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The pricing policy at Chanakya Research is transparent and fair. All our services are economically priced, which makes it easy for scholars to opt for them. Moreover, the services are charged strictly according to the requirements of a project like number of pages, time given for completion, complexity of topic and level of service opted for. The consultancy services are charged as per the actual time spend on the project by the mentors. Hence, there is no scope for any discrepancy. In case candidates have any doubt regarding the pricing, then they can get in touch with our client service cell and get all answers.

Here is a list of our services and the corresponding prices:

Please note that prices shown above are indicative only and subject to change basis the topic, deadline and other requirements. You are requested to contact us at [email protected] with details of your project and turnaround time for a quote. We usually reply to all emails within 24 hours.


Request a Quote

Request a Quote

Send us a quick request and we will get in touch within an hour with a personalized quote.

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phd thesis writing services price

phd thesis writing services price

PhD Thesis Editing Services and Proofreading Achieve Better Results with our PhD Theses Editing Services and Proofreading

PhD Thesis Editing Services

How PhD Thesis Editors Engage with the Editing and Proofreading Process’s experts offer PhD thesis proofreading services across a wide range of subjects.

The PhD student can derive additional untold insights from having an extra set of expert eyes review their work at each stage of the thesis-writing process. PRS’s English language experts specialize in:

  • Constructive feedback that allows the PhD student to focus on theories, research and writing. Feedback helps to eliminate any second guessing and lingering doubts concerning the validity of the thesis.
  • Identifying any existing or potential dissertation proofreading pitfalls. The benefit of addressing editing concerns that may become critical to developing the thesis’s framework in a precise and measurable manner is immense.
  • PhD thesis proofreading services provide concrete solutions to address specifically English language grammatical and structural concerns that can plague the student and stifle the writing process.
  • Applying formal English language editing to simplify complex terms and phrasing. To be convincing, the content must be coherent to the student as well as to the audience.
  • Checking the thesis for sentence structure and the proper use of verbs, adjectives and tense, which support clarity of thought and writing.
  • Assigning a PhD thesis editing expert, proficient in the student’s field of academic study, is essential to understanding how best to improve the thesis through proofreading.
  • PRS’s PhD thesis proofreaders are also experts in establishing a method of communicating with the student to answer questions. Establishing a rapport early in the process makes the PhD thesis editing workflow manageable.
  • The experts at PRS not only have expertise in PhD dissertation proofreading services but additionally possess exceptional organizational skills to eliminate excess, repetitive data.

Why Are Our PhD Thesis Editing Services the Preferred Editing and Proofreading Option? The trained proofreaders of PRS’s PhD thesis proofreading services correct and polish writing and assist the PhD student with its mechanics. There are advantages to conducting PhD thesis editing at each stage of the student’s writing process. An expert looks closely at each word to scrutinize the thesis’s details. Utilizing PhD thesis proofreading services at different stages, from the initial introduction to the overarching topic, hypotheses, methodology, main findings and contributions, helps to clarify the writing. This reassures the PhD student that he or she is on the right track. For the PhD student, who is possibly overwhelmed by facts and figures, PhD proofreading services that can assist with time management effectively provide a feeling of confidence. Submission Guidelines Absolutely. Having high-quality PhD thesis proofreading services apply all the necessary proofreading elements is essential for transforming a PhD thesis into one with the highest possible standard. Only English-speaking experts, proficient in grammar and linguistics, are capable of properly wielding editing techniques. Transcribing a PhD student thesis while holding onto the original meaning requires more than knowledge and experience; it takes the skills inherent to PhD thesis editing provided by accomplished PhD holders. Taking advantage of PhD thesis editing ensures better results. Having an expert, proficient in English and PhD thesis proofreading services, can situate and formalize the long academic and emotional journey. Presenting material that has a relevant framework and accuracy and is persuasive will ensure better results up to the very end.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

All our academic proofreaders and editors are highly qualified native English speakers. The price is worked out at a flat rate per 1,000 words, so you know exactly how much the editing of your PhD thesis will cost in advance.  

phd thesis writing services price

‘Seit einigen Jahren lasse ich meine Aufsätze und Buchmanuskripte von PRS korrigieren. Dieser Service arbeitet im Verhältnis zu den anderen Anbietern schnell und ist dabei sehr gründlich und zuverlässig. Wer wie ich in englischsprachigen Zeitschriften publiziert und kein „native speaker“ ist, dem möchte ich PRS ans Herz legen.’

‘Excellent: the review was certainly done by an expert in the field of mathematical analysis and the comments were very useful. I am sure that without their service it would have been difficult to publish my research with Springer. I will certainly use their service again and recommend them to my colleagues.’

‘Meget effektiv, grundig og solid god gjennomgang av mitt paper. Språkvasken ble utført på 48 timer!’

‘Le service rendu (relecture d’article en anglais) est d’excellent qualité, très rapide et à un prix raisonable.’

