this is to use a word processor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word to copy and paste URLs. For each source, it would be best to copy/paste one main sentence that covers its point.

Then, you can write brief notes in your own words that summarize what you have read from that source. While you are performing research, you can start to put together an outline, or the flow of how you will present your ideas broken down by topic and argument.

4. Outline 3-5 subtopics

Once you’ve chosen your topic, then try to pull 3-5 subtopics from it. Each sub-topic should be juicy enough to be able to write a lot about it. The subtopics are your supporting paragraphs which fill the body of the research paper. They should basically be mini essays within themselves.

Writing in One Night

Writing a long research paper in one night isn’t ideal, but it is doable. Some of the best ways to get it done is to follow these 5 tips:

1. Plan and Outline

Take those few extra moments to plan and outline your paper. While it may feel like a waste of valuable time, it is going to help you stay on track. When you have an outline and you get to the middle of your paper, you won’t feel lost as to how to continue. An outline will be useful to you like a map is on a journey.

2. Use Specialized Search

Take advantage of search tools that are designed for scholars. For example, a few of these include: Google Scholar and Elsevier .

3. Leverage Tools

There are citation management tools that will help you find sources for your topic. Mendeley is just one of them. You can type parts of your paper into the tool and find quotes of value. Be sure to cite everything you use to avoid plagiarism .

4. Proofread and Edit

Once you complete writing 10 to 20 pages, you may feel like throwing in the towel and going to sleep for a few hours. However, it is crucial to power through and proofread your paper. If you have anyone available who can read your paper over, that would be best because it’s hard to catch mistakes when you’ve been looking at the same thing for so long. But, if no one is available, try to read your paper back to yourself out loud. This way, you may be able to catch typos better.

5. Check Formatting

Every research paper needs to adhere to a particular format guideline. Whether it’s APA, MLA, or another standard formatting practice, be sure to double check that your layout adheres to the guidelines.

Photo by  Christin Hume  on  Unsplash

When to start writing.

If you have yet to find yourself trying to write a paper at the last minute and all the notes above are scaring you out of procrastination, then that’s a good start! Perhaps you were recently assigned a research paper. In this case, the best way to tackle the project is to do the following:

Start Early

Get started right away. Even if it means just performing early research or writing an outline, starting early is going to save you from having to write a paper in one night down the line. When you start early, you benefit greatly because you can: leverage peers for ideas, take the necessary time to edit and rewrite, and you lower your risk of picking a topic with too little information and having to change topics at the last minute.

Writing in Stages

Starting early also affords you the opportunity to write in stages. You can think of writing as a cycle when you write in stages. First, you can create your outline. Then, you can write the introduction, edit it, and rewrite anything you may need to before moving on to the next piece (or the first body paragraph, in this case).

Use a Timeline

Create a timeline for your writing in stages. If you start four weeks in advance, for example, you have time to do all of the following:

  • Fully understand the assignment and ask any questions
  • Start to read and document sources
  • Create notecards and cite books for sources
  • Write a summary of what you’ve discovered so far that will be used in some of your paper
  • Create 3-5 subtopics and outline points you want to explore
  • Look for more sources on your subtopics
  • Start writing summaries on each subtopic
  • Write some analysis of your findings
  • Start to piece together the research paper based on your notes and outline (almost like completing a puzzle)
  • Edit and proofread / ask for feedback

The Writing Process

The actual writing process is a little different for everyone, but this is a general overview for how to write a 20-page paper, or one that is shorter.

  • Start with a Thesis: Your thesis is one sentence that clearly and concisely explains what you are going to prove with research.
  • Include a Menu Sentence: At the end of your introduction, you will briefly outline your subtopics in what is often referred to as a “menu sentence.” This allows the reader to understand what they can expect to learn about as they continue to read your paper.
  • Create a Detailed Introduction: Your introduction should be detailed enough so that someone with little to no knowledge about your subject matter can understand what the paper is about.
  • Keep References: Be sure to write your references as you go along so that you basically can create your bibliography in the process of writing. Again, this is where a tool like Mendeley may be useful.
  • Write First: Write first and edit later. You want to get all your ideas down on the page before you start judging or editing the writing.
  • Save Often: Create the draft on a cloud platform that is automatically saved (i.e. Google Docs in case your computer crashes) or email the work to yourself as you go.

