1. How to get Netherlands Student Visa for Study in Netherlands

    phd student visa netherlands

  2. How To Get Netherlands Student Visa

    phd student visa netherlands

  3. How To Get Netherlands Student Visa For Study In Netherlands

    phd student visa netherlands

  4. How to Get Netherlands student visa

    phd student visa netherlands

  5. Netherlands Visa for Student (MVV & VRV): Requirements, Fees

    phd student visa netherlands

  6. Step-by-Step Netherlands Student Visa Application Process

    phd student visa netherlands


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  1. Netherlands

    PhD students and guest researchers are also included within this scope. You will need a provisional residence permit (mvv) and/or a residence permit . The provisional residence permit is a special visa for stays of more than three months in the Netherlands.

  2. PhD Study in the Netherlands

    Visa information for UK students in the Netherlands. UK students will no longer be EU citizens from the 2021-22 academic year onwards. This means you may be considered an international student when studying in the Netherlands. You may be subject to different visa requirements and fee rates, unless otherwise stated.

  3. Visa & residence information

    The PhD candidate stays for a period longer than 3 months. When to apply for a residence permit (and entry visa) The Doctoral Service Centre can apply for a residence permit (and entry visa) if a contact person from the chair group sends a request to the Doctoral Service Centre at the latest 11 weeks before the intended start of the visa. Costs

  4. Student residence permit for university or higher professional ...

    Validity of residence permit. The residence permit for study is valid for 3 months longer than the duration of your study. A preparatory period is part of the duration of study. It is valid as long as you meet the requirements. The IND will issue a student residence permit for a maximum of 5 years.

  5. Residence permit for the orientation year as a highly educated migrant

    foreign students studying in the Netherlands; foreign students who graduated from a top university outside the Netherlands; foreign scientific researchers who have carried out research in the Netherlands. These highly educated migrants will be given the chance to apply for a residence permit for an orientation year within three years of graduating.

  6. Study

    Change a Schengen visa from single-entry to multiple-entry. Object decision on a Schengen visa or transit visa. Residence permits. ... Student residence permit for university or higher professional education. ... Or you want to stay in the Netherlands for medical reasons after 1 year of postponed departure (under Section 64 of the Aliens Act). ...

  7. International PhD candidates

    If you have any questions regarding insurance and taxes you can contact the Service Centre International Staff by email or by phone +31 (0)71 527 7300 or visit them at Rapenburg 70, Leiden, on weekdays from 08.30-12.30 (no appointment needed). If you wish to come to the Netherlands, there are certain immigration procedures you need to follow ...

  8. Residence permit researcher (Directive (EU) 2016/801)

    Requirements. The following requirements apply to a researcher residence permit under Directive (EU) 2016/801: You meet the requirements that apply to everyone. You are going to work in one of the following positions: Paid researcher. Unpaid researcher with a grant. Doctoral (Phd) candidate. You plan to conduct research at a research institute ...

  9. Dutch orientation permit: find work after your study

    Apply for the 'orientation year' within 3 years. You can apply for the 'orientation year' within 3 years of completing your studies, obtaining your PhD, or finishing your research. The permit is often used by students and researchers who were based in the Netherlands for their study or research programme.

  10. Study in the Netherlands: the ultimate guide for a PhD in 2024

    These fees are determined by the government and adjusted to the inflation each year. For instance, for the academic year of 2022-2023, the statutory tuition fee is €2,209, and in 2023-2024 it is expected to increase to €2,314. Students that qualify for the statutory tuition fee need to meet the following criteria:

  11. Visa & residence permit

    ITC and PhD students. Students from the faculty ITC will be assisted by the ITC faculty, whereas PhD students will be assisted by our Office Foreign Employees. Please refer to their respective websites for more information. Obligation of Identification. As a resident of the Netherlands, you must be able to identify yourself to authorities at ...

  12. Moving to the Netherlands

    Before you move to the Netherlands, you will need to arrange a number of things, especially if you come from abroad. Some procedures may differ according to the type of PhD student you are - employed by the University or on a scholarship If you are a non-EU/EEA national and you will be staying for longer than three months (90 days), you need an mvv visa and/or a residence permit card in ...

  13. PhD Funding in the Netherlands

    As a PhD student, you'll be in the Netherlands for over 90 days and therefore, may need a visa. Students from the EU / EEA and Swiss nationals don't need any kind of visa but must register at the town hall in the municipality you live in if you're staying for over 4 months. Students from everywhere else must apply for an entry visa (MVV ...

  14. Netherlands Student Visa

    A Netherlands Student Visa lasts only as long as your study program. It allows the holder to stay in the country for up to five years in order to finish their studies. The student can also apply for a one-year residency before their course in order to prepare. After graduation, students can apply for an orientation permit which allows them to ...