‘O serviço é rápido e muito eficiente. Cumprem sempre os prazos acordados. A forma de pagamento é igualmente rápida e não considero caro. As dúvidas são esclarecidas de forma muito clara. Já recomendei a vários colegas e continuo a recomendar vivamente!’

‘En todo momento la información fue clara y concreta. Todo funcionó sin ningún problema y me enviaron el artículo revisado en el tiempo acordado’

‘Spedizione veloce e qualità conforme alle aspettative’

‘Excellent. They kept their promise to produce the result on time and the quality of the paper is as they advertised.’

‘Szybko, sprawnie, odpowiadali na kazde pytanie w przeciagu dwoch godzin.’

‘Since I have been using PRS I have been able to publish more research papers. The corrections and comments were made by an expert in the field of pharmacy. Excellent service.’

‘Very good: high-quality feedback and direct corrections to the LaTeX sources plus a diff file – unbeatable!’

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phd thesis writing services price

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Problem identification &topic selection.

3-4 (Topic)

Research Proposal

2500 – 3000 words

Review of Literature

5000 – 6000 Words

Research Methodology

4000 – 5000 Words

Manuscript / Research Paper development

2500 – 3500 Words

Dissertation Editing

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Based on requirement we will decide the pricing.

Complete Thesis Writing

37,500 words

Course Work & Assignments

Start your phd thesis and dissertation assignments in a right way with our career consultants.



A Thesis Writing Company That Helps Graduate Students

We write tailor-made thesis papers, dissertations and essays..

only best phd writers

Expert PhD writers

Your academic project is in good hands.

on time delivery

on time delivery

Fast email delivery. Urgent deadlines.

24/7 online support

24/7 online support

Round-the-clock customer support team.

Most students in their last year of school are already busy, stressed out and anxious about their future. Add to that the frustration of a very long writing assignment, your thesis, and it is a recipe for disaster. What you need in this situation is to find thesis writers online who can help you to write your thesis.

Our company at offers services for thesis writing, and we will take all of the worry off of your shoulders. We want to help students succeed with their thesis and dissertation projects and our team really enjoys taking you a step closer to your academic goals.

Hire Thesis Writers Online

Because your thesis can be such a source of stress, even for students looking back at what they wrote, why not bypass the entire unpleasant experience by hiring PhD thesis writing services?

If you take a few minutes to look around our website some more, you will find that every writer who works with us is experienced, talented, and truly enjoys what they do for students just like you. No longer do you have to endure a writing project that you do not want to do, especially one as long as a thesis is.

When you hire someone to write theses for you, you are becoming part of many students who have already benefited from our services and gone on to do great things with their lives. Each customer who works with us is guaranteed to be satisfied and walk away with a quality Ph. D. thesis.

How to Benefit from PhD Thesis Writing Services

The way that we can serve you best is if you can provide us with as much information as possible up front.

This includes instructions, guidelines and formatting information, a written summary of your topic and what you would like this thesis to become, and any research that you have already started doing. As a PhD thesis writing service, we want your thesis to be the very best it can be, and a big part of that is by letting us know exactly what you want and clearly outlining what needs to be done.

That way any misunderstandings will be avoided and it will save both you and the writer you are working with the time of fixing a mistake. Hiring our team to write theses makes sense for you because you are tired of all the work that goes into homework, and particularly the sheer amount of research needed for your dissertations; it can make any student light headed even thinking about it. But you are not alone in your distress, and we can help.


Getting the Most from a PhD Thesis Writing Service

Now that you have decided that you want expert help to write thesis for you, it is time to get started.

We have very low, competitive pricing, and all you need to do is open a new job on our website and see what the writers will start bidding. You can see their rates, their experience, and other relevant information if you click on each profile.

Our service is provided for students who in their desperation need an easy way out of their doctoral dissertation, and are willing to try us out. We offer too many benefits to list here, but some include:

  • Revisions for free, included in the original price, in case you are not completely happy with anything;
  • Delivery instantly into your email inbox;
  • Every one of our writers are native English speakers and very good at what they do;
  • You never have to worry about plagiarism either, because our theses are 100% original and unique to each customer.


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  2. Price List - Chanakya Research

    All our services are economically priced, which makes it easy for scholars to opt for them. Moreover, the services are charged strictly according to the requirements of a project like number of pages, time given for completion, complexity of topic and level of service opted for.

  3. PhD Thesis Editing Services and Proofreading by Expert Editors

    PhD thesis proofreading services provide concrete solutions to address specifically English language grammatical and structural concerns that can plague the student and stifle the writing process. Applying formal English language editing to simplify complex terms and phrasing.

  4. PhD Writing Assistance | Price Details

    Start your PhD Thesis and Dissertation Assignments in a right way with Our career consultants. Get a Quote. PhD Writing Assistance treats each customer as an individual and ensures that their needs are met by the appropriate experts and professionals.

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