The Breakdown of a 10-Page Paper

The Breakdown of a 10-Page Paper infographic table

Sources to Consider Using

When writing your research paper and finding sources, it’s best to use a mix of sources. This may include:

  • Internet: The Internet is filled with limitless possibilities. When you use the Internet, it’s best to find credible and trustworthy sources to avoid using fake news as a source. That’s why tools like Google Scholar can be so helpful.
  • Textbooks: It’s more likely than not that you’ll be able to use your class textbook as a source for the research you are conducting.
  • Books: Additionally, other books outside of those you read within your class will prove useful in any research paper.

Final Steps: Editing and Formatting

Once you’ve written all your ideas on the page, it’s time to edit. It cannot be stressed enough that editing is pivotal before submission. This is especially true if you’ve been writing under immense pressure.

Writing a 10- or 20-page research paper in one night is not easy, so there are bound to be mistakes and typos. The best way to catch these mistakes is to follow these tips:

  • Take a break before you edit so you can come back to the page with somewhat fresh eyes and a clearer head
  • Read it out loud to edit and catch mistakes because sometimes your brain will override typos or missing words to make sense of what it is reading
  • If possible, ask someone else to look it over
  • Consider using footnotes or block quotes
  • Format according to how your university asks – MLA or APA, etc.

The Bottom Line

Life throws curveballs your way without warning. Whether you are holding yourself accountable for procrastinating or something out of your control came up, you may find yourself needing to write a big research paper in one night. It’s not the best-case scenario, but with the right tools and tricks up your sleeve, you can surely get it done!

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Numerous essay formatting guidelines often highlight double-spacing as a preferred layout for standard essays. This comprehensive tutorial will delve into what constitutes a double-spaced essay, the steps to apply double-spacing in your document using MS Word or Mac Pages, and strategies to enhance your essay, aiming for higher grades.

What is a Double-Spaced Essay?

When tasked to write me an essay , it’s essential to consider the structural elements that define its presentation and readability. An essay set to double-spacing is typically arranged on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper, framed by 1-inch margins, featuring double-spaced lines within each paragraph and no additional spacing between paragraphs. It typically has 275 to 300 words per page, varying with font and margins. This format facilitates easier reading, correction by tutors, and idea tracking.

Word count can be adjusted based on page size and margins, but standard settings align with 275 words per page. Essays usually range from 250 to 1000 words, with 500 words common in college. Font size 12 or 11 is recommended, and adherence to specific formatting guidelines, including font choice, is crucial to avoid grade penalties. Editing might involve switching fonts for personal comfort or per a professor’s instructions.

Why is It Necessary to Use Double Spacing in Essays?

You might be curious about the rationale behind double-spacing essays and their prevalence as the preferred format for high school and college papers. Here, we highlight the top three reasons:

  • Double-spacing improves readability by preventing lines from blurring, allowing for faster document scanning.
  • Double-spaced essays are also user-friendly because readers can comfortably read and follow the ideas in your essay without requiring additional assistance or larger font sizes.
  • Instructors often prefer double-spaced essays because they provide spaces between the lines where they can easily write comments on the paper.

Comparison Between Double-Spacing and Other Spacing Options

School assignments generally have three types of spacing options: single, 1.5, and double spacing.

A  double-spaced paper is the most prevalent method of formatting a text or document and involves inserting a distance of 2.0 spaces between lines within a paragraph while leaving no space between paragraphs. Double-spacing is a typical requirement for college assignments, including dissertations and theses.

A 1.5-spaced essay indicates that the sentences in a paragraph are separated by a distance of 1.5 mm, with no gaps between paragraphs.

Finally, a single-spaced document contains small gaps between the lines, with a spacing of 1.0. It is recommended to use single or 1.5 spacing only if your instructor specifically instructs you to do so.

How to Use Double-Spacing on Your Computer

Some students choose to use different font styles while writing and then make adjustments to the overall document format and spacing at a later stage, which is acceptable. On the other hand, some people prefer to stay organized right from the beginning, which involves setting double spacing from the start. Whether you use a word processor like Pages or Word, here are the steps to follow.

Pages on a Mac

If you have a Mac computer and use Pages, you can use the following instructions to set your paper to double-spacing.

  • Select the paragraphs you want to be double-spaced.
  • To access Inspector, go to the top right corner and click the blue button.
  • Once you see the new window, click on the Text button.
  • Locate the Spacing part and input the number 2 in the designated box on the right side of the slide bar.

Microsoft Word Processor

If you are using a Word document to type your assignment, use the following steps to make it double-spaced:

  • Select the specific text to adjust its spacing.
  • In the Home tab, find the Paragraph and click on the short arrow in the lower corner.
  • A separate window will appear, displaying different options, such as general, indentation, and spacing.
  • In the spacing list, select Double.