  15. Living in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands offers a relaxing lifestyle, unique attractions and rich heritage for you to explore and perhaps even research during your doctorate. This guide provides useful information for students thinking of moving to the Netherlands for doctoral study. It covers accommodation options, living costs, work permits, transport and banking.

  16. Moving to the Netherlands to Research or Study

    If you are coming to the Netherlands from outside the EU/EEA as a PhD student, paid scientific researcher, or unpaid scientific researcher with a grant you will apply for a residence permit for scientific researchers. Citizens of certain countries will also need an entry visa (a Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf or MVV) to enter the Netherlands.

  17. How to apply for External PhD candidates

    Application and admissions procedure. 1. Finding a (principal) supervisor. No recruitment of External PhD candidates generally takes place. If you have a specific topic in mind and would like to purse a PhD in it (as an external candidate), you must in most cases write a research proposal and seek contact with a professor you deem suitable to ...

  18. How to Get a Student Visa for the Netherlands

    Complete study plan - explain why you are interested in studying the chosen subject area and how and why it is related to your prior studies. Financial proof for the entire period of study (around 870 EUR/month) Travel and health insurance. Visa application fee (174 EUR) Photocopies of all the original documents.

  19. Student visas in the Netherlands

    Netherlands student visa for higher education and university courses. This is the general Dutch study visa/residence permit for graduate and postgraduate courses at universities and higher education institutions in the Netherlands. Requirements.

  20. Netherlands PhD: the ultimate guide for international students

    Structure of a PhD in the Netherlands. The Netherlands being part of the European Higher Education Area, a PhD program in the country accounts for a third-cycle qualification. The doctoral research then focuses on a specific topic and ends up with a thesis that presents the student's results and conclusions. Moreover, like in any research ...

  21. Zoekjaar Visa: The Complete Guide

    A Zoekjaar Hoogopgeleiden (orientation year visa) is a year during which non-EU internationals can live and work in the Netherlands without a work permit. It's a specific type of visa, which depending on your nationality, exempts you from doing any other administrative procedures in order to live here in the Netherlands.

  22. How can a foreign student bring a partner to the Netheralnds?

    This entry clearance requirement is different from the 90 day visa free treatment. For example, a Malaysian citizen can come to the Netherlands without a visa and stay up to 90 days. However, if the same Malaysian person wants to live in the Netherlands, he/she must first obtain an MVV entry clearance visa from the Dutch Embassy.

  23. Sweden and the Netherlands: 16 fully-funded PhD positions

    Are you looking for exciting PhD positions at esteemed universities in Sweden and the Netherlands?. Over 16 fully-funded multiple doctoral scholarships in diverse fields are available at various universities in Sweden and the Netherlands for the year 2024. These fellowships provide funding for doctoral researchers to conduct their research projects at universities, research institutions, and ...

  24. USA Student Visa Process: Complete Guide for Nepali Students

    Understanding the USA Student Visa Types F-1 Visa. The F-1 Visa is the most common type of student visa for those pursuing academic studies at a U.S. college or university. J-1 Visa. The J-1 Visa is for exchange visitors participating in programs that promote cultural exchange, including studying, training, or research. M-1 Visa

  25. Student and Temporary Graduate visa changes: 2024

    The new financial requirement apply to any visas lodged on or after 10 May 2024. For more information visit the Department of Home Affairs website. 2. TOEFL iBT has been reinstated for visa purposes TOEFL iBT is again a valid test for student visa purposes and is accepted by all Australian universities. Please note that tests taken between 26 ...

  26. Residence permit for orientation year

    Apply for a different residence permit. If you found a job during your orientation year and you want to stay in the Netherlands to live and work, apply for a residence permit that allows you to work. You can, for example, apply for a residence permit as a highly skilled migrant, start-up or self-employed person.

  27. New measures to tackle student visa abuse

    The MAC warned that rogue recruitment agents pose a threat to the integrity of our immigration system, with poor practices exploiting student and graduate visa holders mis-sold UK higher education.

  28. Great News for International Students: Changes to Graduate Visa 485 Age

    Starting from 1 July 2024, the Australian government is implementing new changes to the Graduate Visa 485 eligibility criteria, which will significantly impact international students aspiring to stay and work in Australia post-graduation. The maximum eligible age for Graduate Visa 485 applicants will be reduced to 35 years of age or under at the time

  29. You'll need to be aged 35 or younger to apply for this visa. These PhD

    According to the Go8 and CAPA data, in 2022, a total of 28,986 PhD by research students were enrolled in the Go8 universities, with 51 per cent being international. In 2022, 40 per cent of PhD ...

  30. Graduate student visa changes set to come into effect

    PHD students say they're being left in limbo, as changes to temporary graduate visas are set to come into effect. From July, the eligible age to apply will drop from 50 to 35 - unless they have a ...