The procedure is similar for all Microsoft Word versions.

You also have the option to customize the spacing between lines using the toolbar on your screen:

  • In the same Paragraph area, find the spacing button.

6 Steps to Write an A-Worthy Double-Spaced Essay 

If you are given the task of writing an essay with double spacing and are unsure about how to start, here is a handy guide to assist you.

1. Study the Prompt

When assigned to write a paper, the initial step you should take is to check the prompt carefully. This will assist you in comprehending the question, generating ideas for a suitable topic, and selecting the most appropriate subject for your essay.

2. Select a Good Essay Topic

Once you have reviewed the instructions, it is necessary to rephrase the question using your own words. Conduct thorough research and assess potential topics, ultimately selecting a captivating subject matter for your essay. The chosen topic should strike a balance between being too specific or too general, and it should be easily supported by available resources.

3. Use Appropriate Evidence

It is crucial to emphasize the significance of references in an essay. Neglecting to do so could result in plagiarism, which is a serious offense in both academic and professional settings. By citing information that is paraphrased, quoted, or summarized from sources, you strengthen the arguments presented in your paragraphs.

4. Develop a Suitable Essay Structure

In addition to establishing the sequence of ideas, make sure that your essay is well-organized. A thorough essay with a clear structure captivates readers and makes the writing process more straightforward as each element falls into its proper position. Carefully construct your essay, paying attention to its structure, and you will be able to maintain a laser-like focus throughout.

5. Use Simple Vocabulary

Writing an essay is not an opportunity to show off one’s extensive vocabulary. Instead, it is an opportunity to support your ideas and thoughts on a specific topic by presenting factual research. Avoid the urge to use complex words in order to impress your teacher, as clear and straightforward language is always more effective in essay writing.

To effectively communicate with the audience, it is important to utilize straightforward and widely understood language. The most captivating and high-quality essays tend to employ a simple and accessible writing style.

6. Balance Your Paragraphs

Make sure your topic sentences are cohesive and coherent. Cohesion refers to a smooth connection between sentences, while coherence means creating a unified sense throughout. Seamless transitions between paragraphs are key to a cohesive narrative.

Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly presents the central theme, then bolster it with supporting sentences that offer evidence or illustrative examples. Employ thoughtful transitions to weave your ideas together, ensuring a natural progression of thoughts throughout your writing.

The Bottom Line

With the information provided, you have gained knowledge on the definition of a double-spaced essay, instructions on setting double spacing on your computer, and tips to make your double-spacing captivating enough to improve your academic score.

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8 Page Essay

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Power Politics And Texts For Young People

‘Foucault argued that observation and monitoring of the individual is not only one of the key characteristics of contemporary life but also one of the principal means by which power is exercised’ (Oliver 2010, p. 41). Discuss in relation to a social/political issue in two set texts.

According to Foucault, power refers to the driving force of life that pushes the individual to grow according to the situations that are faced by the concerned individual. The power situations that are implemented with domination or the coercive nature of the situations that are faced by concerned individuals. Foucault states that the power is not a structured factor nor an agency that affects the concerned individuals who have been dealing with the political and the social situations as well (Oliver 2010). The following paper attempts a discussion on the issues that have been highlighted due to the observation as well as the monitoring of the concerned individuals help in the understanding of the issues that are highlighted with the exercising of the power on the concerned individuals. The paper highlights the social and the political issues that are highlighted within the given texts and after that discusses the issue in light of how the monitoring and the observation of an individual are considered to be one of the significant characteristics through which the exercise of the power is maintained among the people. The paper highlights the social and the political factors that are highlighted within the given set texts.

The major social issue that has been highlighted in the article “ Out of Touch Together ” refers to the insecurity that is faced by the concerned residents of the countries in terms of the human interaction among themselves. The concerned article tends to deal with the higher density within the urban areas help in the growth in the social convention within the urban areas as well (Bauman 2013). The residents of the urban areas are known to have been dealing with the significant insecurity that is felt by the concerned residents in terms of the higher density of the population, the urban communication and the interaction. The article highlights the power intensity within the urban localities as have been highlighted within the various cities that are presented all over the world. The article highlights the fact that the power interest within the urban territories tends to instill a rule of the terror among the concerned residents. The residents of the urban areas are known to have been dealing with the matters relevant to the mystery that surrounds the concerned residents. The article in discussion highlights that the presence of the trenches and the bunkers that have bear testimony to the trauma created within the minds of the people due to the exercise of power by the ruling and the governing individuals or the groups of individuals (Goldthorpe 2017). The contemporary literature had further suggested the fact that the trauma had been a commonplace instance in case of the majority of the residents within the several urban areas all over the world.

The majority of the issues that are presented within the given article state the residences within the cities in the present-day world tend to serve the role of the protectors of the dwellers. The residences within the city tend to fail the purposes of the integration of the concerned residents with the communities that surround the people. The residents who have been present within the given area who do not have the proper means are often observed by the other residents as potential threats to the safety of their residence. Thus, they tend to force the residents to leave the urban residences so that they do not continue posing a threat to the actual residents in the urban area (Wrong 2017). The power influence, in this case, refers to the power exercised by the urban dwellers over the people who have been arriving at the city form the districts that are closer to the city.

The authors reveal the fact that the concerned residents of the urban areas belonging to the lower-tier of the society tend to face issues regarding their localities. The lower-tier members of the society tend to face issues regarding the fulfilment of their dreams and the discontentment areas that are faced by the lower-tier members of the society at the hands of the residents who belong to the upper-tier of the concerned locality (Belmi and Laurin 2016). The significant issues that are highlighted in this case, refer to the isolation of the concerned residents and the power that is implemented by the existing residents of the area (Blau 2017). The various policies that are implemented by the people in discussion refer to the abidance by the various political aspects that have been undertaken by the concerned residents as well as the various governing bodies within the area. The implementation of the political aspects has, in a broader sense, helped in the monitoring of the people and their activities that are undertaken by them. The argument as stated by Foucault might be highlighted in this case and refers to the various factors that are related to the overall understanding of the matters that are related to the interpretation of the power exercised by the residents of the area as well (Porter 2015). The authors in this article highlight the different forms of power as have been exercised by the concerned residents of the urban area as well as the various governing bodies and the governmental institutions that have been present within the area.

On the other hand, the article entitled “ Why Race, Class, And Gender Still Matter ”, Andersen and Collins (2013), shed significant light on the various areas of discrimination that is maintained within the given societies. The article aims at shedding significant light on the formation of and the maintenance of the United Nations. The book chapter highlights the fact that the concerned urban areas, as well as the rural areas that are present within the countries of the world, need to be governed on the lines that relate to the maintenance of the equality among the individuals residing within the various countries within the world. The article highlights the fact that several movements have been conducted in the past years highlight the importance of equality among the residents of the given nation. The most significant of these movements refer to the feminist movements as well as the various movements that had been conducted in order to establish the civil rights within the given areas (Mittal and Elias 2016). The authors further opined that the societal structure as is maintained in the present days tend to be affected by the various discriminatory grounds such as the gender, class, race of the person concerned. This, in turn, affects the societal progress within the given country. The exercise of the power within the given country takes into account the various discriminations that are undertaken by the concerned residents on the grounds of the caste, race and the gender of the residents (Erel, Reynolds and Kaptani 2017). This affects the power distribution as well as the implementation of the inequality among the residents within the country as well.

The article in discussion helps in the proper comprehension of the several issues that are highlighted among the residents of the country. The article highlights a stoic example in this case. The article puts forth the scenario that had been observed in the United States during the conditions that were faced by the country when Hurricane Katrina had struck the area. The portrayal of the poor and financially backward African-American population of the country had highlighted the high amount of the discrimination that had been existent within the country as well. The images helped in the understanding of the discrimination that was present within the residents of the United States (Fiske and Hancock 2016). The concerned example further highlights the various ways in which the discrimination within the country was brought to the limelight by the various news and the other media channels. The example helped the researchers in the understanding of the fact that the discrimination on the part of the various governmental bodies in terms of the racial factors and the financial factors had been highlighted by the media (Hurst, Gibbon and Nurse 2016). This might be explained with the help of the arguments that were put forth by Foucault in relevance to the implementation of the monitoring and the observation of the financial status of the stranded people as compared to the other members constituting the residential strength of the country.

List Of Few Important Essay Topic

The book chapter in discussion further shed light on the issues that have been shed light on through the discrimination of the citizens of the country based on the genders. The article helps in shedding major light on the issues regarding the contribution of the female members of the society with the help from the experiences that are faced by the women within the given society. The studies that were conducted within the realm of the contribution of the female members of the society help in the analysis of the experiences that have been shared by the female members and thereby help in understanding the issues that are emphasised within the given society (Abbott and Wallace 2016). The significant areas of research as have been observed in the present days refer to those that were conducted in the discrimination that was practised within the given societies as well. The researches signify the fact that the social structure is one of the primary constructs that affect the power exercise within the given country. The power is generally observed to have been exercised based on the social strata that are generally followed within the country. The power exercise generally follows a top-down approach in case of the social structures as have been maintained within the world (Schor and Attwood‐Charles 2017). This leads to the implementation of the power equation from the higher end of the social structures leading to a more significant amount of pressure to be felt at the lower-tiers of the social structures. The article further highlights the fact that the studies on the various interconnections that are available within the various societal groups that are existent within a given country would further help in the enrichment of the knowledge base on the matters like the criminal justice and the proper access to the various amenities that should be granted to all the residents of the nation irrespective of any discrimination on the part of the governing bodies (Scase 2016). The proper emphasis on the societal structures and the effects of the same on the livelihood maintained by the residents of the area might assist the understanding the exercise of the power within the given society and the dependence of the matters on the historical factors as were highlighted within the given society as well. The multiculturalism that is practised within the given country of the United States has further influences on the social structure that is maintained within the territorial boundaries of the country (Pratto 2016). The execution of the power within the social structure of the country is known to be significantly influenced by the management of the multicultural factors as have been highlighted within the country. This, in turn, leads to the maintenance of the social structure and the harmony within the country.

The above discussion might be concluded with the viewpoint that the observation of the residents of the country might help in the understanding of the power structure that is followed within the given territorial boundaries. The residences within the city tend to fail the purposes of the integration of the concerned residents with the communities that surround the people. The residents who have been present within the given area who do not have the proper means are often observed by the other residents as potential threats to the safety of their residence. Thus, they tend to force the residents to leave the urban residences so that they do not continue posing a threat to the actual residents in the urban area. The social movements have been conducted in the past years highlight the importance of equality among the residents of the given nation. The most significant of these movements refer to the feminist movements as well as the various movements that had been conducted in order to establish the civil rights within the given areas. Thus, it might be concluded that the understanding of society plays a huge role in the understanding of the power exercise within the given social boundaries.

Abbott, P. and Wallace, C. eds., 2016.  Gender, power and sexuality . Springer.

Andersen, M., and Collins, P. H., 2013.  Race, class, & gender: An anthology . Nelson Education.

Bauman, Z., 2013.  Liquid times: Living in an age of uncertainty . John Wiley & Sons .

Belmi, P. and Laurin, K., 2016. Who wants to get to the top? Class and lay theories about power.  Journal of personality and social psychology ,  111 (4), p.505.

Blau, P., 2017.  Exchange and power in social life . Routledge.

Erel, U., Reynolds, T. and Kaptani, E., 2017. Participatory theatre for transformative social research.  Qualitative Research ,  17 (3), pp.302-312.

Fiske, J. and Hancock, B.H., 2016.  Power plays power works . Routledge.

Goldthorpe, J.H., 2017. Social inequality and social integration. In  Social Policy and Public Policy  (pp. 32-40). Routledge.

Hurst, C.E., Gibbon, H.M.F. and Nurse, A.M., 2016.  Social inequality: Forms, causes, and consequences . Routledge.

Mittal, R. and Elias, S.M., 2016. Social power and leadership in cross-cultural context.  Journal of Management Development ,  35 (1), pp.58-74.

Oliver, P., 2010.  Foucault-The Key Ideas: Foucault on philosophy, power, and the sociology of knowledge: a concise introduction . Hachette UK.

Porter, J., 2015.  Vertical mosaic: An analysis of social class and power in Canada . University of Toronto Press.

Pratto, F., 2016. On power and empowerment.  British journal of social psychology ,  55 (1), pp.1-20.

Scase, R., 2016.  Social Democracy in Capitalist Society (Routledge Revivals): Working-Class Politics in Britain and Sweden . Routledge.

Schor, J.B. and Attwood‐Charles, W., 2017. The “sharing” economy: labor, inequality, and social connection on for‐profit platforms.  Sociology Compass ,  11 (8), p.e12493.

Wrong, D., 2017.  Power: Its forms, bases and uses . Routledge.

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Q.2. How Many Paragraphs Should An 8-Page Essay Contain?

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Ans:  Just like the introduction, you must make sure to complete your conclusion within 10% of the total word count of your essay. Hence if your essay is 4000 words, your conclusion must be within 200-400 words. 

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Sophia Martin

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In more ways than one, the conceptualized constructs demarcating the means by which money exchange takes place within the contemporary world economy are profuse than they might actually appear. The ideology of a contemporary capitalism culture can be split two ways; the thinking of a financializer versus that of a technologist. This paper will take on a triangulation approach at trying to deconstruct the ideals of contemporary capitalism. By cross-referencing different theorizations, the two loudly acclaimed arrangements of abstraction – financialization and technological abstraction – shall be extrapolated and used to establish the actual stand concerning the doctrine of capitalism today.


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Tim Horton’s is Canada’s largest chain of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). It was acquired by 3G Capital and Burger King in 2014 with the creation of a new entity – Restaurants Brands International. Since 2014, the chain has expanded its operations not only in the United States but also globally in the Arabian Gulf.

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The objective of this paper is to present a report on the marketing questions raised by the founder of Celtic Chocolate Company Limited. Mr. Ronald Begg founded Celtic Chocolate Company Limited under which he engineered a new product called Milk Mate. The new product is basically a milk modifier. Milk Mate was introduced into a market largely controlled by large companies, such as Nestle with a market share of 50%, Hersey with a market share of 20%, Cadbury at 10%, and the remaining 20% shared by other smaller players in the region.

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In order for us to discuss academic integrity at “xx University”, we must first understand what it means to be part of a community. In simplistic terms, community is defined as a group of people. Usually this group of people share similar values, governance (laws and expectations), hobbies, interests, live in the same area, etc. We are all members of multiple communities. For example, if you live in the residential halls you are a part of your residential community; fraternity and sorority members are part of the Greek community; and we are all members of the “xx University”community.

“xx University” strives to create an environment where students can thrive both in and out of the classroom.

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State and local public policies.

  • Subjects: Government Politics & Government
  • Words: 2302

Black Boy By Richard Wright [Text Analysis]

  • Subjects: American Literature Literature
  • Words: 1997

Strategic Planning and Management

  • Subjects: Business Management
  • Words: 2111

Tullow Oil PLC Fundamental Analysis

  • Subjects: Business Case Study
  • Words: 2077

Advantages & Disadvatages of Biography or Memoir as a Source

  • Subjects: History World History
  • Words: 2588

Ethical Dilemma in Accepting or Rejecting of Offers

  • Subjects: Business Business Ethics
  • Words: 1911

Approaching Green Supply Chain Management

  • Subjects: Business Logistics
  • Words: 1972

Is Taiwan Urbanization Rate Growing? Urban & Rural Areas

  • Subjects: Environment Environmental Studies
  • Words: 1889

Market Research of Thomas Sabo

  • Subjects: Business Company Structure
  • Words: 1948

The Working Poor: Invisible in America by David Shipler Book

  • Words: 1365

Afghanistan: The Way to Go

  • Subjects: International Relations Politics & Government
  • Words: 2031

“The Miller’s Tale.” Critical Analysis of Jealousy Theme

  • Subjects: British Literature Literature
  • Words: 1937

The History of U.S. Banking Crises: Cause and Effect

  • Subjects: Economics Finance
  • Words: 2235

Racial Relations and Color Blindness

  • Subjects: Racism Sociology
  • Words: 1914

Movie Analysis of Pearl Harbor Using Principles of Interpersonal Communication

  • Subjects: Communications Sociology
  • Words: 2166

The Effects of the US Army Corp Engineers Lock and Dam System on Recreation

  • Words: 2003

Jacques Louis David’s Art with Respect to Question of Gender

  • Subjects: Art Paintings
  • Words: 1952

Music Therapy: Where Words Cease

  • Subjects: Applications of Psychology Psychology
  • Words: 2143

Marketing Management for the Manor House Country Club Hotel

  • Subjects: Hotels Tourism
  • Words: 2001

Role of Prejudice in Wars in Iraq

  • Subjects: Modern Warfare Warfare
  • Words: 1924

Genetics’ Role in Healthcare of Patents

  • Subjects: Genetics Sciences
  • Words: 1912

Formal Planning’s Strengths and Weakness

  • Subjects: Business Strategic Management
  • Words: 1920

Increased Emissions of Greenhouse Gases and Possible Problem Solutions

  • Subjects: Ecology Environment
  • Words: 1866

Juvenile Delinquency

  • Subjects: Juvenile Justice Law
  • Words: 2139

Fatigue in workplace

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Public Health
  • Words: 1930

Tesco History Corporate Strategies, Corporate Social Responsibilities and Advertising

Malevolence of cancer: pathogenesis and treatment options.

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Oncology
  • Words: 1975

Deep Ecology as Discourse on Identity

  • Subjects: Ecological Identity Environment
  • Words: 1845

Men’s Fashion and Shopping Habits

  • Subjects: Design Fashion
  • Words: 2198

Definition of Consciousness, Its Aspects and Affect

  • Subjects: Cognition and Perception Psychology

Principles of Management / Film Review

  • Subjects: Art Film Studies
  • Words: 2172

Law in Business – The case of Johnson v Unisys Ltd

  • Subjects: Business & Corporate Law Law
  • Words: 2180

The Power of Time and the Magnificence of Music: From Ludford to Vecchi

  • Subjects: Art Musicians
  • Words: 1308

Evaluating the debate between proponents of qualitative and quantitative inquiries

  • Subjects: Sociological Issues Sociology
  • Words: 2285

Thinking Critically and making Judgments

  • Subjects: Religion Theology
  • Words: 2036

Definition of Advertising and Its Elements

  • Subjects: Business Company Missions
  • Words: 1928

Establishing Documentation Standards for an Organization: Purchasing Documentation

  • Words: 1905

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD / ADHD)

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Psychiatry
  • Words: 2399

Google’s view on the future of business

  • Words: 2426

Macroeconomic Policies in Australia

  • Subjects: Economics Macroeconomics
  • Words: 1943

Gay Marriage Legalization

  • Subjects: Family, Life & Experiences Relationships
  • Words: 1935

How Hitler Compares to Stalin

  • Subjects: Historical Figures History
  • Words: 1940

Thien Hau Temple, a Temple That Is Dedicated to Mazu

  • Subjects: Religion Religious Writings
  • Words: 1939

Impressionism in Music and Art

  • Subjects: Art Art Movement
  • Words: 2018

Annie Hall by Woody Allen

  • Words: 2108

Rwanda’s Economic Development

  • Subjects: Economic Systems & Principles Economics

Social Facilitation Experiment with Examples from the Study

  • Subjects: Psychological Issues Psychology
  • Words: 1890

The History Of The Republican George Herbert Walker Bush

  • Subjects: American Ex-Presidents History
  • Words: 2066

American Women and the American Revolution

  • Subjects: History Women Studies

Women in Engineering

  • Subjects: Gender Studies Sociology

Attitude to Racism in Literature

  • Subjects: Comparative Literature Literature
  • Words: 1961

Charlotte’s Web and Lincoln: A Photobiography

  • Subjects: Literature World Literature
  • Words: 1741

Fashion Goes Round in Circles

  • Words: 1927

The Healthcare Law: Universal Medical Services to All U.S. Citizens

  • Subjects: Health Law Law
  • Words: 1965

Luxury Fashion Market and Ethics

  • Words: 1977

Aladdin’s Philosophical Concept

  • Subjects: Cartoons Entertainment & Media
  • Words: 2165

Inside Apple Inc.: Company Analysis

  • Words: 1989

Human Population and the Environment

  • Words: 1879

Cadbury and Kraft Merger

  • Words: 1896

Critical Thinking Application Paper

Pablo picasso and michelangelo buonarroti.

  • Subjects: Art Artists
  • Words: 1913

How Does Society View Single Parents?

  • Subjects: Family, Life & Experiences Parenting
  • Words: 1925

Lack of Reliable Online Services in Saudi Arabia

  • Subjects: Business E-Commerce

The Canadian War Brides

  • Subjects: Warfare World War II

Designing the Curriculum for Early Childhood Education

  • Subjects: Education Study Courses and Education Programs
  • Words: 1956

Multinational Management at the Walt Disney Company

  • Words: 2047

Internet Addiction in Modern Society

  • Subjects: Psychology Psychology of Abuse
  • Words: 1951

Language Accommodation

  • Subjects: Language Development Linguistics
  • Words: 1946

Culture Clash as a Great Conflict

  • Words: 2046

Principles & Concept of Total Quality Management Essay

  • Words: 1945

Sara Lee Corporation

  • Words: 2248

Should States Raise Speed Limits

  • Subjects: Law Transportation Law

Spa Operations Management

  • Words: 1998

Gilgamesh Compared to Modern Day Hero: Similarities and Differences

  • Subjects: Literature Poems
  • Words: 2087

African American Literary Analysis Review

  • Subjects: American Novels Influences Literature
  • Words: 1959

The core competencies used by organizations

  • Subjects: Business Organizational Management
  • Words: 1931

The Stylistic Features of Historical Dress and Their Contemporary Adaptations

  • Words: 1336

A World Without Ice: Effects of Global Warming on Polar Regions

  • Subjects: Environment Global Warming
  • Words: 2829

Framework of PPP Application in Public Housing Project in China

  • Subjects: Infrastructure Politics & Government
  • Words: 1983

ClothesHome E-Commerce Business Plan

Hip-hop and the japanese culture.

  • Subjects: Art Music
  • Words: 2063

Was the Response by Chinese Government to Ningbo Protest Justified?

  • Words: 2002

Wendy Wong Interview Research

  • Subjects: Business Industry
  • Words: 2010

Introducing Cybersecurity Policies: Challenges and Solutions

  • Words: 1953

Concept of Life-Course Perspective in Society

  • Subjects: Society's Imperfections Sociology
  • Words: 1999

Korean Immigrants and Refugees in New York

  • Subjects: Socialization Sociology
  • Words: 1674

Doctors Should Not Tell Lies to Their Patients

  • Subjects: Health & Medicine Medical Ethics
  • Words: 1910

The Psychology of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Born red: a chronicle of the cultural revolution.

  • Subjects: Asia History
  • Words: 1929

STEP Products Export on Middle Eastern Region: Research

  • Subjects: Economics Political Economy Processes
  • Words: 1892

“Religion in society: A sociology of religion” – The most important chapter

  • Subjects: Religion Sociology of Religion

Managing Bipolar Disorder

  • Words: 2114

Computer Fraud and Contracting

  • Subjects: Cyber Security Tech & Engineering
  • Words: 1836

Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy and Yalom’s Therapy Model

  • Words: 2150

The Policies and Documentation: IPv4 vs. IPv6

  • Subjects: Internet Tech & Engineering
  • Words: 1880

The Name of the Rose: Heresy, Inquisition, and Interrogation Representation

  • Words: 1992

The African American Civil Rights Movement

  • Subjects: African American Studies History
  • Words: 1442

AIDS in Lesotho, Africa: The Highest Prevalence Rate of HIV Infections in the World

  • Subjects: Epidemiology Health & Medicine
  • Words: 1919

The Peculiarities of Transition Planning

  • Subjects: Education Educational Resources
  • Words: 1918

Decriminalization of Marijuana

  • Words: 2445

John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice

  • Subjects: Philosophical Theories Philosophy

Nozick’s Entitlement Theory

  • Words: 1969

Are Women Important in Gulf Politics? What are the Main Barriers to Gender Equality?

  • Words: 2058

Why Poverty Rates are Higher Among Single Black Mothers

  • Subjects: Poverty Sociology
  • Words: 2032

Companies That Use Expectancy Theory: SAS Motivation

Compare and contrast “to his coy mistress” & “to the virgins”.

  • Words: 2413

Overpopulation Benefits

  • Subjects: Overpopulation Sociology
  • Words: 2043

University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN) Off-Campus Housing

  • Subjects: Education Pedagogy
  • Words: 2061

Government Regulation of the Too Big to Fail Institutions

  • Words: 1941

Deconstruction of a Web Page Advertisement

  • Subjects: Advertising Entertainment & Media
  • Words: 1955

Best Practice Manual for Supervisors

  • Words: 2368

“Frankenstein” vs. “Great Expectations”: Compare and Contrast

  • Words: 2213

“Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775-82” by Elizabeth A. Fenn

Importance of studying organizational behaviour.

  • Words: 1916

Management Problems in Social Media

  • Words: 2160

Influence of Race in My Community

  • Words: 1697

Portrayal of the Characters in the Original Text

  • Words: 2088

Deep Sea Volcanoes and their Effects

  • Subjects: Geology Sciences
  • Words: 2128

Labor migration and remittances in the middle east

  • Subjects: Immigration Sociology
  • Words: 2068


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    Table of contents. Step 1: Hook your reader. Step 2: Give background information. Step 3: Present your thesis statement. Step 4: Map your essay's structure. Step 5: Check and revise. More examples of essay introductions. Other interesting articles. Frequently asked questions about the essay introduction.

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    Writing 8 pages will take about 1.7 hours for the average writer typing on a keyboard and 3.3 hours for handwriting. However, if the content needs to include in-depth research, links, citations, or graphics such as for a blog article or high school essay, the length can grow to 13.3 hours. Learn how to triple your writing speed.

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    Ans: For essays, 8 words are equivalent to 20-40 paragraphs, or 40-80 for better readability (to allow skimming). Usually, a paragraph contains five or six sentences and 100 to 200 words. Our tutors will enable you to compose the most compact and perfectly arranged 8-page essays. Contact them to get all your essay-related issues solved.

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    7 pages, 2100 words on the differences in the level, and type, of suffering that male and female saints had to endure to earn the title of "saint" after death, for a medieval lit class. It was due at 10am and I started it from scratch at 9 pm the night before. That was a long, long night. Hope you got your shit in, lmao.